Kari Lake Refuses To BACKDOWN As The GOP Crumbles


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Now I See Several Questions Here Including One From

Bruce Bignell about Arizona and what’s going on? Will it flip back to Korea like you just addressed that and you did a video on that today, so do you want to talk any more about that yeah so well So now we we have we have the receipts that that Kerry Lake is is part of this this our sorry Katie Hobbs I’ve this is I’m getting so old now I think at you know post six o’clock at night or something Katie Hobbs and Carrie Lake for some strange reason both become the same name. It’s very odd Carrie and Katie um It’s like calling my kids the wrong name but we have the receipts now Katie Hobbs her Secretary of State office pressuring Twitter to delete tweets that she considered unflattering to her um that that is that. Is now definite We we see that we have the emails behind it. We see that we see how she did it um and and now we know of course that she threatened a lawsuit against counties that would not that ended up certifying the vote under duress. They said we don’t want to do this but I’m not going to lose my house over this.

This Is Crazy.

We believe that this election should not be certified. We’re the Board of Supervisors that that are there precisely to make these determinations and Katie Hopps threatened to sue them into Oblivion. If they didn’t certify so she’s been certified as I understand it. As of today.

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Doug Ducey, The Most Shameless Pathetic Rhino

of a governor I mean he’s basically Charlie Crist of of Florida I mean Doug News is a scumbag if ever there was one he hates Republican. He hates you and me can’t say he he wishes. Democrats were his constituency right, but up until at least they They ended up selling their souls to Arizona Democratic party. There was a sense you couldn’t win Statewide election as a Democrat. Now they’re changing that they’re flipping that because they hate the Maga crowd so much so as I understand it.

Kerry Lake Lake Has A Five-Day Window To

file an appeal which he’s doing. She said and she she can file an appeal with with to the courts and see if the certification can get overturned obviously the gang that’s not gonna happen. I don’t believe that’s going to happen it didn’t happen in 2020. It’s not going to happen here okay um what is exciting in my view when you’re taking the long-term view in all this what is exciting is that I believe Katie. The UK andite Republican party in Arizona have so thoroughly delegitimized the government and the state and the eyes of most Arizonians and most people across the country, um that it’s only going to embold us even more and we’re only going to grow and we’re on and we’re only going to build a parallel economy at a faster rate.

Were Were Only Going To.

We know now absolutely we know they can only win. If they cheat. We know that it was so blatant. It was so in your face.

We Know That So Kerry Lake Is

doing a great job representing that sentiment saying we all see it. I’m going to take it all the way to where illegally. I can go and then I think she’s going to be a fantastic representative of the New Mega movement, the Ultra Magna movement right along with with President Trump. And and UK and and all these people. I I just think that it was so utterly blatant and now We have the receipts of the collusion with Big Tech with Katie Hobbs that all it can do is undermine the very power by upon which or that yeah the very power upon which they’re clinging um so.

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This Is The Problem Of Of And The

Soviet Union in the Eastern Bloc and Europe found this out is okay you can you can Crush populous uprisings you can but every time you crush them. They get bigger because more and more people see the deceit and the lies behind the quelling and so the more you quell the just the bigger we grow, So you have to think of yourself as being in a kind of American version of Eastern Europe right 1970s Soviet East from Europe you have to think of yourself in that way and the and and know that what we just UK what Kerry Lake UK was an uprising that looked like he was going to win and it should have won but the powers that be the Republicans and the Democrats in Arizona colluded together to stop her from winning and Blake Masters as well Mark Fincham and others stop him from winning this time they did it in 2020 they did in 2022 let’s see you do it in 2024. Let’s see you do it in 2026 we’re. going to keep coming back and every time we come back we get stronger and more powerful until the whole thing. Finally Falls and that’s what they’re doing they’re weakening the edifice of the castle.

They Think Theyre Occupying So Thats

what I think was going on In Maricopa County Republicans have more power Nancy Pelosi is out the big things seem to be on the horizon. Carol Haynes wants to know do you think the Republicans will stand strong and reverse those liberal policies or become wobbly again. I’m not sure which liberal policies are talking about no just just because this is not going to be a legislative Congressional session because we it’s good to go nowhere um with the Democrat, Senate and and or or even if we we get Georgia and then say Mansion flips I mean you’re gonna still have a a you know dementia. Biden White House, so we’re not going anywhere in terms of in terms of legislation, you know this is this is. This is this is a an in effect a broken um.

You Know This Divided Divided Government Um, Which

is good because that it works the other way they can’t do anything either and virtually all of Biden’s UK have been struck down by the courts. The courts. The courts have had this new birth federalism, which is pretty very very impressive of late and that federalism does not like UK at all they they really demand that the president go through the legislative process that’s at least the way. The Supreme Court has been been deciding of late and there’s a book out on the the renewed federalism of the Supreme Court. The Roberts Court that even during when Kennedy was on there back in in the in the 2000s so um so what you’re going to do is you’re going to see really an oversight committee based Congress.

This Is Going To Be An Investigative Congress

and it sounds to me. I think UK has no choice if he wants to be speaker. He is going to have to um placate the demands of the likes of Matt Gates and Marjorie Taylor Green and JIm Jordan um that that we are going that they’re going to they’re going to start investigating Hunter Biden laptop and of course the key. There is the big guy emails. The big guy emails are giving 10 of Hunter Biden’s illicit business dealing to to Joe Biden that’s the key.

It Has Nothing To Do With

Hunter Biden’s crack pipe has everything to do with the extent to which Sleepy Joe was actually profiting off of Hunter Biden’s illicit activities so they’re going to go after that they’re going to go after cheese, especially after the published deposition, where I think he said I don’t know over a hundred times. He clearly clearly there’s a Smoking Gun there in terms of what he knew about the Wan Lab, Theory Origins, Origins Theory and also um what he knew about different options for dealing and mitigating the the the virus and and why he deliberately chose the Chinese lockdown option, which in the end destroyed our economy destroyed so much of our education a lot of good things came. Out of it ironically like a renewed understanding of what’s actually being taught in the classroom. Parents actually were in the room listening to some of the crap that their kids were getting taught online. Remotely suddenly said what the heck so homeschooling shot up 700 the number of areas throughout the country Interesting most interestingly it was a specifically in the NOrtheast the most secular part of the country.

So The Biggest Rise In Homeschooling So

we’re gonna we’re gonna we’re gonna be doing things like that from from this point forward and of course the corruption of the UK that’s gigantic and then the collusion now that what they’re but it’s. Kevin UK arguing our Andy UK arguing um they’re going to have to do um with with these Revelations of of the Twitter files. I mean this is so blatant in terms of you know the UK having 100 Biden’s laptop for I believe up to a year they knew it was authentic. They knew it was corroborated and and and and absolutely genuine and yet they pushed this notion of Russian disinformation that they telegraphed they knew it was going to come out as an October surprise they telegraphed it to Twitter and Facebook as as as Mark. Zuckerberg is affirmed and is that now the emails and internal documents have affirmed in Twitter and then once the story broke in October from the New York Post immediately within literally minutes immediately the story was squashed it was crushed New York Post was locked out of their account for.

Two Weeks Even Kaylee Mack And Then

he was locked out of her account and then you know White House, the press secretary. She was locked out of her account when she just committed the unparnable sin of sharing the story and then you had 50 former intelligence officials literally it’s almost like with a letter that was pre-written. It came out so fast they all signed a letter testifying that they had determined to their best their expert judgment that this laptop was Russian disinformation. The Lame stream media ran with that without the slightest bit of skeptical inquiry into the veracity of that claim. We even know an UK attorney who’s behind fabricating the Russian collusion Hoax was also advising Twitter to bury the story of Hunter’s laptop.

You Cannot Make This Stuff Up.

All of these things are going to be investigated. They’re all interconnected and and obviously that brings back whether anybody likes it or not as Trump made it clear the other night that brings back the whole Integrity of the 2020. election because you have clear evidence now that a um that an article that a that a that a bombshell revelation that 16 of Biden voters said would have changed their vote had they known about it um before November 3rd. This now is clearly a deep State Democrat big Tech collusion to adversely affect and contaminate the Integrity of the of a Democratic presidential election, so it’s all going to come out.

Well Again.

We’ll see we’ll see how faithful they are and yeah, But it looks like I mean with people like Marjorie, Taylor Green and and and others. I think I think yeah.


Katie Hobbs pressured Twitter to delete unflattering tweets that she considered unflattering to her . She threatened a lawsuit against counties that would not that ended up certifying the vote under duress . Doug Ducey, the most Shameless pathetic Rhino of a governor I mean he’s basically Charlie Crist of of Florida I mean . Doug News is a scumbag if ever there was one he hates Republican.& He hates you and me can’t say he he wishes.& Is now definite we have the receipts that that Kerry Lake is is part of this this this our sorry Katie Hobbbs I’ve this is I’m getting so old now I think at you know post six o’clock at night or something Katie and Carrie Lake for some strange reason both become the same name.& It’s like calling my kids the wrong name but we have a very odd Carrie and Katie. Now I see several questions here including one from Bruce Bignell about Arizona and what’s going on?…. Click here to read more and watch the full video