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a million subscribers now and we’ll do the throughs where we want to Barack. Obama has said that the media exaggerated the threat of terrorism and ignore climate change. He’s right about that but is there anything you could do I mean what’s his job. In an interview with Vox. com Monday President, Obama agreed that the media has overhyped the threat from terrorism while downplaying the risk of climate change.

Its Difficult To Argue With That

fact when 26 Americans have been killed in jihadi attacks in the U.s. in the last ten years and five million people a year. Darah estimate died as the result of climate change so that’s 26 jihadi deaths and five million climate change deaths, but those climate change deaths do happen in poor countries so they’re not important a new study published yesterday finds climate change. exacerbated the worst drought ever in modern Syria, aggravating social unrest in the country and helping to push it over the brink into civil war so that’s an important point.

I Suppose This Is Where We Have To

engage our own personal humanity. Right I can’t get food anymore all right fuel. I believe another person would have a bit hungry. I’ve become irritated. She look whole country of irritated people with no access to food and then a group comes along and goes We’ve got some ideas that a bit wacky and extreme and involve brutality, but your hunger anew yeah bloody hungry if you spoke to me a couple weeks ago.

When I Could Grow Corn I

might not be so willing to join this jihad, but now I’m interested is there anything else. I’ll consider what’s that explosion in the distance what these oil pipes be imported. In my former farm they are actually connected to the anger and hunger you’re feeling where our side don’t even need societies ago Climate change led to crop failures, sending 1. 5 million people migrating from farms to cities. Climate change pushed up food prices aggravated poverty and helped hasten the revolt against Syrian President Bashar Al-assad so I can feel that is like so part of you already there’s not only hardly that people there’s no reason for people to do anything brutal ever but there are reasons even me I don’t want an explanation for why people are violent.

Ive Come To Think Dont Be Violent But

these events occur because of conditions so if climate change is causing five million deaths and terrorism is caused in 26 deaths. Why is climate change largely being ignored and terrorism being vehemently promoted. According to Monday’s report the Syrian drought worsened. Climate change was a key contributor in the ensuing four years of conflict conflict that has led to at least 210 thousand deaths and forced more than 10 million people from their homes. That is the perfect conditions you’re describing there for terrorism for mayhem now what is causing climate change well.

The Countries That Produce The Most Carbon

are the UK Russia Germany China and the UK. So we are contributing now? What is it that causes these carbon emissions it’s capitalism is what causes it companies like Exxon that last year made forty-four point nine billion make that money as a direct result of two hundred and ten thousand people being killed and ten million people being displaced in Syria because their social conditions are being destroyed because of climate change. The story we are told though is one of terrorism not sorry of climate change why. Because Exxon make a lot of money from climate change and they need terrorism to distract you from that the report’s authors conclude quote human influences on the climate system are implicated and furthermore, a drought of the severity and duration of the recent Syrian drought has become more than twice as likely as a consequence of human interference. So Brock Obama knows that the real problem is climate change and that’s having a greater impact than terrorism.

Why Not Change The Law Then

because companies like Chevron, Exxon, Mobil UK and She’ll fund the American Legislative Exchange Council Alec Hey Alex here what’s that like gonna do Oh like he sounds like a nice guy, what’s he gonna do well. He’s gonna prevent us from ever curbing carbon emissions that might affect their profit Are there any side effects to that Oh yeah it’s gonna cause loads more terrorism. And ultimately the destruction of the planet that’s how legislation happens vote If you want oh, Yeah, you heard that right the president, according to his spokesman, believes drastic changes to the environment pose a bigger threat in the daily lives of Americans than terrorism, but he’s a hundred percent right about that but it’s very difficult to convey that message because the media makes money from climate change. For example, Fox News that’s giving you this bit of information is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who’s got a stake in Genie Energy that makes money directly from interests in the Middle East in Syria I think actually so it’s extremely direct related here. So the media is invested in corporations loosely because it is itself a corporation and directly because of affiliations with energy companies.

Its One Self–Preserving System.

Politicians like Barack Obama in spite of his personal feelings can’t. Because the people that vote on the policies are bribed by the energy companies and other big businesses, Their votes are controlled by big business. So the truth that terrorism is a problem created by climate change and not as bad a problem as the climate change itself that truth is never revealed because the politicians have been bribed and the media makes money from that situation and those remarks. Coming the same day.

We Learned Of The Death Of Kayla

Mueller. The fourth American to die in the hands of Isis since last summer Harris. How many Americans have died from climate change well I can’t give you an exact number. I can’t give you an exact number I’m on the news right now ask me about my Goddamn dress well is a hundred and fifty thousand Americans will die by the end of this century if climate change. continues at this rate and this is Americans that live in cities not Americans in farmyards that we don’t particularly care about ones that wear ties to lurk and are probably white are going to dies or a lot of climate change still answer your question Also, though it is a bloody nice dress.

You Should Know The Same Facetious Point That

I have have bread made and that’s that climate change cannot dress up cross continent borders look like a neighbor planned plot sit in the cut and then blow something off if it’s worth it away. This is one those times where Fox News‘s accidentally made the pertinent point because climate change doesn’t provoke the same visceral reactions because it’s a morphus and difficult to understand because it’s global the story isn’t being told We can all understand. Don’t try to tell me that there’s a much bigger. problem that hasn’t got a slogan because I think about that that’s why when our species first began to flourish. We had religious and ritualistic practices that directly connected us to the land.

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We Worship The Antelope Because We

eat the antelope. It’s a little God we worship fields of wheat because we eat fields of wheat. Now we worship ridiculous, bloody celebrities and we’ve forgotten what’s real that’s the most important thing the science is off. We just had a snowstorm. Two weeks ago in New York they told us New York City was gonna get blown out.

We Had To Give Up Our Freedom And

sit in our house No cars on the road guess what the models were wrong quite right. They were wrong about it snowing. That is a much more serious problem that you had to see Drive giddily and pointlessly around in your car. There’s Kayla Mueller‘s family and you hear the president say the climate change is more dangerous than terrorism. You would vomit all over the White House if that’s it you take it literally we’re on Fox News no I think this is all about that the president wants to make corporations the enemy that’s much easier yeah.

Its Pretty Easy To Make Corporations The Enemy

where they dominate and control the planet regardless of what’s in government or who’s in government poor Barack Obama He’s got Nick Clegg syndrome just sat in an office. So I figured Oh bloody Oh that’s nothing I could do. He’s so much more comfortable fighting back against the 1% against companies who are changing the environment rather than against Isis. It’s Isis who were created by those corporations that will always be Isis as long as you have those corporations I don’t want to. apologize for Barack Obama either I mean he’s nominally the president of United States unless our political systems are absolutely meaningless.

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This Guy Should Be Able To

do something and what he could do I mean We’ve spent a bit of time thinking about it withdraw troops from the Middle East, particularly if they’re there only to enforce the corporate interests of major companies like Exxon or some of the many UK companies that sell two hundred billion dollars worth of arms every year, including Lockheed Martin and Northrop Gruman. I can’t even pronounce that properly, but that’s because they don’t exist in my real world. I’m like I am at least like a picture that make it legal to profit from Middle East Middle Eastern interests so that our only involvement is humanitarian no one there can make any money from resources. No one you’re why you here not. To make money? I’m here to help are you making money mainly money? Maybe money right? Can we trust you obviously not invest in green energy use or take all of the profit for mixin all for we for four point nine billion.

Given That Thats Not Thats Exxons

money right after they’ve paid everyone’s wages had their windows clean printed their business class cards water plants. If they’ve got plants in their office. Maybe they don’t have to be sort of ironic and sarcastic of them to have it it’s like every single penny and use it to set up green energies because the story we’re not telling is the planet is what we live on we’re connected to that if we ever have to ditch capitalism and save the planet or ditch the planet and save capitalism. Our leaders have chosen the latter here’s some more policies President. Obama might want to consider if you is actually interested in changing the planet make it illegal to have media conglomerates that dominate the global narrative break them up.

Dont Have One Person Controlling 80% Of

bloody America media output or a few people controlling it and make it illegal for people that have interesting media to also have interests in bloody fossil fuels. Unless these systemic changes are made. We can’t save the planet and if the President of United States can’t make a difference if the present United States has to sit impotently in a chair going oh exaggerating terrorism which we cause and we ignoring climate change which we cause because we the people that are supposed to empower that were voted for by the people actually can’t do anything because we control my big business. Then the whole thing’s a sham and we need a revolution. True news subscribe here!


Obama said the media has overhyped the threat from terrorism while downplaying the risk of climate change . Climate change has exacerbated the worst drought ever in modern Syria, aggravating social unrest in the country and helping to push it over the brink into civil war . Obama said that the media exaggerated the threat of terrorism and ignored climate change in an interview with Monday President, President, said that climate change deaths do happen in poor countries so they’re not important a new study published yesterday finds climate found climate. contributed to drought in Syria, aggravated social unrest and . pushed it over . the brink of civil war so that’s an important point. Obama said he’s right about that but is there anything you could do I mean what’s his job. He’s right. He was right about it. He said that he’s also right about what’s he could do to help. It’s difficult to argue with that fact when 26 Americans have been killed in jihadi…. Click here to read more and watch the full video