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is the mainstream so obsessed with controlling dissenting voices, Why is it so obsessed with discrediting them? Why is the mainstream so fearful of ordinary people coming together In Unison Hello, There you 5.6 million awakening wonders thank you for joining me on this voyage. I’m traveling around the United Kingdom at the moment what a beautiful nation it is, but your country is glorious too and it deserves to be run by someone beautiful like you in community with your brothers and sisters, your aunts and uncles, your grandfathers, your grandmothers, your ancestors spirits can rise again in a meaningful and democratic way. The first thing in blood will do is subscribe to this channel give this video a thumbs up and comment because we’re going to be talking today about the thing the mainstream and the establishment fear most. Ordinary people from different classes and cultures coming together to confront real power refusing to be distracted by the narratives of fracture that we’re continually bombarded with now 60 of you subscribe I’d love the rest of you to subscribe right now It really helps me turn on the notification Bell if you can and sign up to our mailing list to be a part of our community.

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plus fantastic live real events in physical real space. You can participate with us in all those things and become a real member of this community. I know that you need it on some level. I know that you’ve been suffering. I know you want the truth.

I Know That Your Whole Life

you’ve suspected there’s something wrong with this system and you were right all along there is and now we are awakening together. And when we come together, we can do something about it. I spoke to Jimmy Dore, the brilliant comedian and Youtuber on my podcast under the skin available from Luminary and Jimmy Dore is old school left. He’s family. They’re like police officers and stuff and I know some of you won’t associate that with the left but many professions that used to be considered ordinary community professions like journalism law enforcement have either been taken over by people from elite academic backgrounds or somehow been turned into numb drone professions where ordinary people are turned against one another.

In This Conversation, Jimmy Dore Talks About The

importance of people from different political backgrounds coming together. He talks about how we’ve been tricked how biden has broken promises to ordinary people from the start of his administration. How descending voices like Rogan assange, Alex Jones people that you might agree. with or might not agree with I don’t bloody well care it doesn’t matter to me with what you think we’re all going to disagree about stuff but what we have to get to is a point of honest and open communication that’s why I think that’s what Jimmy Dore thinks watch this conversation now and stay to the very end because it’s fantastic and I want you to comment below and tell me what you agree with what you disagree with what you think Jimmy Dore’s got right What you think I’ve got right and where you think we can improve stay to the end what’s going on Jimmy What’s going on what what’s happening with all of these new categories and condemnations. What do you think’s happening? It’s the same old thing if people on the left and the right realize that they have a common enemy if.

They Realize That They Have Shared Interests

and they come together that work for those interests that scares the hell out of the establishment, So they have to stop that as with all by any means necessary you’re seeing what they’re doing to Joe Rogan. I’ve it happened to me personally look what they do to Glenn Greenwald. They try to pretend that you’re right-wing so anybody who actually stands up for the people is going to be called names discredited called right wing look what they’re talking look what they’re saying about farmers and truckers in Canada look what they’re saying about those people We want you to organize not like that not like that don’t actually actually do something where you actually have power don’t actually occupy a city and you actually control it don’t do that we want you to organize but in a way that we. Easily dismiss and not and so just like when we did Medicare for all march We had a medicare for all um marches in every city in 50 major cities in the United States. Last summer didn’t get covered by the media.

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None Of The Democratic Politicians Show Up And

half the people who say they claim to support Medicare for all in the United States did not show up including the nurses Union so I don’t think there’s really a left anymore in the United States for any any anyway and if you ever do stand up against the oligarchs and unite with other workers. They will try to discredit you and squash you and that’s exactly what happens every time you know when people say they want to organize right people always love that’s a big buzzword in the United States around lefties Oregon they have to have. To organize and yeah we did organize we got the squad elected We got Aoc elected criminal Jaipal wrote Conor. We got all these people elected Corey Bush and now they’re not doing anything so they keep telling you just go back and keep organizing and what they don’t realize is when they say organize along class lines. So what is organizer I’ve been in unions my whole life.

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I Know What Organizing Around Class

lines means and here’s what it doesn’t mean you don’t go to the shop floor and gay who here is a libertarian You’re out who here is a trumper. You’re out who here is a boogaloo boy. You’re out who here is a proud boy You’re out okay now we’re going to organize with who’s ever left that is not how organizing works they know that’s not how organizing works and so when people actually. Do do actual organizing and they connect with people on both sides of the aisle around common interests that’s the scariest thing to them thanks you’ve actually answered it okay literally that is the that’s literally the experience when you say you um forgive me for not knowing I’m a fan of your Youtube stuff um and I I love what you’re doing your channel and how you communicate I really do and I also saw it when you had Glenn Greenwald on and you stuck up for me. I appreciate that as well thank you I was sticking up.

I Was Sticking Up For Everybody.

You know it that doesn’t matter it’s about the principle you know I defend Alex Jones‘s right to freedom of speech. I defend yours. I defend Joe Rogans. I defend Glenn Greenwald’s.

Julian Assange Most Importantly And Those Those

are the people that the establishment Don’t want us to defend their freedom of speech and so and right back at you. I’m a big fan of your show. I’m very jealous of your popularity. I was talking to my Youtube liaison and I said to him. I said hey you know I know we’re being suppressed how look at Russell Brand look at all the views he’s getting and we’re talking about the same things and he’s killing it and the guy says to me.

Jimmy Russell Brands A Huge Star With Millions

of followers and I was like Oh yeah. I forgot that’s right okay Ah thank you thank you. Although that that at least that remnant and significant part of me that is still egoic really really appreciates that I um Jimmy there’s loads of things. I want to ask. You about but like it’s something you just touched upon in your response there that it’s not about any particular person.

Its About A Set Of Values And Principles.

This migration of principles is something that we’re um you know the easy dismissal of an a principle is something that I’m noticing again and again that people will say. This is what we believe in oh, but not in this instance, you know when we’ve been doing videos. For example, around around mandates one of the things I’ve continually said and I’ve been careful to say because I’m aware of the kind of restrictions that exist or even around conversation in this area is try to forget for a moment what the subject is just think about the principle the principle of freedom and autonomy. If we put them aside.

At This Moment We Dont Know Where Else

it might. may be applied even if you agree in this instance with the subject? You know like say with the truckers like that what’s do you think this speaks to a deeper theme of a kind of cultural nihilism that people Don’t have any real values or our media. Don’t have any real values or the values that they do have are so dominated by the pursuit of profit and the pre-existing relationships between government big business and media that everything is a kind of posture and nothing is real nothing has any sort of meat on its bones. Oh that’s exactly right they of course, everyone pretends to care about the right things that’s. What virtue signaling is all about you virtue signal that’s why you know I have a joke in my act where I say you know if it was 1860 the democrats would be bragging about their.

Transgendered Slave Owner, So What They Do Is

they’re using these virtuous signals? These things like identity politics not to help minorities or workers or poor people They use it to keep them stuck exactly where they are and out of any kind of economic prosperity, So what they’ll do is instead of having a white guy oppress you. They’ll have a black transgendered person, oppress you or pete butted gig who’s gay press you or Rachel Maddow feed you five years of unbelievable red-baiting conspiracy theories that were evidence-free to the point where they red-baited every one of their political adversaries, so that’s what or they’ll get someone like Chris Hayes, who has a show who’s a nerd they’re like he would never lie to you. He’s a nerd so these are the people. This is what they use to keep everybody where they are and to keep people.

Progress They Use Identity Politics And

we’re living in it right now. I mean do you you know that that means virtue signaling means way more than substance. I just saw Nancy Pelosi has a she’s running for re-election and you know why she’s doing it. She’s not doing it because she’s a megalomaniac narcissist who can’t let go of power and privilege or an insider trading by the way no she’s doing it for the kids.

Shes Doing It For The Kids

Russell and if there’s no one who cares more about kids than 81-year-old millionaires. I happen to know that she cares mostly about her kids, her and her husband’s kids apple and face and slack. What did you think about that video do you agree with Jimmy Dore. Do you think there’s a possibility are you as an individual willing to put aside some of.

Own Prejudices, How Can You Change

yourself so that you can become a participant in a movement of real change. The first thing is to acknowledge we have a problem. The second thing is to believe.


Why is the mainstream so fearful of ordinary people coming together? Why is it so obsessed with discrediting dissenting voices? In Unison, 5.6 million awakening wonders. Joe Rogan Alex Jones, Glenn Greenwald Julian assange why is the . mainstream so . obsessed with controlling dissenting voices, why is it . so obsessed . with discredititing them? Why . is the main fear the establishment and the mainstream fear most? In the video below, we talk about the thing the mainstream and the establishment fear most. The first thing in blood will do is subscribe to this channel give this video a thumbs up and comment because we’re going to be talking today about the . thing the . establishment . fear most . We do wonderful online events, Zoom calls plus fantastic live real events in physical real . space in . physical real space. We do fantastic live . events in real . events and we can participate with us in all those things and you can . become a real member of this community….. Click here to read more and watch the full video