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League has restored the Snyder verse if Warner Brothers will just decide to like money. Will this truly be the last we see of Snyder’s DC vision as it might be or or or could Snyder’s Justice League part two and part three. Now be in some future alternate timeline that if we run fast enough with our hopes we can skew right into I’m Eric boss not barry Allen I can’t run that fast watch our fitness videos you’ll see how capable i am of moving physically. This is rogue theory with me is an amazing panel. I’m so excited to talk about this with starting with the co-host of our falcon Winter soldier after show Mt.

Hey Buddy Hey Buddy.

It’s always good to talk to you and fellow nerds, So this should be really fun and with us. Well is friend of the show Twitch streamer Angelica Trey Hi! It’s good to be back. I’m excited to talk Snyder cut yeah good to have you back and returning guest co-host of the film Philosophers Podcast Eddie Villanueva What is up guys. I am excited to be here.

Im Excited To Talk About This Stuff And

I’m ready to just dive right in and let’s do that so the Snyder cut restored Snyder’s vision for Justice League including the ways. He intended the DC movie universe to carry on afterward into titles like The Batman when Ben Affleck was still just gonna make it his movie and the flash movie and movies like Justice League Part two and part three. Snyder himself has sort of kept that door open by suggesting that hey if warner was willing to let him recut Justice League letting him direct a follow-up film. More surprising, but Snyder’s also graciously acknowledged that the theatrical cut remains the DC Eu cannon because you know Warner Brothers has the keys to the Castle and Warner CeO and starring off signaled that the Snyder cut was really the completion of Snyder’s trilogy and she was kind of hinting that they wanted to move on and not rehash old directorial visions like a david haircut of suicide squad but panel let’s help Warner see the light here because this Snyder cut gave this universe all the tools. It needs to have an amazing thrilling showdown with a Justice League Part two and part three in the hands of Snyder, so if Zack Snyder‘s directing isn’t up to your taste viewer that’s totally fine.

You Know You Have Plenty Of Other Dc

titles to look forward to let’s just let the fans have this moment can we and I. want to ask all of you what should and would a Zack Snyder Justice League Part 2 look like now that we’ve all seen the Snyder cut. I think the first thing we have to we have to honor in this particular iteration of the Snyder cut is the fact that we get so much more of Cyborg and the heart of what. This film originally intended to put out that I have no problem Having the second part build on top of Cyborg’s story and continue that evolution of not only him understanding his powers and abilities, but him just understanding and recognizing and accepting himself like I really hope that’s the direction that’s one of the ideas that it’s really top of mind moving forward because I am and I know there’s a lot of other ways to say this, but I am completely surprised that it wasn’t. in the original cut, however, in this particular version making his making his whole evolution and hills his old story.

The Heart Of The Film Really

gave light to a lot of things that we could actually potentially see down the road with DC Yeah agreed agreed and especially there were little moments in here like in that epilogue scene with with the joker in that post–apocalyptic future and how Cyborg seemed to be kind of contesting Batman for who was really the leader of that gang He’s like we’re exposed for too long how much longer is it going to be to be there. It seemed like Cyborg had stepped up into more of a leadership role, which I really loved and Batman even kind of gave him that torch. When they both jumped on the flying fox and he’s like Oh it’s it’s it’s want is to fly. Like it’s yours too you know so yeah. I would definitely want Cyborg to be at the heart of that Yeah and I can totally see more because basically in the Snyder cut, it fleshed out a lot more of Cyborg and Barry Allen’s Flash character and so it’s setting up a lot more into part two.

Even With The Epilogue How Important

these characters are and just how much space for growth their character arcs could potentially have and I think that’s something that’s really exciting and something that could and will would likely you know take the spotlight in Justice league part two. I want to see more flash stuff um in a future sequel because God Snyder really fixed that boy um it was I mean obviously with Cyborg as well like I just I’m very confused um just how much we didn’t like decided was okay. to cut and like you know obviously Josh Joss whedon you know he did the best We could. I guess with what he was doing but like good God the Cyborg stuff and the flash stuff. There’s just a lot more like you just love those characters more and like I just I’m really interested to see what they do with you know obviously with the canon flashpoint movie that’s that’s coming out yeah.

I Really Hope I Mean I Really

hope that Warner brothers decides to tie these two movies into like well like Zack Snyder’s Justice League anyway and make it canon some way through yeah the flashpoint movies because I think that’d be really cool because I think snyder really did a really fantastic job. I say really like a zillion times so that’s that’s just we’re here for it thank you we’re really here. The most incredible thing about this movie is that everything had already been shot except for five minutes of it. Everything was already in can created except for five minutes of a four-hour epic event that’s insane that could have been the first movie right that’s true which makes you think maybe the snyder you know snyder verse Cannon was underlying it all along you know we could we could get we could deep dive into this like it was there and it was happening or some of this stuff was happening. You know obviously not the things that were edited over um but but yeah like maybe maybe it did happen.

Maybe They Can Weave It Into

the the greater you know Dc cannon of the universe. Yeah I I don’t see the the cannon of the snyder cut as too incompatible with the with the theatrical cut just. The theatrical cut just left questions open-ended that the Snyder cut just gave us answers to like all the you know the flash cameo and Batman v Superman and that whole nightmare vision feature we weren’t really sure what that meant, but if you just look through the details of the Snyder cut it’s like Oh okay these characters when a timeline has been altered by a future flash time reversal the characters who are part of that timeline have these kind of echoes of what happens in that future and we see we saw it happen with Bruce and Batman Superman. We see it happen with Cyborg in this movie right as Barry Allen is using his speed force to reverse time that’s precisely when Cyborg is like whoa something just changed in the future and we’re now on a different timeline a different trajectory so you know I. Don’t think Schneider‘s been really gracious about it, but just you know the way Steppenwolf is killed.

Hes Either Way.

He’s killed either way there’s a deeper threat out there in the cosmos and you know I don’t think it’s wrong for fans of the Snyder cut to feel like this is the true direction of where this universe is going yeah and here’s the thing here’s something I’ve been stewing over a little bit after I watched the Snider cut because I was like this movie’s pretty good and I was thinking. Since it’s on HBo Max technically Warner brothers could go back and fix any continuity issues in previous films on their site. They could just literally edit a little bit be like all right so like this this happened the Snyder Cup. It didn’t happen in canada so we just put that in and then give my.

Boy Snyder A Sequel Because God

it’s such a better film like I’ve Gotta say it’s just so it’s a lot. It’s a film sorry no it was really good. I um I wish I could have seen what he would have what Snyder would have ended up doing when he probably would have had to cut that down so it would have been interesting to see how much of that character building or you know those extra scenes but you know would have been cut down or edited for the theatrical release. But I I thought I thought it did a lot better in terms of fleshing out characters and representing steppenwolf let’s anchor some plot points that seem to be headed forward into a part two so like we have in this epilogue scene with Lex Luthor meeting deathstroke and telling him that um that Batman is Bruce. Wayne and that was definitely setting up the Ben Affleck Batman story in which Deathstroke was going to be the antagonist to that but now Deathstroke in this post–apocalyptic epilogue scene is now joining Batman and his Motley crew.

So It Seems Like Theres A

defection from this legion of doom that was going to include Lex Deathstroke, maybe, the Joker and Harley Quinn as well because we knew the original plans to develop them in another movie and then Joker’s decision. It looks like to kill Lois Lane in the Bat cave was such a screw-up move that ruined the universe and turned superman in this dark figure that perhaps Deathstroke is like Whoa Buddy. I mean we’re mad at Batman, but we’re not going to burn the whole world over it so it looks like that’s what led Deathstroke to defect do we think there were other going. Be other alternate death sequences or other moments that we’re going to see play out as a result of Joker’s actions honestly it’s endless because Joker is such a wild card and you know we’ll just let anything happen so that plus the acknowledgement of a multiverse and with all of you know Barry Allen creating different timelines. I definitely think anything is possible now and I was sitting there while watching the snyder cut wondering um if deathstroke if that was an alternate timeline.

You Know In The Epilogue Versus Just

that ending right beforehand because death stroke was so different and of course there could be some wild you know character arc that does change things but I was just sitting there wondering like is this an alternate timeline and then Batman wakes up and I go was this whole movie just a dream Super Mario Bros 2.. It was all a dream magazine and I think we’re overlooking one other key one other key death in terms of the one that could actually affect the the outcome of how some of these things will come to pass and that’s possibly the death of virus West you know since we’ve introduced her into this film. Obviously Barry is very fixated on her that slow motion you know touch and stare and awkward a little weird. The hot dog part was my favorite.

I Love When He Put That Dog

in his pocket and I was like you’re doing an a-plus movie right there I could stop the hot dog part was hilarious hot dog like this boy hasn’t eaten in days he’s just like yes for consumption. We’re gonna save this for later it wasn’t that was an interesting shot for sure it was sweet and then it. Like a hot dog suddenly Yeah but the coming to pass of that relationship coming to fruition. Obviously we know that we’re gonna revisit that we know we’re gonna see his full affection for her like fully displayed in front of her and with her and and the possibility of something happening that causes the death of Iris West that could cause Barry to try to do flashpoint to create flashpoint and we could get flashpoints somewhere in between all of that that could be the cause of it, though him trying to go back in time Yeah I mean he does have a lot of like you know trauma with his mom and like you know with the murder of his um his mom and so like having like a a romantic figure or like a love figure become lost like would probably just have him just be. Like if I can go back in time, I’m gonna do it.

Im Gonna Say My Mom And My

boo so yeah I like that Eddie that’s awesome and I wanna I wanna talk more about specifically flashpoint This flash movie um a little bit later in the show, but it is a very important question how much time hopping do you think snyder intended to happen in in Justice League part two. My thinking is that maybe he was expecting for that to be explored in this flashpoint movie and then there’s maybe going to be some alternate timeline. Maybe some time reversal stuff but kind of like endgame not overall a time travel story, but some kind of crossover event that is set maybe mostly in like in the present day as present day, Batman is trying to connect with Joker and be like what do I have. to do to change your mind to get you not to kill Lois and then we might have you know this kind of a star trek next generation finale thing where there’s like multiple timelines Ripple affecting each other like we know where the future is, but we’re really just staying focused on this present day timeline of like a legion of doom and certain members of the legion of doom being like look we’re sorry that joker did this like having a batman versus Joker conversation and that whole like Jared Leto Ben Affleck moment of like he brings up Robin Batman brings up Harley Quinn Leto looks like scared in that moment like I want to know what that was in reference to. I want to see that moment and I’m wondering if that’s what this part 2 was going to be yeah no that was definitely a.

Moment And That Was Actually A Really

good moment between Ben affleck between the bat and the Joker too and now I’m like pondering into it because that was actually probably one of my favorite moments with Jared Leto as Joker and there’s there’s definitely a lot of a lot of different timeline suggestions going on in there Barry Allen’s now got he’s got like armor too in that epilogue so I’m wondering you know if that helps in any way Yeah with th with the joker maybe they could try to bring back Harley. I don’t know I feel like the bat yeah a lot of it seems to be the key is with Joker and then obviously throughout the movie with like with Lois. It could essentially be a a portion derived from the Injustice storyline where the Joker tricks superman and ultimately killing Lois himself which coming. to find out she was also pregnant at the time now obviously in that opening storyline, Superman goes to find the Joker in interrogation and kills him now what if that’s kind of part of the reason why Batman and the team has joker to keep Superman from finding him and killing him. Ultimately solidifying this next portion of the apocalypse and everything to come in the end so you’re saying that part two would be extending out the apocalypse Yeah Barry saw it and Barry probably saw that the yes Lois is the key, but the I guess the ignition would be the killing of Joker and everything following suit Yeah Eddie I think you hit the nail on the head.

There The Idea That I Think Injustice What

is what inspired Snyder the most with this post-apocalyptic scene having a very dark superman who becomes murderous essentially and having to reconnect with him and have him rediscover his humanity, but yeah Joker’s death. The idea that we see the torn Joker card in Victor’s vision tells us that in some future timeline Batman broke the truce and just couldn’t take it anymore. This freaking Clown taunted him and then just beat him to death because he was tired of it, but that is not what we see. At the end of the movie so there’s we’re seeing multiple versions of events and like Batman Batman’s goal is like how do I not kill this freaking clown for what he’s done to me into the whole world and joker’s thing is like find the right answer find the key and his key is. Quinn and I think that was what Snyder was hoping There was gonna be a whole Harley Quinn Joker movie where you see the relationship unfold and that relationship is gonna be so important.

So The Idea For Snyder Whats More Important

like how do you make Batman still relevant in a cosmic battle. You know you gotta have his relationship his history with the Joker and Joker’s history with Harley Quinn matter and I feel like this is how you make it matter and for one just just going off of what you said there. Eric one of the things I would love to see is like a Harley Quinn origin story. I just want to put that out there but also what if in the sorry what if in part two they ended up doing you know basically before the epilogue, you know continuing that with Lex Luthor. and Deathstroke and so they have that where Lex Luthor is now trying to I guess get to Lois because that’s like the key to everything they kept.

They Kept Mentioning That Throughout The Snyder

cut Lois is like the key and everyone was was you know emphasizing that so I think that in part two it would be Lux Luther trying to kill Lois. You know maybe figuring out that Lois is the key to Superman and then having Deathstroke in the meantime go after you know the batman and and then maybe. At the end of that part two would go back into another little snippet of that post-apocalyptic looking epilogue and continuing it like in little bites Yeah, I agree with the little bites there Angelica because I think if it were all set in this mad Max universe. I think people would feel like oh we. Another bleak post–apocalyptic thing? I think the smarter move is to have it all set in the present day, but characters who just have knowledge of what happens in the future and then yeah We just see little like flashes to that post–apocalyptic future To see how things are changing or to give like flash forwards.

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You Know And Lost How They Did Flash

forwards. Yeah and you’re trying to figure out what happened in between the whole time. Yeah keep them yes and I think that would that would fill in some of the information of the visit by John John’s with Lois to keep her spirits high and not kind of give up because if she passes, then that’s I was just gonna say. I think that’s interesting how John Johns knew that Lois was the key how much does he know about her future like is Martian. future as well and he’s kind of just this possibly he must be.

I Think Yeah He Knew Way Too

much. I think he’s he’s going to be one of those like Omniscient characters that that pops in and pops out because like sure he I don’t know he just he knew a little too much and every time they they brought him in, which was pretty sparingly throughout the snyder cut it was because of that you know you can’t have a character that’s like too all-knowing they have to be a little cryptic with it otherwise like they’re just gonna tell everything they’re gonna spill all um. I also think when they included um so they they included a little bit of the atom you know like the scientists set up, etc. I think that they might yeah they might tie him into a part two as well. I think I think the atom would show up and I think Green Lantern a lot of people are asking like where’s, Hal, Jordan or Jon Stewart and I think Snyder has said He wanted Green Lantern to show up in part three of this because once you bring in the green Lantern court like you could see the way Zack Snyder handled Green Lantern.

In This Movie Hes Like Well We Have

the one in the ancient battle he gets killed off and then we’ll have kilowog show up in the ruins of the hall of Justice, but it’s. I I don’t know how interested in the character Zack Snyder is. I actually believe that Warner said that he couldn’t use the Lanterns. Oh was that it yeah because I remember I think I read an article a couple days ago where like Warner was like Yeah Green Lantern. Didn’t do too good so we’re just gonna avoid the lanterns yeah that’s a long walk home for for this particular character.

We Got A Lot Of Cleanup

to do before we can get to that fair enough Yeah and I know they wanted to have a green Lantern corps movie at some point. Like around 2016 2017. There were talks there was gonna be a green Lantern corps movie in like 2022 or something like that. I think that’s all been scrapped now and now they have berlanti is doing a green Lantern core show for yeah. I think right yeah yes um so I want to cap this off with Snyder Kind of teased that he actually had names for Justice League Part two and justly Part three.

He Had A Big Document With Just Like

name after name Afternoon. It wasn’t just gonna be the number it. was gonna you know like we had Batman v Superman, Dawn of Justice and the Justice League and the Justice League right something so I wanna hear you guys pitch is for what do you think Part two and part three were going to be named it’s hard to not say end game that’s all I’m saying I mean in my head, I’ve already set it up as part two being centered around Lex Luthor and deathstroke and solex is going after Superman through Lois and Deathstroke is going obviously for the Batman because an eye for an eye that joke and it’s all set up so I’m thinking something along the lines of of let’s see like Lux Lex Lux Luther aft. I want like an alliteration here. Lex Luthor gets Lois or like I don’t know I can’t think of like a good word for it like Lex.

Luthor Loves Leaflets, Lovely Lollipops And Then

part three. I would think they would tie in Darkseid again looking for the anti-life equation on Earth somewhere in my head for some reason. I’ve got it like in in a snyder cut or Snyder verse version like in the Pyramids for some reason, but um it would be like return to the dark side or something you know like Part three returned to the dark side and it spelt like Dark side Yeah casting Mark Hamill as a joker would be somewhere in there Yeah that would be amazing . I would call a Justice League sequel honestly just straight up injustice because the injustice series is very popular and it deals with an evil superman and people who see that would probably be. I just see the title would probably just be like.


I know what this is about. Like this is very intriguing, so I think they would just call it injustice and then Justice League three would probably just be like the return of justice. More justice Justice is back yeah and so I that’s just me all the justice. I like extra justice.

I Feel Like If Theres One Thing

there’s one thing that encapsulates every solid DC Eu movie and by that I just mean man of steel um. I agree one thing that encapsulates all of the Dceu films and what they try to run through that one common thread is relationships that’s what each film is built upon you know if you look at man of steel. The relationship between Superman and his fathers and this relationship between him and Lewis and the relationship between him and Earthlings. You look at the next one. It’s a relationship with you know Batman and him.

Understanding Who Mar Who Clark Is

and it’s based on relationships that’s why this one? This particular Justice League was so successful the relationship between Cyborg and his parents, the relationship between him his relationship with him and the mother box and then him with himself that’s what made it so successful that’s why it’s such an enduring film. So I feel like if we’re gonna pitch part two and part three. I would say part two would be Justice League love lost because we’re going to look at possibly losing two key love interests with Lois and or possibly Iris West and then the last one’s going to have to be Justice League lost paradise because we’re going to look at where Justice League is going to be already in that apocalyptic state and if you’ve read the comics or seen anything there’s a series called Justice League Dark. Apocalypse war where everything just goes all over the place it goes to and they go for one last chance and it still is there’s a lot of casualties people are gone and at the tail end it The decision is to send Barry back in time to rewind time to fix it and that’s how it ends and so I’m thinking if you’re zack Snyder and if you’re wanting to ensure future occupational opportunities. At the end of Justice League three you’re gonna make it so it’s an open-ended opportunity to come back and fill in the gaps of that very very good take Claire.

This Is Still Rogue Theory Guys

so despite it being just a nice conversation. I’m still mentally awarding points because I just have that kind of brain so just to give a point for this round. I’m gonna give a golden sparkle book to. I liked your titles there. At the end, I think you have a pretty good take for for where this would be.

I Would Love To See All Three

of your versions of plot events for the future, but Eddie I think has the edge of the one. I would go see first and then I would say restore the empty cut and restore the angelica and they would go back and forth Yeah who’s to say what is the true canon going forward um but good job. All three of you guys. We’re gonna talk more about the DCeu future that the snyder cuts set up but first. We want to thank some people who help sponsor us starting with audible thank you to audible for sponsoring this episode.

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Its Gonna Adapt The Flashpoint Paradox Comics In

which Barry Allen really just runs back in time to try to prevent his mother’s murder, but in doing so skews up all the timelines of the DC world. So this movie event is going to be an insane crossover event. It’s going to feature Ben Affleck Batman, but also Michael Keaton Batman There’s. Talk of Danny Devito, Penguin and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne showing up let’s try to clear up the flash timeline logic that Snyder presented in his cut of the Justice League and look ahead to what this will mean for this 2022 flash movie so first off what do we think what alternate timelines did we see in the Snyder cut what was an alternate timeline? What was the timeline? We’re currently on Do we have any guesses there I mean obviously that nightmare timeline like whenever when i saw like deathstroke and Mera like all i got was um was flashes of no pun intended of the flashpoint Paradox cartoon movie animated movie , which is fantastic. If you guys have not seen that film you have to see it like that was my first experience with the flashpoint Paradise.

It Is A Phenomenal Work, But Yeah.

It it it had um like all these DC characters in different roles because like everything the timeline was messed up so like obviously that nightmare scenario is is going to be its own timeline, and I do believe that we’re going to see that again in flashpoint paradox um with possibly even two Berries interacting and just be like Oh Hey Barry from the Snyder cut Hello a dusty world Barry let’s maybe work together who knows we’ve already gotten a hint of that from the the Arrowverse. The the CW series where you know Ezra Miller showed up and there was like the two Berries talking to each other and that is canon It’s tying in that Arrowverse and folding it into the DCeu in a cool way. So yeah. I think we’ve already seen a bit of that we’ll probably see more of it and if.

Theres Anything That We Can We Can Attribute

to the Grant Gustin series. It’s that it’s given more life into what not many people know about the flash storyline and obviously a very key important character in the flashpoint series is Eobard Thon. You know reverse flash and the the instigation. If you will that Eobard does to Barry to cause him to create that secondary timeline I do think though that we actually witnessed a portion of that timeline creation secondary timeline creation with that going back in time, ultimately creating two different parallels with one where like you were saying the apocalypse did happen and this is who’s left and then the one that was saved and I and I feel like they’re gonna take whoever takes the wheels from here for the flash movies and so forth um they’re gonna take it on a more literal. Sense every time time is rewound a new timeline is created in any instance no corrections.

I Mean If Theres Any Ins

there’s any example of that it’s it’s been in the modern interpretations of like the Rebirth and New 52s and and DC comics where we see kind of the wrap up if you will of the flashpoint series um so I really feel like we’re going to create several timelines. Ultimately kind of surpassing odd to say Marvel in their ability to create multiple timelines as of yet yeah if they can get this out and done in time and well enough yeah and I I definitely think you know just just going off of what Eddie said when they do release this movie, it’s gonna be extremely chaotic because we’re seeing Barry Allen afraid of his ability to do this you know he he just kind of. Vaguely says time, what does he say like time gets weird or something very vague Yeah It’s like the rules He’s like when I approach the speed of light. I start to break time or something Yeah Yeah. He’s afraid of it, so he’s going to be so to speak running head first into this and then probably trying to correct whatever timelines happen We’ve seen it in the past with the flashpoint paradox where he has Barry Allen has gone to a timeline where he doesn’t have his powers where maybe Batman’s parents live but but bruce wayne dies.

Weve Seen Many Different Timelines Here

and there’s so many characters that you can play with and characters that you can work with and then of course now with the Snyder verse. We’ve got that the nightmare alternate timeline too and so I definitely think that there’s a lot of potential for this movie to be chaotic, but in the best way possible and it’d be a great shoe in to introduce Jay Garrick at the tail end. When you have this fumbling barry who’s going all over the place and creating all these multiple timelines almost comedic to where it’s like where I can fix this. I can fix this and then at the tail end, Jay shows up. He’s like look son let me show you how it’s done right yeah that’s a good point.

I Mean When They Did.

When Andy Muschietti and Ezra Miller in the Flash team, Christina Hudson showed up to talk about their flash movie just a five-minute segment at DC fandom in August like they were kind of indicating that they’re not afraid. To pull in any element from any past DC Warner brothers adaptation. I mean they showed freaking Constantine They showed all the different Batman. I think the only one they didn’t show was Christian Bale because I think they’re still pretty protective of what Nolan created but like yeah the fact they’re bringing in Michael Keaton Maybe Danny Devito They could Dc is in a position right now to do the multiverse so much better than what Marvel has done so far.

In One Division.

We didn’t really see the multiverse blow up Yet end game. I would say kind of backpedaled from the implications they created of alternate timelines like even the directors and the screenwriters of end game were not on the same page of what the multiverse implications of their movie was whereas right now Mushietti seems like ready to dive in head first because it’s like. They have nothing to lose because people have been like criticizing this cinematic universe for its inconsistencies, and now they’re just like all right. We’re just going to say that the flash did all of this like give me a rake.

Were Going To Start From The Beginning And

just scoop it all in just yeah blame it all on Barry just Ezra Miller‘s sense of humor and mushy Eddie’s abilities as a director if they can get cameos by Michael Keaton in this Hell go crazy with it and then yeah on the other side of it. You do a new 52 rebirth. You have Robert Pattinson Batman and this is what it is going forward hold up. Let me ask you guys a question because something just popped into my head, how would you feel if Zack Snyder said guess what guys watchmen how would you guys feel. about that if like somehow the Flashpoint movie introduced the watchman characters from that film that he directed years ago funny that you say there is a current well.

It Just Finished Current Series Called Doomsday Clock

where they’ve actually brought back due to Barry Allen’s instigating of the speed force and the timelines brings back into the current six one six I’m Sorry in the current Earth one sorry jumping things Earth one brings the watchman into that particular universe and essentially creates this storyline where Dr Manhattan was the one who had essentially manipulated the the time timelines in the Speed Force and created these multiple timelines to determine if humanity can actually be gracious and humane to each other as a test that’s awesome so the storyline is a really great story. It’s a 12-month issue run and everything oddly enough spoiler alert. Oddly enough everything surrounds Superman and why? The only reason why Dr Manhattan does not destroy the world itself and create a new one is because Superman is that one last shred of of hope that humanity can still be genuine to each other. Yeah, I love that idea and like in that flash panel at DC Fandom they they referenced Watchmen. I’m pretty sure it was the Hbo watchman and not the Zack Snyder Watchman, which is even crazier if they try to bring in bring in Regina King I’m cool she’s awesome um but Yeah I’m I’m so excited for this flash movie and a lot of people are saying that Spider-man no way home is gonna be a multiverse story.

The More We See About It The More

I’m thinking I don’t know if we’re gonna see Toby and Andy show up in there Yeah I think the but I do think this flash movie it’s like we could get real bonkers. Oh yeah, Oh, yeah for sure no bear. I could see Barry Allen getting comfortable with you know changing these timelines to the point where he ends up like changing the course of things just for a hot dog again just going back to that whole you know what I mean like he’s like Oh no the hot dog fell and he like goes back in time creates another timeline just to like save a hot dog. I think that’s what I would do they could get really zany with it. Yeah.

I I Would Say It Would Be

a fun little campaign if they started doing hashtag Barry. Gave us Bat Nipples Yeah that’s what I’m sayingNK] I love that so much Oh there’s so much work. I really do hope because like as we saw in shows like Smallville and not just in CW shows These DC actors keep coming back Lionel Luther in Smallville was the doctor to poison Ivy in Batman and Robin same actor Martha Kent, what played Lana Lang in Superman three in Smallville and Yeah If you follow these CW airbus shows like they they all keep bringing back people all the time so yeah if they could find a way to bring in all these cameos In this movie, Oh I’d love to see a scarecrow or something. Oh my God yeah scarecrow scarecrow needs more screen time so I gotta give the point again to Eddie on that one bringing that whole watchman and finding the way to. to link that together I think that’d be great so you’re getting the point there um but it’s still anyone’s game because we got a couple rogue questions coming up so first question.

The First Episode Of The Falcon Winter Soldier

brought up some good questions about how the avengers get paid so the question is do you think the avengers should be paid and if so what should their income be and how why how would they justify their pay raises and stuff like that like how high of a risk. You know maybe like you’ve got you know I i’m not sure here but you’re right hazard pay should kick in yeah exactly and like there there’s overtime there’s holiday too UK take a holiday batman crime will wait there’s retirement like there’s a 401k or something involved in there yeah Oh so you mean hourly as a. good thing not like because if it’s salary that’s all they get paid, but if they can get clock in some ot in there yeah because if someone so they can pay more exactly If someone’s doing higher risk longer you know jobs essentially, then then they should be. I don’t know honestly. I don’t I don’t want to make any statements here because I feel like everyone’s going to argue with me in the comments but like but I’d say that you know some of the if there are any any you know characters that are like doing more.

I Would Hope That They Would Be

compensated in some way okay we should have Jay Jonah Jameson head the Avengers and paid them by the job terribly paid by the trash wow yeah yeah, but I think that if the avengers do get paid. I think that they should. get paid very little because Falcon in the episode One of Falcon in the Winter, Soldier said that it was mainly based in goodwill and I feel like once you start you know paying people and becoming heroes for hire Luke Cage shout out hey then like more people will try to I don’t know become avengers like mysterio in a way just like you know like I want to be an avenger because like that’s a great pain like that’s a job and that would be fun to see though I’d watch that no making the college football payment argument like oh they’re getting paid in education. You’re doing it for the love of the game. So I disagree I honestly think that you know this is like a volunteer thing and then like people with really good hearts should become avengers.

Theyre Paid In Good Karma.

sure yeah just starting but they should be at least given some salary They can yeah. They should they should be getting like some a livable weight, but nothing like super crazy. That entire entices people to like want to become a hero just just to get paid. I don’t know for the money how about this like they at least fund their their housing right Yes like their technology.

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Yeah Like The Essentials Are Covered And

then beyond that you know it’s it’s it’s lit, but when they get injured on the job they’re done sorry no retirement. We don’t pay health insurance here just figure it out all right very true very true grab some ice. I I would say we would have to like incorporate something like like in one punch man create like a system where they get paid if they’re consistent every week and something. And they’ll get like a stipend every week because yes they are They are heroes and they do it out of the goodness of their heart. Yes they should get something but the thing is it goes back to where is it going to come from who’s going to who’s going to foot that Bill and it’s just it’s really interesting how it gets into the weeds of all that but yeah I think there should be like a tiered system where the more they go up and rank as a superhero.

The More Theyll Get Paid Yeah I Think

that’s a sensible answer. However, all three of you are wrong. The correct answer is capital should be abolished and people should be giving a universal basic income and no one should be participating in the evil capitalist structure. Your assigned Reading is a communist manifesto by Karl Marx. I.

Was Just Gonna Say That Sounds Very

common. I was the closest with covering their house like their housing. You were you were so Angelica gets a point see look I don’t I don’t get paid because I’m not cause I’m I don’t that’s what I wanted I just didn’t want to get paid. So I just don’t have any bucks there that’s why this is the future. I decided for myself Yeah, There is yeah great you’re in future yep um all right.

Another Question Here March 26Th, Which Could

be tomorrow depending on when you’re seeing this has been declared Leonard Nimoy Day in Boston in recreation of the Boston-born Spock actor so what is the best way to celebrate Leonard Neymar Leonard Nimoy Day everybody find an opportunity to find William Shatner and kick him down Oh my God I just turned to 90. he just changed. His birthday is literally filming right now He’s kicking his ass on his birthday Why not Oh my God birthday beatings to a 90-year-old man, Let’s just do that for Leonard well as a truckee. I would have to say that um you’d have to go around for the entire day using extreme logic and raising one eyebrow-h you know yeah Spa style Yeah spock would like that you can you can greet people like this too because honestly it’s good for you know the current situation You don’t have to touch anybody just go like this right Yeah that’s true honestly. I I say we all just do spock shots on the 26th just shots.

You Know Just Its Just A Regular Shot,

but like you just you hold it like this. I just said Oh it could be anything yeah it’s just like it’s pinky. and ring finger outside like Penguin. This is more like ninja turtle to me sort of like yeah, I love it anyway hashtag spot shots shots are they and I’m in Boston right now so like it’s about to be lit over here on letter knee more though um I’m giving mt the point for spock shot Oh thank you so well done, but I think if my math is correct.

Eddie Villanueva Is Our Winner Rightfully

so well done well done to all of you. This has been such an enlightening conversation. I could talk with you guys for hours and hours longer than an hour. No one clicks on the video so that is it for this episode of rogue theory.

I Want To Thank All Three

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