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I’m only teasing it’s it’s Leon Lush and today we’re gonna be talking about UK, though I wanted to talk UK UK nothing to see here Hello everyone its Leon lush and welcome to another video as always I am overwhelmed with the splendor that you would decide to sit with me for a few minutes here. For this video now I want to first off apologize for the intro and Nigel’s decision to make a joke that was in such poor taste. So I decided to go ahead and load him up with a Joby Gorillapod. Just so he’s you know while I’m doing the video and he’s in the background he can’t do any more this Sieg Heil comedy right this Nazi Germany comedy that has become so taboo as of the past six to seven months and the whole issue. with UK, which is the reason I’m making this video today.

I Wanted To Talk A Little Bit About

UK and his most recent upload entitled I guess this needed to be said now for those of you that are a part of the UK community and you follow UK. You’re probably pretty aware of what happened several months ago. I believe it was February when he all the sudden had a target on his back and a lot of mainstream media outlets started writing articles about how UK was a Nazi sympathizer or a NAzi supporter, and he was like this secret bleep Nazi spreading propaganda because of a couple of jokes. He made throughout a few of his different videos and I’m not gonna really call out any in particular mainstream media outlets, but let’s just say there was a couple in one in particular that really seemed. Like they had it out like they had a target on UK back I’m not gonna name who that is you probably already know so he went through a lot of bleep right.

He Lost His Disney Contract.

He had a whole Youtube Red series scrapped because all of a sudden this mainstream media had pay has kind of this bleep this not see this sympathizer. This Internet criminal that has 55 million subscribers and he’s spreading all of this propaganda because of a bleep. You know like a Hitler meme or something that he would put in his videos now for UK fans. This was ridiculous because people know UK they know he’s a good genuine dude.

He Just Likes To Make It

look couple of edgy jokes once in a while, but all of a sudden he was being exposed to this massive audience of Normies were like. Oh my bleep God UK put a UK put up pictures Hitler doing a Sieg Heil in his video he reacted to it. He’s a Nazi. Beauty plays a Nazi no no puny. NK] is not a Nazi he’s he is he’s not a Nazi but with the recent violent bleep take two but with the recent violence in Charlotte’s sometimes I like to just keep in bleep up takes I don’t know why bleep you better not be Sieg Island me but with the recent violence in Charlottesville.

I Think Uk Thought It Was Necessary

to kind of touch on the subject again because you know Nazism in America is kind of in the forefront of the news again and he basically made a video stating that he’s not gonna he’s no longer he’s no longer going to make jokes around you know anti-semitism. Nazism white supremacy blah blah. Blah and there’s been a little bit of a mixed bag of reactions you know people saying Oh he’s censoring himself right. We have this freedom of speech. He should be able to make jokes and then the people are like yeah.

You Know Maybe Thats Me Thats A Good

idea maybe even if you aren’t a Nazi maybe if you you know don’t support the Nazi movement you should you shouldn’t joke about it when you’re on a platform so big because you’re just bringing attention to it, and then there’s a lot of people in between. So I just wanted to do two digits a touch on that dead touch on that and we can watch a couple clips and then we’ll talk about it. This is sort of an update video. I wanted to talk about a couple things but first of all hey remember I remember. That one thing happening in February Yeah That thing where you get dragged through the mud by a bunch of dying mainstream media outlets desperate for some clicks to try and save a shred of relevancy Yeah! We remember that you may have seen all this stuff that’s happening, especially in Charlottesville.

A Bunch Of White Supremacists Got Together And

started doing what the white supremacists do and it sort of gave me a little bit of perspective because technically I got grouped in with these people. Somehow I made a joke about it. I’m like these guys clearly watched one too many pretty pie videos. It it’s a joke on my expense, but it sort of gave me my own perspective of like Jesus Christ I actually got grouped in everything these people. I’m just met I’m just a guy making jokes on the internet now it seems like.

Felix After Seeing The Violence In Charlottesville

and kind of this realization that there are people and you know not a lot. I think it’s we probably think there’s more than there are because of the media coverage that they get but that share this Nazi ideology that this white supremacy. This ethno-state ideology is alive and well in Charlottesville was an example of that and I think for him he was like holy bleep. Maybe you know I think for a lot of people like him and myself a lot of normal people right. The idea of the Nazi ideology still having a pulse in today’s age is so bleep ridiculous so Landis, but it seems okay to joke about right because who actually is this bleep stupid and closed-minded and uneducated and bleep flat-out bleep that you that you’re gonna walk around with a Nazi swastika flag.

Confederate Flag And Try And It Just Its

bleep It’s insane right so I think that was his kind of line of thinking for However, long leading up to this where it’s just like it’s crazy it’s ok to joke about it and then he saw this kind of this demonstration in these people marching with these Nazi swastika flags and I think he was like alright Maybe there’s that there’s actually people that think that think like this this is bleep ridiculous so I don’t want to have anything to do with them. I don’t want to even mistakenly be lumped into the same category as them and I’m gonna stop making Nazi jokes and I think for someone that has 56 million UK subscribers you have a lot of influence you’re basically the most you are the most popular Youtuber on the planet you might have to be. A little more cognizant of how what you do and what you say is going to be perceived right because you see this all the time with popular people celebrities Internet celebrities where intention is so much different than perception and I think UK realizes that and he’s like you know what I don’t Even even if my intention is to make a joke. If my intention is just to make light of the situation clearly. If you know me, you know I’m not a Nazi, but the perception could possibly be that I sympathize with this group or that I’m a part of this group or that I am a bleep Nazi myself, even though that’s completely false.

I Dont Want To Even Risk Being Lumped

into that category. I only have hate for hateful people amen brother it doesn’t really help the case the fact that apparently every. One of them seems to bleep look like me. I thought there was a Photoshop of my face as a parody, but no it’s real that was one of the people and here here’s another one of them, so I thought now would be a good time as any to just say I want nothing to do with these people. It was a little humorous and very coincidental that some of the images of these white supremacists circulating on the internet specifically Twitter some reason look just like UK also shout-out to my boy obviously alien who just made it into a UK video accidentally.

At This Point I Really Just

want to distance myself from all this cuz seeing it as well. I remember back when everything happened in February. I was sort of like I mean they’re just jokes there’s not actual Nazis out there what are you. Are you talking about and then I look at this and I’m like Oh, Oh, okay, I see okay well if for some reason. Nazis think it’s great that I’m making these jokes.

I Dont Want To Give Them

that benefit, so I’m gonna stop doing it. I’m gay. Nazi means they’re not even that funny anymore. It’s sort of a dead meme No a lot of people are complaining that our UK but if you censor yourself, then you’re letting you’re letting the sjw’s win and if you if you censor and you stop being edgy. Then then the mainstream media that dragged your name through the mud.

Now Youre Giving Them The Power

back Ah I don’t know I don’t necessarily see it that way. I think he’s just realizing and as we all are realizing that this this whole you know unease this whole unrest in the United States right now caused by this ideology of an ethnos state or these white supremacists, which again I think is being blown not out of proportion. But I think the media is kind of giving it legs. It’s giving it power. It’s a very small percentage of our country that I think actually feel this way, but it’s in the headlines it’s in the news.

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Its A Hot Topic Right Now So I

think Felix is just like bucket. I don’t want to be taken out of context or accidentally mistaken is somebody who thinks this is cool, so I’m just gonna bleep just gonna hold off. I’m just gonna stop you know making jokes about it because it’s been misconstrued in the past and will. probably happen again and I think for for that decision.

I Mean More Power To You If Thats

that if that’s the route you want to take listen Edgy jokes Ng humor is not going anywhere. It is the cornerstone of Internet culture, but I think as a larger creator like Felix or a lot of other people on the internet it’s important to sometimes logically think through you know what you’re saying how you’re saying it the type of content you’re putting out and how it will be received I guess by people outside of your fan base that know who you are and I’m not saying this should dictate your decision-making. I’m Just saying it’s good to think critically about what you’re doing and how it may affect other people in your audience in those beyond your immediate audience and then decide accordingly, you know you weigh the good with the bad is this particular topic worth talking about is this joke funny and we all love edgy Kurai, but there’s a thin line between edgy funny and edgy tasteless.


Leon Lush apologizes for the joke that was in such poor taste . UK UK has been accused of being a Nazi sympathizer or a NAzi supporter because of a couple of jokes he made throughout a few of his different videos . He lost his Disney contract and had a whole Youtube Red series scrapped because all of a sudden this mainstream media had pay has kind of this bleep this not see this sympathizer.& This Internet criminal that has 55 million subscribers and he’s spreading all of this propaganda. He’s spreading . all of the . propaganda because of . a . bleep Nazi spreading propaganda. I guess this needed to be said now for those of you that are a part of the UK community and you follow UK. UK . Follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates from this week’s iReport. Back to the page you came from.…. Click here to read more and watch the full video