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Could The President Possibly Consider Working Something Out

with Iran look? The President has said that all options are on the table Putin’s war has brought evil into the homes of every American. Do you believe the Russians are targeting civilians definitely partly thanks to social media we’re seeing firsthand the horror happening to the people in Ukraine, but the solutions proposed thus far sanctioning Russian oil companies oil and gas exports oil is going to be key. Here are a trap for the us for our economy for the world’s free market for you thanks to 21st-century fascists trying to destroy our nation from within plans to end, Vladimir Putin are putting us dangerously close to killing ourselves in the present process executive order that halts new oil and natural gas leases on public plants so while chaos continues in eastern Europe tonight watch the other hand best. Thing we can do is reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil because that will help us have a reliable source of energy so that we’re not worried about gas prices going up because of the whims of a foreign dictator. I’ll show you why American oil is the clear answer to this madness that team biden is so desperately trying to hide tonight.

Its A Russian Drop The American Cost

of helping Ukraine, Hello America and welcome to the program. It is a trap. I’ll show you tonight what kind of trap it is. You know there’s lots of things that kind of concern me about the direction. We’re headed um let me just well let me let me start with this question are we better off today than we were.

In 2008 Do You Think You Know What

the country is so much stronger than when. it when we hit that tarp thing you know we had Barack Obama in office George Bush had just left office right before the banking sector went down. Oh, We are so much stronger today than we were. Does anyone believe that if you do bro move on you’re fine you live in your little play world um let me give you some stats about where we are majority of Americans Now majority of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck Yay we’re number one one in five workers earning a hundred thousand dollars per year are living paycheck to paycheck yeah, but do you remember 100 000 was real money. The average gas price has set a new record 410 oh that was so 26 hours ago.

No No Its Almost 4 20.

Now 80 percent of all U. s dollars were printed in the last 24 months wait a minute. What hold it? 80 percent of all U. s dollars have been printed in the last 24 months and this is the official number.

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Theyre Giving You From Four Trillion Dollars To

20 trillion dollars. I didn’t know we had printing presses that big or forest just for the paper, 20 trillion dollars. In the last two years 16 of it were printed in the last two years. Wow that’s interesting I remember when I first started looking at the money supply. It was about 2006 and there was just about a trillion dollars.

Its A Little Bit More Than That Now

isn’t it us national debt is now over 30 trillion dollars. 61 percent of Americans support restrictions now on free speech. 61 30 of all Americans are now religiously unaffiliated. That kind of made me happy. I was kind of like oh wow that’s not so that’s how bad.

It Is When Youre Like Yeah, You

know only 70 percent. Actually think yeah God’s kind of an important thing Okay all right so is that better oh. By the way did you see the poll that came out yesterday that shows and I love this. I think it was 60 ricky correct me if I’m wrong. 67 of Democrats said yeah, I mean if something bad happens here and we’re invaded I’d probably I’d probably leave is that right 67 Yeah.

I Think Youre Right Youre The Producer You

think I’m right Google is slow down our internet Okay all right. I think it’s 67 they won’t fight. They’ll turn tail and run I’ve never seen that in American history and by the way that should tell you everything you need to know about 67 of Democrats. The real problem is is pretty much all across the board 18. To 34, they’re like I’m out of here, What does that tell you that this country is not worth fighting for dying for standing up for to a large amount of people here in America? Why is that are we stronger than 2007 2008 or are we weaker? You decide now our fearless leader who is dynamic.

He Gave A Speech Yesterday And

I just want to play a little bit of it here Banana here he is today I’m announcing the United States is targeting the main artery of Russia.’s economy. We’re banning all imports of Russian oil and gas that means Russian oil will no longer be acceptable at U. s ports and the American people will deal another powerful blow to putin’s war machine Yeah and our president will deal another powerful blow to our economy slippers. I don’t know about you, but I’m he just instills confidence.

By The Way The Number Is Not

67. It’s 52 percent that said they would just leave the country if problems happen that’s good okay so let’s let’s look at what is the president doing well. We’re going after you know Putin because we have to and don’t get me wrong. I am all for the elimination of putin. I think he’s he’s thrown too many people off of roofs because they disagree with him.

Hes A Bad Dude Really Bad Dude.

We all agree with that I’m not vouching for the government of Ukraine, But I will tell you I am with the Ukrainian people but what is the cost at what point is there a price on freedom. I’ll explain here in a minute but I’m for getting rid of putin. I’m for stopping this war before it spreads anywhere, but because the president won’t open up our. oil industry and all I’m asking is I don’t know get rid of the restrictions even if it’s until this is over that’s all you have to do hey by the way you can drill even drill in my pants.

If You Think You Can Find Oil

there in the next six months, but we can’t America economically okay. He’s not doing that but instead. He did announce that we’re in negotiations with Iran now as good as that might sound. I’d like to remind you of just a couple of items here. That is a country that execute women for honor crimes and I think it was special that he announced that you know we’re going to talk to Iran on international women’s day Yesterday.

They Also Execute Gay People And They Say

that they don’t have any gay people in I mean when they find them they throw. them off of the roof, but they’re also the largest state sponsor of terrorism. You know they do that great chant death to America. I love that and death to Israel love it even more and they’re an ally of Russia. So we’re going to them to ask them to help us out with oil.

I Cant Imagine Anything Going Wrong With

that Oh by the way we could also go to Saudi Arabia. You know Saudi Arabia who doesn’t love Saudi Arabia of course then again biden doesn’t like Saudi Arabia because he said they were a Pariah so when they reached out yesterday and said Hey Saudi Arabia Can you open up some oil. You know some oil pumps for us. They said no no we’re with Russia wasn’t it just I don’t know 12 or 13 months ago. We were doing major peace deals in the middle.

East With Saudi Arabia, Those Were The

days they don’t come back So we do have our good friends. I don’t even need to mention it Just I could just call them friends. Do I have to call them Venezuelans, our friends in Venezuela. Now they are great. You remember Venezuela.

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They They Were The Model For The

socialist thing and you know they were forced to eat the animals from the zoo. I by the way have already here in Dallas. I have already laid claim to the polar bear so whatever Don’t touch the bear he’s mine anyway. They were forced to eat the zoo animals until there weren’t any zoo animals left Hugo Chavez’s daughter is the wealthiest woman in Venezuela. Isn’t that weird and the President President Maduro yeah.

He Was A Bus Driver, But

now suddenly he’s one of the 10 richest people in. The country isn’t that strange Oh by the way they’ve had a few killings there. You know In 2019 2018 it was about 7 000 that we know of but I’m sure that stopped you know they love people who disagree with their president. Just like we do here in that weird the other thing about Venezuela that I think makes me feel comfortable is. They’re also allies with Russia, so what the hell are we doing.

We Are Empowering The Worst People In The

world. We’re empowering three countries that we know are bad dudes so we can get one rid of one bad dude in another country that doesn’t sound smart now I have a charitable heart. I want to see an end to the suffering of the people in Ukraine. I’d love to see a bullet in the head of Putin. However, is this the way to.

Do It Let Me Explain Where We

are come with me to the chalkboard. If I may show you. I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie Titanic, but you can pretty much learn everything you ever needed to know from the movie Titanic. You need to know where we are as a country economically let me start at the beginning.

Remember The Titanic Was Unsinkable Kind Of

like America. It was this wonder nothing could ever happen to it because everybody loved it and it was unsinkable, and then it left and then somewhere along the way there had to be somebody like me on the Titanic A little nervous that everybody thought it was unsinkable, and when they started to speed up in the middle of the night where there were icebergs. I know there was somebody like me that said there aren’t enough lifeboats We should slow. down, we should be careful, but then at some point if you remember the movie I’m pretty sure they renamed the Titanic the Uss Joe Biden and that’s when it just plowed into that iceberg and ripped along the side, but it’s unthinkable because there’s all kinds of mechanisms.

You Know They Got Walls.

You know down at the bottom of the ship and so they that’ll just fill and it’s nothing like any other ship ever made so that we got a system for that-h and meanwhile, a guy like me is now really going hey don’t listen to them don’t listen to them get in the lifeboat. Now you should probably get into the lifeboat, but everybody was still partying because they believed the captain of the Ss Biden. Then there’s the scene where remember the guys you know in just third class were behind the gate.

And Theyre Like Hey Dude Open This

up. We’re all going to drown and the guy’s like I can’t. I can’t it’s rules we got to keep you down.


The President has said that all options are on the table Putin’s war has brought evil into the homes of every American. Could the president possibly consider working something out with Iran look? The president has said . Could the President possibly consider . working something . out with . Iran look . I’ll show you why American oil is the clear answer to this madness that team biden is so desperately trying to hide tonight.& It’s a Russian drop the American cost of helping Ukraine, Hello America and welcome to the program.& Hello America.& In 2008 do you think you know what the country is so much stronger than when we hit that tarp thing you know we had Barack Obama in office George Bush had just left office right before the banking sector went down.& Oh, We are so much strong today than we were. The country is much stronger today than when. George W. Bush had been. George Bush was in office. When we hit the tarp was when we had the…. Click here to read more and watch the full video