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Can We Start What Were Ready Hello And

welcome to another conversation with Glenn Tiffany, Siegel, Dan and Rows along with the one and only Glenn Beck back from his travel yeah So interesting week what was it? Oh Cuz he was away for two yes. Oh you’re back yeah and in Texas good day men. Hey it’s like negative 12 there and we got a 70 today. It’s all so new York at my next trip. I guess is in San Francisco.

Can I Go Someplace Likable Right Can We

go to Lincoln Nebraska Can we go all that’s cold other than Texas You’re kind of out of options options I’ve out of options so it’s been an interesting week of programming here in the blaze and we just you know you’ve talked a lot about the direction. We want to go and just want to get your thoughts. On this week was a little head a little bit of a different field. We had a lot of these You know guess that I think and shows that I think that you’re trying to you’re trying to dial into you know Martin Pistorius amazing you know great story Larry Larry Kudlow amazing. You also did a couple interviews that the audience hasn’t seen yet but Jim Dodi who I think they’ll really like and then this atheist.

An Atheist Atheist Who Is Good Friends

with Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama and also some of my Jewish friends and some of my Baptist friends. I mean this guy is amazing because he’s all about compassion and you also had an interview that I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but to me. I think may have had the biggest influence on you out of all of them. We had a Korean might have been drunk a Korean pastor in and America will love this when we when we debut this interview, but he saves Babies with down syndrome because in his country. They’re considered defective and the mothers just dropped them in mailboxes and he spends his life saving them and and you told him that you might be interested in bringing one of these babies home and adopting it you of course consult the time before said that right no he no forgot that part forgot that part I know I didn’t I just said that I was in so Tanya We’re driving in the car after the interview and I said Oh I have to tell you about this miracle guy that I met.

Hes Really Amazing And She Was Like Oh

wow that’s really great and I said and I had the kind of. the same feeling that I had you know when we stopped to rate look I’m a guy that wanted one child. I have four I wonder. You really only wanted one one, one and four and so I’m driving with Tanya and I’m like I don’t know I just feel like maybe we should adopt one of these babies and she’s like and she didn’t she just looked at me. She’s like I’m good with that I’m in Wow and I said no no no no I you should talk to me a little bit more about this we should dismiss this idea and she’s like was it just a passing thought or do you feel like it might have come from you know God and I said that’s not concentrate on that Ah, so she’s all in on this she’s all in on this, but I don’t know if.

I Can I Dont Know Five

The guy also spoke through a translator. I like an 1800s farmer or something and nobody has five children. Borbon Hey, You know you know true understand that this this the pastor spoke through a translator so when it was translated back to him his face. By the time lit up and you could tell how now you can’t let him die you can’t let him down now oh yes I can fiza foreigner so out of all this stuff this week and in these kind of people is there something that you got out of it is is there a reason you’re going this direction. What is it inside you that I said on an episode and I don’t think I’ve seen him.

You Guys See Anything On Facebook Or Anybody

seeing saying anything about the dream that I saw a couple of comments but nothing negative Yeah No I mean, but it’s a. It was a significant dream, and in fact it was so significant that I took the day off when I was in New York. It’s the day that I took off up in New York and because I woke up and I had this dream and it deeply deeply bothered me and affected me and and I talked about it on one of the episodes this week and I think what it means is we’ve been threshing we’ve been plowing. We’ve been turning up all the soil and threshing and it’s time stopped it’s time to stop and I think if. We don’t stop voluntarily he’s going to stop us It’s time to stop and it’s time to plant seeds and one of the things that I’ve been saying on the air this week because President Obama, you know gave that speech of the prayer breakfast and was telling us you know who Christians were and everything I stop it.

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Im Just Im Not Listening To Any

of that anymore. I’m tired of hearing who he and anybody else thinks we are I I know who we are We don’t know who we are anymore we’re amazing people. We are we are more than a group of people were more than a country for certainly more than a flag and fireworks. In the star-spangled banner we are an idea where an idea that man can be better than the slime that he crawled out of that man can left to his. devices be good not be an animal and and that’s the idea of America and we’re not we’re not we nobody’s even talking about that anymore, and so if we lose that we become just like everybody else and it’s not like we’re greater or anything else.

We Are The Home Of That Idea

that was the first when I heard Chris, what’s his name Cuomo onNK] This week say your rights don’t come from God. This guy has no clue as to what makes us different that is the fastest road to slavery, saying that your rights don’t come from God you are on the road to slavery Because if man gives you your rights, man can decide I’m going to take those rights away and that was the idea behind America that you are created unique and different and special just as much as your fingerprints are. Are we are all unique and we all have a unique opportunity and we’re not going to have equal outcomes, but we have an equal chance judge me by the content of my character and and I’m tired of hearing people say that we’re not good. I can’t wait until we do this story in in Texas from the home depot are we doing that next week. We are we’re doing it as we speak yes good can I talk about it a little bit sure okay so we found out because of somebody in the makeup room.

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One Of Their Neighbors Is Fighting Cancer

horrible horrible horrible cancer Stage four horrible can’t walk can’t. I mean just is horrible so the husband was going to build a ramp up for his wife. Do you know the story yet man no I’m going to rub illed a ramp goes to. Home depot and he says hey look at his pictures of my house I need to build this ramp Blah Blah the guy Home depot said What do you what are you building it for you said my wife has cancer and she can’t walk. He said Don’t worry about it we’ll take care of it.

That Day.

The volunteers at Home Depot came with the wood with the nails with everything and built the ramp and didn’t charge anything didn’t ask for anything nobody knew they didn’t send out a press release and look what home depot’s doing. We found out about it because it’s a neighbor of one of the people that work in the makeup room that’s who we are that’s who we are and I’m tired of people telling us that we’re not those people we are those people and we have to start showing people. That’s who we are then choose then choose what do you want to be We were talking before we went on the podcast today who we were and who we are that’s all we should be talking about I don’t care about politics anymore. I don’t care about anything who we were how did we get here What’s the history What’s the true history who are the heroes of history I’m reading this great book you should read on Winston Churchill great beautifully written what an amazing guy choose is that who you’re going to be as that’s who I want to be choose who were we and who are we we’re the guy in Detroit that was just walking to work for the last 10 years, Not bitching and complaining not looking for a handout walking to work 21 miles every day are you kidding me now that’s what.

My Parents Would Have Done Thats What My

grandparents would have done that’s what I was raised to do, but nobody does that nobody everybody would say you live off the government. No he went to work every day. We’re so starving for people that just have decency and just decent values. NK] went and and and raised what was it happy nine dollars three hundred fifty thousand dollars. Ford gave him a brand new car he’s not special he’s just doing what we all know is right.

We Started One More Thing Yeah I

just among the neighborhood the things are you with me. It was not in Auschwitz with you. So we met his woman named Pauline remember Milena Yeah well okay one of the Righteous among the Nations and do you remember what she told me because this is going to be critical in the coming months. months and the next probably 24 to 48 months so critical Jumeirah, what she told me about the righteousness of the nation’s She didn’t want to be photographed. She didn’t we only have a recording of her.

She Would Not Allow The Videotape

to be taking she didn’t want to be a star just like it’s not that no but she loud us to record her voice for history. She saved hundreds of children and she was a teenager at the time herself and I said Paulina how do we plant this seed, How do we water the righteousness in people and she said you just have to remember the Righteous among the Nations were not better. They just didn’t go over the cliff with everyone else everybody’s going off the cliff just don’t just don’t and if you don’t and if you don’t think we are there you know. The first thing I thought when I saw that guy to this walk to the work.

How Long Did He Do That 10

years, 10 years 10 years, and no one did anything for this guy like it’s it I mean to me. It shows our own apathy where we think how we do not notice that yeah. It took the banker to to finally see him walking every day in every element going who is this guy who stopped and said but a river a rich man.


Glenn Beck is back from his two-week trip to Texas . Glenn Tiffany, Siegel, Dan and Rows and Glenn Beck discuss the week of programming . They talk about the direction of the show and the direction they’re trying to dial into you know Martin Pistorius amazing you know great story Larry Larry Kudlow amazing.& We had a Korean might have been drunk a Korean pastor in and America will love this when we debut this interview, but he saves Babies with down syndrome because in his country. They’re considered defective and the mothers just dropped them in mailboxes and he spends his life saving them. In his country, the mothers . just dropped . them in . mailboxes. And and you . told him that you might be interested in bringing one of these babies home and adopting it you of course said that right no he no . Beck no. Beck no . He no. He no for said that he no for that. It’s all so new York at my next trip….. Click here to read more and watch the full video