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Today Kareem Uk Says Joe Biden Thinks

John Fetterman is impressive. Kamala Harris expresses her love for yellow school buses and it looks like Elon Musk is buying Twitter for real this time or so We think we’ve got all of that and more coming up and it all starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters. I am Sarah Gonzalez and I am joined today by Belize to be a contributor Our Yakubuyan’s. Host of the bottom line also joined by Pat Gray Unleashed. Of course I keep calling you Pat Gray unleash.

His Legal Name Is Not Pat Gray Unleashed

that’s true is it show name it’s true right his name is pack Ray but I am Unleashed you are Unleashed on the show you are on yes it would be weird if your name was Pat Grace yeah yeah you don’t meet a lot. of Unleashed no no no probably in the phone yeah There aren’t any in the phone book I think um all right well we’re off to a great start here. I want to get to the top stories here so yesterday a reporter asked Karim UK if Joe Biden has any concerns about John Fetterman’s help which you know we’ve obviously covered recently with the latest debate between him and Dr Oz, which was wow talk about a dumpster fire When you’re looking at John Fetterman’s performance. Dr Oz actually did fairly well. I don’t love him, but he did pretty well.

So Kareem Uk Said Joe Biden, Who

of course can barely formulate a sentence. Himself thinks that John Fetterman is impressive and Incredibly bright watch in personal conversations that the president has had with the lieutenant governor. The president has found him to be impressive incredibly bright and. talented person who’s just as capable as always to carry out his office the duties of his office as we know his lieutenant governor currently and has great ability and heartfelt concern for the people of the Commonwealth and that is what the president has observed himself that is you know as as is the case before and is the case today. He looks forward to working with the lieutenant governor in the future and and sees him as an authentic individual who is fighting every day for the middle class and finds him incredibly impressive.

Oh Wow That Um Totally Rooted In Truth

actually it probably is true Joe Biden himself probably does think he’s impressive Joe. Biden looks at John Fetterman and he’s like man if I just had the the the the the words like he does he just he speaks so well yeah no look that. was the that was the hardest anybody has worked for Fetterman You just saw it by Cream Shop Yeah she worked really hard yeah look is that the endorsement you want you know the blind leading the blind the man that can’t remember his own wife’s name is going to give us an endorsement. He’s the good judge of character about who’s excellent Yeah that’s right I would I would leave that endorsement as the last endorsement. The man who shakes hands with nobody with the ghost yeah and asks where dead people are thinks they’re still alive and the amazing accomplishments.

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Hes Been Able To Do From

his parents basement. You know until he was 50 years old impressive yeah that is impressive Yeah I you know you take the opposite of everything. She just said and that’s the truth and I mean that’s true most days but it’s. especially true with that I mean what a bunch of bull crap that was everybody with eyes and ears at a brain knows that just like you said that was a dumpster fire. He was a dumpster fire.

He Was Terrible.

It was the worst debate performance of all time. I think so easily the worst of all time. He literally said good night as his opening good night. It was atrocious.

I Mean He Was He Was Tanking Looking

when he got pressed on you know his health he completely unraveled fellow, but I think Oz really did well there to move it into Health Care. He pivoted right into Health Care. Let the guy who whose health is not good and to your point. Oz is not superly impressive no he’s not um right, but he looked like a champion Yeah. He looked like a genius yeah for.

Sure He Can Understand English Language Which

is I feel like a pretty bare minimum criteria for serving in the Senate I mean are they going to follow him around and write out everything he does if he makes it to the Senate. No everything that somebody says is going to be written out for him. Because neurologists have sounded off on this and many of them say that it’s not likely he gets Beyond where he is now. I mean if he’s this if he’s only this far now that’s probably where he’ll be Yeah He can’t perform in the UK Senate No this but Pat that’s who they want I know why were they not Why is he not fit for Senate if we’ve got the clown show in the White House yeah I mean this is data for the course true yeah they want people they can. control completely and let’s face it if he was completely well and whole he would be the exact wrong guy for the UK Senate.

Hes A Radical Extremist That We Dont

need in the office so even if you were completely well right he’s not the guy, which is not the guy which is hard to okay. So I agree obviously which makes it so hard for me to believe um reading things like Fetterman’s campaign said that after this debate they raised more than a million dollars in three hours. After this debate, they said that they that this was a sign of deep Grassroots enthusiasm so the most recent poll, which was obviously conducted before the debate had Fetterman at 49 and Oz at 45, and Fetterman’s fundraising surge could be I don’t know could be due to people thinking Oz Dr Oz was bullying John Fetterman which is something that the ladies of the view actually claimed so now it’s bullying to try to participate paid in a debate with your opponent watch. Of course it was really strange to me that he chose to bully a stroke Yeah right like he obviously was bullying him and um you know. I don’t think the people of Pennsylvania or the people in general liked that because Fetterman raised one million dollars after that debate and I think it takes real courage to show that you’ve been knocked down.

I Think It Takes Real Bravery To Allow

people to see your weakness right okay. I’ve been told that like criticizing Fetterman is now ableist because you’re not allowed and it’s like you know what sure if you want to call it ableist um yeah. I’m ableist when it comes to people who represent you know the people yeah. I actually think lawmakers should not have disabilities that prevent them from being able to do their jobs. Okay call me whatever you want I don’t really care you’re not criticizing him.

Youre Criticizing His Ability To Represent

the American people yeah in the sentence right okay and which is exactly what she just did. She just said listen you can’t how can you the man’s broken that’s right he’s not electable you’re 100 right Chica I want to tell you when I saw the million dollars in three days that to me is the left throwing cash saying dumpster fire throw cash in here we cannot have ours. I’m surprised. They didn’t raise two million yeah and then who did it come from tell me who it came from no that was like a oh crap knee-jerk reaction throw money at this thing because we can’t lose this seat. us so which perhaps to Yaaku‘s point I believe Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both are going to go out and start stumping for John Fetterman so hey yeah Biden’s already been there yeah they’re like they’ll probably go back we have got to try to help this guy out now I don’t listen if you’re John Fetterman.

I Dont Know That Joe Biden Is

the one that you want helping you out I may fall off another bicycle I mean I don’t know maybe fossil for another bike Tweedledee and Tweedledum over there trying to maybe between the two of them. They can formulate a sentence a garbled one probably yeah they probably could you know you put them both together and that’s quite a combo. I mean with veteran Wow Yeah scary scary and and not only do we have Biden um Fetterman trying to get into office. You’ve got Nancy Pelosi who’s compromised I mean if you listen to her lately she’s almost as bad as Biden is you’ve got Dianne Feinstein in office. We don’t need a nursing home UK Senate it’s bad it’s really bad.

It Really Is No Its It Is Its

it’s the land of the misfit toys because they can control them. Yeah I mean and I think they’ll keep running candidates like that I mean and how blind how blind does the lift have to be to look at that debate. We looked and go that’s our guy that’s the best we got that’s our guy. We talked about this a little bit yesterday if it was reversed and it was Republican candidate who had been compromised like that I’d find a third party candidate right Yeah I’m not voting for it yourself right Yeah you wouldn’t Yeah I’d find somebody. Else Integrity in in the self–governance governance that’s missing in the left to go Yes you can’t vote for that guy Yeah I I don’t care what your ideology is you can’t vote for him Yeah that’s unbelievable it really is um so speaking of we’re talking about Tweedledee and Tweedledum Tweedledum Yesterday Joe Biden.

His Aides Were Screaming At Reporters

to prevent them from asking the president any questions and he appeared to mock the reporters as they were UK out of the room watch UK. It’s very funny. It’s very funny when the president of the United States provides no transparency for the American people and I seem to recall the certain same press. Corps having a major problem with Donald Trump threatening they were Oh my God. The freedom of the press is under attack because he won’t let one single representative from one media Outlet even though there are others here from the same media.

Outlet, Hes Going To Hes Too Dangerous For

democracy freedom of speech is under attack and now all of a sudden. We have the president who’s just mocking reporters when he won’t answer their questions um I also I want to throw into the equation here Yesterday. Biden announced a new Crackdown on what he describes as junk fees to ease inflation. One of these junk fees that he cited was paying for extra leg room on flights, which he also claimed disproportionately affects people of color watch some Airlines if you want six more inches between you and the seat in front you pay more money, but you don’t know it until you purchase your ticket of course you know it 100.


Americans the hardest, especially low-income folks and people of color, Oh it benefited by corporations not consumers Do white people have longer legs than people of color or shorter legs. Someone will ask you for your race when you buy your ticket, and then they slap you on the.


Today Kareem UK says Joe Biden thinks John Fetterman is impressive . Kamala Harris expresses her love for yellow school buses and it looks like Elon Musk is buying Twitter for real this time or so . We think we’ve got all of that and more coming up and it all starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters . Our Yakubuyan’s is joined by Belize to be a contributor to the show . Pat Gray Unleashed. His legal name is not Pat Gray unleash. It’s true is it show name it’s true right his name is pack Ray but I am Unleashed you are Unleashed on the show you are on yes it would be weird if your name was Pat Grace. There aren’t any in the phone book.& Of course I keep calling you Pat Gray unleashing. It would be strange to be called Pat Gray unleashed. It is true that there aren’t many in the call list. It isn’t the name of Unleashed. Of Unleashed no no no…. Click here to read more and watch the full video