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Guys Welcome Welcome Welcome To A Better Bachelor Um.

This is going to be a very initial test run. I’m trying a call-in show today good good morning good afternoon good evening to where you guys are all around the world. I appreciate you joining me um I’m recording this and doing this live on locals. Probably I’ll put it up later onNK] we’re gonna try a call-in show We’re going to see how it’s going to go .

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I Do Not Have Any Secretaries Or Any

phone lines where I can put you guys on hold. I’m just using an old burner cell phone and we’ll try this for I don’t know for fun and if it turns out to be something you guys are interested in and participate in and it it becomes a thing. Then I’ll get a call-in board or something like that I’d like. getting a landline if possible so um let’s We’ll jump right into this and kind of get going If I’m a little rusty and Don’t know what I’m doing well. It’s because it’s the first time for everything all right.

Ill Take The First Call From The First

guinea pig and you can keep keep your your stories short to the point yeah because that way we can get through the most of them and we’ll we’ll get started here all right. This is Joker can can you hear me okay you’re great how you doing Joker I’m doing well. Man I’m doing well so what can we talk about today for you well I just wanted to give a shout out from Houston Texas. I know, I know I’ve been texting for a little bit for a little bit before you head to Montana and I appreciate all your hard work, appreciate all the UK videos and all and all the roasts Hey man keep doing what you’re doing my man I I appreciate it brother do you have any questions you want to ask while you’re on the line yeah actually um I I’m just trying to figure out like for myself. I keep talking to girls and everything like that you know just keep my options open and everything like that, but they seem to say oh.

I Want The Sensitive Guy.

I want this I want that and then all of a sudden just throw a curveball at me and be like okay. I’m doing what you tell where you’re telling me. I’m just trying to be myself. I’m trying to be this person that you like but yet you just ghost me after Maybe five days Maybe a week right right seems kind of weird to me but all right.

Ill Tell You What I Like Your

take on it. I’ll get I’ll give you an answer for that thanks for calling in bud all right so here’s here’s the deal guys um women will tell you what they think they want they’re not going to tell you what they actually want so a lot of times women are going to say I want a sensitive man. I want a funny man I want a good looking man. I want I I here’s what I want from you and you’re gonna do your best to provide that and that’s not really what they want. What women want today is kind of the same thing that they’ve always.

Wanted They Want A Guy That Is Independent

and secure, intelligent and smart and outgoing and confident and one of the big problems. I think a lot of guys get into today is they’re trying to be or do what this woman wants or women in general want and that is never ever ever going to turn out right for you because women don’t even know what they want again. They say Oh I want a funny guy and I want a date a sensitive guy, but in the meantime they’re going out with with as I like to call them a Chad thunderstroke and they’re getting busy with him. Why is it they’re attracted to him, but why is it that they they tell you otherwise? I’ve got a video. I’m going to be putting out probably later on today or tomorrow, Where I actually talk about this Where women seem to always fall for the unavailable men.

Heres The Way To Get Women

works almost every time. Don’t think about getting women Don’t chase after women Don’t make a woman a priority in your life. Don’t go out of your way for women Do what is right for you your life, your income, your happiness, your money do your life do you okay and women will be attracted to the fact that you are a strong dude an independent dude doing your own thing and going after it. Women seem to really want to talk to the guys that don’t respond to them. They really seem to like the guys that could give two s’s about them all right the reason why is because when you start jumping through.

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Those Hoops And You Try To

show that to show you are that guy to her. She realizes you’re validating yourself for her that is unattractive to women. They don’t like that the best way to get a woman is to not try to get a woman is to just do your own thing and and the great thing about doing it. That way is that if you don’t get a woman you don’t really care why because you’re busy at work you’re bringing in the dough you’re looking at Investments you’re enjoying time with friends you’re you’re doing the hobbies that you love and so you’ll find yourself not really even caring that you don’t have a woman in your life and women can sense that women sense a guy that’s got his own deal going on that’s that’s going for the going for a a good job that. He loves or making money or is interested in hobbies and he’s got a life that’s what women want to be a part of they Don’t want to be a part of a life where they are the center of attention.

They May Say That They May

they may think they want that at the moment but the minute that they they are your focal point. They will lose interest because they say wow this guy’s kind of a loser. He gives up everything that he chases after and everything he wants. He gives up all of that for me must be I’m the best thing he can get must must be. He doesn’t get a lot of other attention from women must be is not very popular with women because otherwise he wouldn’t be changing his life’s course to be to keep me involved and and again I’m going.

To Be Doing A Special Video

on this a little bit later on here either today or Tomorrow It’s about women. There’s a a UK a woman and she gives out advice about what happens when a girl ghosts you or gives you an S test a crap test and she actually brings up very valid points. She says Hey it’s hardwired in us to test you and and our test is going to be to see how much you want to actually be with us and so when women give you these tests, you should never ask what a woman wants never ask because number one they’re going to tell you what they think they want not what they actually want and number two. If you were to provide them with what they actually want they get bored of you and they will go do their own thing They will bounce on you it’s it’s when you look at the pickup artist Community. One of the things the the Puas and those guys did get right is is they’ll say hey you know what do Your Own Thing you know go through these steps and you will Intrigue her and it does actually work the problem.

With It With Is A Lot

of that as a game and and it’s not a genuine frame It’s not a it’s not a genuine Strong place I’m not much for faking it until you make it. I I think that if you have to fake being confident and fake being secure and fake being strong and fake being independent and fake being rich and fake being funny with pickup lines and games and all this other stuff it’s disingenuous and it’s work. It’s it’s literally work it will make you tired you will not like it, but if you kind of put women on the back burner of your life and you genuinely find confidence and genuinely don’t care what others think about you and genuinely Don’t jump through hoops for other people. You will find more success in everything in life one of the times I was most. unhappy in my life that was the most unhappy in life was when I was a people pleaser when I wanted people to like me.

When I Wanted To Be The

center of attention. When I wanted people to want to invite me out and say Oh that that Joker guy he’s a cool guy man like let’s hang out with him. When I wanted that attention. I was not authentic.

I Was A People Pleaser I.

I made sure I didn’t argue with people I didn’t have too strong an opinion. I was kind of middle of the road, which I mean I still am on some things because I don’t like to get into Political discourse and all that the rest of that stuff. But but I found that that it actually kind of skeeves people out it kind of makes them very uncomfortable around you because they.

Dont Know Who You Are Why Are The

narcissistic a-holes and the guys that are are jerks and why are they popular you’d think they wouldn’t be popular it’s because they’ve set their ground rules. It’s because people know who they are and I’m not saying to become a narcissistic jerk or anything like that I’m saying have an opinion about things and and stand up for yourself and have a backbone and be strong in secure in your decisions and well if a woman says I don’t like that about you say tough s like who cares I don’t care what you think about me. This is who I am don’t hang around me and the funny thing is a lot of times. If you’re and again not being a jerk not being an a-hole, but just being confident and strong women can say Oh you know what like.

My Beard People Will Say Dude

you look baby-faced or I think you look better. I think you look worse or whatever I don’t care I don’t do this for anybody but myself when you lead your life for no one but yourself maybe family maybe friends but but when you when you take care of your life for yourself they’ll either gonna like you or hate you for it But most of the time you’ll find you’ll actually have more success so if you’re out there and you’re dating girls Don’t ask them what they want tell them who you are tell them what you’re about and and Don’t apologize for it and just be you and if you don’t know who you are take time alone get away from dating get away from women get away from needing that validation or wanting women when you want women your game. done that’s when you’re in trouble it’s when you don’t want women and you say Ah, you know what I’d love to take you.


The Bachelor is trying a call-in show today . Joker says he’s recording this and doing this live on locals . He says he’ll take the first call from the first guinea pig . Joker: “It’s because it’s the first time for everything all right. If I’m a little rusty and Don’t know what I’m doing well. I’m just trying to figure out like for myself.& I keep talking to girls and everything like that you know just keep my options open” The Bachelor: “I appreciate all your hard work, appreciate all the UK videos and all the roasts. I appreciate it brother do you have any questions you want to ask while you’re on the line. Hey man keep doing what you’re doing my man I I appreciated it brother” Joker: “Joker is doing what he’s doing. I just wanted to give a shout out from Houston Texas. It’s just a little bit of a shout-out from Houston Texan…. Click here to read more and watch the full video