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attention over to Turley talks comm because that you’ll find many great publications there from Steve Dr. truly lauded author and a general tinkerer and political political things going on in around the world and conservative trends. So I’m not gonna keep the formalities to try to keep the formalities brief as I can Snape is I’m just there. I’m excited to get to talk to us. It’s been a while and I want to thank all my supporters for all your kind words and support if you’re new to the channel please Don’t forget press the like Button press the subscription Button on the bell and you’d be reminded of future broadcasts here on the grand Torino now Dr.


I said the little premise doc what state state to apologize. I said the premise area around I wanted to read to set us off on a little journey right first of all we might touch upon the impeachment process as the way it’s being portrayed by UK and how the Irish Times and many our corporate media are mimicking UK in their thinking that the impeachment process is a done deal and it’s only a matter of time now before President Trump is impeached and the the Democratic will of the people can be overturned. Because as president room says they’ve they’re trying to overturn the last election because they know they can’t win the next election that’s coming on what say you dr. darling yeah you got it ruined you I think you’ve put it all in there so the data doesn’t lie 90% of our incumbents win re-election Americans since nineteen taken since 1932 I’ve almost an unbroken record of wanting at least two terms for our incumbent president.

Theyd Like An Eight-Year Term, And

they’ll go from one party eight years and then to the next party eight years so it’s only been broken once Jimmy Carter he only had one term. He was kicked out by Reagan and then George Bush Senior. He he didn’t get reelected, but a lot of scholars would argue that doesn’t count because in many ways. George Bush Senior was Reagan’s third term when he was elected in 1988. So it’s rare that we have 12 years of a single party in power, so if we just used our historical trajectory here, Tronca trump starting off with a 90-% chance of being reelected and now with our economy booming the wall getting built and taken on the swamp and and and you know driving it into their faces each and every day pumping up his base.

Hes One Of The Most Exciting

your right-wing candidates We’ve had in ages so yeah you’ve got that’s really what’s going on here in in many ways. The impeachment Circus has only worked in his favor. We’ve seen his polling go up. This is what the UK and UK International they just love to ignore but his polling has actually been going up through this process. Rasmussen had him at forty five.

The Wednesday That The Impeachments Began

that Friday 72 hour 48 hours. 72 hours later, he went up to 50 percent, so he jumped five points literally in a matter of just hours. After this whole thing began he finished off this last week very high forties percent average aggregate so so this has only worked in his favor. There is no way that so just in case your viewers are not aware some to demo I’m sure virtually all them are but the Democrats own our house, House_of_Representatives” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>House of Representatives and the dump the Republicans own the Senate. They have the majority and the Republicans are looking at the house oldest nonsenses impeachment Nonsense is going on in the House bill looking at the house like these are just a bunch of clowns Madame Chef is just he hasn’t been able to produce a single strand of hard evidence.

That Trump Did Anything All Of His

witnesses that were supposed to give us all these bombshells All involved hearsay nobody had any direct interaction with Trump, where he said, Yeah I want to hold up this military aid for Ukraine until they help my you know my reelection. The best evidence we still have is the transcript with him speaking with Szalinski, the president of Ukraine, and there’s nothing there. I mean there’s literally nothing there so when all said and done support foreign. Pietschmann has imploded Trump’s poll numbers are rising Democrats are basically broke at this point the Democratic National Committee is in debt there their candidates are pathetic. We feel pretty good over here.

I Noticed That The Bloomberg Is

stepping out of the wings and trying to throw us out into the ring for the presidential races because as you say all the candidates so far have very very lackluster. Even Joe Boy and Joe Boyd and they’re becoming increasingly under pressure to appear before the Senate. What I want to remind people as well that this is just a. This is an impeachment inquiry. This has no basis in law.

This Is Hence Why Theyre Denying

the Republicans the right to call witnesses or prayer witnesses or themselves, but even still when they were allowed certain amount of questioning their stars Rose Jordan Buehler, Female senator I can remember and then Stanovich. I think it just basically destroyed the narrative by simple questioning. You have no direct evidence yes or no No totally totally right and then as you say with the transcript, any journalist worth their salt. I mean I’m relaying back to our corporate media over here that the transcript was there too for all to read. There was no quid quo pro even in the second transcript released the President himself said when he was asked by the chief Democrat star witness ambassador Solander and what do you want the president replied, I want nothing I want no quick phone call right.

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I Want Him To Do Exactly What

he ran on and let’s just let’s just crack on that there is the end of the impeachment inquiry. This is not an impeachment hearing. So thence there’s no basis in law. So this is just another facade that they’re rattling the drones. Meanwhile, we’ve got the UK report you later.

On December 10Th, Lindsey Graham Announced

during the wake they’re on Fox News with Sean Hannity that the Inspector General the much-lauded now I take note from Dan Bond Geno I follow I watch his show and I watch his breakdown He’s been on top of the air Russia Gay holds collusion from the very start and he’s not so impressed at the way he seems to think the Inspector General would be the be-all and end-all, but it might lead on for Bull Durham as he’s affectionately known these days because his is an actual criminal investigation with Paris to subpoena what’s your thoughts on that yeah I think that again perfect perfect ruin I think so I think all eyes are on on John Durham right now who is the special prosecutor who has officially now opened up a criminal investigation everyone saying I mean the honest ones. Even I think I mentioned Geraldo Rivera who’s no you know who’s no fan of Trump. Even he is saying you’re starting to see all the high-ranking officials with the Obama administration law uring up right now they are expecting something to blow. I think in many ways. This impeachment hearing the timing of it was in order to try to blunt some of that blow to try to say Oh but but Trump but Trump but Trump.

I Dont Think Its Working.

This is gonna be a real investigation with real evidence of wrongdoing and there’s so much associated with the Obama administration. There was so much corruption, and if you know I’m always I’m like you. I’m always a little nervous when the swamp is in charge of a swamp investigation Yeah but this looks pretty good again with John Durham but being brought in Bull Durham as. Put it This looks pretty promising So I don’t want to be Rachel Maddow apart-and promise Oh Yeah the the indictments are gonna be flying and we’re gonna bring down Obama and Hillary and the swamp well we’ll see We’ll see but it certainly looks quite promising Yeah we’ve been three years since I very spoke I spoke on the subject there over a year and a half ago, where the queue phenomena that broke out and just kind of the early release of information everything seems to still stacked up poised a gate warrants are still under investigation, but as a the Attorney General fire and that kind of gives me a little sage way as well Dr.

Tory Into The Epsteins Situation Or Abstain

situation is not going away whether the power the press wants to try and push that it’s catching on in me inform. Inform we’ve had people like the water show ending their statements were saying actually he didn’t hang himself and it’s become a more of a a meme brought into life. Now that all these things aren’t adding or pretty much like whether people suspect with 911 wherever your thinking is on that building seven didn’t hang itself either so with attorney general is per se mean lackluster in prosecuting that the co-conspirators we’ve got just Lanie Maxwell still walking free We’ve got a French model Bernard I think his name was these two co-conspirators can in effect carry on the the investigation and maybe give some sort of justice to the victims in all of this because there are thousands and thousands of people coming forward and the royal family is now embroiled in it as well with Prince Andrew now being withdrawn from public is disastrous disastrous and how. is still even walking around or not even extra-extra coid extradited to the United States to face the criminal investigation. He has no and what I understand protection against prosecution.

Being A Member Of The Royal Family.

He’s not a part of that protection. It only goes as far as Prince Charles, so why do you think the Trump administration is hesitant to start pursuing that particular investigation as well that’s a good question and I don’t know if I have an answer for that, especially in light of the tweets that were coming out after his suicide. I


Use the code Steve Turley to get $10 off the price and a free display case as well . Click on the link below and use the code to get your limited time discount today . Dr. Turley is excited to get to talk to us. I want to thank all my supporters for all your kind words and support if you’re new to the channel please Don’t forget press the like Button press the subscription Button on the bell and you’d be reminded of future broadcasts here on the Grand Torino now Dr.& Steve.& I said the premise area around I wanted to read to set us off on a little journey right first of the interview. I’m not gonna keep formalities to try to keep the formalities brief as I can Snape is I’m just there. Don’t mention the little premise doc what state state to apologize. The little premise Doc what state is to apologize for the state of the state. Don’t forget pressing the like button. The state of…. Click here to read more and watch the full video