Kurtzman Plans To Destroy Star Trek for 5 More Years


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Bob And Damon Were Playing Louder Than

I was because they knew Trek much more deeply much more thoroughly than I did.NK] and I I think had probably more similar interest because we were frankly more. Star Wars people neurotic calm. First of all I’d like to say thanks for watching because when I create content forNK]. I never know who’s gonna watch could be an ex-wife could be an ex-co–worker from the Hollywood days could be an ex-employee from the comic shop could be Seth UK thanking me for all the Orval of Thank You Seth thank for the great show could be the showrunner of a giant science fiction franchise that’s being run to the ground.

It Could Be Board Members From The Company

that owns the giant science fiction franchise that’s being run into the ground. You just never know On June 11th I. video passing on a rumor that I had learned from an insider that Alex Kurtzman might have been removed from his Star Trek Overlord duties and replaced by three producers coincidentally deadlines dropped Kurtzman’s five-year plan. A few days afterwards, I predicted an article would come out to my insider but I was doing it in jest. I didn’t seriously think they were watching our videos or listening to our videos and I seriously don’t think they did but I think they did notice the reaction of the fandom when they thought Alex Kurtzman was gone the pure joy the celebration.

I Think That Had To Be Put

to a halt right away deadlines certainly didn’t look like they thought much of Alex Kurtzman when they ran this headline 10 years ago, but it looks like on the surface. They’ve come to the rescue of UK and Alex Kurtzman at. For now If you are willing to acknowledge that they dropped this interview as a rebuttal to the fan reaction from our videos, which it certainly looks like the case. So a giant billion-dollar corporation is rolling around in the mud with us Youtubers, a guy surrounded by a plastic audience and a guy in a mask with a voice modulator well done UK again thank you for watching so Alex Kurtzman talks about his five-year plan in this podcast and the podcasters Don’t ask any of the right questions because they are the access media so they’re just doing what they do, but let’s go over some of this five-year plan see if we hear any actual new information do you think we’ll see Spock in his own series like Picard or I’m just I’m just sir you know just curious about how things are spinning off yes so. staff who made that comment and absolutely the plan is multiple shows and there are multiple shows and development right now.

The The Thing About The Shows Is You

you have to understand that it takes really a year from writing to finished product. It’s sort of like animation because you got a factor in about seven months of UK work and then four months of prep, especially if you’re building sets for a new show. For the first time it’s a massive endeavor it’s huge. It takes four months four to five months to build the sets so it’s not like they’re all gonna be on the air at one time. You know if if we know that there’s gonna if he wants if David wants a show always I have to start planning two to three years.

Out Now Yeah Well You Know And Thats

what we’re doing. So the goal is not to have them be on top of each other, nor is it to rush anything out that’s not ready from comic book Calm February for 2019 Star Trek Alex Kurtzman offers update on Lower decks talks second animated series Yeah We are in development on that now too and that’s happening for sure Kurtzman tells compa comm owned by UK animation it takes a year. It’s actually very much like what we’re doing on our shows because of the visual effects component it takes a year from writing the script doing the animation getting it back refining it so we don’t ever want to rush anything out until it’s perfectly ready. Both of those statements sounded very similar to me and as far as the five-year plan is concerned or the ten-year plan it has been in effect. There’s no new information like I said.

Even If Alex Kurtzman Is Removed It

doesn’t mean Star Trek is going to stop They are still going to continue with the things they have pushed forward. He’s just possibly not going to be in control or as in control as he was before. According to sources and then the Philippa how far along is that in development is that still early Eric and Bowie who are two of our writers on discovery of our breaking story on it right now and and the plan is to shoot that the second we’re done with season three okay so what what would you say is the status of the section 31 show is that got a a series order or is it still pilot phase how’s that working Eric and boy are just breaking story now and they’re double duty between season three of discovery and section 31. So we’re just breaking story and the plan is to start shooting it as soon as we wrap season three. So you have a season or series or we don’t have a series order Yet we’re we’re just breaking story now as soon as there’s a script.

Usually They Order A Script A Series

off of the script, but everything’s in place for that right and that show you I mean if that were to drop you’d expect 2020 to kind of yeah you know what we found on these shows is they take an enormous ly long time to prep at an enormous ly long time to post and what we don’t want to do is rush anything it’s not worth it. You know fans will be really disappointed if they feel like we’re rushing them through the experience that we’re making so I would say roughly what we’re. internal engine Yeah UK well. There was no new information on that but at least the guy from Trek movie back in MArch asked the right question Has it been ordered to series or is it still in pilot phase, which is a very important question and we haven’t gotten an update on that as far as section 31 is concerned again we’re going to go back to the comicbook. com article owned by UK from February for 2019 Star Trek Alex Kurtzman offers update on lower Decks talks second animated series, which is the unnamed Nickelodeon series.

In Addition To Lower Decks, Theres

also a second Trek animation series in development. Kurtzman confirms that the second series is aimed at a younger demographic. I think you will find that it is utterly reverent of everything we love about Trek Kurtzman says and so our intention is that actually it will. also appeal to older kids too even though Yes it will traditionally look younger, but no I think hopefully the age range is somewhere between eight and forty-five and in the animated series. Once what do we know about that we know a lot about that yeah, So the Hegeman brothers are doing a show for Nickelodeon and that will be entirely different from lower decks which my command is doing for UK all access and you know again.

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In The Spirit Of Each Of These Shows

has to feel very different. Mike show is really for kids. I would say eleven to seventy. It sounds like you got the script mixed up on that one a little bit, but you can’t really blame him. He’s been repeating the same information for months.

The Key Word Here Is Plan

you know what I love so much about the way. Mike is doing his planning things is we hear that quite a bit and we hear it with the animation. Although we did hear some new information. There are storyboards with the Nickelodeon show and then I want to notice the name of the Nickelodeon show, but that’s a really different show that’s a show that’s four kids younger full UK animation. It’s gonna be incredibly cinematic.

We Just Started Seeing Boards This Week.

It looks like wow, You know it’s It’s on par with love death and robots. We did get some news with Star Trek discovery but of course, the podcasters did not ask anything about Netflix right so he’s Picard shooting now and you’re breaking you’re breaking story on on season three. Yeah so Picard is in the middle of shooting and we’ve broken the season and and if the scripts are I’m so happy with the scripts and we are on so five of season three of Discovery far along. There’s a lot of evidence out there that might back up the rumor that Netflix is not happy with Star Trek discovery.

Theres The Short Trek Situation.

There’s a rumored rejection of Picard of course there’s the Inasa Dean lawsuit which is named Netflix, which might put a dark cloud over Star Trek Discovery Season 3 that’s the other thing. It’s not just the the shows we have the short tracks to you know which is seven six more of those are great, especially yeah The one with Doug was thank you Yeah. We were really proud of those and we’re doing six more Two of them were animated in the two that we’re doing that are animated are unlike our two animated shows, so what I love about the short tracks is that they are it’s to me. It’s an experiment ground experimental training ground and it also just a place to experiment with different things directors that We’ve never worked before tones.

Weve Never Tried Before Again.

I’m not hearing anything new here it sounds exactly what Alex Kurtzman and Heather Caden spoke about on UK all access during in the ready room months ago we’re doing two more this for this season that are animated not at. All like what we’re doing this lower deck so yeah completely different style of animation now Were they planning on having those out during Star Trek Discovery season too or are they planning on having them in the future and I think they’re also going to answer some questions of things that we’ve dropped into the first season that maybe you didn’t even know you had questions about, but we’re going to fill in some blanks well. Then I hope they’re planning on doing 90 short tricks to explain all the holes not blanks that are in Star Trek Discovery season one and two.

What I Love About The Short Tracks Is

that we we are trying to expand the boundaries of traditional Star Trek definition without in any way violating what people love about Star Trek and so the idea that we get to try different short stories with. Very different tones Yeah is exciting to us so in styles. Exactly like each one wants to look different and be about something different, but it if you. If you watch it in and of itself.

Its A Hopefully A Satisfying Experience And

then when you watch the season. It makes it even more because you’ve had that too so that’s been the goal of it and we’re excited about there’s gonna be two very different animation styles. Mm-hmm with two references to things that have happened in the season and you know it’s just another interesting way and it won’t be anything like lower decks so what we really have here is a lot of repeated information.


Bob and Damon were playing louder than I was because they knew Trek much more deeply, more thoroughly than I did . Seth UK and Alex Kurtzman have come to the rescue of UK and Kurtzman at.&NK . The interview was dropped as a rebuttal to the fan reaction from our videos, which it certainly looks like the case, but it looks like on the surface, they’ve come to a rescue of Kurtzman and UK at the.& For now If you are willing to acknowledge that they dropped this interview as a response to the . fan reaction, which I think they did notice the reaction of the . fandom when they thought Alex . Kurtzman was gone the pure joy the celebration the celebration had to be put to a halt right away right away . Deadline dropped Kurtzman’s five-year plan to the Star Trek Overlord duties and the interview was put to the stop right away, which was dropped right away. It seems to be a response from the fans, however….. Click here to read more and watch the full video