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Hello Welcome To The Trews Comments Special Edition Cristina

Ortiz D Russell. I would love to you more about why being a feminist is so taboo in stereotypes and on sexism. Overall, you can make generalizations eg men and not all men are taller than all women, but most men are taller than most women. However, it is yummy, so there are gemination generalizations. There are distinctions and so there are obviously inherent qualities within the genders, but I suppose as long as they’re not used prejudicially.

I Suppose We Just The Left Of

a sort of open dick. So some people like having a very traditional male identity. Some people like having a very traditional female. I don’t name them the rest of us hover about or androgynous Nambiar that’s somewhere between look at me. I don’t know what and boy girl creature drinking my green fluids Ricky murder.

Russell I Love The Truth.

I think getting special guest on really helps fuel the message and I especially enjoyed having Max Keiser on I wonder life having a female guest or maybe beneficial by other to remove the kind of sense that politics and male dominated as well as having to represent the continued requirement for equality in many aspects of life. Thanks Ricky you’re right we have a had a female cast as sexism. I’m doing sexism right now Who could we have on any woman a woman Nicola. We can accuse the sexism me so never have any women on at Rose you’re a woman please right you’ve got a man if I make a commander Mr.

Uk Oh No Thats Even More

sex ring that we were trying to address but mothers have 74 comment says what a Jackass what do you know how much do. You know about this conflict? Misters know-it-all Russell Most of the things you’ve said a pure blumin well. The only true thing you said was that Fox News hosts are hot if watching the damn awful news better looking at those faces than a blumin face like yours very hurtful that you’ve said that Bozo 74. What do you think why that’d be so horrible to me. I’m a person like you I’m trying my best Jimmy little Russell Ishmael amid humanity is now faced with a stark choice evolve or die.

If The Structures Of The Human

mind remain unchanged, we will always end up recreating the same world the same evils The same dysfunction Eckhart Tolle a new earth awakening to your life’s purpose surprised you didn’t mention that Russell well I haven’t no no Nicola don’t good point where you going hold on. The moment never come in? I would love for you to take on the Chemtrail conspiracy or Geoengineering hehehe next round that’s from V alright I’ll look into it. Tom Sam click I have a burning question what facial daycare cream do you use Russell Brand just spit the tough that I squeeze a ring a dove out and there’s a smoke sighs last Jimmy little who are the truly powerful back again it’s the well there’s certain members of government aren’t they and then these people that are high up in transnational corporations. Then there’s people like at those I don’t know well true trade organizations the people to soar set up the rules and benefit from the rules by which our system is run. They’re they’re powerful.

I Would Say Jimmy Unless Youve Got Some

other insights which I’d be interested in hearing Wait who nineteen I’m worried. about Rosso He seems to press somewhat and as a human I don’t like to see that I’m alright Don’t worry about me I’m in the form of me life Havin a nice time. Sometimes I get a bit down am only human. Someone said some of the comments that drags me down but mostly I’m alright so don’t worry thank you very much though Orpheus Kingston the only true fathers you speak in that whole video problem guessing this the one right Israel, despite my bad judgment. I watch the whole thing is that you do this for popularity whether you meet you still do all those ups you you will not matter to anyone as soon as someone more sarcastic and cheeky of the new comes along that is your legacy in this the bed you made so in Joy’s sleeping in it peace peace after that you’ve.

Got Some Nerve Orpheus King Stone Duct-Tape Heart

I like that is still optimistic about the future. It shows an innocence that’s very endearing, but aren’t you feeling people were forced Oh stop trying to ruin me innocence. It’s obvious to me at least that this planet has had enough and the era of the Homo sapiens is coming to an end. I mean we should still recycle about drink containers and keep flossing, but you’ve got to know by now that the Hammers coming down. Don’t you with the powers that be so firmly entrenched combined with the gullibility of at least half the people there’s no way things are going to change for the bear.

Isnt Giving Us Blumin Exhaustion.

Don’t worry Doc everyone’s gonna be fine the revolution is coming it already exists the possibility for it exists latent in seed form. It will soon. Flower the conditions are perfect for evolution. Don’t worry about nothing because the Sheep said So Russell I love to choose them on everything else on the Internet good even the porn.

I Think That You Should Maybe Consider Stopping

swearing in your videos not because it bothers me it really doesn’t but so they can use them in schools. I’d love it if they could play The Trews in my lessons. Maybe that’s how you could possibly change I’m making the education system just before what do you think Nicholas a few tax heavily very rich then the poor suffer more they’re just cut jobs or salaries. The system is broken and there are no solutions to fix it. Hey stop being so cheerless and on knowingness things are going to be absolutely fine and it’s going to be in some part due to a more sensible central distribution.

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Of Resources Thomas Crabtree Net Migration Means

half a million people in the UK. Every year. We only build to a full 2,000 houses per year, so it’s not rocket science to work out while they have a housing crisis. Russell is lying when he says immigrants have no effect on housing the super-rich Don’t buy lower middle class housing tax mum actually want one fix house prices until no no no no no this now see here my man.

The Whole System That Youre So

like they’re the parameters of this system are elastic with the movie around. However, we choose from free market economy. The rules of that and we can manipulate that maneuver that trade greet you know national trade agreements can be changed. It’s not like oh well everything’s go exactly like this except for housing there’s some malleability there build more houses you know like.

The My Point Is This If You Focus

on people with no power like madam this measure me got ever all of the immigrants right right was sick UK lot get them all in the room now change something they can’t do anything. Calyx has nobody power. However, if you were able to get all the super-rich into a room and go right you lock change something they could change something because we could take their resources redistribute their resources people without power can’t do anything Don’t be don’t waste your time think about immigration Don’t waste your time thinking about it it’s an illusion. It’s a waste of time it’s a waste of your consciousness thank you for watching the truth.

Nicola Did You Enjoy Doing The

truth picture you’re very good yes you’re good and where is Ava is and broadcast you are gonna look great miss good. In that’s the best bit so this was the Stuart Little special from Jimmy Little Nicola sure that and me Russell thank you for watching the truth nose is a tool that is abused Polio. I want some trolls, let’s have some trolls.


Cristina Ortiz D Russell discusses why being a feminist is so taboo in stereotypes and on sexism . She says some people like having a very traditional male identity. Others like androgynous Nambiar that’s somewhere between look at me. The only true thing you said was that Fox News hosts are hot if watching the damn awful news better looking at those faces than a blumin face like yours. The Trews comments special edition of the Trew’s comments. The comments are open to the generalizations of men and not all men are taller than all women, but most men are shorter than most women. Ricky murder. Cristina D Russell: “I’m doing sexism right now. I suppose we just the left of a sort of open dick. The truth. I love the truth. We can accuse the sexism me” The comments come from the comments section. We are open for discussion. We need to be open for debate. We want to talk about sexism. We don’t want it to…. Click here to read more and watch the full video