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Have You Ever Picked Up A Movie In

a store glancing at the talent involved only to realize you’ve never even heard of it before perhaps you decided to watch said film only to find yourself perplexed to the point of annoyance. Strange editing choices plagued your UK flat seemingly emotionless performances caused a disconnect with the characters and your attention wandered until you began focusing on Ewan UK curiously hi pant legs that was my experience with stay. A film released in the fall of 2005 starring Ewan UK Naomi Watts and Ryan Gosling. It was directed by Marc Forster, who at the time was mostly known for monsters Ball in Finding Neverland. It was written by David Benioff, who had written the novel and screenplay for 25th Hour and the screenplay for Troy and he since become more recognized as one of the primary creative forces behind Game.

Of Thrones, The Film Only Grossed About Three

million dollars domestically and was tossed out of theaters in a couple weeks with Stay. I found myself watching the film and snippets over the course of a few days because it just wasn’t gripping me. I genuinely didn’t care for it and then it ended and the rug was pulled out from beneath me and without even thinking about it. I instantly began watching the film a second time with a vastly different outlook. Everything had changed and I was convinced I was watching a forgotten gem buried deep within the bargain bins at Best Buy for the past 11 years.

In 2005 Stay Debuted To Crushingly Awful Reviews.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, only 27% of critics. Positively reviewed it with an average rating of four point six out of ten from all those reviews. I’ve seen a phrase drifting around. The film community for many years usually spouted off by someone defending a film they loved against an onslaught of bad reviews.

They Just Didnt Get It Generally.

In most cases, I find that to be a load of crap if you liked a movie cool. If you cool more power to you it simply doesn’t have an effect on me, but in the case of stay as I began reading through these reviews, I actually do feel that many critics back in Oh five Honestly didn’t get it the entire film works you just have to think Thank You Fox hey movies that require people to sit back and think about what they’ve just seen are often unpopular with audiences. Many people would just like to go to the movies to have fun and would rather not leave the theater confuse about what they just watched. This is common.

And Most Film Buffs Have All Had

an experience where they’ve just seen an impactful artistic film and find themselves the only person present defending it from an onslaught of hate. It’s an entirely different beast with film critics. I personally love to be challenged by a film. I can easily become fascinated with a difficult movie and find myself re watching key scenes over and over trying to come up with my own theories but not all critics are like that some critics Don’t appreciate being challenged by a film because this almost insults them words like pretentious get thrown around a lot to describe such films because no one likes to feel dumb, but I don’t find stay pretentious in the least to me. That term is useful to describe films that seem to be talking down to you as if the director and writer are perched on.

Their Ivory Tower Overseeing All The Lowly Commoners

attending their art piece Stay is nothing like that it’s simply a smart and clever film one ballsy enough to risk alienating its audience almost completely upon first viewing to be fair. Not all critics loathed stay one in particular saw something special in the film Roger Ebert gave it three. -and-a-half out of four stars and published a review that actually discussed the filmmaking on display rather than tossing together a few insulting $5 words because that’s just what film critics do right. I think Ebert was very wise here because over the years stay has developed a small but passionate fanbase and I hope. This video sheds some light on the film and encourages more people to seek it out and decades past.

If A Film Opened To Poor Reviews.

It had the ability to gain new life on home video. People saw it and examined it in the 60s when many critics dismissed 2001 a Space Odyssey as here comes that word again pretentious. Ebert was also one of the few who got it right. We know today that it’s a masterpiece of science fiction and a very prophetic film.

Even A Film Like Predator One Of

the best action movies ever made got poor reviews initially and has since become a classic once again. Ebert got it right These films have found their audience today, but there’s something neither of them had to deal with in doing so a majority opinion today. The Internet has given us things like Rotten Tomatoes UK likes retweets, subscribers and followers. We give numbers a great amount of value and in some ways we absolutely should. But today once a film has been assigned a consensus amongst audiences.

It Seems The Film Is Doomed To

forever carry that with it and a movie like stay has been crushed beneath the weight of that for 11 years. When I grew up. I discovered the Sandlot because I rented it from the library. I wanted to see it and so I saw it and I’ve always loved it ever since, but if Rotten Tomatoes had existed back in the 90s. I may have looked it up seen its rating and thought twice about renting it.

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I Think You Get My Point Films

that receive negative reviews receive negative press. Then people begin to feel comfortable hating it and a majority opinion rules does stay deserve the reaction It got let’s examine the film from beginning to end and be warned. This will be spoiler filled so I encourage you to watch the film if you haven’t already then return to. This point in the video, the film opens with a brilliantly staged UK car crash ending on an upwards angle of the Brooklyn Bridge. Henry Letham, played by Gosling, appears to be casually sitting by this disaster, as if he was the cause of it an abrupt cut morphs.

Henrys Face Into Our Main Character.

Sam played by UK. He awakes in bed curiously grasping a wedding ring pay close attention to the paintings behind Sam. They’re important we transition again to Sam on a bicycle heading to work where we meet Lila played by Watts. Sam tells her their neighbors baby kept him up all night our neighbors.

Dont Have A Baby.

She tells him but Sam vanishes from the area before the conversation can get much farther. Upon first viewing. These moments feel awkward and flat and the editing comes off showy and pointless next. Henri meets Sam.

Who First Tells Him That Its

going to hail despite sunny weather before retracting, realizing that his regular therapist isn’t there. This is the first time I began to notice that Gosling was the only actor truly putting in 110% on my first viewing I found myself disappointed in the performance is given byNK] and Watts and continuously drawn to goslings magnetic work having seen the film four times. Now. I know this wasn’t a mistake nor was this UK and Watts sleepwalking through their roles more on this later in this scene, we learned that Henry is majoring in fine art and that he feels deeply guilty about a car accident. The editing here is purposefully unconventional with cuts inter spliced with characters on the same side of the frame.

This Is Rare As Editing And

film is commonly designed to keep the eye moving from side to. to side thus keeping our attention, but this also isn’t a mistake. This is by design Henry leave, saying he wants to get home before the hail starts, and we pan left to salmon Lila talking the filmmakers denying us our traditional cutaway to an establishing shot. This is the first scene that we get a look at Sam’s curiously high pant legs. This wasn’t due to poor costume design it actually reoccurs throughout the entire film.

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Lila Tears Up Her Drawing Of Sam Declaring

it and we are shown that Lila has once attempted suicide also just as Henry predicted Hales next we get a quick insert of a woman in a car, and then a scene where Henry puts out a cigarette on his arm pay close attention to the passengers. On this train the Train doors open and out walks Lila except now she’s in her apartment. She expresses even more doubt about her future as an artist, fearing that no one will remember her. Then Henri meets Sam again inquiring about the wedding ring and the painting in his office in a random moment. He admits he can no longer understand the whither man.

Henry Then Admits To Hearing Voices

and he explains what they’re saying I didn’t move am I not supposed to move on. I can’t watch anymore stay with me, but they’re interrupted by Sam’s friend remember this guy’s face here. We’re reminded again about Henry’s terrible guilt. In fact we learned that he wants to kill himself in three days directly. After this scene, a woman is shown at a mental hospital screaming okay now let go after visiting a friend to inform him that his patient may attempt suicide.

Sam Is Counting Lilas Pills Then

another abrupt cut has Sam jump. from one side of the room to another. After a quick conversation about Henry’s suicidal nature the water from the bathtub begins to reflect on the window before we cut away to the bathtub. Next. We see Henry at an art lecture while he becomes aware that he’s being watched overhead by Sam.

Upon Leaving Sam Is Now Curiously

on the next floor down. Having somehow teleported there they discussed the art pieces around them and then the room is overtaken by twins and triplets. No explanation is given for this and to be honest on my first viewing I didn’t even notice Henry now says the reason he wants to kill himself on Saturday is because it’s his 21st birthday. We also learn here that Henry’s parents have passed away. The scene continues and their conversation plays out over multiple cuts that are actually showing the same angle yet.

The Position Of The Characters Is

shifting. Then they walk past a pillar emerging from the opposite side. They walk past another and Sam has switched sides with Henry. He talks about a girl he wanted to marry named Athena.

He Says He Bought Her A Ring That

looks just like the one. Sam was holding earlier. He says she is gone and then we’re almost instantly in an aquarium where two people say not going to make it. Then we travel through the water back to Sam and Lila and take note of the sound of a baby crying.

This Could Be Mistaken For The Walrus

on first viewing, but it is absolutely a baby. In this scene, we learned that Lila has stopped taking her meds harkening back to Sam earlier counting her pills. She says she can’t paint on Meds and another abrupt cut occurs again. We hear a baby crying in the background before the scene ends.

Lila Calls Sam By The Name

Henry take note of the fact that they’re on the 21st floor. Then we meet Leon Patterson, played by Bob Hoskins, one of Sam’s friends who is blind. They share a chess match, while Leon recounts.


Stay.& was released in the fall of 2005 starring Ewan UK Naomi Watts and Ryan Gosling . It was directed by Marc Forster, who at the time was mostly known for monsters Ball in Finding Neverland . The film only grossed about three million dollars domestically and was tossed out of theaters in a couple weeks with Stay. It was written by David Benioff, who had written the novel and screenplay for 25th Hour and the screenplay for Troy and he since become more recognized as one of the primary creative forces behind Game.& of Thrones, the film was released to crushingly awful reviews. According to Rotten Tomatoes, only 27% of critics. The film had an average rating of four point six out of ten from all those reviews. In most cases, I find that to be a load of crap if you liked a movie cool. If you like a movie you can cool more power to you it simply doesn’t have to cool more than you like it ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video