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Thats Not A Surprise Today On The

news and why it matters Mark Zuckerberg hit with really really intense and intellectual questions from members of Congress. Also the latest Democratic presidential candidate to drop out of the race. All wha-wha got a lot to get into it Starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters. I am Sara Gonzales today joined by stupor gear Jeremy Dice from first liberty move it up to which second chair time Jeff Fisher of chewing the fat with Jeff Fisher. I just thought that you should be in direct eyesight with still you do that I asked for him to be as always guys thanks for just not gonna be down.

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Ive Got A Lot To Get Into

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He Faced Some Intense Questioning From

the House Financial Services Committee Oh! It was over six hours of questioning over their proposed cryptocurrency Libre let’s let’s just let’s start with representative Joyce Beatty who wanted to ask Mark Zuckerberg about Facebook’s interest in civil rights and African-americans. I’m not sure what that has to do with it but let’s watch anyway. The other was around setting up a civil rights task force and who’s on the civil rights Task force. Sheryl Sandberg is the person who sees what civil right ok we know Cheryl’s not really civil right so I’m trying to know you hear anything and I know sure well about civil rights and her background so come better than that for me if we’re gonna talk civil. Is what’s so frustrating to me? It’s almost like you think this is a joke yes when you have ruined the lives of many people discriminated against them? Do you know what percentage of African-americans are on Facebook In comparison to majority Folks.

Do You Know What The Percentages Are Majority

people are using the Facebook yes do you know what the percentages are for African-americans Phlex I don’t because we don’t collect the racism well they it It came out in a report in the Pew Research Center that was sent to you so maybe you just don’t read a lot of things that deal with civil rights or African Americans. Oh I love I love just the look on her face like she’s like Oh I’ve really got you now I’m gonna turn my head like this yeah I’ve got you now what do you have to say. Like she’s making some amazing. This is the football player that picks the ball up runs in for a touchdown and realizes you ran in the wrong end zone. That is who she is.

I Mean That Is Legitimately One Of The

dumbest collection of logic that you could ever imagine like there’s just I mean she obviously knows this is an insane thing to say the idea that he does he didn’t read one pole means he doesn’t care about civil rights and African Americans. He doesn’t read a lot about them because there’s one pole. He was sent that he didn’t read well. His inbox is probably very um ya know it’s actually running a business that employs people. I mean I can’t believe I want a friggin defending Mark Zuckerberg I think Congress is so bad they make you like Mark Zuckerberg.

Its All Impossible Task The Entire Thing

was pretty much. I mean you summed it up as a burden of this collection of dumb thoughts His entire testimony without using the word dummy would really look Dummy. We don’t even collect that information like how does she know I just love the fact he’s sitting there with us looking sick. I think I’m supposed to be insulted. I don’t know what yeah and I’m just in purpose everything by Congressman Congresswoman yeah like mother May I legitimately and I think is legitimately perplexed as because there’s no like he’s there to try to actually answer these questions.

Hes Talking About An Internal Task

force. They put their like the biggest name in the company on an internal task force that shows they are putting some attention probably completely undeserved and look Facebook has ruined a lot of lives, but it’s. The people that are on Facebook whose lives have been ruined Not the people who aren’t on it going around forcing people to get on Facebook It’s horrible you’ve not seen Facebook in your neighborhood. My friend knocking on doors, forcing people to join okay Whatever Jeremy how racist is it on a scale of one to ten to say that Cheryl whatever her last name is. Sandberg is cannot be on a civil rights task force because she’s white I guess it’s on the level of crazy.

I Dont Know I Mean Goodness Sakes

you’re asking if Facebook is collecting information based upon people’s races to make racial decisions on that I’m not even legal. I I’m guessing that’s not exactly legal to be doing that. Doesn’t that go against some sort of civil rights act somewhere that you mean. I don’t know I mean I I’m sure they look on Facebook if you want to advertise to left-handed truck drivers that like Snickers bars, you can probably do it sure but I don’t know exactly how that that system works that algorithm works to find all that information. I have no idea but I think that’s the points on this inquiry but to just come out and say yeah well if you’re white you don’t really care about civil rights you know come on be nice just because there were no white people who were helping blacks during the civil rights era right they’re not no one helped me with better than that does that really help a discussion on race whatsoever.

I Dont Know He Says No

it’s not and he says no we’re not collecting that data and it’s like we’re not collecting that data because we. care about race like you do well. I thought weirdly she’s gonna come back and say well you should be we don’t view everything through a racial lens Why the hell would we be collecting that I mean I’ll be a little skeptical of mark I’m pretty sure they could piece-I don’t know I I’m not on Facebook. You click a button that’s from 49,000 different genders. Why can’t you and I think that algorithm is probably gonna be pretty good if you can pick you know the left-handed truck driver who like Snickers probably can pick up okay but to your point mm-hmm like yes could he probably compiled that data if he wanted to sure but what would he he’s not he’s not they’re not recruiting people to go like people are signing up willingly like if it’s just a service that people like it don’t.

I Had A Friend Who Worked At A

fast-food restaurant and he assured me without with a hundred percent certainty He worked there for like five years. He said only white people like Mayonnaise no I had no idea is that true. It may be true. I have no idea, but he told me what I do like have you ever ordered at his fast-food restaurant. I don’t know it’s the point.

I Like Mayonnaise-Well Youre Pretty For Pretty Much

white now you count for white because you’re Republican but I’m not saying it actually is true that only white people like Mayonnaise but but like maybe black people Don’t like Facebook as much right like it might just be something like that maybe they don’t. I know I don’t like Facebook and I’m white but you know there are things that some people like and some people. Like that it’s not a problem with Facebook if African Americans are not signing up at the same rate like that is the choice of African Americans to not waste their entire lives on Facebook, it’s a good choice well. He wasn’t just questioned about African Americans. He was also questioned about all different kinds of intersectionality groups how he employs them and works with them A cryptocurrency right yes yes a proposed cryptocurrency thank you for that great reminder so here’s Al Green he’s just gonna blow your mind watch Is it true that global corporations make up the Association Congressman.

The The Association Is Made Of Today 21

companies and nonprofit organizations as well. He wouldn’t everybody’s one of the 21 how many are headed by women Congressman. I do not know the answer to that off the top of my head, but I can get more you. well, I believe you can get it Mr. .

Zuckerberg, But I One Would Assume That You

would know who heads these corporations? Why are you asking or going to be running this global company? He’s showing Mark Zuckerberg stupid how many of them are minorities Mrs.. Huckle asked this question a little over spin I do not know the top by Adam medication was good goodness are there any members of the LGBtQ+ community associated with this association Mr. .

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Zuckerberg Congressman I I Dont Know The Answer

what okay this one. This one definitely it would be illegal for him to get that information from many of that if in fact we have all these different title seven requirements right I’m not discriminate based on race and age and ethnicity and all these things in sex and if you include all the settlement ations under sex like they’re trying to do right now for him to actually maintain that information could actually be a violation of employment logs. Now we’re talking about Facebook’s employees so now they’re saying hey, why don’t you know all this information that you’re not allowed to ask for yeah hard corporation hello every half an hour until jeopardy Oh. These people are stay out of our bedrooms right except you should really know what all of your employees are doing in their bedroom and I think he’s talked.

I Think Actually Hes Asking About

the association. of fact Checkers, which was another part that was a UK was asking about earlier a totally separate companies and nonprofits. As he said not even Facebook or X do like what are you gonna do hey we’re going to see you guys look like you factor you check fax pretty well, but we wanted to see what do you guys who do you like to have sex with before we formally booked you for this gig. We wanna make sure we’re having a sex with enough different genders.

You Know You Know Look It

is a you know this is what it boils down to. This is about cryptocurrency. They’re asking.


The latest Democratic presidential candidate to drop out of the race. Mark Zuckerberg hit with really really intense and intellectual questions from members of Congress. The UK of Facebook. That’s not a surprise today on the news and why it matters. The majority of people who buy that keep buying more because it’s working for them and it’s changed their life You can change.& your life too but you got to go to relief factor calm or you can call 800-588-2300. The relief factor is there for all of you who will just walk.& This is life and it sucks and maybe you’re grouchy with your spouse or your kids and you know you can’t pick up your grandchildren.& All the time you must try really Factor get the three week UK pack for 1995. For more information, visit www.relieffactor.com/sara-goucher-doucementor.com. For all the time, please contact www.reallyfactor….. Click here to read more and watch the full video