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Are The Media Trying To Kill Britney

Spears? I don’t mean that in a conspiracy to murder type way. I mean is there an unconscious drive to sacrifice certain celebrities in a kind of almost unconscious religious way in the way that our culture hundreds of thousands of years ago would have sacrificed animals and you know before that even humans to appease gods. I’m not saying these things are deliberate and conscious, but look at the objectives and the agenda and listen to the words of the woman herself that’s the question for today. A judge has suspended Britney Spears father from the legal arrangement that gave him control of her life. After Spears accused him of years of abuse.


Spears was appointed a guardian in 2008 amid concerns over her mental health on Wednesday. A judge handed the role to an accountant chosen by Spears legal team. Like heaven forbid this woman should be in charge of her own money. Note the area that they always want to be in charge of it’s an accountant What do accountants pay particular attention to.

In June, Spears Delivered A 20-Minute Emotional Testimony

in court. I just want my life back said Brittany. I truly believe this conservatorship is abusive. The singer. ‘s lawyers also requested that a new hearing be held in the next 30 to 45 days to decide whether to end Spears is conservatorship all together.

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Yeah, I Mean I Dont Know What The

basis for it is as a person has experienced you know a 10th or 20th-100th a millionth of the celebrity that Britney Spears has endured. It has a tremendous, fragmenting, aggressive and disruptive effect on your psychological state. If you’ve got any underlying issues and frankly who has an addiction any form of. The fissures that can open up in you as a result of that sustained pressure constantly being observed, particularly I would imagine in her position. She’s female I guess that represents a difference like she’s been followed around and photographed.

Shes A Mother Everything Shes Doing Is Being

scrutinized Can’t be how could you make an objective assessment of someone’s mental health who has endured that kind of thing. Britney had a fear that her family would barge in and take everything what was going on inside the conservatorship. Much of this has come to the forefront because a new documentary about Britney Spears has been released. Brittany herself has called the documentaries about a conservative ship arrangements hypocritical because they perpetuate media interest in her life why highlight the most negative and traumatizing times in my life from forever go celebrate Britney as she is liberate Britney from the. Tyranny of these peculiar familial and financial constraints allow her to be whoever she is her comments follow the airing of two films focusing on the conservative ship She’s been under since 2008.

The First Framing Britney Spears Was Released

by The New York Times in February examined how the singer has been treated by the media and those around her. What is the appetite and the energy that Britney Spears brings forth first of all. She was a sort of a pop star where it seemed at least to my amateur eye that the talk about her virginity. Her sexuality was not in good taste. Then like there’s the usual prurient interest that’s around women.

Ive Known A Lot Of Women In The

public eye and I think that they do endure a different type of intrigue and a different level of objectification, though fame is necessarily about objectification. Whoever the person is that’s you know in the frame whoever is being objectified and I feel like there’s often a sacrificial component. Part of the charge is wanting to see the person break down and be consumed. I felt strongly when the British celebrity J goody died that you know because her and the hypocrisy of the way she was spoken about. I felt strongly When winehouse Amy Winehouse died.

I Felt Like Look At The Way Look

at the pressure that was applied on the to this mentally ill person. I mean and that who would really be surprised if any of the people in this position ended their own life really under the amount of scrutiny. They endure. The second film, The Battle for Britney fans cash and a conservatorship was released by the Bbc at the Weekend. Another documentary is currently in development at Netflix.


To Mundy‘s post however, Spears is not happy to see her legal affairs scrutinize the new so many documents about me this year with other people’s takes on my life. The documentaries are so hypocritical. They criticize the media and then do the same thing damn. I don’t know you all but I’m thrilled to remind you that although I’ve had some pretty tough times in my life, I’ve had way more amazing times in my life and unfortunately my friends.

I Think The World Is More

interested in the negative interesting observation by Brittany herself. What is the point of celebrity. What does it do in your life Are you interested in celebrity. Some people like a lot of people I know that watch this channel. I think I mean care about celebrity.

I Care About The Way That Power

operates but think how prominent celebrity culture is in. The mainstream culture celebrity is forming a function it forms bonds between products and consumers. The way that like you know people are used in advertising. It generates revenue all of its own and of course is part of a continual ongoing distraction, so that you are absorbed in a kind of mini-drama instead of focusing on your actual life and your actual conditions and your actual emotions and what’s actually happening. So it seems that the occupants of the sphere of celebrity are avatars and sort of cathartic portals portals for us to express our own emotions.

An Opportunity To Discharge To Conjure Up

to a sexual fantasy to project rage onto and I’ve felt that many times in my own life as a celebrity I’ve been positioned in particular ways and so the reason that there is a lot of negativity towards Britney Spears is because she’s. been held up held aloft the same way any sacrificial figure, object or item would be, and then you know ultimately you have to pay the price. This is sort of a deeply embedded thing in human psyche and human culture. We believe too much in the myth of our own rationalism. We forget that our rationalism rests upon an animal on deep psychic forces that got us here in a way it’s frivolity in another way.

Its A Clear Indication Of Certain Unconscious Psychic

forces around the need for sacrifice domination of the divine feminine and the kind of a reductivist tendency to objectify everything it’s not the first time Spears has used social media to respond to the media’s renewed interest in their private affairs. In March she revealed that she’s been embarrassed by frame Britney Spears and cried for two weeks as a result Britney made other. people a lot of money. I’ve worked my whole life. I don’t owe these people anything yeah we need to go capitalism then and as she herself observed.

These Documentaries Themselves Also Seek To Make Profit

and in our own way. I suppose even by commenting on this we are participating in it and I hope that you think that our involvement is not as nefarious as some of the other tendrils that have latched onto Britney spears. I deserve to have the same rights as anybody does it’s been 13 years and it’s enough well. We’ve seen this story a few times now. Princess Diana being a notable example of the divine and sacred feminine who Diana also was celebrated as a virgin.

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When She Came To Public Prominence.

I’m sure it’s a story that’s been told again and again and again and it speaks to deep appetites in humankind. When you find yourself an avatar of other people’s projections. I’m sure it’s no easy ride to endure and I suppose then the only model we can rely on is how do you feel a human being should be treated do you think someone should be subject to those levels of control. Is there a clear motive for keeping her confined within certain restrictions seems that there is seems at some degree.

Its About Unconscious Psychic Forces Requiring The

ongoing sacrifice of the divine feminine in order to maintain a kind of patriarchal hegemony. But on the other hand, it’s just about making money same as usual. What do you think it’s about though who cares what I think let me know in the comments below let me know. Your inquiries? Let me know your theories you the sleuths you, the entrepreneurs you the genie of our time.

Let Us Know What Do I

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Spears was appointed a guardian in 2008 amid concerns over her mental health on Wednesday . A judge handed the role to an accountant chosen by Spears legal team . Spears’ lawyers also requested that a new hearing be held in the next 30 to 45 days to decide whether to end Spears is conservatorship all together . In June, Spears delivered a 20-minute emotional testimony in court . Spears said in June, “I just want my life back said Brittany.& I truly believe this conservatorhip is abusive.& The singer.&’s lawyers . Jamie.& Spears was . appointed a conservator in 2008 . after Spears accused him of years of abuse . After Spears accused . him of . years of . abuse. Spears said she had been followed around and photographed. She’s a mother everythi. In June. Spears delivered an emotional testimony to the court. She said in court. I just want her life back. The singer said in an interview in June. I want my…. Click here to read more and watch the full video