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There Are Three Things That I Do Not Trust

in this life Big pharma a fart after eating taco bell and identical twins Oh Look at me. I came from the same embryo as my brother or sister and you can’t tell us apart because we look exactly the same. Oh, you know it would be cute. Let’s dress up in the same outfit to make it even harder for people to tell us apart that’s so cute and quirky we look the same and we’re inseparable did I did I tell you my identical twin get the bleep out of here. I’m kidding of course or am I but the reason I’m talking about this is because recently this story came up that I saw about these identical twins okay got married to another set of identical twins and then this has been going on.

I Guess For A.

couple years they’ve been on and off like TLc inside edition, but recently they cropped back up in a news article because they both had sons at like the same time and now they’re twins by Proxy I don’t know you gotta check this out so let’s start off with this inside edition. It’s a quick piece to get you up to date. On these they’re the identical twins who married identical twins Britney and Brianna Clinton first met Josh and Jeremy Salyers five years ago at a Twins festival in of all places Twinsburg, Ohio. All right okay I’ve had enough already we’re 10 seconds in and you Mar you married a set of twins you met in Twinsburg, Ohio.

At A Twins Festival.

You see that’s the problem with identical twins everything has to be a big deal right like you could have just held the twins festival. Anywhere else in the world, it had to be in Ohio” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Twinsburg and I guarantee you all the twins dressed up in the same bleep clothes and they all thought they were the hot bleep bleep twins. We saw them from afar and we thought they were just the most handsome guys. We followed them every step of their relationships.

Thats Weird Double Proposal Engagement At Twin Lake

State Park and in our fridge. We always keep two cartons of milk next to each other and here’s our bathroom with two sinks and two toilets one right next to each other and here’s our custom lexus with two gas pedals. So we can both press the gas pedal because we can’t do anything bleep independently to their walk down the aisle together tying the knot in a double fairytale wedding. I do Brittany, Brianna Josh and Jeremy moved in together and invited us into their home last year after learning they were both having babies. So I read in the article also that they now all live together in the same house.

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from like last year sometime, but they’re all living together in the same house having babies at the same time. Like there’s there is a 100 chance they are all sleeping in the same bed and smashing each other simultaneously to try and conceive at the exact same moment and now that I’ve said that out loud that’s it’s kind of hot. If I we’re identical twins and we’re both pregnant they. Can’t even do announcements without making anything everything has to be twos every single thing they do it’s gotta be in pairs and here they are This is baby Jet and this is baby Jacks. They sure look like bleep and jacks two James Quaternary twins, meaning genetically they are considered siblings, but they’re still cousins Quaternary twins siblings and cousins genetic siblings butt cousins so if both sets of parents came from the same embryo and both smashed and had kids.

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The kids are genetically identical, but they’re also cousins Hi that is preposterous what’s life like with this blended family. All living under one roof. We love all of us living together and having babies that are so close to age. This is bizarre proposing together marrying together living together obviously planning the pregnancy At the same time.

This Takes Twinning To An Entire

new level what. Did I tell you they cannot be trusted here’s the burning question though when you’re having when you’re like planning having kids together or trying to If you just swapped spouses right like it You’d still create the same child wouldn’t even matter like what’s even the difference if you go so far as to do every single thing in your life in twos. I mean, I guess you can kind of just switch back and forth and would the husbands know the difference would the wives even know the difference they’ve probably bleep pulled a fast one on themselves because they could do like the twin swap on each other and no one would ever know if they swapped and it’s just a whole. This is a matrix of couples prank opportunities right here they need to immediately start a couples prank Youtube channel because Holy bleep they would. get a trillion views? I slept with my wife’s husband and he didn’t know but they did the same prank to us.

So Really I Just Slept With My

own husband and I didn’t know prank endless opportunities there really now these guys obviously been on the social media circuit for a minute. I think this is maybe their job is to just be twins that marry twins we drive to the same law office and work so this is a TLc video from like We split up just under a year ago. Just a little back story on this couple schools in two different states, and it’s a decision that we regret and then how about pants what do you want to wear for pants. They actually tried to do something apart and instantly regretted it absolutely not they were like no bleep that we gotta go to the. same law school sit next to each other during briefings me without Brianna is not perfectly me okay where’s the other pair.

I Mean Its Got To Be In

my closet. I guess if you’re saying you don’t have it I know it’s in yours We very much like looking the same we like looking as identical as possible we don’t look identical. We definitely feel stressed are you wearing lip gloss already. It seems like a little bit of an unhealthy reliance on your twin doing the exact same thing that you’re doing. I guess if they’re both in on it that’s fine but like in toxic relationships when you can become too dependent on your partner that can get problematic and I get this just kind of seems like well that’s what’s going on here, but as long as they’re fully both toxically dependent on one another.

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I Guess Thats Fine But What Happens Okay

I don’t want to say the obvious, but if something happened to one twin and like she couldn’t look the same or some you know be tough to come back from I already put it on. I don’t have any lip gloss on there now we’re even it’s like our braids are not the same length is that what’s has it been like that the entire time we would dream about these identical princes would find us and we’d be whisked away but like together. This fairy tale the identical princess How’s the table coming you guys um I’m learning about table etiquette it’s going okay good and we did it we met them. We married them. It happened listen if your standards are that everything has to be perfectly paired with one another.

Everything You Do The Same You Have To.

look exactly the same talk the same? Do the same things have the same job? The only option is to have identical twin husbands and they knocked that out of the park, so you have to give them an a plus for tenacity Not a huge dating pool Obviously if those are your requirements but that’s why you go to the twin conference in Twinsburg, Ohio to find your identical twin spouses you guys are great thank you yeah thank you what’s up I’m Josh I’m, Jeremy and We’re married to Brittany and Brianna Well. I’m married to Brianna Right and I’m married to Brittany Are you though see you don’t you maybe you might not know you know that if their goal if their goal is to be as exactly alike as possible, then you don’t know who you’re really married to Brianna Brittany could be same bleep person. same thing same embryo act the same This is a recipe for disaster or kink? One of the two or both together maybe Josh and Jeremy are identical twins like us. They prefer to dress the same as each other.

Oh For The Love Of Christ

so in a way it does make us more identical. We met our husbands at a twins festival. We dated for about six months. They proposed Oh my gosh you look so gorgeous and then we got married six months after that Rihanna do you take Jeremy and Britney do you take Joshua to be your lawful wedded husband. I do so We’ve been married for a little over two years now and they understand the twin bond because they have it with each other just like we do he’s always been like number one and any other relationship with any singleton I’ve had.

Theyve Been Number Two.

I mean that’s just real did he call us Singletons. You know I don’t like that very much okay. I can twin bleep single oh yeah any relationship I’ve had with a Singleton. They’ve been number two because my twin is obviously number one sounds a bit pretentious.

Theyre Each Others Number One If

I had to live on an island with only one other person Hmm. I would choose her knowing that they would come find us so we’d get we’d get both of these wow dodge the question so lame absolutely dodged the question pathetic. Now here this is nine months ago we got a scientist in the comments fun fact their individual children that would be cousins will actually be full siblings genetically and come to find out as we read this more recent article. Quattornery Twins couturnery twins in quaternary marriages both. couples have the exact same DNa thus their children also very similar DNa.

It Would Almost Be Impossible To

tell their kids like Jet and Jacks apart. This is Cute and hilarious, but reeks of making being a twin your whole personality all at once Oh Hey how you doing my name is Brittany. I’m a twin. I’m an identical twin. I just in case anyone did.

Im A Twin Hey Did I

tu i’m a twin. I have a twin sister Nice to meet everybody by the way. I’m also I’m a twin as well. If I forgot to mention that did we plan to dress exactly the same no of course, we did yeah every everything we do is exactly the same. I’m a twin so everything we do has to be the same look the same talk the same bleep the same.

Its All Were Twins So Thats What

we do we twin It’s our thing. We twin we need to come back in 20 years and see how the cousins grew up like one’s super, Nice and Chill and one’s just like Jesus Christ My family, what the bleep 100. One of these kids is going off the rails and one’s gonna be a Jesus.


The twins first met Josh and Jeremy Salyers five years ago at a Twins festival in of all places Twinsburg, Ohio . They both had sons at the same time and now they’re twins by Proxy . Britney and Brianna Clinton married identical twins Britney, Brianna and Josh Clinton . The twins have been on and off for a.& couple years but recently they cropped back up in a news article because they both had children at like the . same time . They have been married to another set of identical twins and then this has been going on for a . couple years, but they’ve been on the . and off like TLc inside edition, but recently it cropped . up in an article because of a . news article about them both having sons at they both have sons at . like they had sons . The pair are twins by proxy and now it’s not a big deal right like you can’t tell them apart . The couple have a son together and they have a daughter…. Click here to read more and watch the full video