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Los Angeles Dodgers Have Beaten The Tampa

Bay Devil Rays in game six of the World Series and now they’re Major League baseball champions. Obviously, their fans are going to want to celebrate so they take to the streets of Los Angeles to have a makeshift party in the streets. They are setting off illegal fireworks throughout the streets of downtown L. a and also setting their own vehicles on fire doing donuts and now They’re being arrested for looting and vandalism and destroying cop cars. Now this would sound more surprising if it didn’t just happen.

What 14 Days Ago, When The Los Angeles

Lakers won the NBa championship that no one was watching on Tv. It was a situation that you know the Los Angeles times and the major media outlets covered it as you know okay. 76 people were arrested in downtown L. a following the Lakers championship win. And they just kind of have some some very interesting photos to post and they just kind of talk about what’s going on It’s some big celebration, but the mainstream media never really covers the fact that these riots got really bad in the sense of not being compared to Philadelphia’s riots right now not being compared to like New York’s riots or many Minneapolis riots, but they’re just beating other fans senseless like there’s I can’t play this video right now from kitty Shackleford, but it’s a bunch of lakers fans beating up another laker fan calling him names and beating him with those those electric scooters.

You Can Rent Those Things Are Like 20

to 30 pounds and there’s several people smiling and laughing and being giddy as they’re beating up another person because their favorite team won a basketball game. I don’t get it so looking more. At this over here you had on NBc 4 covering this the situation. They have some videos of yes. They were surrounding some cars and then they were they stopped a semi-truck and started throwing out the boxes that were inside of it, so they kind of get more into it.

It Looks Like Yes If They

were all getting together to have a nice party and even with the lockdown restrictions. I kind of understand it to some level where they’re just going to celebrate hey it’s been so long they won they’ve been wrapped up they haven’t been able to party go clubbing and now here’s an event where they can go do it and it’s very unlikely that they’re going to suffer any consequences from it other from the fact that they may get exposed the virus okay whatever there’s that and then also setting off. Fireworks it’s a spectacle They get to see you know something that doesn’t happen often and it’s just it’s a a charged moment. They’re excited about it, but you don’t look at the simple fact that why does this scene right here. This had what does this have to do with anything.

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A Semi Truck Gets Caught In

the in the hotel not even a protest just a looting celebration championship situation and then they decide okay cool let’s just start looting this semi truck and throwing out all the contents inside of it. So the dodger fans can now have it it’s who knows what this is is this like industrial air filters for 747 Jumbo jets and now the Dodger fans get to have it because they’re team one and the police is kind of powerless to stop them. You’re having scenes like this and then it expands. to they graffitied a car, a police car with the police officers still inside who felt powerless to stop it because this was such an overwhelming moment. You have them setting dumpsters on fire in the streets and all recording it because this caps off the dodger win.

Im Really Struggling To Figure Out The

the logic behind it and now they’re looting and destroying just business fronts because I I don’t know and then you know Jersey Mike is getting smashed up because of I don’t I don’t know I’m at a loss of words. But this is this is my point now is you’re seeing over here where they said that the CVs was looted in Los Angeles. So now cops are opening up with non–lethal weapons and you have all these lapd officers marching online. It’s a riot control a situation they’re coming out and you’re looking. And it’s about 50 officers in riot gear with horses and you gotta think every single one of these officers here makes 80 to maybe 150k a year.

These Are Expensive City Employees.

They have ride gear. They have right I don’t know what these things are what they paintball guns or pepper ball guns. They have you know non-lethal weapons out there and those are all very expensive upwards of a thousand dollars. All the rounds are involved all the gear they have the overtime they’re working this isn’t something that just comes out of thin air like their dumbledore doesn’t cast a funding spell and pay all these guys to be there the taxpayers do I do I live in La This is where my money goes.

This Is Where All That State Income Tax

is going to paying these guys to babysit some laker fans and some. fans because they’re excited that their team won a game and now they need to go loot a CBs i it It angers me because this is something that is it’s not even just the money issue You know it’s not even just the fact that now we have to take these pay for lapd to deploy these horses because they need to stop the protesters and the looting and everything, but also when you tie up all the police resources in something like this where you have all the cops have to go to downtown L. a take back the city because we can’t just have people destroying businesses setting fires tagging up police cars because a team won no it takes police resources away from real things when you have a situation like in La2020 a murder rates are up 25 and that’s because of likely in my mind. They’re so distracted by the antifa riots, Blm protests, Lakers, celebrations, Dodger celebrations. There’s two stuck with that and the sad part of it is when you do the math when has it become an acceptable way to just go about your day.

Then The Right Then To Protest Then To

go out there and mass loot a CVs over a situation because the rates are going up and it’s not just hey the murder rate overall is going up. Maybe it is because please police resources maybe it’s because of lockdowns who knows what it could be but you have things that like over in Philadelphia where it’s directly impacting it were last night on the second night of looting in Philadelphia, 11 people were shot and it was looters shooting other looters. There was other stories about how somebody had loaded up their car gotten their car was. hit and then they were robbed by somebody else and somebody else got shot and it’s this this situation that yes looting creates lawlessness and lawlessness creates an opportunity for people to do this to be shooting. What was the story over in Philadelphia.

The Night Of The Second Riots That

was unrelated to the riots, but two teenagers were shot in a double shooting and it’s not because of the riots, but it’s also because police resources are so stuck up and preoccupied with situations like this and it really becomes a situation where I see the people that are celebrating the dodger win they’re in downtown L.a downtown L. a is very bloom. They are very i imagine boy biden for the democrats for Gar City Fort newsom that’s how they’re voting. I imagine you see this and they’re very excited about it and then you see the average.

American Person That Doesnt Want To See Looting

this tortoise this sort of thing Who are they going to turn to right Now. I made another video about how all the BlM protests and the Nt for riots are becoming just advertisements for Trump’s campaign and then you see this over here when it’s like yes Donald Trump is the candidate that is trying to rebu to bring back law and order. He has a giant banner in his in his campaign of defend the police when the left Joe biden Kamala Harris kind of seemed to turn their back on it not condemning antifa riots not condemning BlM violence not condemning the 11 shoot the 11 shootings at a looting incident in Philadelphia. It’s becoming a situation where it’s becoming very very obvious that people are going to be drawn to Donald Trump and what he’s he’s advertising in. His campaign people want law and order people are sick and tired of their taxes going higher And this is where their money goes to.

Im Not Saying That A Average Looter Rioter,

protester or laker celebration person is thinking, Oh, I wonder if us celebrating and firing off these fireworks and doing donuts in the streets setting my own car on fire, destroying windows at Jersey mikes going through cvs and looting over there and beating up some guy senseless with a bird scooter. They’re not thinking I wonder if that’s affecting my tax dollars. I wonder if that’s affecting how much the police department is going to budget next year for having horsies to come through the streets of downtown L. a to stop the riots. They’re not thinking that far ahead they think dodgers want Oh my god.

This Is So Great.

I need to go out there. In the streets, Oh you’re going down to downtown L. a, Let’s go wow there’s fireworks, Oh my God I saw on snapchat they’re doing this thing over there let me go there as well. It’s becoming a situation where it becomes more just commonplace.

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Its Okay.

This is permissible to go to downtown L. a and start partying and then when a situation like this happens where you have a semi-truck getting stopped and they’re just throwing boxes out there. I don’t see anybody in this audience over here throwing their hands up and saying stop stop stop what are we doing. I don’t think this is what Clayton Kershaw wants us to be doing on the streets right now.

I Dont Think That Its Just Becoming

a commonplace thing and it’s like the more instances of this just because Ktla isn’t covering those situations and just because Los angeles. Times doesn’t show the kind of harsher points of the protest or not protest just the rioting the looting in the streets over championship wins. Doesn’t mean that most Americans aren’t seeing that and wanting hey you want more Donald Trump now obviously I always do these videos and I say I have some things I want to talk about and I just kind of let I just kind of let the um the the cynthia symphony of thoughts flow out as Kanye West would say but just the idea that I see that there’s a culture shift in the world and the media tries to cover up for it and the more the free flow of information. You can go on snapchat and see videos by location. You can go on Twitter and follow these news reporters or I don’t even know if they’re news reporters but these people.

Documenting Whats Happening The Streets And

getting videos directly from the on-site the looting the riots. The protests. You can start to see all that and it’s going to be an eye-opening moment where people are like Oh my God I no longer.


Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in game six of the World Series . Dodgers fans take to the streets of downtown L.A. to celebrate . They set off illegal fireworks and set their own vehicles on fire doing donuts . 76 people were arrested for looting and vandalism and destroying cop cars . The mainstream media never really covers the fact that these riots got really bad in the sense of not being compared to like New York’s riots or many Minneapolis riots, but they’re just beating other fans senseless like there’s a bunch of lakers fans beating up another laker fan calling him names and beating him with those those those electric scooters. You can rent those things are like 20 to 30 pounds and there’s several people smiling and laughing and being giddy as they’re beat up another person … I don’t get it so looking more. I can’t play this video right now, but it’s a great thing to do. It’s some big celebration, but the mainstream media…. Click here to read more and watch the full video