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Joe Biden Has Publicly Said That He Wants A

new world order and a regime change in Russia, but if you think that he wants a new world order and a regime change in Russia, you’re a conspiracy theorist Right hello there you 5.3 million awakening wonders we continue to journey Don’t we against the odds. In spite of the obstacles you know they want you dumb don’t you that they need you docile and compliant. You noticed it when he was at school. You’ve seen it your whole life.

It Continues Still The Endless Bombardment

of muddying information a little while ago on the telly or whatever Joe Biden goes. I want a new world order and he also said I want a regime change in Russia and the mainstream media. Those guys the corporate media. The legacy media you use your phrase let me know in the comments. What you prefer said Ah the conspiracy theorist just because Joe Biden’s saying he wants a new world order and a regime change there’s thinking he wants a regime change in the new world order.

I Mean Its Not As If America

has a long rich history of changing regimes and trying to establish a new world order. Is it Joe Biden even said those things by mistake or he said because they’re sort of on his mind than that the way you sort of if you’ve like just that donut you might say Oh. This is a sweet situation with a hole in the middle. It might just might be in the middle of your mind. I don’t know how the human brain works hey listen.

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I Believe In The World Economy Not

just the world economy in the world. It occurs every three or four generations guys. Everybody’s a bit boring anyway because it’s quite hard watching it. I’m really trying to concentrate. But I’ve got that feeling I’ve got you know when someone boring starts talking to you think oh bleep Oh no they’re not going to.

Stop You Sort Of Have To Steal

yourself like organize your face facial. I think well this boring person talk but inside you’re thinking shut up. This is boring Are you being deliberately boring Are you trying to bore the life right out of me. I’m not being critical of him because he’s older than that old people who don’t love an old person. I’m saying that he’s making geopolitics in a potential world war seemed like a really tiresome thing like he’s describing something that happened to him in a bowling alley In 1950, Oh and I reckon eight of the pins went down.

Oh Shout Out And Now Is

the time when things are shifting we’re gonna they’re gonna be a new world order out there. Oh what back about there gonna be a new world order out there it’s nay on the new world ordinate it’s now. The New World Order Now let’s face it This channel has been subject to some criticism over recent weeks for talking about what are dubbed conspiracy theories what I would call them are alternative narratives often narratives that prove fruitful and true. You only need to look at the last couple of years to see the trends in media and the censorship around certain issues that have eventually become permissible to discuss and we’ve got to lead it We’ve got to unite the rest of the free world. What he said there albeit in a way that was a bit boring to listen to is that the rest of the free world should galvanize against Russia and create a new world order.

Heres Some Headlines That Were Generated By That

Joe Biden’s New World order comment jumped on by conspiracy theorists like that’s the story, but the story is that. Rather than a trend and a history of opportunism by the United States of America read Naomi Klein’s shock doctrine about CiA activity in Latin America and then decide whether or not this is a conspiracy theory or a description of events that occurred. Oh No Joe Biden said New world order and conspiracy theorists are losing it. One of the things you have to do to maintain a power structure is discredit any alternative narrative you have to automatically do that people that believe in alternatives are crackpots and wackos. Whether that’s alternative ideas around health or diet or ideology or philosophy or culture.

Those People Have To Be Dismissed Out Of

hand because otherwise what is it it’s a threat you should be flattered because the reason they’re bothering to condemn you is because they recognize that people are awakening. Joe Biden mentioned the new world order and conspiracy Theorists lost it why not look at whether or not There have been regime changes around the world. Why not have a look at whether or not there are allied forces globally that are operating coherently So the first thing they’ll do is try to hit you on the head with a conspiracy theorist Hammer Ah you’re a conspiracy theorist you’re saying stuff you’re saying stuff that’s not not on proper news shut out conspiracy theorists and then like if that don’t work if you have no actually this is not conspiracy theorist. I can rationally explain to you exactly what I mean Ah well you don’t care about Ukrainian people do you what about Ukrainian people. I do care about Ukrainian people.

Im Just Actually Trying To Understand This Situation

using information outside of the sources issued to me by. People that possibly benefit from a sustained state of war globally continually as Glenn Greenwald said the things that are tragic about the war in Ukraine are common to all wars. It’s terrible that people are suffering. It’s terrible that a refugee crisis is being induced. This is true of all wars even wars that overtly financially and politically benefit sanctioned nations.

We Will Have A Different Future

a brighter future rooted in democracy in principle hope and light of decency and dignity of freedom and possibilities for God’s Sake This man cannot remain power capping a series of diplomatic summits in Europe. Mr. Biden delivered a speech on Saturday in Poland about the war in Ukraine and apparently ad-libbed remark at the conclusion of his address for God’s Sake this man cannot remain in power quickly eclipsed the rest of his speech. Ad-libbed it’s not miles Davis ad-lib it. been but it’s an ad-lib that is somewhat in keeping with American foreign policy in the last 50-60 years or so administration officials and lawmakers stressed that the United States was not seeking regime change in Russia.

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We Do Not Have A Strategy Of

regime change in Russia or anywhere else For that amount regime change in Russia. No i mean over in I mean nowhere nowhere in Syria No we don’t do regime What does that even mean I’ve never even heard that regime oh yeah no no he wouldn’t do that said Secretary of State Anthony J Blinken. The remarks were the most explicit yet from the U. s president. He sees no future for putin as Russia’s head of state, what is exactly the aim asked former Greek finance minister Janis Varafakis in an interview is it regime change in Russia well whenever the United States tried.

Change It Didnt Turn Out Very

well and has never been tried with a nuclear power. The fact is is that when a president says something about regime change, It’s not a ludicrous and outrageous tangent that is exploring some mad riff like James Joyce on a stream of consciousness. He’s talking about stuff that happens all the time look if you’re not questioning the us agenda then I don’t think you know how to ask questions if you’re just blindly accepting what you’re being told. This is humanitarian issue for Ukrainian people oh what about all the other times in the past. When we found out that there was like some mineral or resource thing yeah and i’ve changed since then that’s nuts then but now now I’ve really got myself together now.

This Is Not Saying That Ukrainian

people aren’t suffering obviously they are that’s not saying that Russia haven’t got their own mendacious oligarchical agenda. Obviously they do have I’m not like Russia is a great country. I presume Russia like all powerful nations is run by people that are corrupt that would be my assumption a U. s president who during an atrocious war does not mean what he says on matters of war and peace and must be corrected by his hyper-ventilating staff said Varafakis is a clear and present danger to all now a lot of people have said that about biden for a while haven’t they sometimes it seems a little bit mean but there he is out there now that’s become his excuse what they denied no well. This guy he’s clear as a bell he may be old, but he knows what’s going on Hey I’m.

To Do A Regime Check Just A

new world order. I bleep know he’s nuts this keys. He said how old he is comes Bath time give him a blanket Don’t listen to him we won’t even let him use the remote control why what’s up what’s this do get rid of putin I’m taking your laptop you naughty boy talking to conspiracy theories here are some conspiracy theories that actually happened. U. s intervention let’s just list them.

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Between 1947 And 1989.

The United States tried to change other nations governments 72 times. I mean if you do anything 72 times if it was like goals scored from free kicks or three pointers scored in basketball you’d say well done. It includes 66 covert operations and six overt ones that’s more than a hobby isn’t it also by the way it’s not a right-wing thing or a left-wing thing is. You’ve had over that course of time you’ve had everyone have a little go and what I can test is there Ain’t no bloody real difference.

Most U.

s secret wars were against other Democratic states. What are you saying in his speech and the bits were meant to take seriously not that bit that bit is good No he meant that bit no He didn’t mean that bit thought that was a fart he didn’t mean that but then the main thrust was we’re going to do democracy. We’re going to have a big lightning democracy show right well they were doing secret wars against democratic state. So is it right or is it wrong haven’t you noticed that these days the peculiar elasticity and then sudden rigidity of morality morality can go up.

Were Allowed To Do This Now

you mustn’t say that you mustn’t say that that was. wrong, but what is it then no one’s got any principles? Someone’s got any actual values globally. There were 117 partisan electoral interventions between 1946 and 2000. the majority of these, almost 70 percent of them were by the Us.


Such interventions took place between 1990 and 2000, of which 18 were by the Us. They’re the beatles of interventions 60.


Joe Biden has publicly said that he wants a new world order and a regime change in Russia, but if you think that he’s a conspiracy theorist, you’re a conspirator . If you want to come and see me live you can . Click here to sign up to my mailing list to have direct contact with you because we are going to continue to do pretty unusual stuff and I want to be able to connect with you directly just in case that was suddenly an obstacle right so click on the link . I’m still on tour and I’m on two shows and I believe in the world eco-consciousness of the 21st century and the world is at an inflection point, but I’m not afraid to be afraid of the environment. I’m looking forward to the possibility of a change in the direction of the U.S. and that it’s not just a change of the world. I believe that we are not going to have to change our attitudes. We need to be open to the environment…. Click here to read more and watch the full video