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I Want To Bring In Jason Buttrell, Who

is with us now Hi, Jason hi, Glenn , You and I have been talking about this for a long time. We have spent a year on Ukraine and this takes both of us by surprise. I have to hand it to the intelligence community. Although I don’t feel comfortable something’s not right here but the intelligence community and the biden administration said this is what he was going to do and he’s done it yeah. I agree I it’s really crazy because when you study geopolitics you learn to to analyze and look at these things from that from that lens .

Youre Taught That You Know Geopolitics Is A

study of maps. It’s demographics numbers it’s um. You know it’s interests hardline interests and when someone starts acting you know emotionally like putin has been doing over the past. Really year plus you learn to kind of put that away and say okay well. He’s obviously after something else, which I still think there’s something else you know involved just like you said so when the bite administration was kind of saying, you know now This is happening full scale invasion all that I didn’t believe it was happening.

I Didnt I Was Looking For Something

behind what was going on and because this all seemed so irrational, but I think the intelligence community was spot on um. I’ve seen reports that it actually you know the intelligent community coming out and saying that false flag attacks would happen that would be the preamp to them doing a full-on invasion. I wasn’t buying it. They were exactly right and the reports say that it actually delayed putin’s invasion by possibly even a week like they wanted. Do this last week and not this week so the intelligence community and by administration were exactly right on this .

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Now Theres Ways To Criticize Other Things

which we can get to later of what they’ve done, but um just just a quick recap . The media started reporting last night that that the invasion was going to commence around 4 00. A. m Kiev time and pretty much that was spot on it happened around 4 10 4 15 heave time and it’s very very conventional from what i’ve been noticing I’ve been following this all night. This is not like crimea in 2014 with unconventional warfare.

This Is A Very Conventional Invasion

what we saw commencing around fourier and key time was air strikes to target command and control systems that went as far as keys, and it’s a three-pronged attack coming from Belarus. From Crimea in the south and coming from mainland Russia in the east. Now we do not know how far they plan to push this, but it is a conventional invasion. It looks as if they will probably go further than just eastern Ukraine. Question now is how far they will go and how far tensions will rise especially with Nato gathering troops all along the border of Ukraine okay so let’s let’s it looks as though he um was using conventional warfare to cut off the troops as they were kind of gathered at the borders of of the the two districts that President Putin said he was going to take they went behind those lines and kind of cut them off so they can’t fall back to to defend Keeve correct yes that’s correct because they know that Ukraine’s strategy here is they know they’re going to.

Get Overwhelmed So Their Strategy Is Theyre

mainline forces in the east guarding those two territories as you said their strategy is to do a tactical retreat back into the urban areas within Ukraine. Then it turns into both a hybrid guerrilla warfare and heavy urban warfare in the large Ukrainian cities that is very very bloody that is very very dangerous for the Russian military as well as civilians which Russians Russia does not want to kill too many Ukrainian civilians because that is going to be very very unpopular in mainland Russia, but Ukraine’s strategy here as I said is to get into the cities and turn this into an urban conflict and draw it out for as long as possible. Russia wants to stop that and that explains why they dropped him behind the troops there can they take the whole country just by air and cutting. It all off They absolutely can take the whole country in the short term. It depends on how effective their error assets are and that’s what we’re seeing right now we’re seeing the bomb from from the air.

Were Seeing Cruise Missile Strikes So Cutting

off command and control all over the country and crippling Ukraine. So they can eventually roll into the capital that will happen is my guess unless some somebody else intervenes which I kind of highly doubt but the a short-term victory is really all Russia can hope for here and that’s another puzzling thing because I can’t imagine they think they win in the long term. In the long term it’s going to be too damaging financially and politically for Russia. So it’s catastrophic in the short term. In the long term.

I Dont See How They Win This

unless there’s some other. strategy that we just don’t know about which could even be scarier actually yeah! I think so I think so too. We have some some puzzling things first of all. Putin said he wants to de-nazify Ukraine do you have any idea what that’s about same rhetoric he’s been using since 2014. It’s and that’s directed more at the people of Russia not anybody else in the world or Ukraine um, but he’s you’ve been using that World War Ii.

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You Know Sentiment To Get Public Support

to do what he’s now doing um, but that’s going to continue and no doubt he’s going to provide some air quote evidence you know that they’re taking out some Nazi, but he’s drawing on World War Ii nationalism. He he said that there has been an ongoing genocide in Ukraine that he’s trying to stop I mean Luke. This is crazy then. That’s what makes it so hard to to for me when I was looking at this before to really think that he was going to go through with this because usually Putin is not a crazy guy. I mean maybe now but he’s but in the past he’s not been he’s been very cold calculating geopolitics and interest was always forefront in his mind.

A Hes Not A Hes Not A

psychopath. I mean well he might be right but he he doesn’t um. He’s not somebody driven by rage. He is cold and calculating and when he i mean he’s out and out evil. He is a bloodthirsty killer who has spent a lifetime killing people, but he’s logical in it.

Hes Very Calculated In It And

the rhetoric. I mean I think the the Nazi stuff the religious stuff that’s all that’s that’s dugan kind of. language yeah and and that and that’s a very very powerful weapon for Russians because they’re they’re very much willing to to suffer and to you know to to basically take it you know on the Chin if they have to if that means that their country you know will eventually reign supreme it’s it’s interesting if you go and take a if you take a tour of the Kremlin and red square in Russia, which I’ve done a couple of times. you’ll be very surprised to see that the Soviet you know the former Soviet Union the capital in the red square. It’s probably like 80 percent churches.

Theres Multiple Churches .

They weren’t religious during the Soviet Union, but historically, during the Russian Empire they were very religious Orthodoxy. Is very very pivotal to Russian nationalism and even the Soviets would turn that up when they needed to , But that’s exactly what putin has done In the vein of Alexander Dugan, especially in that speech that he gave you know last week that was very very telling to a lot of us that have been looking at this people like you and me Glenn um that okay now we know exactly what he’s doing. He’s turning up that dial of nationalism to justify doing you know what he’s doing and possibly even more which is scary would you would you agree with me and i’d like you to explore this a bit . There is no real obvious win for putin his stock market has.

Crashed This Is Going To Be Horrible They

are in the oil business. They just made a deal with China, but that’s years down the road. They’re going to shut down all of the oil exports into any western country. Because of this so his oil is going to crash which funds his government and his country the stock market is down. Business is going to be cut off um it’s already a shambles in Russia.

What Does He Have To Gain Here

Can you think of anything that he has to gain I’ve always thought from the beginning of this. I especially when I thought didn’t think that invasion was happening. I thought that what he was really doing was playing a game to divide and conquer Nato that’s what I thought and I still think that’s a major part of his plan taking Ukraine is also very very. important strategically for Russia to get strategic depth It’s always been their plan was to you know have some buffer so the warm water, the capital of Moscow Yeah, but also the warm water port exactly yeah When he’s when he’s talking about the you know you know heart of Russia that’s true but I don’t really think that really guides him. I think that’s just the excuse.

He Uses Correct To You Know To Get

support from home, but but I think it’s very irritating. I think that you know we’re talking about it’s not a physical path. Pinkie is very spiteful. .

I Think That The Russian Election Interference Which

I don’t think did anything. I don’t want to say that it did but but their election interference. I think was a direct response to Hillary Clinton and what they did to his election. I think.

That What A Lot Of What Were

doing now? I think was a direct response to how the Obama administration and all his foreign policy elite handled 2014 Ukrainian revolution. I think he responds to these people you know directly in kind that’s also a reason why he was willing. I think to back off of this when trump was there because he knew that that was not how they operated and they weren’t the ones directly responsible for what happened. and I also think that it’s ridiculous that Nato wouldn’t respond I wouldn’t say hey look we’re not going to admit Ukraine into into Nato.

Why Couldnt They Say That Nato Was Irrelevant

and the irony of this is now that putin responding to that is making Nato relevant again so I think that eventually his goal is to play the long game. Eventually there’s. going to be Nato countries like Germany is not going to want to attack They’re not going to want to send troops no that’s going to cause a divide in Nato that’s going to because the divide between the Uk and France they’re not going to want to attack either and eventually this will play out to where Nato.


Glenn says the intelligence community and the biden administration were exactly right on this . Jason Buttrell: Geopolitics is a study of maps, demographics numbers and when someone starts acting emotionally like putin has been doing over the past.& He’s obviously after something else, which I still think there’s something else you know involved just like you said . Glenn says he’s surprised by the timing of the invasion of Ukraine . Buttrell says it’s crazy because when you study geopolitics you learn to to analyze and look at these things from that from that lens . He says he was looking for something behind what was going on and because this all seemed so irrational, but he thinks intelligence community was spot on. He says the administration was right on what he was going to do and he’s done it. The media started reporting last night that that the invasion was to commence around 4 00.& A&m that it actually delayed putin’s invasion by possibly even a week like they wanted…. Click here to read more and watch the full video