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Go Aheadnk] Abramss Say It I Dare

you holy Sh I can’t believe he just said it what’s going on guys. This is Brian with our K outpost and how I you knowNK] Abrams has done a couple interviews Kathleen Kennedy did a couple interviews last week Ryan Johnson Colin trevorrow a bunch of people right and I did not expect this one to drop with Esquire Now there’s a lot of things. In this interview that UK Abrams sat down and did that are important to talk about but one thing the one thing that caught everybody’s eye was that he actually named the Phantom Menace. Now we’ve been hearing that the Phantom Menace is irrelevant that no one cares about it. No one at Lucasfilm knows not only do people at Lucasfilm know what the Phantom Menace is UK Freakin Abrams, the director of the force.

The Force Awakens And The Director Of The

Rise of Skywalker knows pulled it right off the top of his head. He knows what the Phantom Menace is that in and of itself is it enormous Btfo. So all these people I hear that say that Phantom Menace is not relevant at all now the way that this was brought up is completely disingenuous and I have a really big issue with the person conducting this interview and I think it’s important to put that in place before we see how UK Abrams actually answered these questions and I saw you saw in the clip in the intro the the part where he actually names us but you know let’s see let’s take a look at who wrote this now we’ll pull it up. NK] Abrams opens up about finishing rise of Skywalker and what he really thinks a baby. Baby Yoda, The director discusses the culture of Star Wars toxic fandom and the years long build-up to showing the Knights of Ren in action now.

This Is Written By Matt Miller Right Here

now Matt Miller. If you don’t know also wrote this he wrote this almost a year ago the year’s Star Wars Fans finally ruined starwars. In 2018 a loud movement of racist, misogynistic trolls derailed the beloved family sci-fi franchise Yeah It couldn’t have been Ryan Johnson that derailed it could have couldn’t have been UK Abrams that gave us an empty shell of the force awakens. In 2015 couldn’t mean the fact that you know Disney and Lucasfilm disrespected a lot of the hardcore fandom in 2014, where they said eff the expand universe where do I don’t think for creative freedoms couldn’t have been any of that it had to be. In 2018.

The Misogynist Right Now Theres A

lot to about this article that’s just absolute garbage that you know we’re not going to talk about because so much of it is just that garbage now right here. Star Wars, an aloud section of Star Wars fans have tragically become synonymous with hate bigotry and pervasive blumin Ness in 2018 from various sinister online campaigns to racist and misogynistic attacks on actors too Baffan Lee Baffin Lee Lee Bafflingly stupid takes and interpretations of the film TLj inspired the worst impulses of a far-right movement that’s taking a hold of the Internet and extending its influence in the real world. Now that right there racist misogynistic attacks on actors far-right movement as someone who is a part of the fandom Edison If you’re watching this video. It’s likely that I’m don’t even need to be talking to you because you understand. But the Fin de Menace is one of the most incredible communities that I’ve ever been able to be a part of you know the Finn Phantom Menace is just a hashtag right, but it’s built around something There’s a community of people who you just Don’t want the same things a little bit of respect respect whether it’s for the fans whether it’s for the product but respect without respect.

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We Reject And I Interact With People Every

day of all different backgrounds. All different belief systems, all different sexualities all different genders or how they identify and you know what that doesn’t matter you know we’re together because we have a shared passion for these things and to say that you’ll say Later I’m sorry that we don’t love Star Wars and UK Abrams talked about this too that we don’t love Star Wars you are absolutely out. of your freaking minds this article that he wrote last year is one of the things. One of the reasons is the Phantom Menace is as big as it is all these lies that are spread about the Phantom Menace constantly constantly on an everyday basis whether it’s on Twitter where it’s by the media whether it’s from people at Lucasfilm wherever it’s from the lies are constant and if there’s anyone that has spent ten minutes in the community with any sort of actual like good intentions to see what it’s all about you would understand that but you don’t you want this narrative. This is the narrative you want to have and that’s when you’re pushing on all of us.

This Is The Guy They Have Interviewing

UK Abrams about toxic trolls right so that so that is why I think that it’s important so he goes on. To say you know yet somehow in 2018 simply including women and actors of color and Star Wars is pushing a political agenda that’s absolutely not true and you FE know that you’re either lying or you’re ignorant as hell Matt Martin and then another again a lie about Kelly Marie Tran being bullied off social media by fans just not true he even quotes her. He even quotes Kelly Marie Tran I had been brainwashing to believe in my existence as living in the boundaries of another person’s approval I had been tricked into thinking my body was not my own that I was beautiful only if someone else believed it regardless my own opinions now here’s the important part. I don’t know how they use this every time I have been told and retold this by everyone by the media by Hollywood by companies that profited from my. Insecurities manipulating me so I would buy their clothes makeup shoes in order to fill a void.

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It Was Perfect By Them In The First

place. Not a single time there to see you. She mentioned fans or social media. A tall man and how these people keep missing the ball so badly Yeah here’s a thing they threw this entire article. He calls us racists and bigots absolutely disgusting so this guy this guy is then gonna be interviewing UK Abrams so we’ll switch back to that we’ll switch back to that Matt Miller I will not forget that name Matt Miller.

He Talks About Nights Right.

He talks about Ryan Johnson. All those things are funny to talk about but here this question over the last couple years since Gel J came out. I’ve been writing a lot about the response to this movie and some of the toxic fandom around Star Wars. There are some fans who take issue with filmmaking, others who take issue with some of the more progressive themes.

Im Curious How Do You Watch The

response to Star Wars movies and change the modern era compared to maybe the prequel series or how the fans originally responded to themNK] Abrams. I think the bigger question is how is everything changed the reaction of Star Wars. The increased attacks the increased negativity the fandom Menace as they call it and there it is man it sounds so good. I know I can’t hear it coming out of UK Abrams mouth, but I can just imagine it. I can just imagine it and it’s glorious the fact that he said it the fact that he knows man that’s gotta.

Gotta Hurt Some People Some People Gotta

be some butter right now You know that’s not unique to Star Wars obviously and I think we live in a time where if you’re not being divisive. If you’re not creating something that’s immersive quick bait. I think he means click bait I don’t think it. I don’t think it’s supposed to be quick bait. I’ve never heard that before but maybe I’m just not up with the Internet lingo or the UK lingo.

Sometimes You Dont Feel Quite Like

you’ve been playing the game I’ve always loved Star Wars because I have a huge or because it’s got a huge heart. Did I always believe and agree with every single thing that happened every movie whether it’s from the prequels the ot no but do I love Star Wars Yes that’s you could say the same about every single person there’s. No person that loves every single moment of every Star Wars movie there’s people They have issues with a lot of it right. I have all these books behind me expand U-verse Cute the guy loved every single novel no of course not but it is Star Wars. I do there are certain things I love about it yes so for me and I hope and I’m sure naively.

We Can Return To A Time When We

give things a bit more latitude. We don’t have to agree with every single thing to love something. I don’t know anyone who has a spouse or a partner or any family member or any friend who loves degrees. Every single thing a person is or does of course literally that every single person is like that in the world. You’re not saying anything we have to return.

I Think To Nuance And Acceptance And

so I feel like as a Star Wars fan do I love every single thing about each of the movies no but do I love Star Wars hell yes I do I mean is just so ridiculous UK we all love Star Wars that shouldn’t be a shock If we didn’t love it. We wouldn’t be so damn passionate about it bro like that is why we’re so upset about some of the things that have happened. I have been ringing this belt not on UK, but I’ve been bringing this belt since 2015. When your movie the force awakens came out and I saw it for what it was a shell and a house of cards. It was ready to crumble down and that’s exactly what happened.

You Didnt Give Us Anything With That

movie no character to film no world building it. was all about practical effects and member Berries the mystery box of Snoke that’s all it was UK and I don’t. I’m horrified that you’re gonna go to UK and do more things to screw with characters I loved over there that’ll be really exciting. I’m sure it’ll all be the fans fault too I’m sure I’ll be the fans fault then just because they don’t just love it they don’t just accept it and shove it in their mouth because hey guys it’s UK you just love UK right the biggest I cannot believe that he said the words fandom menace. I really didn’t think that we would ever hear that from one of these top execs like that the freaking director of episode 9, the director of force awakens UK Abrams just said Phantom Menace and it goes to show you that we have had an impact despite.

What People Like Matt Martin Despite What

people like Matt Martin and other people in the media other people on UK? Other people in Lucasfilm have said you know we’ve heard it before that they knew who we were. We had never got confirmation of it like this and we did so it was really nice but I want to know what you guys think what do you think of UK saying everyone should just accept it just go back to loving it you can’t agree with everything right of course you don’t agree with everything but what we don’t like is when we point out something being called racist misogynist sexist by Lucasfilm and by the media and by other Youtubers. Other other members of the the little organization that wants to get on Disney‘s good side just like people like Matt Miller. Matt Miller wrote that about fans. Now I’m going to broke all that garbage lying about Star Wars fans the fan that man is lying about Star Wars fans yet who gets to interview UK Abrams Matt afine Miller so that should tell you a lot should tell you a lot but what do you guys think I know you’ve probably watched a million videos on it and mine’s not the first cuz it’s coming out a little later in the day but I had other stuff.

I Needed To Get Out First

that I owed people so hopefully. I brought a little different perspective by talking about Matt Miller a little bit but let me know what you guys think about UK Abrams saying the name Let me know what you think about Matt Miller and his absolutely disgusting attacks on the Phantom Menace that have been ongoing make sure you like subscribe share the video all around ring ring that bell for notifications. I’ll talk to you guys later thanks for watching everyone and a huge shout out to my patreon site. You guys so much want to follow me on Twitter. Instagram check out the description below you.

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o box and my patreon as well. I’ll talk to you guys later.


The director discusses the culture of Star Wars toxic fandom and the years long build-up to showing the Knights of Ren in action now . Abrams opens up about finishing rise of Skywalker and what he really thinks a baby . The director also discusses how he thinks Yoda is the perfect name for Yoda, Yoda and how he would like to have a baby with Yoda . Abrams has done a couple interviews with Kathleen Kennedy, Ryan Johnson, Colin Trevorrow, Colin trevorrow and the director of the Rise of the Force . The comments were made in an interview with Esquire’s Brian Miller, who also wrote this article about the controversial Star Wars fan backlash that caused Abrams to name the Phantom Menace. The writer of this article, Matt Miller, wrote this almost a year ago the year’s Star Wars Fans finally ruined starwars. The author also wrote about the backlash that ruined the Star Wars fans and said that it was a big mistake for Abrams to say that Star Wars…. Click here to read more and watch the full video