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Thornton came from Tacoma I’m gonna switch to English since we have since Jordan Hasn’t had Dr. Peterson Hasn’t had time to learn enough Icelandic yet so thank you all for coming. This has been amazing first when I got the idea to book him to Iceland. I had no idea that others had been watching him on UK so as it turns out a lot of people have been and of course he’s exploded since then in in popularity so we’ve sold out this venue, which is almost three times larger than the first one we had and we’ve sold it out two times so that’s pretty good so he’s gonna come up here and he’s gonna speak for one hour and 15 minutes just about then he’s gonna take a four-minute break and go offstage before the UK. You can submit questions to the UK and we’re gonna use a similar system that he’s been using on his trips in America with Dave Rubin So I’m gonna serve as a surrogate Dave Rubin here or slightly less gay.

Dave Rubin So And Ill Bring Ill Ask

him the questions and you will put them online on a site called slide Oh so it’s spelled UK dot do slide Though I’ll say it in Icelandic as well as at a punter Dao Slater so it is customary to introduce the speaker as if you know me better than him but and and usually when someone is being introduced, people tell things about him things that are true about that speaker now of course you’ve all come here because you know who that guy is but so and I’m gonna do a different thing because I think it has tells. you more deeply something about what is going on with this guy? So I’m going to read you a few things that are wrong about him. So these are actual things that have been said about him in media mostly in hit pieces and you know character assassination attempts and there has been one each day just about for a long time and some of them in big big media. So he’s a he’s a far-right guy Hitler. He wants to force young women in Toomer.

Hes The Stupid Peoples Smart Person Thats

actually not that bad about him, but so and that’s the reason they say that they want you to become afraid to admit that you like him or go to his talks well-groomed all right at least he’s well-groomed a messiah comes surrogate dad for gormless dimwits so that’s another one directed at you. I I’m one. well because I don’t know what gormless means so but I suspect that having a gourmet is preferable so just stay away from this guy Tim wits Jordan Peterson has nothing of value to say he’s a patriarchal pseudoscientist. He encourages young men to see themselves as victims. He’s a mash-up of he has.

He Delivers A Mash-Up Of Cosmo

tips and my first book of myths. He’s the professor of piffle. He seems like a terrible therapist. He’s a bad political and social thinker, an angry white guy and the line between Peterson. ‘s authoritarianism and Richard Spencer’s.

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Paley On Nazism Is A Blurry One.

He’s a Jewish Shill and if you’re gonna be a shield you you you want to be a JEw issue and he’s a fascist Miss Mist assist and this is just a small sample of what has been going on and it’s all wrong Perhaps you know depending on how you define she’ll-she’ll can Sheila’s okay, but it’s all wrong and that tells you something a new one every day too miss inform people about that man and you can demonstrate it. It’s demonstrably false everything and there are some people that see him as a risk to their agenda and their world we UK for some reason. But he’s a he’s a reasonable balanced moderate truthful man and I’ve never seen such a campaign against any thinker ever in the world, not even someone that is untruthful or as despicable as they make him sound like so this tells you something. is the reason I was reading This This tells you something about the importance of his message and I’m not gonna.

Im Not Gonna Theorize About Exactly What

that is because there are lots of theories about exactly what it is in what he’s saying that is threatening and and to whom it is threatening and and I think actually many of them are correct, but let’s just listen to him and let’s hear what he has to say and we’ll figure out why it’s threatening Later so please give a warm welcome to dr. Jordan B Peterson UK well that’s an introduction that I’m going to have to live up to. So I was Mmm thinking the other day about numbers you know. There are mathematicians who think that there isn’t anything more real than numbers and that’s an interesting proposition. I mean it’s obviously the case that once you invent or discover numbers that that confers on you a tremendous power and who knows the limits of that power and the claim that numbers are more real than anything else is predicated in part on the fact that when you discover them or invent them and start to utilize them that your ability to operate in the world expands immensely and and so that’s one of the ways of judging whether or not something is real is whether or not when you use it that facilitates your means of operating in the world.

Interestingly Numbers Are Abstractions And So That

raises another question which is well what’s more real the thing that’s being abstracted from or the abstractions and again that’s not obvious and maybe the question of more real isn’t Germane maybe it’s a question of equal reality but. It’s not obvious that abstractions aren’t real and you can make a damn strong case that they’re more real than anything else and so then you might ask yourself well then what are the most real abstractions and so that’s what I’m going to start to talk about tonight. I’m going to talk about it in relationship to as many rules as I can lay out simultaneously. I’ll go through the rules. First so.

Rule 1 Is Stand Up Straight With

your shoulders back and Rule 2 is treat yourself like you’re someone responsible for helping on number 3, which is very tightly associated with number 2. They’re sort of variations on a theme is make friends with those people who want the best for you and by the way these last two rules aren’t injunctions designed to make your life easier. They’re actually injunctions designed to make your life. More difficult. Kierkegaard said at one point that his role in life given that everything was proceeding to become easier and easier in all possible ways that there would come a time when people would cry out for difficulty and so that’s partly how he envisioned his role in the world interestingly enough as a universal benefactor of mankind who would strive to do nothing other than to make life more difficult for everyone right and so Rule two and three are like that because treat yourself as if you’re someone responsible for helping isn’t the same as be nice to yourself.

Its Not That And To Associate

with people who want the best for you means that they get to demand the best from you and that’s also not an easy thing. Rule 4 is compare yourself to who you were yesterday and not to who someone else is. Today and that’s an injunction about envy right it’s easy you need people who you need things that are above you because you need to do something worthwhile with your life. You need something to aim at. But one of the consequences of that is that you can become envious of people that you believe have attained more in a deserve adore undeserved manner and that can make you bitter and so it’s much better to compare yourself to yourself and to use yourself as the target for improvement In comparison.

Rule 5 Is Dont Let Your

children do anything that makes you dislike them and the rule of thumb. There is if you dislike them. Then other people will and it’s a bad idea to allow your children to act in a way that makes other children dislike them or adults dislike them, given that they’re going to have. to deal with children and they’re going to have to deal with adults. So your primary responsibility as a parent is to help your child learn how to behave so that the social world opens up its arms to them and welcomes them at every level and you’ve done your job.

If You Can Manage That And Its Not

a simple thing to do. Rule six is put your house in perfect order before you criticize the world and that’s not take no action for others until you have your act together that isn’t what the rule means. It means that bind your ambition with humility and work on what’s right in front of you that you will suffer for if you get wrong before you engage in the large-scale transformation of other people. Rule seven is do what is meaningful and not what is expedient and I would say. Some sense in some sense that’s the core ethos of the book not exactly because rule eight which is tell the truth or at least Don’t lie is a necessary conjunction to that or a necessary additional element Because I don’t think that you can pursue what is meaningful without telling the truth and the reason for that is If you don’t tell the truth or let’s say if you lie, which is an easier way to think about it you corrupt the mechanisms.

The Instinctual Mechanisms That That That Manifest Themselves

as meaning and then you can’t trust them and that’s a very bad idea so the fundamental reason to not lie is because you corrupt your own perceptions. If you lie and when you corrupt your own perceptions, then you can’t rely on yourself and if you can’t rely on yourself, then well good luck to you because. What are you going to rely on in the absence of your own judgment here you’ve got nothing if you if you lose that rule Rule eight is as I said tell the truth they’re doing or at least Don’t lie Rule 9 assume that the person that you’re listening to knows something you don’t and that’s not so much a mark of respect for the person. Although it is that it’s a mark of recognition of your own unbearable ignorance you know one of the things you have to do in life is decide whether you’re more you have to make friends more with let me see let me just let me rephrase that properly you have to decide what’s more important what you know or what you don’t know first of all there’s a lot of what you don’t know and so if you make friends with that.


You can submit questions to the UK and we’re gonna use a similar system that he’s been using on his trips in America with Dave Rubin . So and I’ll bring I’ll ask him the questions and you will put them online on a site called slide Oh so it’s spelled UK dot do slide. Though I’ll say it in Icelandic as well as at a punter Dao Slater . So I’m going to read you a few things that have been said about him in media mostly in hit pieces and you know character assassination attempts and there has been one each day just about for a long time and some of them in big big media. So he’s a far-right guy Hitler.& He wants to force young women in Toomer. He’s the stupid people’s smart person that’s a very, well-stupid person that’s a very well-respected person.& So these are actual things that are wrong about him. He’ll be the stupid…. Click here to read more and watch the full video