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Oh Scarves Been Out For You Know I

think about six months it may be almost a year. Now came out last winter yeah so you know why Skyrim and why right now the right now is a really interesting question um so the reason that I chose Skyrim and I tell everybody this because the moment you know you put together a piece of work as a filmmaker. People are like Oh that’s what that person does meaning I put together a game parody and a lot of people are like Oh She’s gamer girl it’s like well I’m a geek and I do my genre choice is actually action/comedy action comedy fantasy more along the lines of action fantasy like I’m. I totally did drama I do comedy and so I’m not a huge gamer but last year around like November came out you know I was I. Wasn’t working a lot at the time like the holidays are very slow period in Los Angeles You know especially filmmaking a television and I was kind of bored and so my friends were like you have to try this.

This New David Came Out With Seriously

the best game on Earth called Skyrim and so I went out and bought it and I completely became obsessed with it and I played it for like a hundred hours so like 80 to 100 hours and I started like constantly talking about it and tight. I was like I could be like sword fighting and I you know I’m like an ace at Magic because that’s like my thing and around the holidays. In December, it was like I just started thinking about Lydia who’s my companion and like my boyfriend always come in while I’m playing and you know he laughed because I’m yelling at her and I’m swearing at her and I’m calling her names and I was like you know what I kind of want to do like a parody of Lydia because she’s so stupid like I love her, but she was a stupid. I don’t know if you play the game. I did yeah aggressively yeah, but but as filmmakers and the storytellers We look at everything as a story.

We You Know Its Like Whats The Experience

here so that’s that’s how I came about to do to Lydia with love as I was like. I just want to do parody and I did it in my living room on a green screen. You know I had. People come help me out. I’m a costume designer, So I thought of it as a great opportunity to wear make my own costume, so they’re all replicas of the game and then you know I have like swords at home and I was like Oh.

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This Is Great.

This is totally up my alley. You know it’s fantasy its action. It’s funny. This is exactly what I want to do so.

I Think This Would Be A Fun Project

for me and so I launched that in about like early Februari, and it just blew up so that was only one video and everybody was watching it. Everybody was talking about it and so I thought it would be kind of fun to do. Another series of like some of them have to do with Lydia. Some of them have to do with just Skyrim in general, but the reason why I wanted to continue with that. I mean that’s kind of why I did Skyrim in the first place because it wasn’t my genre of choice, and I did think it was a really funny situation that I wanted to share with everybody.

Its Basically My Own Experience In The Game.

But I decided to do a series because it’s like okay well now that I have all these fans and I got all these subscribers and I have all these people that are watching I’m not only targeting the people that had played the game because they’re they’re obviously you know there’s gamers that get a game and they play it for a month and then they’re like I’m done with that game, but there is still to this day a lot of people. That Don’t know what Skyrim is I’m kind of encouraging them to you know I’m like epithets. The salesperson I’m encouraging them to have played the game and so the reason why it is almost a year is because we had our UK. I had an UK campaign in May and then that ran for a month and and I got like fifty-five hundred dollars from people who are awesome too fun six more parodies, but because I’m still like considered like a low-budget production.

You Know I Do A Lot Of

things myself. I work during the day it’s just taken a really long time to actually shoot create all the costumes get all the stuff together and then the majority of the time is actually spent in post-production because we shoot everything on green-screen and then we have to go in and kind of create the world’s. So so what I did was? I said Okay the Skyrim parodies are going to launch November 11 and I saw well rather than just doing it like randomly in the middle of the summer or randomly in the fall Why don’t we just hold off until the one-year anniversary of the game and sort of make it an ode to Skyrim and so that’s planning on doing a math why it’s kind of looped around to a full year when the game came out because it did take the time for me to actually play. Then decide that I wanted to cover it. Then do the UK and all that fun stuff which anybody that works in filmmaking knows it takes a while to do everything so that’s what my really long would the gist of why Skyrim and why now cool um you know you’ve mentioned at your.

Designer And You Know Thats Traditionally Not A

digital profession, How has Youtube and digital video helped you kind of increase your career as a costume designer well it wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m not a bona fide I work for big-budget films costume designer, but what it does for me you know I love cosplay I’ve been doing it since I don’t know when since I was younger you know I love dressing up and making costumes and all that fun stuff and so what I think I’ll say what it’s helped me in a sense that I don’t actually have to hire anybody else to create the vision of my piece and because I’m really into sci-fi and fantasy that’s just such a great genre that opens itself up to really cool costumes and so the webseries world I mean in a sense. It’s a it’s a little. probably a lot more low budget than a lot of the major film studios and so in putting my stuff online. You know first of all like. I said it helps me save money because I can do that stuff myself and I also know that it’s going to be quality and like for Skyrim.

For Example, You Know I Made

videos whole garb out of like fake armor and plastic, and I know that I can make it look as good as I want it to do to by doing it myself, but the web like doing it in a series form and doing it in short videos and having so many people look at it. You know that enables them to see that I’m not just a filmmaker or an dress, but I do a number of different things you know. I’m actually I have a background of. design I do a lot of graphic design and use your experience and costumes. You know props all of that fun stuff and so I think it kind of just lets everybody know that I’m this multi-faceted person that does a lot of fun creative things I of course, hi my name’s in the credits like 800 times it has to be so you had mentioned that you know web series are traditionally known as being low budget do you think it’s harder for Hollywood and major you know studios and networks to take webseries seriously because they are traditionally what low budget um.

When I Say Low Budget I

don’t mean low production quality by any means. I mean that we don’t usually usually web series because um well what web series are really great in that creator could put their own stuff together in their own voice. They can have a directly go to web so that’s what I love about it is. There’s no filtering process through Hollywood where you know I don’t know like if any for anybody that’s not familiar with the process in Hollywood. It could take years to get even a script through you know you’re writing a script.

It Takes Years To Maybe Possibly

get something even interested in it and then once they shoot it. A production company takes it over they fund it they get a director. They completely do whatever they want with it so by the time your creation gets on screen. If it ever gets on screen, and there’s very few percentage that do it’s a lot of times like it’s gone through this whole process of involving a bunch of other people and it might not be your voice in the end so what web. series does is? It gives directors of chance and producers and creators and writers a chance to sort of create their own work and get it directly out to fans and so in that sense.

I Think In The Very Beginning Like Maybe

a few years ago, Hollywood thought the web you know come on It’s just a bunch of people like they don’t have a lot of money. They’re just throwing their stuff out there, but I think today it’s changed dramatically. I think that Hollywood is now hiring people on the web because they’re still in this old school way of thinking and there and they’re trained to only think of this huge complicated process and then they’re looking at people online going Oh my God that guy has like Oh like a million subscribers, we could utilize him and his fans and his like obviously he’s doing. something right? You know? We can utilize his talents for us and we can hire him to help us sort of push our product. So nowadays.

I Think Hollywood Is Actually In Turn

hiring a lot of people on line one for their fans like let’s be honest. They are all about finding ways to save time and money and so they’re going to pick people that are more established. But you they see that these people are tech Savvy and web Savvy and they have a voice and so they’re hiring them for like those specific talents and the web allows you to get those talents seen much bigger than going through the old-school way I don’t I don’t think Hollywood is I think how I was afraid of the people in the webseries world actually Oh vendors, but do you think that maybe you know because Hollywood is. A lot of people from web series It could put you know the webseries industry in danger of people just using it kind of as a springboard to get to Hollywood versus you know actually staying in the web and you know increasing that culture in that community making it better. While everyone instead goes to Hollywood.

I Think In The Very Beginning

and I have to be honest. I thought this way myself I thought for the longest time because you know web series is so new. I want it I wanted to work in television. I I wanted to work in the series world in episodic and so I thought will UK that’s the best way that people are going to see me well. I actually had to educate myself on the fact that no it’s really not in fact today you know being a younger person people.

Arent You Know People Dont Have

cable they can’t afford cable or they don’t even know where to find you know content on you know on cable or online. You know some of the major networks because it’s so time consuming to sit down and research a show and then you have to wait every week to see the show and you have you know blah blah Blah blah so I think nowadays people are actually watching more content online now grant it they have a much shorter attention span, but they are a lot of content online and so I think that we’re evolving the web series world to be just as huge as I’ll say television film is still film you know you’re always going to go the movies and you’re going to watch film but in terms of like especially episodic or maybe the shorter series short. films and that sort of thing I think or parodies skips. I think that online is is really growing and I think that this industry is getting so big now that people are they’re actually more open to new technology. They’re integrating social media more they’re having more fun with it and I think it’s just going to be another big application for a creator.

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So The In My Mind Theyll Be

film they’ll be television and they’ll be web series and I think they’re all going to be equally as big you know whether or not Macadam e awards recognizes that I don’t know but they still don’t think UK is serious. Sometimes right see that’s the funny thing in Hollywood that filmmakers were soaked like like as an actor if you were Angelina Jolie it was it was def your career to do anything on television for the longest time because they were like Oh Wow that’s just that’s just secondary to film and now look at UK. All the big stars are like UK Yeah I want to be on Dexter. I want to be a guest star on the show because it’s just as big so I think the web world is going to be what UK was a few years ago and it’s going to be like you’re going to start seeing Tom Cruise online all the time that’s what he’s gonna do.

Hes Gonna Take Well Cool.

I guess my last question real quick just just throwing it out there you know um if you had to choose between to live in two different worlds. Okay fantasy world with dragons and knights and all that stuff and sci-fi world with aliens and robots and rocket ships, which one you picking kind of fantasy girl. I love I love robots but I I grew up with movies like The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth and I’m I’m so about like elaborate costumes and stories.

I Left Swords.

I mean I love a laser gun or lightsaber any day but I’m all about swords. So I’m a huge fantasy fan that’s my genre of choice. No I’m not um I’m open to doing sci-fi, but I think my love and I’ll of spaceships but I think my love is definitely the fantasy world and Dragons come on an awesome well.

So Much For Taking The Time To

talk to me I really appreciate it Yeah Yeah okay so where can people check out your work. We can find all of my stuff on my website Kristin netip a calm and easy Oh UK k or i’m on twitter at meadow pack any UK UK and I have a bunch of shows up right now so the skyrim parodies is skyrim parodies calm and then on my website. You can check out my other show called fight class where we actually break down the behind-the-scenes choreography for movies and I and I work with Sword masters and we learn everything and then we just put it on camera so we kind of show you how it’s done so yeah, but you can usually find everything on my website awesome cool thank you Oh.


I’m not a huge gamer but last year around like November came out you know I was I.& Wasn’t working a lot at the time like the holidays are very slow period in Los Angeles . I was like I could be like sword fighting and I’m like an ace at Magic because that’s like my thing and around the holidays, I was kind of bored and so my friends were like you have to try this.& This new David came out with seriously the best game on Earth called Skyrim and so I went out and bought it and I completely became obsessed with it. I played it for like a hundred hours so like 80 to 100 hours and I started like constantly talking about it and tight.& I did yeah aggressively yeah, but but as filmmakers and the storytellers we look at everything as a story. We look at it’s like what’s the experience here so that’s that’s how I came about to do to Lydia with love as an experience here.&…. Click here to read more and watch the full video