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on October 26 2019, which was very close to its original release date of November 2019. Eventually it was supposed to be released in April of 2020, then November of 2020, then April of 2021, then November of 2021, before finally settling on a release date here in the states of October 8 2021 and that date does seem to be approaching. Many have speculated including yours truly that James Bond’s no time to die, which I lovingly call no time to me to is just going to be a deconstruction of yet another traditional male character and what leads me to believe this well everything. The director, the producer, the star and the co-stars have said they have made it clear this is going to be a James bond for the me too time’s up era a James bond that absolutely. One asked for now there’s two interviews We’re gonna be going over here.

One Is Originally From The Hollywood Reporter No

Time to lose Hollywood pins its hopes on bond director Carrie Fukanaga and the hopes are not looking too good right now, and then of course, we have Lashonna lynch Lashana Lynch, the first female 007. I never had a plan B well you might want to get one now No time to die. Director Carrie Fukanaga admits film is woke while attempting to deny it and i’m gonna give you a fourth headline just because it gets straight to the point from bleeding fool. No time to die. Director says James Bond was a drapist brilliant way to sell your film that needs to make 900 million dollars.

The Director Of The Upcoming James

Bond film No time to die Carrie Fukanaga recently admitted the movie is woke. While trying to deny rumors that writer Phoebe Waller Bridge was brought in to wokify the film now when John F trent here, the man who wrote the article says things like wokify or awoke it’s meant in a general term what he’s really trying to say is we will be getting an intersectional feminist James Bond film Fukunaga discusses how he is modernizing James bond for a post hashtag metoo reality. According to the Hollywood reporters Tatiana Siegel First, the director accuses James Bond of drape and yes i have to use Youtube language here in past films. He states is it thunderball or is that Goldfinger where like basically, Sean Connery’s character Drapes a woman and he adds she’s like no no no and he’s like yes yes yes that wouldn’t fly today well that’s a disingenuous example because they have modernized James bond since then that film. was made in the 60s and it was of its time and no one is asking for that but Hollywood has gone to the other extreme by completely de-sexualizing everything including anything that is what they call heteronormative.

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By The Way The Scene He

was talking about I do believe was from Goldfinger and it featured a character named Bleep Galore in a franchise with a film titled Octopussy. If you think for one second that the casting couch has gone away in the post me too time’s up era well. I’ve gotta Woke James Bond film to sell you after calling bond a drapist. Fukunaga then attempted to refute the idea that Phoebe Waller Bridge was brought onto the film to make bond more woke. He said I think that’s the expectation a female writing very strong female roles, but that’s something barbara wanted already from my very first.

With Broccoli That Was A Very

strong drive so they brought Phoebe Waller Bridge in to write stuff like this so stay in your lane. You can’t change bond overnight into a different person. You can definitely change the world around him and the way he has to function in that world. He continued. The director then concluded it’s a story about a white man as a spy in this world.

Listen To How They Talk They Talk

about wanting to be grounded and being able to connect with the audience. When nobody on Planet Earth outside of Hollywood talks like this okay maybe twitter too but you have to be willing to lean in and do the work to make the female characters more than just contrivances way to disrespect all previous female bond characters. This is what Lashonna Lynch has to say about bringing on Phoebe Waller Bridge. Lynch worked closely on the character with Phoebe. Waller Bridge, the creator of Flea Bag, who was brought on by Craig to punch up the script when I told Phoebe who I wanted Nomi to be it wasn’t a conversation says Lynch she just said that’s exactly what I thought fab okay let’s do it that’s about how much work they put into these things.

Mostly Lynch And Waller Bridge Both Pushed For

extra depth in the Nomi character in the James Bond movie that she might have struggled with her weight in the past or be having problems with a boyfriend that’s how they wrote it or be on her period what what the bleep or be on her period, What did you say I understand people want to play characters with more depth, but I tell you exactly what no one wants to see in a James bond. movie a character talking about her period. I don’t think a woman wants to see that I don’t think a dude wants to see that and I know I’m going to get in the comments. Section I want to hear it well Yeah you’re one of the 10 people as Jay Longbone eloquently puts it on twitter nothing says female depth like menstruation, how much of it makes it in the film Lynch isn’t saying I thought there might be a scene where she’s coming out of the toilet and you see her throw her tampon in the bin you gotta be bleep kidding. This is why normally they hire professional writers and they don’t let the adult pretenders make the words for themselves because they come up with ideas like this.

Unfortunately, Im Sure Phoebe Waller Bridge Completely Agrees

with her, but I’ll ask you ladies out there in the audience. Would you rather see Lashana Lynch toss a tampon into the bin in the James Bond film or would you rather see Daniel Craig without his shirt on we don’t need to make a meal out of it, but we are in the ladies room. You’re going to see somebody pick their nose or pull out a wedgie bottom line. The woman is going to be relatable. I can just see the watch mojo video on that the top 10 james Bond moments Number 10, the submarine car from Spy who loved me number nine impromptu skydiving for Moonraker number eight.

The Tampon Scene From No Time To Die

Maybe. In the next film, We’ll get to see James Bond get a colonoscopy. It has been reported that the budget. For no time to die is either 250 million dollars or 300 million dollars, not counting all the interest that’s been racked up because it’s been on the shelf for two years and according to movie Web, no time to die needs to earn 900 million to break even as the most expensive james Bond movie ever. A new report claims that due to the growing costs of no time to die.

The Movie Now Requires A Box Office

return of almost a billion dollars yes Skyfall made a billion inspector made 888 million, but this is 900 million to break even this might explain why they tried to sell bond. It makes you wonder why they’re going ahead with the fake woke marketing, which worked out so well for X-men, Dark Phoenix Terminator, Dark fate, Charlie’s, Angels and birds of prey well. You want to know why at least. Fukunaga really believes that this empowers women. It was really important to empower the female characters as standalones by having them pick their nose and pull out their wedgies and throw away their tampons down with the patriarchy feels like I’ve been talking about this movie forever because I have the first video.

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I Made Was Back In 2019

during comic Con when we had comic cons and I was talking about the fake woke marketing. Then there was a big push to have a female James bond and of course, Lashana Lynch is going to be the first black female 07, but definitely not the first black female in this franchise, and of course it has to be historic but it seems like they might be dialing that back just a little bit. While Daniel Craig did come out and say that bond should be played by a man. Because he’s a man speaking with radio times as reported by the independent Craig stated there should simply be better parts for women and actors of color. He even questioned why should a woman play James bond when there should be a part just as good as James bond, but for women now that completely contradicts what Daniel Craig just said a couple of short years ago and Lashonna Lynch repeated recently that a female could play James Bond.

No James Blonde Is A Male And

I agree with Daniel Craig in his last statement, create more characters they can be just as good or better than James Bond and alls that would give you is more more stories more toys to play with and you can do that with other franchises like Doctor who instead of retconing the doctor and saying you’re doing it to create more stories. I would say creating more original characters would create more stories, but the reason they don’t do. That is very simple down with the patriarchy. Sure they could have created brand new characters within a universe, but that would have taken time money and commitment something that the entertainment industry really wasn’t willing to put in because they really don’t believe in your cause. It was much easier to take something away and be controversial to get those easy headlines.

Then Blame The Audience That They Take

for granted and expect to show up anyway. Says Bond producer Barbara Broccoli. I think people are coming around with some kicking and screaming to accepting that stuff is no longer acceptable now. In this article, she’s conflating all of that with bond from the 50s and 60s. But we know what she’s really talking about because bond has been modernized and some.

Would Argue Has Already Been Deconstructed The

one thing that is not acceptable? Right now in Hollywood is being male and being on the other side of the aisle. The political bigotry has never been worse than it is right now. I absolutely agree with Lashana Lynch on this who should it be we are in a place in time where the industry is not just giving the audiences what it thinks the audience wants Lynch continues. They’re actually giving the audience what they want to give the audience and after seeing character after character deconstructed and franchise after franchise destroyed we got the message when you see Hollywood throwing around words like relevant relatable accessible, modernized or making things for a giant global audience. Those are giant red flags when they should be using words like quality timeless legacy fun, especially when it comes to iconic characters that they have systematically gone through one by one and deconstructed.

I Hope This Movie Is Good And While

I completely disagree with Carrie Fukanaga. I do not believe James Bond is a drapist and I think he’s being idiotic and disingenuous. I think the guy is a talented director.


James Bond No Time to die Rap filming filming on October 26 2019, which was very close to its original release date of November 2019 . The director of the upcoming James Bond film No time to die Carrie Fukanaga recently admitted the movie is woke. Fukunaga discusses how he is modernizing James Bond for the me too time’s up era a James bond that absolutely. absolutely. The director says James Bond was a drapist brilliant way to sell your film that needs to make 900 million dollars. The film is set to be released in April of 2020, . November of 2021, before finally settling on a release date here in the states of October 8 2021 and that date does seem to be approaching . The film was originally scheduled for November 2019. It was supposed to be out in April 2020, then November of 2019, then April of 2021. It has been released in November of 2020. It is due to release in October of 2019. The movie is set for release in November…. Click here to read more and watch the full video