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Now Jon Stewart We Thought He Was

out of our lives long ago. You know he did the daily show for a million years, and he did his shtick every single day and and the shtick was really really familiar right. He’d look quizzingly at the camera and the whole crowd would cheer and laugh and then he’d occasionally throw in a swear word and they’d bleep it out and everyone go oh and then all the media would parrot whatever he said over and over again and we were infected by that illness for many many years now we kind of have it with John Oliver, Although not as prominently I mean you know this guy. Jon Stewart kind of controlled the cultural connection to politics for many many years. We forget this national nightmare because everyone forgot the daily show’s still on the air since Trevor Noah took.

Over But At One Point It Was

actually influential. Now Jon Stewart is no longer seemingly influential. I think he’s doing something again is that right is he doing something like Netflix or something. I don’t know he’s doing something for someone um and you know so he’s not making as much news, but he has this post-daily show shtick that he does which is act outrage on behalf of veterans or 9-11 victims or some other group that we all love and cherish and act like. He’s the only one out there speaking the truth he’s the only one that wants 9-11 victims to have any health care.

Hes The Only One Who Wants Police

officers to be protected. I mean now of course on the left, he may be the only one who wants police officers protected that’s a whole nother story but the bottom line. This is schtick and every time he does it. He does it the same way He comes out with this angry angry thing where he swears a bunch of times gets all the facts wrong. The media parrots it like crazy, so they can make Republicans look bad because without fail.

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Republicans Are Always The Target Of These

criticisms and then we get down the road where when you find out the truth. You realize that you know this funding for this group was always going to go through. Everyone knew it was going to go through. They were quibbling about some detail and then eventually it goes through anyway and then Jon Stewart takes a victory lap and he says, Oh look at me look what I’ve done. I I was the one who said how important this was and the media followed me and now I get credit.

Because Im So Great Now This Hasnt

happened in a little while because as I said Jon Stewart has been completely out of our lives and totally invisible, but he’s back in our lives today, so Ted Cruz and a bunch of other senators are pushing back against this bill in the Senate, which they argue would lead to some out of control spending unrelated to veterans Now. This is a common back and forth as you see between the left and the right when it comes to these issues. Jon Stewart signaled out Ted Cruz and went after him. In this video Oh Hello, I’m John Stewart apparently quite funny and I’m awfully interested in what Theodore Cruz is about to say about the pact act go on but what the dispute is about is. The Democrats played a budgetary trick which is they took 400 billion in in.

Discretionary Spending And They Shifted It To

mandatory one thing what Ted Cruz is describing is inaccurate not true see how funny that is without a crowd that sucks plays well. H so Ted Cruz responds and he says hey John you’re wrong here The bill gives 400 billion dollar blank check separate from vets care for unrelated pork that will supercharge inflation. I support the packed act and it’s 679. 4 billion dollars that would dedicate to vets it’s people trying to use pact to shovel more pork who are exploiting vets now. Jon Stewart went through a lengthy response on this on twitter as well.

He Said No One Is Playing Politics

with the packed act but you two me and your band of merry monsters stop effing around and pass the bill you already had past thank you for coming to my Ted Cruz talk see how funny. That is when you don’t have an audience so he’s trying to say that Ted Cruz is lying here and Pat Toomey as well now. Toomey did go on to talk about this. It was really more Toomey’s thing than Cruz, but you know again look I like Pat Toomey as a center. I think he’s been generally good with the notable exception of guns.

Hes Been Generally A Good Senator And

he’s leaving when he said he would leave which considering dr oz is behind by 11 points. I’m not all that crazy about that decision at this exact moment. But overall I’m kind of excited that he actually stuck by his word. I think Tommy’s been generally good, but you know what doesn’t get you clicks Pat to me. It’s like a it’s it’s boring even as a name.

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Pat Toomey No Ones Clicking On An

article about. Pat Toomey luckily the blaze did write one anyway about the interview that he did with Jake tapper on this particular topic and I wanna let him explain his position but again what’s the point of going after Ted Cruz. This was This was toomey’s argument from the very beginning really more than Cruz. Although Cruz also agrees with his analysis here’s the back and forth what do you say to those who find it impossible to believe that of all the multi-trillions of dollars in our federal budget. This is where you and Republicans decided to take a stand here’s what you need to keep in mind.

Jake First Of All This Is

the oldest trick in Washington people take a sympathetic group of Americans and it could be children with an illness it could be victims of crime. It could be veterans who’ve been exposed to toxic chemicals. a bill to address their problems and then sneak in something completely unrelated that they know could never pass on its own and dare Republicans to do anything about it because they know they’ll unleash their allies in the media and maybe a pseudo-celebrity to make up false accusations to try to get us to just swallow What shouldn’t be there that’s what’s happening here Jacob but this is my efforts my Republican colleagues in the building last month Yeah and we were promised that we’d have an opportunity to offer an amendment to to change this and then of course that was reneged on so people hadn’t had a chance to be socialized about this let me be very clear. The Republicans are not opposed to any of the substance of the pact act the honest republic, my honest Democratic colleagues will fully acknowledge that my objection and. If I get my way again my change it will not change by one penny any spending on any veterans program.

What Im Trying To Do Is

change a government accounting methodology that is designed to allow our democratic colleagues to go on an unrelated 400 billion spending spree that has nothing to do with veterans and that won’t be in the veterans space so that’s what I’m trying to do they could have agreed to this a month ago and this bill would sail through at any point in time look we can resolve this with an amendment vote right, but some of the democrats don’t even want to have an amendment vote once okay so you get the details here right. It’s pretty self–explanatory. Now you as a as Jon Stewart is you know a leftist is going to sit here and disagree with that analysis you know. They can go back and forth about this all I want now It certainly doesn’t seem like something to yell expletives at Senators for Doesn’t seem to make any sense certainly not helpful in any way, but here’s the thing as Pat toomey just admitted there’s no opposition for what we’re talking about here no opposition for getting the money to these people now you might say wait a minute we don’t have any money to be dishing out to anybody right now, but generally speaking i’m saying from the senators there’s zero opposition here to to helping this group of people just like there was no opposition to helping 911 victims just like there was no opposition to helping firefighters and police officers. None of these things have ever been true.

When Jon Stewarts Involved That Seems To Be

kind of a recurring theme. It’s very strange Jon Stewart. wrote morning Senator to me I’d rather be a pseudo-celeb than a pseudo-senator. See how funny that is without a crowd take your amendment vote at the same 60 vote threshold. Veterans had to hit good luck, capping and rationing care now Of course all this stuff is just nonsense.

It Hasnt Been Thats Not What

they’re doing here. They’re not trying to cap or ration care that’s not what they’re doing. In fact, all the people who have voted against this have come out and said it let me give you a particular back and forth. The coverage of course has aligned almost identically with Jon Stewart‘s ridiculous analysis of this particular situation, but Alexa Henning, who is a spokesperson for Senator Ron Johnson had to go back and forth and this is what happens behind the scenes all the time the press you know representatives from a senator. back and forth, trying to get a journalist to understand what the story is about because usually this is I mean I could I could make jokes about how ill informed they are, but generally speaking they just they’re not going to be experts on all this stuff.

Theyre Basically Trying To Pick It

up as they’re writing their own stories. They don’t know the back and forth here, so they go to the representative of Senator Johnson and they ask and she writes. She sees the article then writes this unbelievable. I exchanged multiple emails with the NBc news, including the text of the bill that references the 400 billion dollars in spending unrelated to veterans. An additional comment from me and that the senator supports this legislation but voted against Clojure because of Dems budget gimmick and this is what they report They report that the views of.

Senator Johnson Certainly Did What However,

Johnson voted for the bill in June but voted against it on Wednesday. He said in a statement that the bill opens a door for more reckless government spending Senator Johnson’s views quite literally didn’t change He voted the same way when this is before the Senate. Prior I said that in my statement he wasn’t included in the story shocking and then they actually she actually shows you the email of what she wrote to NBc News. The senator supports providing coverage to service members affected by burn pit exposure as the senator pointed out in his statement Wednesday Night. The bill as written includes a budget gimmick that allows for 400 billion dollars in spending over the next 10 years unrelated to veterans.

He Had The Same Concern.

The first time the bill came before the Senate, but ultimately listen to this. John ultimately supported it and will again he’s his spokesperson is telling you he’s going to vote it even if they don’t win this battle, he voted no enclosure.


Jon Stewart controlled the cultural connection to politics for many many years . Now Jon Stewart we thought he was out of our lives long ago, but now Jon Stewart is no longer seemingly influential . He has this post-daily show shtick that he does which is act outrage on behalf of veterans or 9-11 victims or some other group that we all love and cherish and act like. The media parrots it like crazy, so they can make Republicans look bad because without fail. Republicans are always the target of these criticisms and then we get down the road where when you find out the truth.& He does it the same way. He comes out with this angry angry thing where he swears a bunch of times gets all the facts wrong. He’s the only one out there speaking the truth and every time he does it. He is only one of the only ones that wants 9- 11 victims to have any health care.& This is a whole nother story but the bottom line….. Click here to read more and watch the full video