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our K outpost and as more people start to get their hands on the last of us. Part 2. The more and more gameplay is being leaked online and not only does it confirm all the things that happened in the leaks, but it is far worse than so many people expected the added context instead of making people appreciate it. It just makes people more outraged about what they have done during this game. Now we are going to be talking about spoilers so this is your warning if you want to experience the Last of Us Part 2 for yourself.

Like Neil Druckmann Has Asked You To

then I would tune out now because we are gonna be talking spoilers with that said right here The Last of Us Part 2 leaked featuring Joël Pales in comparison to his actual. Outrageous death and yes, and there are people I feel bad for the people that were defending this game and trying to hold out hope because a lot of what you can see out there. Right now online shows that these these leaks were true and they just absolutely butchered these characters literally and figuratively let’s take a look. This is from one angry gamer. It does include some gameplay.

We Are Not Going To Go Through That

for obvious reasons. I will link that a link one of your gamers article in the description below The Last of Us. Part 2 leaks are true and Joel dies at the hands of UK Yes. Joel dies right next to his knocked out brother Tommy after saving Abi’s life. This is the thing people are like well.

Maybe We Can Make It Understandable How Abby

would do it but no um. In the in-the gameplay and all of the time leading up to this moment. Joel and Tommy are saving Abby’s life over and over and over again they save her you can see it it’s all in the gameplay. This all unfolds after the Miller brothers show their friendly side to a group of unknown strangers. After a tense run-in with a horde of clickers first and foremost a person with access to the game has shared the following clips.

The First Video Shows A B And

O n plotting to get into the city Jackson and somehow working out a method to get into the Sin City to kill Joel. Now you can look into it. You can realize that the reason Audi wants revenge is for what Joel did at the end of The Last of Us part one and that is her motivation for wanting to. Joel and Joel knows that a lot of people are after him him and Tommy both know that a lot of people are after Joel. After what happened at the end of the last of us, after the city of Jackson has attacked Joel and his younger brother Tommy help a lone wolf a bee from a horde of clickers.

They Save Her Life Countless Times.

Joel saves Abby’s life before she does what she does to him. The trio manages to wore off a slew of infected despite running low on ammo and after that they make it to a building commandeer horses while making a narrow escape. The three end up. Leaving to Abby’s hideout up north you can view the footage here we won’t after riding for some time, which is about a few hours away.

Joel And Tommy Let Their Guards Down

and introduced themselves by offering up their given names to a group of strangers again. Joel is on the run after what he did. He he knows people are looking for him him and Tommy immediately without knowing anything about these people offer up their names and they immediately look at him like he’s just like he’s gonna die because he is. Then Abby immediately proceeds to shoot him in the knee and then we see the bashing with the golf club that scene comes next a lot of us have seen that before with Ellie sitting on the ground screaming as Abby is beating Joel to death with a golf club, but that is not it. We also have much more from these lakes and like I said it’s it’s the context makes it even worse because at least you could be.

Like Okay But No Joel Saves

Abby’s life over and over again before she murders him in Cold blood. Joel and Tommy act like absolute idiots by offering up their identities to complete strangers. These characters are absolutely destroyed and that’s one of the things that a lot of the reviews are saying the characters Don’t seem like themselves and I mean Neil Druckmann has in his profile abuser of characters so maybe maybe that’s not a surprise that the characters Don’t feel like themselves after what Neil Druckmann intended to do intended to be divisive, but you can see the ending. The ending is even crueler than we could have imagined and it comes from a couple different sources. We’ve seen this out here several times and let’s get into that the ending right because after that happens and again mind you the death It’s two hours into the game.

Joels Death Two Hours Into This Game And

the rest of the twenty-five hours worth of gameplay is this revenge cycle of Ellie murdering hundreds and hundreds of people to try to get back at Abby. The last was two ending is even crueler than we could have imagined thought Joel’s torture and death were senselessly bleak. Oh boy are you in for a treat Naughty Dog has even more relentless brutality in store for you and it involves Ellie’s guitar playing in the final fight between Abby and Ellie. Abby bites off two of Ellie’s fingers. Oh mother of God.

It Hurts My Heart Just To

type that Ellie wins the fight, but decides not to kill. Abby because she has a flashback of Joel for some reason. It makes her believe that revenge is bad after literally the entire store her tracking people down across the country, killing hundreds of people. She decides revenge is bad. Ellie goes home, but Dina and her baby have abandoned her.

Shes All Alone Now All She Has

left is the guitar that Joel lovingly taught her to play except she realizes she can’t play the guitar because her mother the mother effing, she-hulk bit her fingers off I’m just gonna pretend this game doesn’t exist lots of people having a big issue with that a big issue and you know hear that here’s the last of us to a simple breakdown. A simple breakdown by someone. Joel says Abbey Addie kills Joel. Abbey beats the crap out of Ellie lets her go months pass. They’re now on a farm.

Dina And Her Son Ellie Cant Live Without

revenge. Tommy tells him where Abby is Ellie goes after Abbey. They have another fight at me bites off Ellie’s fingers and then just like what we said she tries playing guitar but can’t cuz. She has no fingers Credits roll a game Miel Tuchman God people are really upset about this and like I said character choices and plot holes were so bad throughout that at times he would laugh out loud that’s from one of the character or one of the reviews that we have had by Scallops review and a lot of a lot of people are gonna start echoing those sentiments when it’s not you know UK when when the reviews aren’t basically all exactly the same now one thing that I do want to talk about is the trans aspect now I know a lot of people. are saying that a couple reviews confirm that Abby’s trans.

Now I Have Heard That Some Of The

in-game footage doesn’t confirm the UK is trans in fact probably the opposite, but there are reviews that people are pointing to to say look We knew it.NK] was Trans and I want to pull those up for you guys and I want to talk about why. I don’t think that that it’s the case here is from Digital Spy you can see right here The last was part two definitely feels like a passion all-consuming companion to the first game plus there’s progressive UK LGBtQ+ representation through Ellie’s relationship with Dena as well as a trans character later in the story, and this one from time says almost the same thing if it will load up for me here come on there it is and if no small thing that. Dog decided to primarily tell this story not with a typical white straight male and to hear about the gay woman. Ellie’s, bisexual girlfriend Dina and a trans character whose identity I’m not permitted to spoil.

These Are The Two Reviews That People Are

pointing to I don’t think that they’re referring to UK I believe they are referring to Lev. Now Lev is a character that we did see in some of the leaked footage that shoots an arrow in one of the leaked scenes and we know This character is played by Ian Aleksandr who is trans he is trans. This is Ian Aleksandr right here again a trans-child actor and ironically enough. There was basically no auditioning process. According to him, Neil Druckmann just called the show he’s on says hey I want this person to play a part for me and he came did a.

Couple Reads But Listen To Him Tell The

story you two previous fans became Shakespearean. I could you know what I have it on double speed My bad let’s go back to normal. You know going into it who you were playing exactly actually Neil reached out to the director of the show that I was on the Oh way and that’s how I got the role. I did a couple of great shot like self-tapes and auditions and stuff, but I pretty much went into it. Knowing who I was gonna play so very cool yeah I wish I knew right so that is that is how he and Alexander got the role.

Neil Druckmann Specifically Singled In Alexander

out and said I want you to play this part. I believe that Lev is trans that is who I believe these are referring to but the thing. Is Abby’s name isn’t mentioned in any of these reviews because people we all know that everyone is going to hate Abby. They do not make her story likable. In the first two hours of this game, she gets saved by Joel and ends up murdering him hand cold blood anyway saved over and over and over again.

Joe And Tommy Act Like Absolute Idiots.

Their characters are absolutely destroyed destroyed and that’s an issue that so many people are having again for those of you that were holding out hope that this game. You know that the leaks were going to be out of context well with full context. It’s even worse than anyone thought so I’m sorry if you’re disappointed.

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But It Is The Way It Is.

I’m not going to be buying this gay but let me know are you going to be buying The Last of. US part two as always if you’re interested in spending your money on anything else. We do have some F Naughty Dog Merch that you can check out in the pin comment below make sure you let me know your thoughts about this smash the like button subscribe to the channel ring the bell for ratification Share this video out there and I will talk to you later thanks for watching everyone and a huge shout out to my patrons.

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The Last of Us Part 2 leaks are true and Joel dies at the hands of UK Yes, and there are people I feel bad for the people that were defending this game and trying to hold out hope because a lot of what you can see out there is true . Joel dies right next to his knocked out brother Tommy after saving Abi’s life after saving her life . Joel and Tommy are saving Abby’s life over the time leading up to this moment . In the in the in-the gameplay and all of the . time leading . up to the moment before this moment. You can see it it’s all in the gameplay. you can . see it all . This all unfolds after the Miller brothers show their . friendly side to a group of unknown strangers . strangers to a . group of strangers . The Miller brothers showed their friendly side after the . Miller brothers . show their friendly . side to the . unknown strangers. The Miller Brothers show their friendliness to the strangers. They show their…. Click here to read more and watch the full video