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He Gets Seen By A Fishing Boat

finally after 76 days and he’s so dialed in and like accepting of his situation that when the guys come to save him. He goes no no you guys go ahead and finish fishing and then pick me up when you’re done so he literally sat there and waited for these guys to finish their day of fishing just waited in this raft. He’s like hey 76 days what’s another six to eight hours. What do most people have wrong about toughness what is it not well. What I think the the biggest common mistake people make is that it’s.

We See It As Being A Masculine

quality or somehow inherently related to manhood, or or the the condition of being a man and I spent a lot of time in that early on in the book really breaking it down and explaining. What exactly being tough truly is and it has nothing to do with sex gender or any of these things? They are totally independent elements that anybody can attain with the proper you know work and understanding and the the kind of the secondary part of that is that it is associated a lot of times with kind of violence or aggression, or that that sort of need to demonstrate our ability or our superiority over others, and again totally unrelated to what being tough truly is, but we we have these associations in our minds, especially based on our past experiences with people who claim to be tough or who mothers tell us are tough, which is often far far off the mark. There’s been a recent I would say in the last five years I’ve noticed quite strongly a surge in content around fortitude and resilience and toughness and people like David Goggins are being really upheld and cold showers are becoming a thing and you know why do you think people are drawn toward a discussion about toughness in 2021. I think because you simultaneously have it becoming less of a normal trait for people than it used to be, but more and more necessary for us to get through our lives now and those things are related. Certainly you you look back at say like my grandfather’s generation going through the great depression World War Ii.

These Sorts Of Things Where You

know my grandparents grew up on farms. They were dirt poor. There were traits that you developed as a child growing up in a situation like that that you know a lot of people still do in you know both of our countries of course, but where it wasn’t. This thing that you sought out. It was just something that naturally you developed because there was no other choice.

You Want To Eat Or You Better

figure out how to eat and it’s going to take some work versus my daughter’s generation like hey I want to eat they boop boop and someone delivers food to their door 20 minutes later. While they’re sitting there watching you know 15 000 different shows on Tv, so it’s it’s this totally different experience that we’re having in our lives and I think what’s happening is that more and more of us are recognizing that there is something missing that we’re there’s an absence. of experience um and you know a sense of fulfillment and contentment and accomplishment because we’re not required to engage in things that are difficult and demanding and require commitment in in an understanding of who we truly are and what’s important to us, So we’re kind of just flailing around searching for ways to entertain ourselves and distract ourselves, which temporarily is satisfying but in the long term kind of leaves us having a you know a continual series of midlife crises right so instead of having one midlife crisis like the olden days now we have one every five years it’s like what have we been doing what do I want to do. Who am I This is awful and so I think that’s why it’s becoming more and more of a popular topic. How do you define toughness, then what what is it if that’s what it’s.

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Not What Is It So I Break It

down into four elements. The first one is character and that is simply what is your identity and and the corollary to that is Are you secure in that identity, so who are you and what is important to you? What’s meaningful to you because without that that’s your guide for every decision you make and so many of us are just absolutely clueless when it comes to who we actually are a lot of us have stories in our minds that we’ve been telling ourselves about who we are for our entire lives most of the time very far from accurate but that’s kind of what props up our egos and makes us believe that we have this kind of dialed in and figured out and the security and identity is key too because so many of us are totally insecure. In who we are and that’s why we have so many of us? You know constantly on the search for recognition and appreciation and and credit and you know the these desperate pleas for validation. You know look at social media every day it’s just it’s sad honestly um and so much of it is unconscious like people are not setting out every day like I need someone to tell me. I’m I’m strong and pretty but that’s what it is and and and without that security.

We End Up With The You

know those kind of behaviors and also you know the ridiculous unnecessary competition and the one-upmanship and all these things that just drive ridiculous behavior and prevent us from accomplishing anything actually meaningful long-term next. You have capability which is not just physical ability and physical traits and skills but knowledge it’s in its your we need. This through the accumulation of very broad experiences, novel experiences and learning you know collecting more and more tools physically mentally emotionally in learning how to succeed through different situations unpredictable situations and gaining the confidence that comes along with successfully experiencing such things next we have capacity which is what you know most people think of as resilience, but I distinguish this from resilience in that you know resilience Technically is a return to your original condition following some kind of adversity or trauma right so that to me the analogy is storm comes you go downstairs you ride it out in the cellar. You wait for it to clear up you go back and just resume your life that’s resilience that’s good right we’re not getting destroyed by it but what I want is to use those experiences that adversity hardship challenge to to develop further to become. stronger, more intelligent, more engaged with the world to you to add to that toolbox to get more experience using those tools in in unique novel ways and then finally is commitment and this encompasses you know discipline habit building routine these sorts of things and this is really what brings all of the previous three together because without the commitment to it.

The Rest Is Just Kind Of A Private

fantasy right you. This is the story we’re telling ourselves well. I I am resilient and I am capable but if we don’t actually put those things into use during meaningful significant experiences, then we’re not those things we either have the potential to be those things or we’re just lying to ourselves and so that that’s what kind of wraps it all up and that’s how we create that life going back to character do you think it’s. built or revealed is character something that’s innate or is it something that we have to construct? I don’t think it’s innate. Although I do think obviously we have much of it is built without our participation early on in life right it’s you know through our influences, our parents, our family, our friends, our teachers coaches whatever um and so you know when you’re six years old, you’re not conscious of the development of your character.

Unless Youre Some Kind Of You Know Genius

prodigy kid, but so because of that there’s always opportunities for character to be revealed for us to experience something that forces us to look at who we are at present, But at the same time. I do think we have you know a complete ability to determine who we are to decide our character to figure out what then you know the behavior the speech. The ways of thinking then support that identity and then to make those changes in our lives to reflect it. So it’s it’s a you know a dialectical process where maybe we experience something we see wow. This is who I am it is not who I believed I was this is not who I want to be so who do I want to be and now more importantly, how do I actually make that true? What do I need to change in my life? How do I need to behave and think and speak in order to actually become that person rather than just thinking.

This Is Who I Would Like To Be

man the more that I look. At learning about character and personal values and why are you here looking at the core reasons for you being on the planet? I don’t think that there’s a more important question that anyone should be asking themselves. It took me until I was 31 to do sit down and actually work out the five core values that my life is built upon which is mental how did I get through 18 years of full-time education two degrees including a masters and no one ever said Why are you here like what what’s the reason that you’re here I’ve done it for businesses so the young entrepreneurs that are listening who’ve sat down and said right okay so let’s talk about the brand values that we’ve got while the people sat around the table Haven’t got their own values organized yeah it’s bizarre and and what’s more bizarre is that. You said they can be completely unaware of the ridiculousness of that situation where they’re putting so much effort into what what is meaningful to my business right like the business is this living entity that has its own values.

Its Like No Those Are Your Values

expressed through your company, so like why why would you not do this for yourself It’s bananas yeah it’s um it really is I think it’s one of the big changing points a big inflection point that you have when you actually sit down and do that exercise and I’ve been banging on about this for for the last year, so everyone that’s listening will be familiar with this, but for the people that haven’t already decided to do this exercise. I implore you whether it’s through Greg’s Book Tough, which will be linked in the show notes below or Taylor Pearson’s core. values exercise which you can get online or whatever it is like you need to do it? What was life like for you before and after was there something that where you realized right? I need to sit down and get my core values in order or have you always had them set no no I definitely have not had myself sorted out always it’s been it’s been a a continual series of of events that have kind of nudged me in in various directions and.

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Toughness has nothing to do with sex gender or any of these things, he says . Toughness is associated with violence or aggression, but it is not related to manhood, he adds . Tough is not a masculine quality, it’s. independent elements that anybody can attain with the proper you know work and understanding . He says people are drawn toward a discussion about toughness in 2021. Toughness becoming less of a normal trait for people than it used to be, but more and more necessary for us to get through our lives now, and those things are related. I think there’s been a recent surge in content around fortitude and resilience and toughness and people like David Goggins are being really upheld and cold showers are becoming a thing and you know why do you think people are attracted to a discussion of toughness in the future? Read the book here. Back to Mail Online home . Back to the page you came from:…. Click here to read more and watch the full video