IGN Forced To Apologize To ME Over The Last Of Us 2 Clueless About Naughty Dogs DMCA Abuse


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with arcade outpost and last night an IgN employee was forced to apologize to me over the last of us part two. Now we know that IgN much like the rest of mainstream games, media has become a laughing stock. They have lost so much respect for how out of touch they are with the regular gamer with the common consumer and also the absolutely disgusting way that they try to keep their access to these developers by making sure they give things good reviews and making sure they don’t report certain things now we’re going to go over this entire subject and show you exactly why people have lost so much respect and why this person ended up apologizing to me now let’s take a look right here. Zachary Ryan is the person in question you can see right here from his twitter profile director of editorial video at IgN. Now I will be completely honest.

Im Not Quite Sure What That Entails Director

of editorial video. I’m not 100 what his responsibilities are, but he does work at Ign. He is a verified check mark and he has been talking a lot about the last of us part two and before we start this video. I will say we may get into spoilers. I don’t really intend to, but we might get into spoilers during this video and also I don’t want anyone to go find.

Zachary Ryan On Twitter Tag Him

and talk stuff about him for for my sake. You can do whatever you want, but I’m not calling on anyone to do that just be very clear. He he ended up apologizing later in. the thread So we will get to it but what he said this is where it started dear get woke go broke crowd. The last of us too sold four million copies in its first week that’s more than God of War.

Spider-Man Super Mario Uncharted Gears Of War

breath of the wild and the last of us please feel free to shut up forever right okay now um he did say that great you know a lot of people reported on that I reported on that that it smashed records but then it was the follow-up. It was the follow-up that really set a lot of people off and this was his follow-up right here. Last thing. I’ll say about the last of us too. I think it’s pretty effing interesting that certain Youtuber dudes that have profited from slamming this game into the ground for months.

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report on sales after encouraging their fans to review bomb and talk bleep all year. There’s a couple things to unpack here now first of all just like. I said I feel like I’m one of those Youtuber dudes who may have been hating on the game for the past two months. You know for reasons which we’ll get to including the fact that the leaks are trash and naughty dog illegally false copyright struck my channels along with many others.

Well Get Into That Um But All The

people. I saw that I watch talked about this now. I’m just gonna bring up a couple a couple examples Geeks and gamers. I am part of the geeks and gamers team as well, but you can see right here the last of us part two breaks sales records media celebrates and that’s that’s exactly what happened this is V where. Jeremy talks about them selling four million copies in the first week, I made a video on this too right here the last of us two smashes records lying to fans works now.

I Had A Little Bit Different

take on it about how the reason that it sold four million copies is because of the false advertising that naughty dog used, but I the first thing I talked about in this article was that four million number so I’m not exactly sure who he’s talking about I think he’s just talking bleep. I don’t think he actually has any idea what’s going on which we will get to. Later. He also says after encouraging their fans to review bomb now I I have not seen one single person please share the video to me. One single prominent youtuber that has told anyone to review bomb this game have.

We Covered All The Metacritic Scores

absolutely I haven’t seen a single person say anything about review bombing and I felt the need to respond to him um now This is what I said this is my tweet. Retards like Zachary are the reason people give less of a bleep about sites like IgN every day. Nearly everyone myself included has talked about those sales and the 80 drop off that it had the following week. I talked about that and no one I’ve seen has encouraged review bombing all while you remain ignorant now. I then put this screenshot of his tweet that he has since deleted what DMCa claims that is when he was asked about all the false DMCa claims and strikes against Youtubers.

The Thing That Was Happening That

everyone was talking about that angry Joe was talking about scarce was talking about it upper Echelon. Believes all these big gaming Youtubers were talking about naughty dog and Sony going out there and false copyright striking people false copyright striking people like myself like geeks and gamers gaming with geeks lethal Lightning Heal vs. Babyface just some guy Mr h reviews murder Maddox. All of these Youtubers from big to small were getting false copyright struck by Naughty dog and we were all talking about it guess who wasn’t Ign the mainstream media. According to him, he had no idea this was even going on, but we will we’ll see what he says in the follow up here.

So I You Know I Retweeted Him That

got a lot of interaction now Zachary Levi says this I cannot believe he did this. This is my mistake and I’ll take the l here. I had heard about those claims but I hadn’t looked into it, But I. Respectfully disagree with the last bit so he apologizes. This is my mistake I take the L which thank you Zachary.

I Appreciate That But The Next Part I

have a problem with I had heard about those claims but hadn’t looked into it. You are reporting on games and you don’t think that a company illegally abusing the DMCa system to silence people to silence critics for doing nothing other than talking about the the reaction to the leaks that’s what Jeremy was doing on his live stream for Geeks and gamers that I was on we didn’t even talk about the leaks. All we talked about was naughty dog’s reaction and the false copyright strikes that got a copyright strike and each and every one of these that was appealed when we said we’re willing to go to court with you naughty dog because we know you don’t. have a leg to stand on. They all got approved.

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They All Got Cleared To Go

back up from Youtube because Sony naughty dog did not have a legal leg to stand on. These were false copyright strikes and they knew it it was just to silence people you’re telling me that you heard about these claims you heard about these developers illegally striking videos but you hadn’t looked into it that to me is crazy like that is legitimately that’s crazy to think that you heard that that was happening. You’re part of this news organization that covers games and you didn’t look into it and now you have Eric July Young rip right here shout out young rep you did a video about this last night did he delete the tweet he says yeah. I did now a lot of people you know then follow up here . A lot of people then follow up and are talking bleep about him, which that happens that happens on twitter that happens in life, but the idea that someone working for Ign for games.

A Games Journalist Outlet Would Hear

about this stuff and not fill up his insane whether he didn’t hear about it on July 26 or on June 27th, when he tweeted what DMCa claims or if he had heard it and is just playing Coy, how do you not talk about that this is huge this was huge news to everybody except mainstream media because they tried to cover it up but guess what as soon as Sony and Naughty Dog put out a statement about the leaks not being from internal. It wasn’t someone at Naughty dog everyone loves working here. It was a hacker guys what happened Polygon the last was too leaked by. Hackers reports say Kotaku hackers are likely responsible for the last of us part two forbes and Paul Tassie’s Dumb ass those last of us part two leaks were not from an angry Naughty dog employee Hackers likely push square, which is basically just a playstation blog. The last was two leaks apparently released by hackers not affiliated with Naughty Dog and Ign.

The Last Of Us Part Two Leakers Not

affiliated with Sony Naughty Dog of course, because they had to play the game. They’re going to defend Naughty dog at every chance that they can get this is why no one takes you seriously because when there are actual stories out there because what’s happened, we have not heard bleep about this in the follow-up all they released was some oh yeah we know who it was we know it was hackers it has been silent since then. knows that it was a naughty dog employee that did this You helped them try to cover this up and there’s been nothing Since then mainstream games journalism is absolutely disgusting, absolutely disgusting. Now I talked about this so much on my channel.

Obviously Once I Got False Copyright

struck Naughty dog strikes my videos naughty dog naughty dog and sony try to destroy my channel because I got two copyright strikes and so many people picked this up and went with it. I have such a hard time believing such a hard time believing that Zachary Ryan is saying that there’s certain youtuber dudes. He knows all about these Youtuber dudes. He even says that they have review bomb things yet he hasn’t heard about the leaks.

I Find That Disingenuous Or Laughably Ignorant And

as my friend lethal lightning said you can’t spell ignorant without I g n. Now I I will say like I said he replied to me in the chat and said he takes the l that’s his mistake respect for doing that. . He says that he respectfully disagrees with the last part.

I Said Show Your Like Show Your Cards

if you know people that have encouraged review bombings specifically, let me know I’ll talk about that I think everyone would talk about that if there were any Youtubers that did that but he’s yet to follow up haven’t seen anything about that since but this is just the idea the audacity of these people to go out and speak like that if we have no idea what they’re talking about absolutely none everything that has happened to all these Youtube channels that were almost destroyed through naughty dog and sony‘s illegal actions and games journalists don’t even have any idea what’s going. On they’re just backing naughty dog, whatever the case may be? Let me know what you guys think about this. In the comments below about an IgN employee forced to apologize to me smash the like Button ring the Bell for notification share.


An IgN employee was forced to apologize to me over the last of us part two . He ended up apologizing later in the thread . Zachary Ryan is the person in question . He is the director of editorial video at IgN. He is a verified check mark and he has been talking a lot about the last . of us . The last of . us too sold four million copies in its first week that’s more than God of War.& Spider-man Super Mario uncharted gears of war breath of the wild and the last. of us please feel free to shut up forever right okay now.& He did say that great you know a lot of people reported on that I reported on . that that it smashed records but then it was the follow-up. It was the . follow- up . The follow-ups . The following-up . He said that he did said that great. It smashed records and he did say he did not . He did not say that ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video