Jimmy Kimmel Wants to Deny Medical Care to Unvaccinated Society is Fracturing Beyond Repair


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That If Hospitals Get Any More Overcrowded, Theyre

going to have to make some very tough choices about who gets an ICu bet That choice doesn’t seem so tough to me vaccinated person having a heart attack Yes come right on in we’ll take care of you unvaccinated guy who gobbled horse goo rest in peace wheezy which this is just sheer insanity to me that we’re having a person like Jimmy Kimmel, a talk show host comedian is now telling you that if you don’t get the medical procedure that he wants you to have he would prefer that you die and Don’t receive medical care because the person that got famous off of having a Tv show that he dressed in blackface and had woman jump up and down on trampolines for his enjoyment is apparently now the arbiter of truth the arbiter of what medical procedures you. need that’s best for your health because he’s a talk show host and also the fact that he’s propagating this whole horse Gu fiasco we’re having right now where even Joe Rogan is contemplating whether or not he needs to sue CnN because of the way they’re misrepresenting what he did I’m glad you’re I’m glad you’re well man bro do I have to sue Cnn. I don’t know I don’t know do you they’re making up they keep saying I’m taking horse dewormer. I literally got it from a doctor. It’s and it’s crazy because I saw the clip where it’s Anderson Cooper talking about how Joe Rogan had a a horse dewormer, and they used a super old image of him, where he’s looking crazy and he has hair and they’re using that very desaturated video where he looks sicker than he was and then Tim Poole is.

Pointing Out The Fact That Yes He Wants

Joe Rogan to sue CnN because you’re having this other woman saying that he took a livestock drug despite warnings and then you also you see Don Lemon, Brian Stelter and a doctor. Jonathan Reiner say that yes Joe Rogan took a crazy home treatment where it wasn’t a crazy home treatment it was what his personal physician prescribed him and it worked for him not saying anybody else should do the same thing he did. It should be a situation where you talk to your personal physician you talk to your medical expert and your doctor to see what you should do. But apparently CnN with Dr. Jonathan Reiner thinks that he knows better than Joe Rogan,’s personal doctor because CnN knows better what’s best for Joe Rogan.

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Its Crazy Despite The Fact That They

say it’s an unproven deworming drug. It’s a livestock drug and the fact that they just want to misrepresent it. It’s nuts, but the only thing that’s more nuts than that is the fact that Jimmy Kimmel taking telling you that you should have go undergone this medical procedure or you should not get a hospital bed well that show is sponsored by Moderna where this was a few months ago, but how crazy is this right now where I know a lot of people are very concerned and I’ll use a very safe word and concern that why does pfizer have the ear of the government in the sense that they get to determine how much of their product you take if you want to participate in society where in places like New York City, where you need to be fully done to be considered able to go to go to a bar go to. A a sports game or something and it’s like well First. It was two doses because that’s how the medication worked okay cool let’s keep our communities safe.

Lets Keep Ourselves Healthy.

I understand that and later on they say well, maybe you’ll need one more booster okay. I get it and now maybe it’s three boosters a year because you have to have them five five months apart because that’s the only way you’re fully taken care of okay then all of a sudden. They say well now we’re going to pilot pilot a twice a day tablet that you need to take on top of the three doses and it’s like Whoa Whoa whoa this almost sounds like the equivalency of Coca-cola, saying the government is going to mandate. You have two coca-colas a day actually three Coca-colas a day Oh you can’t participate in society until you.

Mind You Five Coca-Colas A Day Because Insanity

Now I understand that is a terrible analogy, but how far-fetched are we from that because you’re having a talk show host a comedian saying you should die if you don’t have this medication that the that our show is sponsored by which I I just don’t even know how to wrap my head around this and also the fact that this kind of gets in some very insensitive dicey territory because Jack Basobic rightfully calls out Jimmy Kimmel saying Hey Jimmy Kimmel would you deny a unvaccinated undocumented immigrant. An icu bed were a lot of people coming over the border unvaccinated so it gets into that murky territory where you know in New York City and this is just the data I have from Ny. gov on my other video where it’s yes they say that whites are 69 vaccinated African-americans. and Hispanics 20 so you mean to say that Joe Rogan, not Joe Rogan, Jimmy Kimmel on his shoulders straight up told him told 86 percent of African-americans, 85 percent of Asians and 80 percent of Hispanics he would prefer you die he would prefer you not get medical care because you don’t believe the same things. They believe and it’s the idea of this is all emerging things and again I’m not going to tell anybody here on what type of medical procedure is undergo.

Its Up Between You And Your

doctor, but when do we start to see them start to eat each other alive where I’ve seen a lot of people say me just personally. This is anecdotal evidence that I hear people that have said they got their two doses. They felt good about it, but they won’t get the third one because they had such. bad reaction from it and now you’re having the head of CdC admit that the third booster is based on hope not data and I’m not saying this myself this is from them so let’s watch this clip from today So here’s my question is there hope or better yet data that getting this third booster shot could actually prevent transmission, so there’s actually hope we don’t have data yet which is okay it’s about transmission okay cool that’s just one facet of what the what type of protection you get from the shot but the idea of going to sports games and who’s a sophisticated audience and if you can go to a a social justice protest versus a football game determines on whether or not they think you’re doing a bad thing or you’re spreading something it’s just based on hope not data and when are we gonna. have people from within their communities start to say I have two you have three.

Im Looking Down On You.

I have three but I’ve had all my boosters and I’m taking the twice a day tablet. I look down on you now. I’m lobbying in Congress to say you should not be able to participate in sports games or you should not be able to have a job at your at your grocery store like when does it end because I hate the idea that all these people are over there, giving you advice based on what they think is happening where nobody really knows what’s going on in the future like you’re seeing this from a New York post where the National Health Institute is announcing a 1. 6 million dollar study on how the medication impacts your menstrual cycle where this could just be them not they they.

Want To Find Evidence That It

doesn’t impact it? Where there’s some anecdotal evidence where people are saying that it doesn’t impact it. But maybe this study is here just to debunk those thoughts so people feel more at peace with getting that medication cool I would be all on board with that but just imagine just I’m just making up a scenario where this National Health Institute study proves that it does impact it. How bad are all these people are gonna feel that said you couldn’t go to a restaurant or you shouldn’t get a hospital bed that they told you hey take this thing because we know that those pharmaceutical companies are all protected that you can’t if anything wrong happens. There’s nothing that there’s no liability on them, but somebody like Jimmy Kimmel should he feel bad about it someone like Ryan Stelter or Don Lemon. That just kept on trying to browbeat you in there, saying that you’re taking a horse deworming drug or you’re eating horse ghoul? How dare you keeping the communities unsafe well? What if something happened later on how are they going to feel about it and how are they held liable for it Because we don’t know when it should be up to people’s personal physician that knows who they are what they’ve gone through and they’re an expert and not a political analyst that seemed to be wrong about a lot of stuff not about a comedian that used to say some very horrendous things back in the day you gotta wonder Why is this a thing and why is it being used to divide us because you saw stories like this with a Olivia Sandor that back over in um when is this in July where she was.

Denied Admission And Her Scholarship To

byu’s, Hawaii because she had a 200 000 scholarship, but she has guillain-barre syndrome and her doctor says you know what this isn’t for you. I recommend against it okay well now you can’t go to college now you lose 200 000 worth of education. Now you’re having rutgers barring a student that hasn’t had the medication and he can’t attend virtual classes. He can’t be on a zoom call to learn to better himself to have a brighter future in the fit and have a brighter future for himself now because you don’t have the same ideas as us so now because you’re not healthy enough to get this medication you cannot participate in our school and also what you’re seeing in Australia where they’re straight up saying we’re going to lock out people that haven’t had what we want them to have. Going to move to a situation where to protect the health system we’re going to lock out people who are not vaccinated and can so well.

He Says And Can Be Which Is A

big modifier on that because a lot of people say well who is what’s the word who’s qualified to take it who’s eligible for it and the crazy part is it’s it’s a murky territory because I have heard and I go to Lebanon from people. I know they go to their doctor and they say here’s my history here’s what happened between me and the flu shot and the doctor straight up said well. You know what? I don’t know what happened there because I wasn’t your physician back then so I’m just going to go ahead and ignore that and it’s like wait wait wait so Ellie Anybody’s eligible Anybody can go to the Dodger game, buy the beer stand and get it anybody can go to a drive-through and get it everybody’s eligible for it and what do they say is you know they can get in can get it it.

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Jimmy Kimmel, a talk show host comedian is now telling you that if you don’t get the medical procedure that he wants you to have he would prefer that you die and Don’t receive medical care . Even Joe Rogan is contemplating whether or not he needs to sue CnN because of the way they’re misrepresenting what he did I’m taking horse dewormer.& I literally got it from a doctor. Don Lemon, Brian Stelter and Jonathan Reiner say that yes Joe . Rogan took a crazy home treatment where it wasn’t a crazy . home treatment it was what his personal physician prescribed him and it worked for him not saying . Tim Poole is.& pointing out the fact that yes he . wants Joe. Rogan to sue . Tim . Poole wants Joe . He wants JoeRogan to sued CnnN. because he took a livestock drug despite warnings and then you also you see Don Lemon and Brian . Stelte and a doctor…. Click here to read more and watch the full video