Kamala Harris is going after Trump in 2020


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Senator Kamala Harris Has Officially Said She Is Running

for president Yes. This is beyond the the exploratory committee right She’s just running sure yeah. She’s ready for president try to become the first woman to win the White House second black Commander-in-chief. She served as San Francisco, District Attorney California, Attorney General and of course UK Senator Okay. She picked Martin Luther King Jr.

Day, Which Is A Perfect Day

for her to a nice he did great. She said I am running for president of the United States and I’m very excited about it. We are too hon. I love My country and this is a moment in time where I feel a sense of responsibility to fight for who we are has she been kicked out of the Democratic Party yet for saying she loves her country. She will be soon okay go down.

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Once They Get The Everybody In The Office

there to start typing up the press releases kick her out. So she joins a Democrat field that includes so far Kamala Harris now okay, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Warren Kirsten Gillibrand. How do you choose it’s difficult isn’t it Julian Castro Oh boy and former Maryland representative John Delaney then nobody’s ever heard of Hello wait who wait what John Delaney okay so that those five have already announced keep in mind. This is 2019 we’re a year away from the campaign beginning the field could grow in the coming weeks because they expect Bernie Sanders to announce. Cory, Booker, Beto UK and Joe Biden, among many others.

So Theres Gonna Be At Least Nine

again. I asked how do you choose it’s so difficult home run hitters right here home run home run bet Oh man. I mean you got a guy who doesn’t know if the Constitution’s really relevant anymore. I don’t really want to know because on the spot yeah and then he he was asked about immigration one of the immigration questions. I think it was what do you do with all the people that are here.

I Dont Know Really Oh Okay

well. Then you’re the guy you’re the guy for the job Yeah I don’t know well what do you do about border security Hmm I don’t know you don’t you live in Texas I don’t know right now he’s just touring the country. You know keeping a journal online of like. his pancakes he gets to eat and the hotels he’s staying at and it’s just Oh Yeah! He’s musing about finding himself too which is really powerful that’s what I want in my presidential candidate his teeth clean at least and that’s yeah We have to see that which was exciting.

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Senator Kamala Harris has officially said she is running for president . She will be kicked out of the Democratic Party yet for saying she loves her country . The field could grow in the coming weeks because they expect Bernie Sanders to announce . There’s gonna be at least nine Democrats in the Democratic field again, with Cory Booker, Beto UK and Joe Biden among many others expected to announce in coming weeks . The first woman to win the White House will try to become the first black Commander-in-chief in the U.S. and the second black Commander in-chief. The race will be a year away from the campaign beginning the campaign begins in 2019. The Democratic field is expected to grow in recent weeks. The field will include Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Warren, Warren Kirsten Gillibrand, Cory Booker and Beto U.K. and Cory, Booker, and Hillary Clinton, and Julian Castro, among many other Democrats who have not announced. The first black female candidates to win…. Click here to read more and watch the full video