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Boss and Joker 2 aka Joker Folly A D released a new teaser in a release date October 4th 2024. Paulie the is an archaic literal translation of Madness for two, but really its modern clinical definition is shared psychosis. It’s a rare syndrome in which a delusional belief is transmitted from one individual to another which now seems to be the case between Joaquin Phoenix‘s Joker from Todd Phillips 2019 film to this upcoming sequel with Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn Yup Everything’s on fire over at Warner Brothers at the moment when it comes to its DC titles, but we can always count on a billion dollar Oscar winner setting up a sequel team up with the star of House. Gucci and a star is born to set the internet ablaze with just the best takes on mental health, but let’s take a look at this teaser to begin to explain what this movie even is roll the clip heaven I’m in heaven. This is Eric singing because this is backup music that Youtube won’t let us use in our video without it get demonetized.

So Heres My Version And Were

dancing something something cheek to cheek yeah you love it enjoy those nightmares. So this music is irving Berlin‘s famous cheek to cheek from the 1935 musical comedy Tophat starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. This is an instrumental section of the song after Fred sings heaven I’m in heaven and then the two of them go into a dance break. This is what we hear here. We see the silhouette of Joaquin Phoenix says Arthur Fleck one of those shots when he was suited up in the red orange and green suit cigarette just dangling there when in the 2019 film, he descended into one of his many fanciful episodes, but also we see a silhouette of lady Gaga, her hair in a bun we’re in a dress with high heels a tiny heart visible on her cheek actually as these two dance cheek to cheek the heart on her cheek nears the joker paint around his eyes blue triangles above and below here looking like an up and down button on an elevator.

This Teaser Ends With Arthur Releasing His Pathological

laughter that he had throughout that 2019 film. This audio actually sounds like it might be directly from the final scene with him and Arkham with an analyst what’s so funny remember it was. This moment that led some to suspect that all the events of the film could have been presented through the eyes of an unreliable narrator. An interpretation supported by Arthur’s romantic relationship with Zzb’s character Sophie revealed as a delusion late in the film and that everything we saw this joker go through from his talk show massacre to his ascension to the clown Prince of Crime leading a riot that left Bruce wayne an orphan all that might have been the joke in Arthur’s mind Todd Phillips has confirmed wanting to preserve the multiple choice aspect of the joker’s backstory from Alan Moore’s the killing joke and said that the whole film is really up for interpretation kind of like fight club. Sometimes we’re all happy to lose we’re happy to lose our minds.

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Over The Latest Trailer Were Happy To

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This Sequel Teaser Suggests An Interesting Tone

for Joker folly ado consistent with some of the things that we’ve been hearing about. It first off the reports that Joker followed might be a movie musical which would be consistent with sampling. One of the most famous cinematic movie musical numbers in Hollywood history and the casting of a movie musical star like Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn Gaga’s silhouette wearing high heels is really no coincidence as there’s that famous saying that Ginger Rogers had to do everything. Backwards and in high heels that was my impression of Texas Governor Anne Richards when she did it go watch that clip that speech was awesome, but Don’t worry for anyone who might be turned off of the idea of a musical first off slap what’s wrong with you musicals are awesome, but don’t worry it’s probably not what you think it’s probably not going to be characters bursting into song from out of nowhere or the whole thing being like an opera where they’re singing throughout no no no no that 2019 Joker actually included a musical sequence if you remember Arthur dancing down the steps to rock and roll Part two, which then crossfaded into some of the darker tones from the film score actually a lot of action movies. These days have these kind of sequences that are edited to sync with the diegetic music within the reality of the scene.

Ive Actually Made The Case That James Gunns

Guardians of the Galaxy movies in the Mcu are diegetic musicals in that regard the opening titles of the 2014 film are To Peter Grill Dancing to Come and Get Your Love. The 2017 follow-up Groot dances to Mr. Blue Sky. Both of these movies really dig into the thematic debate of dancers versus non-dancers and James Gunn even confirmed to me that the first one of these movies is meant as a musical love letter from Peter Quill’s Mom to him we’ve even seen musical escapism with the character of Harley Quinn again with James Gunn. His 2021 The suicide squad showed Harley’s escape edited to the rhythm of Louis Prima’s just to Gigolo Slash I Ain’t got no body a song that Harley was singing to herself at the start of that sequence and before that 2020s.

Birds Of Prey Featured Harley When

she was getting wrapped up by Roman Sionas’s crew escaping into a reenactment of Marilyn Monroe’s Diamonds are a girl’s best friend from Gentlemen prefer Blondes so Yeah I don’t think we’re really looking at a musical in the vein of a West side story or Hamilton, but rather one in which the musical and the dance sequences are expressions of the characters shared psychosis their falia. There are other reports that this movie will be set mostly in Arkham_Asylum” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Arkham Asylum, assuming its events pick up as the 2019 movie ends that actually tracks if we interpret arthur’s bloody footprints as him having killed. that former analyst Arkham might now assign a new analyst to take her place and that could be how we get the ambitious Dr Harleen Quinzel actually whenever I hear cheek to cheek my mind goes to Frank Darabon’s 1999 film The Green Mile in which the wrongly accused prisoner and a corrections officer bond over this specific musical number in top hat. I think of it as a song of a prisoner imagining his life outside of jail, along with someone who works at that jail feeling sympathy for him. Now Arthur’s exact mental condition was deliberately left unspecified in the 2019 film, but with a title like Paulia Du.

The Sequel May Explore His Pathological Laughter

being a kind of contagion, a psychological virus that also infects Harley and for the two of them to now share these delusions. The entire sequel could be set in Arkham, but have a dual reality structure, A base reality frame in the mental hospital intercutting with a musical fantasy with Arthur and Harley as the Joker and Harley Quinn running Amuck in their co-imagined Gotham and then gradually populating more and more of the residents of Arkham into this fantasy by means of their pathological laughter infecting them as this movie toggles in and out of their delusions we would see these patients comic book fantasy counterparts spreading that chaos throughout this fantasy Gotham now yes you may be struggling with the idea of a serialized narrative in which we know for sure it’s really on the characters imaginations Are there any real stakes in that scenario like for example, Marvel Studios Moon Knight seemed to go in a similar direction. In its fourth episode hinting that Steven Grant’s superhero awakes were. part of a delusion in the mind of a mental patient, but then pulled back again to reveal the hospital as part of the hero’s underworld afterlife transition and really the hospital. Part of it to be a trick coming from his inner doubt.

I Mean Theres Still A Lot To Interpret

from Moon Knight, but really at the end of the day all the stuff with the godly possession, the invisible Jackals, the giant ahmet over Cairo. All actually happened in the Mcu continuity, but this version of the Joker sequel. By contrast, would just be unfolding in a clearly shared delusion now on one hand that would help Warner and DC maintain a separation between this reality and that of Matt Reeves. The Batman, which has its own gotham and its own joker, so they could go deep into arthroplex nightmarish imagination without worrying about how it would.

All Connect To The Robert Pattinson Bruce

Wayne journey, but on the other hand, one way to give some real world stakes to Arthur and Harley’s. Delusion could be to give this movie a one flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest style ending and allow these inmates to overrun the hospital and break out of it and infect the broader wider outside world. With this pathological actor madness for everyone a folly Todos i took Spanish not French hey let me know what you think about this announced Joker 2 film follow me on instagram and Twitter at ea Boss follow New Rockstars subscribe to New York Stars for more analysis of everything you love thanks for watching Bye you.


I’m, Eric Boss and Joker 2 aka Joker Folly A D released a new teaser in a release date October 4th 2024 . Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker from Todd Phillips 2019 film to this upcoming sequel with Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn . Yup everything’s on fire over at Warner Brothers at the moment when it comes to its DC titles, but we can always count on a sequel team up with the star of House . The movie is set to be released on October 4, 2024 . It’s a rare syndrome in which a delusional belief is transmitted from one individual to another which now seems to be the case between Joaquin . Phoenix’s 2019 film and Lady Gaga’s upcoming sequel . The film is due out in cinemas in October 2015 . The sequel is due to be directed by Todd Phillips and directed by Christopher Hitchens and co-directed by John Defterios, which will be released in October 2018. It is set in the U.S. cinemas on Blu-Blu-Ray…. Click here to read more and watch the full video