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Are There Everyone A New Poll Shows That Only

44% of Italians want to remain in the European Union that is what we’ll be talking about on today’s video before we do let me encourage you if you have not already done so to smack that Bell and subscribe button and help us along our way to 100,000 subscribers. It will be a privilege to have you as one of those subscribers and please consider supporting our ongoing work by clicking on the Patreon link or UK link below as a patreon subscriber. In particular, you get even more video and podcast content that you can only get on Patreon so give the link a click and see what’s in store for you. So are we looking at an italics–it in the not so distant future. We certainly certainly may be at the latest poll from the Euro barometer as any accurate it has any accuracy to it.

According To The Poll, Only 44%

of Italians would vote to remain in the UK of given a referendum now. At this point, the your barometer poll found that only about 24 25% of a times would vote to definitely leave right now. While around 30% of Italians haven’t quite made up their minds on the issue yet, but there’s no question that such numbers are clearly a dismal indicator for the future of UK membership on the part of Italy On average average interestingly enough member nations tend to have a rather high view of European Union membership around the 60% mark of the populations of those nations polled said that they favored remaining in the UK. You need to keep in mind too that this is bolstered by. Central and Eastern Europe, whose nationalists Pacquiao‘s governments are not Euroskeptic There’s not a single so-called Far-right party in Eastern Europe calling for a brexit style referendum and this of course because of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the whole notion that national sovereignty for nations formerly behind the Iron Curtain was associated with deliberate alliances with the West and particularly with Brussels Alliances with Western Europe and Western European institutions meant freedom from Soviet rules.

Whole Political Process From The Early 90S Onwards

was to get out from under the shadow of communism and that meant turning to the west and to the UK So Euro. Skepticism is primarily a Western phenomenon and of course the league once the Northern League, which is part of the governing coalition in Italy. Together with the populace five-star movement they have called for at least in the past in Natal. Prime Minister Matteo Savini has he’s more or less play down the issue as part of his becoming involved with this governing coalition, but nonetheless, Salvini did react in a very positive way towards the news of this new poll. He said in the fact that the upcoming elections for the European Parliament in May of next year.

There Gonna Be A Referendum On The Uk

and that he really sees a European Spring of freedom. Those are his words welling up around those upcoming elections. Very very exciting stuff now of course the possibility of an italics. It is coming on the heels of comments. French president Manuel Macro made some months back where he did admit that if a red fur Endon were allowed the majority the French public would vote to leave the European Union.

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He Recognized That Globalization Is Not For Everybody.

He noted that the kind of economy that globalization fabricates simply does not benefit everyone and this is because as we’ve talked about a number of videos globalization involves a global division of labor that relocates manufacturing jobs to the global South while finance and ownership of capital coalesces around bankers and corporate executives in the West. As a result, The last few decades have been conceived been characterized by a mass exodus of industrial manufacturing jobs from the United States and Western Europe into these so-called third world or global South nations. Mexico China and like the United States alone has lost some 60,000 factories in the last 15 years and this is one of the major factors is-that’s contributed to the popularity of economic nationalism and populism that’s helped propel President Trump to victory Matt Crawl alluded to this he noted that in answering he was. Being asked a question about what he thought a brexit? He said that is interpretation is that there are a lot of losers in globalization, and they suddenly decided that the Eurozone is not for them.

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They Had It And They Wanted

to restore some democratic integrity to their nation, so as to take more control over their own laws and affairs and then when pushed as to whether France if if were to have a similar referendum like the brexit would it pass Mackeral emitted yes it most certainly probably would pass now. Macros. Assertions have been backed up with some research from Edinburgh University that showed that 53% of French would at least like to hold their own vote on UK membership and we’re seeing similar numbers by the way in Spain, Germany and Sweden, where more people are in favor of holding a referendum than those who were opposed to such an idea now in the process. This research did find that the referendum to leave the UK would pass in France even though other polls suggest that those who voted in favor staying would prevail so the polling sort of up and down and reflects the uncertainty and instability that characterized the polling leading up to Braixen that had those in favor of staying polling better than those who wanted to leave. But we all know what the outcome of that was.

Regardless Of The Pollsters, There Is A

general sentiment. that more and more nations are ready to exit the eurozone? Even the Prince of secular globalism. George Soros has admitted of late that bracket has basically opened the floodgates for other anti-European forces to ascend to the foreground of national politics, and he actually predicted that France and the Netherlands would be the next nations to leave a disintegrating Union I think if I recall the comments were made months back prior to the rise of the league in Italy. Now one of the reasons a frecks atour Natal exit’ would be so significant in the collapse that you use that Italy and France, along with Germany are in many respects the foundational nation for the UK they were two of the handful of Nations began the cooperative experiment the 1950s that eventually became the European Union so many respects of one of the foundation or two of. The foundational planks or cornerstones well we’re removed from the Union like France or Italy that would not only be a mass economic blow the stability the Eurozone, but also tremendous blow to the morale of the Union losing one of its founding member states.

Now Its Important To Bear In

mind. Here is that I think both Salvini and Macro are recognized. Salvini is of course supporting it will not crawl resist it, but they’re both recognizing that the world is moving away from geopolitical structures such as the UK and the European Court of Justice and International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization. All these other transnational institutions that are in many respects a de facto one-world government and the reason for this is we’ve talked about a number of occasions in our other videos. The Reason for this is that these structures were built on the sands of modernity as were now scholars generally see modernity is the rationale and scientific control over demographic again.

Economic Political Social Processes.

Modernity basically sees itself as a one-size-fits-all political and economic system that governs social processes completely irrespective of individual specific societies cultures traditions religions that are the modern scheme of things. These things are responsible for wars and political instabilities. Modernity was the foundation for such things as the belief in liberal democracies. The one true political system by which all nations are judged same with free markets human rights UK rights women’s reproductive rights environmental regulations and protocols and the life.

What Salvini Enact Crawl Recognizing Is

something that a numbers scholars have observed for some time. Now modernity as a philosophical commitment has basically died among Western populations instead, the modern world has become. a plurality of cultural commitments and lifestyles with no consensus as to the veracity of any one culture over the other and as such. The fundamental tenets of modernity right which is a universality of scientific rationale is the sole objective way of knowing the world that fundamental tenant has in fact collapsed in the hearts and minds of most Westerners, and instead, it’s increasingly asserted that the scientific narrative the secular claim to absolute and universal truth really is nothing more than a mere cultural construct itself. It’s just one of innumerable equally valid life worlds and cultural commitments and what does rejection of the root of modernity is doing is it’s making the fruits of modernity, such as globalization, harder and harder to sustain.

This Is Why The Uk Appears To Be

cracking up all over the place. Indeed, the whole world is experiencing a global balkanization, a mass breakup where populations are being more and more reconstitute around Nationals, populous and religious identities, and of course this is all going on as the West continues to export more and more globalism which in turn is only intensifying. Medina’s rejection and it’s nationalist populist and traditionalist blowbacks going on throughout the world. So I do think that this year barometer poll was very revealing as well as Matteo Sabine ease confidence in a European spring of freedom surrounding the upcoming European parliamentary elections.

Both Of Which I Think See

that the future belongs to nationalists. Popular sentiments that are quite literally even now beginning to change the world as always please like comment and subscribe click on our patreon link below become a monthly supporter of this channel and help us to continue analyze current events in light. of Awesome conservative trends so that you can personally and professionally flourish.


A new poll shows that only 44% of Italians want to remain in the European Union . The numbers are clearly a dismal indicator for the future of UK membership on the part of Italy . Central and Eastern Europe, whose nationalists Pacquiao’s governments are not Euroskeptic. There’s not a single so-called Far-right party in Eastern Europe calling for a brexit style referendum and this of course because of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the whole notion that national sovereignty for nations formerly behind the Iron Curtain was associated with deliberate alliances with the West and particularly with Brussels Alliances with Western Europ. We’re looking at an italics–it in the not so distant future. Please consider supporting our ongoing work by clicking on the ┬ápatreon link or UK link below as a patreon subscriber to our video and podcast content as a member of our patreon subscribers. You get even more video and Podcast content that you can only get on ┬áPatreon ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video