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I Swear I Was Just In The Store

this week and I was reading like an inquirer or people magazine about how Pete Davidson really wants to marry Kim Kardashian how they want to have like two more kids together. I feel like I just read that and then I came home and I found out that they were broken up and like this happens way too fast and I think I think these relationships are predetermined. I think the pr companies go. You know what we need a little extra drama to keep this going until you and Kanye reconcile like let’s just have you date beat Davidson for eight or nine months like you know hook up or don’t. But this is what we’re running with maybe.

Im Cynical Who Knows Maybe They Really Were

in love, but I just. I have a hard time believing these two. would have a lot of in common why Kim Kardashian’s family is sad over her split with Pete Davidson. They were surprised the car Jenners are really bummed about Kim Kardashian MP Davidson’s breakup. According to Hollywood Life’s exclusive source, who also said the family is definitely going to miss being with Pete Yeah.

Theyre Going To Have To Find

a new person to get their weed from Kardashian 41 and Pete Davidson 28 have ended their relationship after nine months and Hollywoodlife has exclusive exclusive intel on how Kim’s family feels about this. Although Kim’s family was surprised when they found out how could they be surprised about anything. I feel like they all get press releases each morning. They get like a daily briefing on like what drama they’re gonna stir up that day. Although Kim’s family was surprised and they found out Kim and Pete had broken.

Up They Werent Totally Shocked Our Car

Jenner insider shared. They know that Kim really cared about pete and wanted to make things work. But at the end of the day they understand because she does have a lot going on and can’t always drop Every can always drop everything for a romantic relationship that means she doesn’t want a relationship that bad here’s the thing about like rich people and celebrities you kind of Don’t if you’re someone like Kim, Kardashian or Jayla or whatever it’s like you, you honestly Don’t need a man like you got you crossed the finish line like you. Your partnerships lie in your business with her family It’s like she’s already developed her business. She’s got her money.

She Can Hire Personal Security Like What Does

she need a man for honestly and like. These are the people that if you don’t really. want and make space for a relationship like it’s not to happen. It’s kind of like if you Don’t really need or want a man It’s not going to hap It’s just like Oh well and Don’t They live on opposite coasts. Doesn’t Kim K live in Don’t.

They Live In L.

a and P. I think is still in New York like how is that going to work out someone’s got to move. They know that Kim really cared about Pete and wanted to make things work. But at the end of the day she just yeah I’m just busy.

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Theyre Definitely Supportive Of Kim And Petes

decision to just be friends. But there’s still a part of them that’s sad about the whole situation. When I saw that Pete got the tattoo of like the an initial of all the kids on his neck. I’m like they’re gonna break. Up because like it’s not the whole name written out it’s just like it looks like a code word looks like it’s like like a secret cryptic message like a spy message.

It Was Just Like Eh Okay Its

not he bro it’s not like he wrote on his neck like Chicago North South East West but guys They’re just gonna be friends still it’s all good oh Hey remember when she borrowed Marilyn Monroe’s dress and ruined it. The source also revealed that Kris, Jenner and Khloe Kardashian were getting really close with P and are definitely gonna miss having having him around all the time because there’s nobody funny in that family. They absolutely adore pete and even though he and Kim only dated for a little while he got very close with the whole family, including Kim’s kids in such short time they have nothing negative to. say about Pete whatsoever and he’s more than welcome around their family anytime why don’t they adopt him. You know he could use a family.

They Can Adopt You.

Pete you just have to be willing to be like completely controlled in every facet of your life and they have to address you but other than that there’s no downside a different card. Jenner told Hl Oh is that Hollywoodlife that Kim’s family, which also includes her other sisters Courtney, Kylie and Candle that are like really bummed about the breakup because they adored Pete. The insider explained that Saturday night live actor brought a sense of normalcy to Kim’s world and so her loved ones welcomed him into the family. They also this all right.

I Know.

I’m talking about this on my show but this article is about nothing. They also brought him on board the season two. of the Kardashians, which premieres in September, Wow How convenient that the relationship only lasted until the next season of the Kardashians. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

Kim Did Not Care About Being Famous When

she was with him. No isn’t that how that works you’re already the most famous woman in the world. You made it girl like of course you don’t need to care about being famous anymore anymore because you’re already the most famous and it was so refreshing to see she was able to be her quirky funny self and he seemed to bring out the best of her. When he went to Australia. She told her family that they would make it work but something changed after she went to visit him and no one understands why because probably he’s like you’re old.

She Seemed To Get Very Frustrated With The

distance thing, but it’s not like he will be there forever. Everyone is really hoping that they will get back together when he has done filming there. Oh so people think it’s because he’s in Australia filming something and that’s part of the distance issue Okay I’m gonna switch over to this article because I Don’t know what he’s filming right now He’s filming something called Wizards spotted on the set of wizards in first photos after split from Kim Kardashian Okay Oh wow it’s his film in Australia Rocking a hat with a movie and a beige t-shirt. Reading I feel like I imagine it’s bleep. I mean Don’t Don’t teenagers wear shirts with how they feel on them he was seen playing basketball isn’t that great to be a celebrity.

I Was Wearing Shorts Okay Again

what I feel like. Okay, it looks like one of his buddies designed this t-shirt hold on filing cabinet ascend is sending me something else. Oh dear what is this? Kim Kardashian tweets and deletes rant about lighting and angles wow that’s a lot that’s a lot right there and I know that 60 of it is not organic material. Kim Kardashian left a ranting explicative really filled tweet on for about a minute before deleting it during her holiday in Mexico Yep I’ve recently seen perspective is a bee. She wrote 11 oh at night time she had a couple strikes in her.

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She Wrote At 11 22 P.

m in Mexico as captured by several news websites before she hastily took it down. I’ll work on taking good videos with better lighting and angles. After deleting that tweet, she sent another to read Oh and as for me you ask I’m just sitting. on the beach with my flawless body okay, so she did she just wrote the opposite thing Hmm I guess she’s faking it till she makes it.

I Mean Shes Already Made It Who Cares

who cares what your body looks like anymore. It’s not known if Kim thought better of the candid 140 characters are accidentally tweeted instead of sending someone a private message. No no one’s doing that but her fiery update is likely to be in response to paparazzi photos of her on the beach in Punta mita Mexico that went viral this week. The shots show a version of Kim’s figure different to the heavily airbrushed images. She usually shares.

She Chooses To Share With The World

Yeah. This is why I don’t airbrush anything because I am so afraid of this happening People either seeing you in real life or seeing other people’s pictures of you and going oh God that doesn’t look anything like you. Kim is on holiday with Courtney and other members of the the Kkk Kardashian clan staying at luxury resort Casa Aramara, which reportedly costs 22 000 what is this Australian dollars Am I bleep what’s aud money that’s aud I’m gonna learn right now Australian. I was right I am so smart wow that’s a lot that’s crazy expensive and so. These were the photos that were leaked or this photo um okay yeah She’s definitely like thicker, but she also has what you would call like a regular bot.

I Mean This Isnt Regular But Like The

waist part is regular for a mom and someone who’s 41 like she. looks pretty good. This is a lot back how does she buy pants, wow thoughts and prayers for Kim Kardashian During this difficult time where she had photos released that she didn’t have time to airbrush well. Okay hold the phone so filing cabinet. You think this came out a week ago the internet roasted her.

She Addressed It And Now The

press has changed to her breaking up with Pete Oh that’s what celebrities do if they don’t like the news that comes out they just create more news. We know that trick from Chrissy Teigen right okay. Pete Davidson is in trauma therapy following Kanye West’s attacks on social media. This is who we’re propping up is like our ideal. Our ideal man is like someone who goes to therapy as soon as he gets into a little bit of a scuffle online a little bit of bleep.

Talking Okay Okay, I Get What Kanye What

posted this newspaper a a doctored newspaper saying Skeet Davidson dead at age 28. if this is going to send you into trauma therapy like yeah, Maybe you shouldn’t be in the public eye what’s the big deal I’m not saying this is great or I Pr. I would say yes definitely do this but you’re a comic you’re used to people hating on you It’s kind of part of the deal. I wonder if they’ll get back together now that’s my guess maybe in a year well. I don’t know they’ve also done a really good job.

The Pr Teams Have Done A Really Good

job crapping on Kanye okay so I don’t care about that so he’s in trauma therapy largely due to kanye. West’s attacks on social media. Several sources confirmed to page six beginning in April the King. of STATEN Island Star 28 has been seeking help following his feud with the rapper for dating his ex–wife Kim Kardashian. The attention to negativity coming from Kanye and his antics is a trigger for Pete.

Hes Triggered And Hes Had To Seek

out help. You know what I’ve been funny is to like if I was Kanye west just do like I don’t know I would do something with 911. something like specifically.


Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson 28 have ended their relationship after nine months . Hollywoodlife has exclusive exclusive intel on how Kim Kardashian’s family feels about this . The car Jenners are really bummed about Kim Kardashian MP Davidson’s breakup . Hollywood Life’s exclusive source also said the family is definitely going to miss being with Pete Yeah. They’re going to have to find a new person to get their weed from Kardashian 41 and . They know that Kim really cared about pete. and wanted to make things work. But at the end of the day they understand because she does have a lot going on and can’t always drop everything for a romantic relationship that means she doesn’t want a relationship that doesn’t always be romantic relationship . The family is also going to need a new someone to get the weed from Kim Kardashian 41. It’s going to be hard to believe these two. They are going to find out what to do with their weed. It is hard to think that they have a new one….. Click here to read more and watch the full video