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Today Remembering Conservative Icon, Rush Limbaugh And Also Joe

Biden thinks that minorities are too stupid to figure out where to get vaccines and I think how to use computers. We’ve got a lot coming up and it starts right now Hey welcome to the news and why it matters. I’m Sara Gonzalez reporting to you live from the Arctic Tundra today joined by Glenn Beck who really needs no introduction. Glenn Beck and Pat Gray from Pacquiao unleashed and I we were just talking off air. We can’t remember the last time you guys were on the show together.

I Know Its Been A While I

was thinking about I was thinking about what they said about Rush. You know how he has worked with people for 30 years and I thought I’ve had that anchor around my neck. Pat and I have worked together since Rush I mean. We’ve had we had a break because we broke up for a while and went our separate ways saw other people and other hosts well. We’re back together right but you know we’ve been together since Rush first started 1989 Yeah and that’s it’s like 32 years Yeah that’s that’s when he started.

I Remember The First Time I Heard

Russia. We were together we were in Baltimore Yeah really yeah and we were talking about I remember This was probably not the first time I heard him, but I remember remember we used to go that place called Mccabe’s in Baltimore Yeah and we were we had heard that there were places that were starting up called rush rooms where people would go into restaurants and the owner would be conservative and you could listen to the show amongst a lot of people and people started to get to. Know each other and conservatives started to get together because of the restrooms and in those days Rush would sometimes show up for events like that if they had a really big one, he would he would go to those things back in the day Yeah well. I was fortunate enough to hear him speak at a turning point event when was it last year, and he was just you know it was incredible. I mean I of course, I’m sure you know you knew him better than either of us, but um I I listened to him all throughout college.

It Was Like.

I’m sure I annoyed the crap out of my roommates. Oh I’m sure because college they might throw you into college jail Yeah yeah so um, But I did not miss a show of Rush Limbaugh and I remember when I was leaving college. I really. I thought about I considered writing him and Sean Hannity notes asking if they needed any interns because I just I was.

I Just Consumed It Non-Stop And I Wanted

more and more and more and I said. I know I said this online but you know I was raised conservative. I was lucky enough to have those values instilled in me. But Rush seemed to you know make people passionate about conservatism in a way that no one did thus far right like he was just a pioneer yeah well he I mean pat and I both started in radio in the 70s so we’ve been doing radio for a very long time. Rush was a failed top 40 kind of guy When we were successful.

He Was Struggling And Then Am Radio

was over and he is the guy who brought it back the guy who really couldn’t. In Top 40 radio , he had said one at one point he was so frustrated because he knew he would be successful. He just didn’t know how or or where and he said he was so frustrated. At one point he lost job after job a job had to move back in with his parents and he took a baseball a bat out and he just started banging things in his backyard because he was he had to get his frustration out and then just by really the luck of somebody who was really a visionary working for AbC news that took part of his salary in satellite time when satellites weren’t used for anybody he happened to hook up with that guy and the rest is history and everybody said he wouldn’t be successful well. I’m glad that he ended up proving them wrong so of course.

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There Was Someone Who Happened To Be Conservative

who passed away, so leftists wasted no time just being complete just human garbage about it but you’re looking at Bette Midler look at the Bette Medler quote she’s human garbage yes I mean you know it’s the same circle of people and you know look at the quotes and I’m sure there were people but look at the quotes from leaders of the Conservative movement when when what’s her name died when Ruth remember what remember what Trump even said yeah and and we actually we have that um let’s listen to then president Trump reacting he was just walking off stage from a rally that he had just remember. This is a guy who says anything right he could say anything let’s see what he said off the top of his head. You’re telling me now for the first time. She led an amazing life What else can you say She was an amazing woman, whether you agreed or not? She was an amazing woman who led an amazing life. Now was there a bigger enemy on the left and did more damage in in the opinion of conservatives than Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Yeah I Mean Probably Not Yeah And

that’s just class total just a total class act right off the top of his head not um yeah, She’s probably burning in hell right now none of that that she was a great person who who did a lot. You don’t have to agree with her. She was right you have to say she was a great person yeah, but she achieved a lot yes she did she did she did and so did so did Rush Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh saved and recreated an entire industry from the people. that sell their wares on talk on on radio on Am radio to people who build the transmitters or fix the transmitters for Am radio. The jobs that he created and saved is is remarkable remarkable do you remember Am stereo.

Oh Yeah Remember How That Was Supposed To

save Am radio because they were trying to get music to work on Am radio and it just didn’t. I mean you get the same crappy static in two in two channels. Yeah so Rush came along and and he really saved Am radio single-handedly Yeah and transform talk radio he is he is the reason the blaze exists if he wouldn’t have blazed the trail. I mean maybe somebody else would have. But if he was Coca-cola and he was the first in and because he was so successful, he allowed people.

I Mean He Said I Read An Article.

out about what he said about me and he was on the today show and he said look at what I spawned and that was the headline trying to make it sound like he was you know spawning devil children and he said I listen to Glenn Beck and I think right on and he’s and he said something it couldn’t be more true. He is a result of my success absolutely true yeah absolutely true yeah and if he wouldn’t blaze that trail we wouldn’t have been able to get in and and do this and on top of it. We wouldn’t have done the blaze. I mean Conservatives have platforms now because he showed us that conservatives could be successful that there was an appetite.

In 1988 89.

I mean Jack Swanson is a good friend of mine KgO in in San Francisco. He passed on him he. said I don’t think this is going to work people Aren’t going to listen to that conservative thing for that long they didn’t have any idea The pent-up desire He showed us that it worked. He is the guy who did a television show that just kept getting regular relegated later and later at night.

But The Guy Who Produced The Show Was

Roger Ailes who went on to do Fox news and let’s not forget not only did he revolutionize radio and was number one in almost every market for 30 some years. He also revolutionized really the Republican party and conservatism. He explained conservatism to people in a way that they could understand it and adjust it and then go and tell their friends about it and that’s huge you can’t understand the impact. If You weren’t politically aware in the 80s. You can’t understand the impact the shock that Rush Limbaugh was you You didn’t hear people say abortion was wrong unless it was in church right.

You Never Heard That You Felt

alone. The news was 30 minutes a day and you and five minutes at the top of the hour. You didn’t talk really about politics you got it from the newspaper or from the from the news and you didn’t hear opinions so you would you’d walk around you’d be like man I just complete it must just be me no no it’s. It’s the same thing that drudge did with Monica Lewinsky.

All Of Them.

News media is saying not true not true not true and then here comes this upstart guy Matt Drudge puts it online and changes everything Rush was more impactful than that which is I guess. Why I saw you know you see in the mainstream media the headlines stating that Rush passed away and I think it was watching maybe it was the New York times who said you know Rush Limbaugh, who turned conservative talk radio into you know attack attack machine died oh my gosh and and well and then you think about the way that they covered what was it soleimani who was an austere scholar you know and the people that they have in the past talked about when they have died Fidel Castro. I mean just all of these people who they speak highly of but Rush Limbaugh turned conservative talk radio into you know an attack machine.

They Had To Say That About

him they had to because what pat just said is true. They never listened to him. He did the show for people who listen to him. You cannot program a show to people who aren’t listening who are just the media matters of the world that’s, but they knew how critical it was to shut him down that’s why they went for the fairness doctrine and he’s the one who stopped the fairness doctrine coming back.

I Think Were In Trouble In Talk Radio

because the king is dead um and but they they needed to shut him down because he was so effective and the only way you couldn’t say listen to him and then we’ll meet here and we can argue the point because he was changing minds so you had to make him into this pariah. I can I would bet my house that I could take five names just out of random of all those bet meddler all those people. I bet my house that they’ve never listened to a full episode.


Glenn Beck and Pat Gray from Pacquiao unleashed from the Arctic Tundra . Pat and Glenn Beck have been together since Rush Limbaugh first started in 1989 . Glenn Beck: “We’ve had we had a break because we broke up for a while and went our separate ways saw other people and other hosts well. We’re back together right but you know we’ve been with Rush since Rush first started 1989.& Pat Gray: “I remember the first time I heard Russia.& I remember remember remember we used to go that place called Mccabe’s in Baltimore. Rush would sometimes show up for events like that if they had a really big one, he would he would go to those things back in the day. He would often speak at a turning point event when was it last year, and he was just you know it was incredible” Sara Gonzalez: “It was incredible. I mean I was fortunate enough to hear him speak at an event last year. He was just a…. Click here to read more and watch the full video