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Whats Going On Guys This Is Ryan With

RK outpost and we don’t talk too much Spider-man on this channel, but this is now going to be two straight days where we do yesterday. We had the news about the Spider–man remastered and the details behind that now we have something involving the mcu that I don’t think anyone saw coming and now the internet is ablaze. After this actor is set to reprise a role that has everyone talking about a live-action. Spider-verse now it could actually be a possibility at this point so let’s just get right into it. Spider-man 3 Jolt Jamie Foxx returning as Electro now like I said, this is something that I don’t think anyone saw coming.

Jamie Foxx Did Play Electro In The Amazing

Spider-man 2, which in general was not very well received. Now I think I’m a little bit easier on. Than a lot of people overall, I didn’t like it. I thought he actually played a decent Spider-man, but his Peter Parker wasn’t really what I wanted to see or what I thought should be on screen. However, I think he’s better than Tom Holland, not that Tom Holland couldn’t be a great Spider–man, but I just think that the way these movies are written the way that he is basically just this just creation of Iron man If he gets out of that shadow.

I Suppose He Could Be Better But

for me. I don’t like the interpretation of Spider–man for the Mcu but let’s get into this news right here. The next Spider–man movie is getting a major jolt good pun Jamie Foxx, who played classic spidey villain electro in the Andrew Garfield starring amazing Spider-man 2 as is in final talks to reprise the role for the. made by Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures John Watts, the filmmaker behind homecoming in last year,’s Spider-man far from home is in the director’s chair for the third installment which they’ve dated for 5th of November 2021. I think all of us can probably assume that that is going to get moved back just like Marvel’s entire slate already has been moved back.

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I Would Assume Wed See That One Pushed

as well otherwise that would be three Marvel movies coming out in 2021 and or four four. Because you would have black widow you’d have the eternals you’d have the legend of Shang Chi or whatever and then you would have this movie. I this is definitely gonna get moved. Most of the supporting cast is expected to be on the call sheet, but now this coming out there. Jamie Foxx to reprise his role as electro now why.

People Talking About The Spider-Verse Well.

It’s pretty easy to realize that because there have been a couple clues laid out that says that Marvel may be moving towards that which I think would be exciting for a lot of people. I’m not a big Mcu guy, you guys know I’m a Dc guy. I’m really kind of sick and tired of the mcu. I think that end game was kind of the the end game for a lot of people.

I Think That The Movies All Started

to feel like one another with this move possibly getting into a live-action. Spider-verse I can see them drawing a lot of people who might have been tired of that back in especially with how well into the spider verse. The animated version did and how well that was received but you see here. The future and potential movie Spider-man has is. MCu Spider–man has his identity revealed to the World Yeah, which was ridiculous Morbius has Vulture from homecoming so keep that in mind that in the Morbius movie we are going to see Vulture we’re going to see Michael Keaton play Vulture who is firmly in the Mcu is also in Sony’s kind of Venom verse that they are building so that’s a clear crossover right there.

Jamie Foxx Electro In The Alt

and the amazing from the amazing Spider–man 2 will be in MCu Spider–man 3 and of course that’s not all we’ve also had other things we had JK Simmons, Jk Simmons made a cameo appearance in Spider-man Far from home. So the second Spider-man film that’s clearly involving someone that is From Sam Raimi’s Trilogy now I think that Sam Raimi’s Trilogy is incredibly beloved. It’s kind of my favorite representation of Spider-man on screen wasn’t a huge fan of how it ended necessarily, but I think in general tons of people had a lot have a lot of loves for those films especially Spider-man 1 and 2. . would this be something that could kind of reinvigorate the marvel fan base if they did go for this Spider-verse.

This Live-Action Spider-Verse And You Can See This

picture here. The idea of having Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire will be pretty crazy and honestly. Even if it’s not something that I would love or wouldn’t you know like it’s not like I have tons of passion for the character, but if they did that I gotta admit my interest would definitely be peaked and I would want to go see. It was just because of how I feel about about Toby McGuire’s and how I feel about Andrew Garfield‘s to be quite honest. Now talking specifically about you know Electro coming back.

I Thought That Electro And Jamie

Foxx’s performance was not very good in amazing Spider-man 2 to be quite honest. So I can’t say that I’m like oh yeah I can’t wait to see Electro again, but it’s more about the idea that he will be in the movie or reported that he will be in the movie that really opens up all these other possibilities and like I said I think Marvel needs to do something they are going full identity politics right now and they’re driving a lot of people away, whereas DC I feel like is kind of swelling up and gathering a lot of attention, garnering a lot of attention. I feel like Dc. The DCeu is ready to kind of come up and challenge Marvel That is what I want to see as a DC fan. This would be a way to get your a-list character Spider-man and really push him to the forefront, which he really should be he shouldn’t be some understudy to iron man.

He Shouldnt Be A Creation Of Iron

man. He should be his own thing and maybe that’s what Marvel’s doing I guess time will tell interested to hear you guys thoughts on it. Do you feel like these reports are true everyone is kind of running with it that you know the sources are fairly credible and they do think that this will happen. What are your thoughts about it would you be interested in a live-action Spider-verse are you just completely done with Marvel at this point in time let me know in the comments. Button subscribe to the channel ring the Bell for notifications share this video out there and I’ll talk to you later thanks for watching everyone and a huge shout out to my patrons.

I Appreciate You Guys So Much

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Jamie Foxx is in final talks to reprise the role of Electro in the next Spider–man movie . Foxx played Electro in Spider-man 2, which in general was not very well received . John Watts, the filmmaker behind homecoming in last year, is in the director’s chair for the third installment which they’ve dated for 5th of November 2021 . The third installment is set for the. 5th November 2021. Foxx has been in talks to return to the role for the . Marvel Studios and Sony_Pictures” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Sony Pictures John Watts is behind the scenes behind the reboot of Spider-Man . The actor is set to star in the live-action.& Spider-verse now it could actually be a possibility at this point . The latest Spider-men movie will be released in October 2015. It will be the first Spider–men movie to be released on October 31, 2015. The first Spider-woman movie is released in theaters on October 26, 2015 . The first film is…. Click here to read more and watch the full video