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exciting episode of out of the Ether, where I read some of the best or most controversial comments that we get on this channel. Now this week. You guys had a lot to say about the French High Command. These are just two of the many comments. We got number one fear leave rights at long last the lunatic imbecile.

Joffrey Is Given The Boot Well For As

much stink as von Hötzendorf and hey get at some of the worst generals of the war. In my book None of them surpass Joffrey his ideal that courage and fighting spirit could overcome anything including being outnumbered and superior weaponry were always unrealistic, but the fervor with which Joffrey clung to such ideals even when it was demonstrated time and time again. They account amounted to nothing feel to my modern history student. Brain like nothing short of either pants on head stupidity, Nice term inexcusable, ignorant, inconceivable incompetence or raving and sanity they didn’t work. By 1916 he surely must have known they didn’t work so why did he continue to spout such blatant nonsense right to the end and continue to do so In the speaking tours he would make to the UK After the French government fired him yes I understand that much like has been said of Haig, He was dealing with situations for which there was no precedent no reference for what else to do, but unlike Haig, Jofre had been in this from day one he watched trench warfare evolved.

It Seems That He Did Not Evolve With

it. He learned nothing from the failures of these first three years and continued to try to use the same tactics that had been shown to be fatally futile. over and over again good riddance to him I say it’s only a tragedy that he wasn’t let go a year ago before things got really bad for France Wow Okay I’ll read the second one too and then maybe I’ll say a little bit about my opinion on the French High Command I have a cold Arthur. Brogdon writes a couple of additional points about Niveles Offensive only one managing the sixth army was in favor of it out of the four army commanders who would be involved. Patong was actually opposed also the day before the offensive.

The Weather Broke For The Entire First Week.

The attacking front would be deluged by heavy rain and sleet. This had two effects first to increase the speed of advance. The assault divisions had been stripped of the heavy coats and rain capes and within 48 hours huge numbers became ineffective. shivering masses caught in no man’s land under German fire.

Additionally, The Weather Prevented French Aerial Artillery

spotting of German batteries on the reverse slopes of the Chemin de Dom itself. The commitment of the French tanks was an utter fiasco. They were deployed in two long columns nose to tail soon. A French infantry officer described them as a line of torches blazing fitfully in the twilight well the troops who suffered the greatest with the three colonial divisions in the first exelon of Margine 6th Army unused to the cold and ill-equipped for it the rain and freezing sleet during the night rendered them inert and thousands died of exposure. I knew that yep we did mention something like that Ok worst of all Nibel was so confident of a rapid breakthrough that the medical services were not available to handle the enormous casualty loads that actually occurred.

The Small Numbers Of Casualties That Initially Came

back encouraged Nivelle to believe he was succeeding the reality was the wounded were rapidly dying of exposure before the inadequate number of medical teams could reach them. Nivelle despite his repeated promises of 48 hours and out would continue the battle till May 6. By then the mutinies had already begun and the French army would enter the darkness for a detailed account of all of this I highly recommend breaking point of the French Army. David Murphy 2015 available on Kindle for an extended video The Great War UK 1964 episode 15 available on UK that whole series is actually really good. This disaster was so great and the events that follow the mutiny is affecting all or parts of 62 French divisions that the French government would seal all records of it for a hundred years yet what is.

Now Becoming Available Makes Clear Many

unit Diaries are missing. They were almost completely certainly deliberately destroyed not just regimental but division and Corps Diaries aren’t in the preserved records all the papers of Niveles chief of staff Colonel UK Kong are missing as well before the attack. The French government had also begun to express grave reservations. Pile of a the Minister of War met repeatedly with noble and his subordinate commanders, but having engineered the sacking of Jafra in December and having promoted Novello were a number of senior generals in the end went along based on the 48 hours or quit novella promised catastrophe was set in motion that’s funny because somebody also wrote a comment. It wasn’t a long thing for out of the ether, but comment how they felt that novella bore no responsibility for any of the mutinies and that his name has been.

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Unnecessarily Disgraced Over The Years By His Association

with with the events that happened during and after his offensive. I think that Nivelle could not have done a better job of disgracing his own name had he tried remember after you know the first five days of in offensive not 48 hours and out with a hundred thousand casualties. Pinal of a didn’t make him stop the offensive for the time being until until what was it April 25th and that’s when he was removed from from from power, but he refused to leave. He refused to leave his post even when the Tom was appointed. Neville said no I’m not leaving and he blamed absolutely everybody except himself except himself he took no responsibility for the catastrophe of the Nivelle offensive.

Even Though Everybody Had Warned Him This

is not going to work this it’s not going to work. This is not going to work. He even blamed one of his generals who had been against it to the point of insubordination and it almost been punished for insubordination for saying Don’t do this Don’t do this this is a bad idea and Nivelle tried to blame him. He certainly blame managing machine was dismissed yeah as for Jeffrey I I Don’t feel quite as strongly as you do about Jeffrey being view of the worst general of the war. I do feel there were plenty of worse generals and Joffrey symbolism also did count for something now.

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I Thought Wed Have To Go Into

specific battles and stuff to really analyze that it Don’t have time here. I’ll tell you what why Don’t you guys in the comments address the Joffrey issue more because Nivelle we’ve already got a plenty of comments about Neville, but I haven’t heard. Anybody write that much of a scathing indictment of Joffrey ever on this channel, so your opinions on Joffrey will be very very very gladly received. Okay well. This was really fun.

We Enjoy Well-Written Comment From You Guys,

but remember the more controversial your hypothesis is the more sources. We will demand for you to prove it. If you want to learn more about a less controversial French General you can click here for our episode about Ferdinand Porsche do not forget to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter see you next time.


Indy Neidell read some of the best or most controversial comments that we get on out of the Ether . This week’s episode is a look at the French High Command . Nivel was fired by the French government after three years of trench warfare . Brogdon writes a couple of additional points about the French high command . He says it’s only a tragedy that he wasn’t let go a year ago before things got really bad for France . He also says he has a cold Arthur. I have a cold. I say it’s just a tragedy. He says he didn’t evolve with trench warfare. He learned nothing from the failures of these first three years and continued to try to use the same tactics that had been shown to be fatally futile. He said it’s a tragedy to be let go. The French government fired him. He was fired. He didn’t know they didn’t work. It’s a terrible mistake. I think it’s not a mistake. It was a mistake ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video