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Stop Pay Attention In The Next Five Minutes.

I’m gonna tell you a really powerful secret that no one ever tells you about how to make women actually chase you do. I can’t think of a single thing that I like less than being excited about watching a Youtube video. I click on that video that I’m hit with a pre-roll from a how to get laid guru Youtuber right that’s trying to prey on my insecurities and get me to click his bleep sales funnel so that I’ll part with my hard-earned money in hopes that he can teach me how to start smashing chicks. So this video came about because I got an email from this guy named Adrian.

He Said Hey Man Found A Video

ad. I thought you might be interested in checking out this guy self proclaims he can help you get a date with. simple step process or something like that? He also claims to be an amazon bestseller. Of course isn’t every guru an amazon bestseller. We need to check into the requisites of what that means thought it might be interesting.

Heres A Link So I Click

on the link check out his youtube channel classic pickup artist nonsense how to flirt with a girl without being creepy one weird tinder line that actually works one female attraction secret No one ever tells you blah blah blah blah, so I don’t even click on any videos at the time because you know what you’re gonna get with these pickup Gurus. It’s all pretty much the same. The guy’s got 19 000 subs. He hasn’t uploaded in over a year. I’m thinking whatever it’s no big deal and I click off.

So A Couple Days Goes By And

I’m on my phone casually. Browsing Youtube watching a bunch of pokemane fan edits Monday through Sunday that’s my viewing schedule right now and I get served this pre-roll ad by the son of a bleep Andrew Ryan. So I took a screenshot. I didn’t screen record and you’re welcome. I wouldn’t want to put you through that but it’s basically two minutes of this dude being like.

There Is One Secret Word That You

can say that will make every girl in the world want a 69 with you in public so I make the connection that it’s the same guy from the Youtube channel. I visited a couple days prior, probably a retargeted ad cause. I spent 10 seconds on his Youtube channel and I’m like this bleep. This is some manipulative horseshit so I do a little more investigation and by that I mean I clicked his ad and got taken over. his sales funnel and it was worse than I could have imagined so I said you know what let’s get to know Andrew Ryan a little bit what’s he all about and I started with his Youtube video number one what to do when girls stop texting you back Hey it’s Andrew and this is what to do when a girl stops texting you back step one don’t freak out like every other guy all the way up to current day Andrew, which has not seen his Youtube doing very well clearly over the last year, but apparently he’s still pumping tons of money into advertising and peddling.

This Manipulative Click Funnel Trash Preying

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They Have Apps For Everything Iphone,

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I Really Appreciate You.

January 31st 2018. Andrew begins his journey into monetizing advice about how to crush multiple females and make them chase you step one don’t freak out like every other guy step two have a beer life is good. Fellas if she doesn’t text you back don’t freak out and have yourself a cold one life is good smell that smells like women lining up at the door. Step 3.

Text Her Something Fun Simple And Easy

to respond to that will spark her curiosity and get her to text you back all right I’m listening. For example, something like this. I’m so mad at you why because I just got out of the shower and you’re not even outside my window peeking in geez. I totally was I’m just so good at it. You don’t even know I mean this is text flirting 101 borderline creepy butt playful you know very similar to the tactic.

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I Used To Use Its Just A Little

bit backwards in my case. I would always just show up to the girl’s house and peek through the window till she was done in. the shower and text her hey did you enjoy your shower and she’s all like Oh WTf, How do you know I just showered and I’m like please I’m outside your window peeking in right now 100 success rate at getting a restraining order which come to find out is not how you get laid but that’s why we’re here learning from Andrew Step four while you wait for her to respond have another beer. This guy step five If she texted you back. Don’t keep bleep around on text ask her when she’s free and ghost here Step six.

If She Didnt Text You Back Thats

okay you’ve done everything that it’s in your power to do. You cannot control what happens next and here’s the funny part now you’re gonna move on You’re gonna meet more girls. You’re going to have more fun and I guarantee you this as soon as you meet another girl that you really like this girl who didn’t text you back is going to text you. It’s somehow like this weird hot girl radar that they all have don’t be shocked when that happens just leave a comment tell me. I was right see this advice I like because if she doesn’t text you back.

Its Not A Problem Just Move On Because

she’s eventually going to text you back no matter what and when that happens just leave a comment telling him he was right. This is this is at least actionable advice unrelated but I could really go for another beer don’t forget step eight you already know oh. My God perfect timing Oh yeah, Oh gosh! It’s been a while since college but Boy all right listen that was his first video and I’m just having some fun. You can’t judge people based on their early content on Youtube right. If you were to go back and look at old Leon Lush videos, especially some of the ones.

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I Had Privated Way Worse Than Andrews Early

attempts at you know becoming a guru of some sort but it’s jokes so let’s look forward a little bit and kind of touch on some of these other. Some of these other gems what’s up guys it’s Andrew I’m back here with Alberto Alberto we’re going to give you a technique right now that you can use in all your conversations and dates with women right to get sexual without being weird or creepy that would be being rejected it’s pretty. Much rejection proof when you know how to do this right Yes yeah No I’m sorry, I can’t I can’t even I could escape this number one trick to turning her on without being creepy. It’s a 22-and a half-minute video. What is there why does it take that long to explain it to us listen guys.

Ill Save You The Time All You Have

to do show up to her crib okay with the extended version trilogy of Lord of the Rings on Blu-ray DVd try and catch her panties before they hit the ground. You can’t fellas. If you’ve never pictured yourself clapping cheeks on a sofa. While Frodo and Samwise Gamgee are making a heroic journey into Mordor to save middle-earth. You don’t even deserve a girl in the first place how to make a girl chase you now.

This Youtube Video Happens To Share.

With the website Slash Click funnel Slash product I guess he’s trying to sell you and though the Youtube video is two years old, he’s still advertising this click funnel program course Pdf Whatever the bleep to this day, which is the ad I got just a few days ago. If you struggle right now to get female attention to get girls to text you back to get a second date to get a girl to really like you back the way you like her. Then this video in the next five minutes is gonna change everything for you here’s what you need to know fellas did Pokeyman not read your name out on stream when you gave her your highest donation to date stay tuned because I’m going to teach you one secret seven word phrase that you can say that will get her to quit her streaming career. and move up into the mountains with you to live in a cabin and bear all of the children you can handle so you can live happily ever after and love together understand your attention what and who you choose to focus your time and attention on has a value absolutely decide what that value is so your attention was a dollar bill let’s just kind of skip through to get a feel for what we’re what he’s going for here bar you’re at and they start twerking on the dance floor and bouncing their ass all over the table.

Can You Stop Doing What Youre

doing and give them your attention for no reason or do you keep talking to who you’re with tell you what i mean finally you’re walking down the street You see a really pretty girl do you just stop what you’re doing and stare? at her and start drooling like every other guy giving your attention away like it’s dude stop asking me questions just tell me how to make a girl chase me you’re like three minutes in We’ve got nothing so far for your attention when she gives it back to you. If a girl is talking to a bunch of guys. Aside from you do you keep competing hard to win.


How to get laid guru Youtuber Adrian claims to be an amazon bestseller . He’s got 19,000 subs and hasn’t uploaded in over a year . He claims to have a secret word that you can say that will make every girl in t tinder line stop pay attention in the next five minutes . He says he didn’t screen record the video but it’s basically two minutes of this dude being like: “No one ever tells you about how to make women actually chase you do. I’m gonna tell you a really powerful secret that no one ever tell you about . No one ever told you blah blah blah . blah blah, so I don’t even click on any videos at the time because you know what you’re gonna get with these pickup Gurus. It’s all pretty much the same. The guy’s Got 19 000 subs.& The guy’s got 19 000 Subs. He hasn’t uploaded in more than a year. I click on the link…. Click here to read more and watch the full video