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Today, Colin Powell Dies At 84.

. Jen Saki says Inflation is a good thing, and Anthony Fauci says if you don’t believe him or listen to him, you must be a conspiracy theorist. It is Monday and as you can tell we have a lot to get into it. All starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters.

I Am Sarah Gonzalez Happy Monday And It

is going to be a good one in this studio because we are joined by Chad Prather host of the Chad Prather show also America‘s favorite cowboy and future governor of Texas. Also author. This list is growing that I have to use to introduce you with so author of senior comedian cultural antagonist listen. I don’t want to take up the whole show just listing off your titles, but am I crazy just recently released make sure to pick it. up you can get that at Watch Chad.


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because we have the men’s line launching Oh yes that’s true and they are so sleek. I want to get my husband. Oh I can you know someone I can help you. I know I don’t know I want some although there is nothing about me. That says Sleek We could try it on and see how it works all right so headlines of the day.

So Colin Powell, Who, Of Course Was

the first black Secretary of state . He has died now. I just want to. I felt like we needed to cover this because it’s. It’s a notable person in United States history.

Who Died So I Feel Like We

should talk about it. I do want to give the details though that I’m not sure that you are going to get if you are listening to a CnN or an MsNB NBc of the world. So he was of course former U. s Secretary of State chairman of the joint Chiefs of staff. He They said this is the statement from the Powell family.

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He Passed Away This Morning Due To

complications from Kovid, but within the statement. They did also note that he was fully vaccinated, so they said fully vaccinated passed away from Covet 19. Also he was 84 years old. Also he had multiple myeloma, which is a cancer of plasma cells that suppresses the body’s immune response as well as Parkinson’s so it’s just interesting to see you know they talk about the breakthrough cases that are happening is this a breakthrough isn’t it a breakthrough. Are there so many breakthroughs that we should stop calling it a breakthrough because we have the CdC director who has come out and said you can not only get Covid while fully vaccinated.

But You Can Also Transmit It To

others, but you know all of that aside um it is interesting because I would have just gone with like he was 84. and was immunocompromised? Did you notice when Bill Clinton was admitted into the hospital over the weekend and they continued to say he has an infection, but it is a non-coveted related infection. They have to continue that it’s like Oh No. We knew it was syphilis? It was bill like we didn’t have to talk about covenant So you’re right everything has to be covered. So if so we’re going to talk about this.

Ill Go Ahead And Take The Bullet

they’re going to say I can’t believe you’re going to politicize This man’s death okay well that’s what we do we’re here to politicize your death so that’s that’s what we do on this show sorry to hear about Colin Powell, sorry to hear about Colin Powell all right first thing I heard this morning I’m sad to hear that but you politicized it you politicized it by making the statement so now let’s unpack that thing so what was it that’s what was it because all the media outlets they they’ve swept everything under the rug so there’s been a lot of people have died with complications from coveted but. We’re fully vaccinated, but now we have a man of note right somebody that you can’t ignore. He’s a historical figure. We’ve got to talk about this so now What was it was it did he die because of the unvaccinated did he die from complications did he die from Covet did he die because he was 84 years old and he’s been battling cancer what’s the story here what’s going to happen So this is going to be one of those things that you can continually. All these arguments are going to come at you on twitter and online and all the people are going to say you need to get back safely.

You Say Well Colin Powell Yeah And Im

glad that they added that and I agree with you like I hate that we have to talk about in the context of Covid and vaccines and all. That kind of stuff um because I don’t want to politicize it It’s sad. I’m sorry that their family is grieving and they lost him um. But I’m glad that they made this statement and he was fully vaccinated because I talked to more and more people who don’t seem to understand that yet can still get covered when you’ve been vaccinated You can still pass it to other people. You can still pass away with it.

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You Know So The Fact That Any

and I don’t know if they’re talking about on CnN. But I think I did read it on CnN that they included that part in the statement. So I’m glad that maybe it’s getting out there because people need to know this and stop being so afraid of their unvaccinated neighbors yeah I I just feel like consistency is so hard to find in this day. and age and I just felt like you know. I spent a good majority of the last 18 months notably before the vaccine was out saying to people who would say like but my 90-year-old grandmother just passed away from Covid and I could this is horrible of course we have to lock down and I was like all right but like got it.

But Shes 90.

right so like could we not just give more credit to the fact that she’s 90 and could have been taken away by anything right so I I’m just trying to be consistent here that it’s like I don’t know what it was but like he was 84 right well. What I think a lot of us would like to see is more autopsies. More research more understanding of why people are passing away versus just saying he died of covet related right. That got in a motorcycle accident and got decapitated died from Covenant, but he was just positive so I mean I would like to see more research um on all of this in general because that’s the part that’s missing that is really keeping people from being able to make the best decision that they can for their own health.

Yeah And Im Like Were Not

getting any research on we’re not hearing about autopsies after people die from covet or from the vaccines to be able to study what actually happened and that’s unfortunate because then you’re not letting people make their own decisions right, which will then in turn just radicalize people even further if they have any issues with it chad last word well. I’m just going to say add to your list the people who come at you and say well we know you’ll still get. it and you can give it away, but it lessens the severity of the symptoms does that even mean you won’t die from it scientific either Obviously, you can die right it’d be fully vaccinated and by the way amy to your point it’s like actually the majority of people will not have severe symptoms. You have absolutely no way to know scientifically that that is why you had less severe symptoms right there’s just no way to prove that just fly all right so let’s move on to white House press secretary Jen Soccer love her gosh she is so great you mean the poor man’s peppermint patty. She described the inflation that is happening in this country, which by the way I I was just hearing from them that we saved 16 cents on our July 4th cookouts, so i don’t know now we’re she’s admitting that there’s.

Inflation, But Shes Saying No No No

see the inflation is actually a good thing. Here is a poor man’s peppermint patty watch but doesn’t it seem tone deaf to say that rising prices and empty grocery store shelves are high class problems isn’t that a bit dismissive well that’s not exactly what the tweet said nor the retweet of the original tweet, which is what we’re talking about here. The unemployment rate is about half what it was a year ago so a year ago people were in their homes. 10 of people were unemployed gas prices were low because nobody was driving people weren’t buying goods because they didn’t have jobs now more people have jobs more people are buying goods that’s increasing the demand that’s a good thing at the same time.

We Also Know That The Supply Is

low because we’re coming out of the pandemic. And because a bunch of manufacturing sectors across the world have shut down because ports haven’t been functioning as they should be. These are all things we’re working through it’s just that the inflation rate is the highest it’s been since January 1991, which I hold on let me do the math on that was not a year ago so I um like Amazon would disagree with you on people’s spending habits last year like they were through the roof. I can tell you my business my apparel business was booming last year and yours probably did pretty good in the club yes, which is by the way hilarious that she wants to to use that as an excuse something pandemic related, but whenever they tout those jobs numbers they’re like look where we have even though they’re horrible.

They Try To Spin Them And Say Look

how many people. We got back to work it’s like no you didn’t let us go to work and now you’re letting us would be happy that the shelves say it’s a good thing that the shelves are bare. I mean they are like the masters of spin. I got to give it to them.

Theyre Going To Pull Up Muscle With That

reach like literally you could drop her in Venezuela like what if she was talking about Venezuela with that little diatribe she just gave right there like that’s kind of what you’re like that’s like the same kind of stuff Red lines are a good thing. Dogs are delicious we’re helping you with your diet plan okay all right so I want to factor into that all right let’s also listen to Pete Buddha judge because she’s talking about inflation. We’re talking about all of these issues going on do. You do you all of?


Today, Colin Powell dies at 84 . Jen Saki says Inflation is a good thing, and Anthony Fauci says if you don’t believe him or listen to him, you must be a conspiracy theorist . Sarah Gonzalez, Chad Prather, Amy Robbins and Amy Robbins talk about the Alexa Athletica men’s line, which if you’re a woman you should own if you are a man, you should purchase them for your woman well and soon-to-be if they’re a man.& We could try it on and see how it works all right so headlines of the day are highlighted by the first black Secretary of State Colin Powell, who, of course was the first African-American Secretary of state . He has died now. He has also died at 84. He is the first person to die in the U.S. history. He was also the first man to die of a stroke of death in the United States. He will be the last person in the world to die….. Click here to read more and watch the full video