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Yeah So On An Average Day You Know

I’ll either wake up super early because I’m working on a pitch or writing down ideas or writing a treatment for a show or going to the office with the guys um or I wake up at noon. I roll out of bed. I spend about 15 minutes scratching randomly. We’ll just see what see what’s feeling you know you never know how the body’s going to react. Then I go to some hot room Yoga, then I go back home and I just pull open a chrome browser incognito and just start with the usuals.

Ill Hit A Pink Lab A Huge Is

a red tube, a fantastic cc pornhub you porn a green cactus next dot Xx Hamster. Snuff Snuff blumin nurse enough philosophical snuffin meisters there’s a lot of snuff It’s a whole lot. This is. Is Ed Carrasco from NmR magazine and I’m here with the awesome Kevin Pereira of Player versus Pain Yeah There we go there we go just take just let it ride let it ride as long as you guys want to as long as you guys want to I’m here on the last one clapping player versus Pain is a an awesome new web series that super creative is doing with Machinima. It’s very simple concept two gamers playing a video game against each other while being tortured.

I Dont Know What This Is The

gamers They’re playing and then I don’t know how to do the torque. That is not that’s not appropriate since for that I don’t know how to do the torture with my hands. But the thing is they’re playing video games while being tortured so what does that mean that means we’ve got guys on. Waxing tables playing tetris and when someone clears five lines, they lose a tetris shaped strip out of their hairy backs and or thighs or asses well. Actually all of the guys at Super Creative we actually met at an s m dungeon in downtown Los Angeles and so right away.

We Knew That Okay We Love Flogs.

We love paddles. We love leather We love studs How can we get someone else to pay for us to wear this gear and to hit each other with it And so we came to machinima. We pitched them on the idea turns out they’re crazy freaks as well and so lo and behold we’re now doing torturous things so waxing was a no-brainer. Gamers are a pretty hairy sort um you know the the the the wii tennis with tennis ball launchers firing 80 mile an hour tennis balls at your.

That Was Just Random Inspiration, The

being flogged while playing mortal kombat and shocked with callers again that harkens back to our days of meeting in Cd clubs ! I think the one that that surprised us the most was the paintball while playing Halo. We had two gamers playing Halo deathmatch against each other and professional paintball rifle guys behind the cameras and they would just unload every time. You got killed in the game and of all the torches. I mean people get shot with paintballs every day they do it for sport. They do it for fun.

But This Was The Only Torture That

ended up with people on the ground huddled over themselves crying actually in pain. There’s a great moment where these two very attractive female gamers were playing rock band against each other. You had me at Hello right like I’ll watch. That web video I don’t care what it is there’s two gorgeous women playing rock band. However, we decided to up the ante and we put electro stim pads on their arms and on some of their legs at times and so we would shock them.

Its That Thing In Therapy That Will

make your your arm sort of quake a little bit and yeah and so they were getting shocked so hard that they were dropping the rock band controllers and every time they’d miss a serious note or they dropped their controller. A dominatrix would be behind them hitting them with a paddle or flogging them and so afterwards they were just covered in I mean they look like courtney love from the waist down. It was just welts and bruises and sadness. It was amazing everything you love about video games, kill shots, special moves and co-op. It’s all right here time for some unfriendly competition player versus pain.

This Is Gonna Hurt Only On The

blumin of a prize All kidding aside the torture aspect of the show, while our gamers are experiencing pain most of them actually enjoyed it and that doesn’t mean that they’re masochistic by any stretch. I mean they were just they were sort of in it to prove that they could take that punishment. You know and there was this playful one-upsmanship between each other. But we were very very safe. We had emts on site everything was tested thoroughly.

We Knew That Nobody Should Be

putting any undue unnecessary harm like I said the only punishment where someone was actually really really hurt or I think experienced any real real pain was when they took a paintball to a very sensitive region during halo so um thankfully. lawsuits pending everybody had a good time smiles and laughs Nobody got hurt nobody um you know Machinima is killing it the the the days of Iptv the the whole notion that there’s television and then there’s internet those are those are gone. I mean they’re they’re quickly blurring and in five to seven years. Even your grandparents won’t know how their content is making it up making it to whatever screen they’re watching and so Machinima is on the forefront of that I mean they’ve got so many channels they’re diversified they’re edgy. They’re willing to take risks.

They Have Budgets Thats Amazing In The

web world. You know normally it’s you want to make a show great here’s a flip cam and here’s a a light off. My grandmother’s nightstand have fun but they really get ideas they champion them. They encourage it They like people to push. Things toward towards the edge and with a series like player versus pain You have to be edgy you can’t half-ass it.

I You Know Im Very Fortunate To

have a really awesome and motivated fan base from attack of the show. and they’re a very specific fan base, which is why I was so excited to do player versus paint. I think a lot of the guys that that love that content from attack and the the women as well. They’re going to gravitate towards what we’re doing with player versus pain but . It’s been a weird journey since leaving attack we super creative.

We Did A Show For Sci-Fi Called Viral

video showdown where Youtubers competed against each other and I somehow tripped and fell into the awesome gig of hosting a game show for telepictures called let’s Ask America, which is on one end of. There’s the s m and the torture of player versus pain On the other end of the spectrum. There’s me speaking to housewives in Cincinnati hosting a game show and so I’ve been sort of straddling both worlds for the last few months and it’s really fascinating to watch new twitter followers come in and new Facebook page requests come in from like you know moms with soccer vans that are prepping capri suns for their kids after the big game and dudes who are like yeah man shock her more and you know pull her pants down just a little. I mean I mean whatever it is. I have the dichotomy.

I Have The Spectrum Of Fans And

it’s been like a real blast to be able to cater to both sides of that inspiration can come from anywhere and that’s truly like it for inspiration for anything to. Come from anywhere you know and and the the beauty of of working with super creative and coming up with properties is that we we sit around and if we find ourselves in the middle of having a good time or really enjoying something whether it’s a discussion or an experience. We then take a step back and go okay wait a minute. If we’re enjoying this so much will other people okay if other people will then what’s the best way to present this experience to somebody can we make a series out of it Can we make a web series out of it. You know the other day at the driving range you’re not supposed to admit to this when you’re in the driving range.

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But When The Little Guy Comes Out In

the cart to pick up all the golf balls that have been hit everybody it’s. Like the unspoken thing but everybody there is hoping to hit that blumin it’s the best thing in the world. Right you got a moving target. He’s used to it. He’s got his earbuds in he’s fine but when you hear that golf ball hit off that metal cage.

Theres A Little Bit Of Satisfaction

right a couple droplets a year and come out everybody gets excited. We’re all on the same page here, but no one talks about it and we said if this is the moment that we live for at the driving range. How can we turn this into something and we started coming up with the idea of turning a driving range into a shooting gallery with big moving targets and you know metal things and glasses that you can break and you know things that you can shatter and give people points and. And let people spin those points who knows it will ever become a series or a show or whatever? But that’s an example of being in the moment having so much fun and realizing Oh, This is a fun thing. How can we take this to the next level.

How Can We Make This A Game Or

make it something that’s enjoyable for other people to watch. I I got started because I i ran an internet service provider so um you know back in the day of dial up internet. I know some people still dial up so maybe someone’s watching this now on Aol or Earthlink or whatever But we created an internet provider because there wasn’t one in Northern California and so me and my business partner. We started It grew up to a few thousand customers and we had all this bandwidth and bandwidth at. The time was really expensive servers were expensive doing video like this was really cost prohibitive.

It Really Required Some Some Resources

well. We had them so what I did was I sat down and I was like okay. I’ve got these servers. I’ve got this bandwidth. What can I do with it and real audio had just come out with a an encoder that lets you encode your voice and then eventually they came to videos.

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  • bed
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  • snuff

So I Launched A Daily Web Series.

It was called pointless audio grew into pointless video or pointless television and every day. I did a show sometimes live you know 10 to 20 minutes a day. We took callers. We did interviews.

I Talked About Games.

I reviewed gadgets. I gave tutorials on how to hack people on how to you know break into their email or crash their instant messenger or their ICq. It was really really random stuff They did prank phone calls. Most of it still exists somewhere on the internet.

The Majority Of It Is Incredibly

embarrassing, but um that’s what I did when I was probably about 13 or 14 and that grew into everything that I’m doing today and you still do some you still do something similar to pointless Yeah. I recently launched you know the world needed another podcast. I was listening to the cries. There weren’t enough podcasts, so I decided to do one as well and I remember. I was sitting down at the studio and they’re like so what are we gonna call this thing.

We Were About To Go Live.

We didn’t have a name We certainly. Didn’t have a logo. We had nothing we’re just gonna sit down and chat and I was like well the use the old one used to be called pointless audio. This has video let’s just call it pointless and now that has grown into a thing now That is you can grab it on itunes and grab it on stitcher and watch it on youtube, but I’m having a blast with it.

You Know Its Really Fun To

just sit down and have conversations with people hey everybody. This is Kevin Pereira. I’m, the founder of Super Creative Please check us out at supercreative. tv. You can also check out player versus pain over at Machinima dot com and to read the full interview and to see the photo shoot and all the madness that happened here today Check out newmediarockstars.

Com Also Fantastic.

cc pull it up do it incognito make sure. The parents are at the grocery store.


Ed Carrasco from NmR magazine and Kevin Pereira of Player versus Pain is a new web series that super creative is doing with Machinima . It’s very simple concept two gamers playing a video game against each other while being tortured . The series is based on the concept of two men playing video games while being tormented . Ed Carrarasco: “We love flogs. We love paddles. How can we get someone else to pay for us to wear this gear and to hit each other with it? I’m here on the last one clapping player versus Pain. You never know how the body’s going to react. We’ll just see what see what’s feeling you know you never know what’s felt you know” He says, “I’ll hit a pink lab a huge is a red tube, a fantastic cc pornhub you porn a green cactus next dot Xx Hamster. There we go there we go just take just let it ride”…. Click here to read more and watch the full video