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Pranams And Good Morning To All On Behalf Of

heartfulness. It is our proud privilege to welcome amongst us here in this beautiful morning at Kanha Shanti Venom Our very distinguished guests We are honored to welcome UK Anurag Takurji, Honorable Minister of Youth, Affairs and Sports and information and Broadcasting Government of India Welcome Sir. We are also happy to welcome Ji honorable Minister for excise and prohibition, Sports and youth Affairs, Tourism culture and Archeology Government of Telangana. We are happy to also welcome Ji Chief National coach of the Indian badminton team. The participants and winners of the Green Kanha Run who have come here to this beautiful Kanha Shanti Venom.

We Also Welcome The Delegates And

New yoga instructors from the international Heartfulness Yoga Training program. We welcome all guests dear brothers and sisters. It is a beautiful crisp morning here at Kanha Shantivanam made very special with the presence of our guests and friends who have participated in the first one of its kind. Green Kanha Run. This unique run in the lab of nature surrounded by trees along the beautiful Kanha Sarovar has been a truly magical experience.

The Green Kanha Run Is The Most

thoughtful climate conscious run possible and all its proceeds go to the forests by heartfulness, an initiative to nurture, protect and conserve nature and endemic and endangered tree species of India. We thank all those who have supported this initiative with their presence here wholeheartedly and now it is time to award the winners of the various categories of the different runs. As part of the Green Kanha Run I now take this opportunity to invite onto the dice for the price distribution ceremony. Honorable Minister of Youth Affairs and sports information and broadcasting Government of India to come to the dice and give away the prizes with beloved foreign. We are very fortunate to have the August presence of our dignitaries here for the price distribution of the Green Kanha Run we welcome them and I now invite the winners to please.

Get Ready For The Award Distribution Ceremony So

it is time for the winners of the 21 kilometer run to be felicitated onto the stage and I invite all the winners of the 21 kilometer run to please come to the dice I request below and Shri Palela Gopichand ji to give away the prizes UK So. The 21 kilometers run has been held under two age categories for those under the age of 30 years and above the age of 30 years. In both female and male categories. So we are happy for the Prize winners who have made it and won the first second and third prizes in the category of the 21 kilometers run. Let us give them a huge round of applause.

It Is Heartening To See The Young Children

participate and win Awards. It is a proud moment for the winners as well as us. Here at Kanha and let us keep the Applause going for the winners of the 21 kilometers Green Kanha Run UK. It is pertinent to note that the participants of the Green Kanha Run have come here from various parts of Hyderabad and Beyond to participate in this unique climate conscious run. It is now time for the winners of the 10 kilometers unique run to come on to the stage and take their prizes from our distinguished guests.

I Invite The Winners Of The 10 Kilometers

run to please come to the dice and collect your prizes foreign UK two age groups under the age of 30 and 30 and above and in this we have winners under the female and the male category collecting their prizes from our dignitaries right now let us applaud them with a huge round of applauseNK] Congratulations UK and now I invite. Invite the winners of the five kilometer run. There are many of us who have participated in this run. I invite the winners to please come on to the dies. There are a total of six winners in this category each from the female and male under 30 and above 30 years of age.

Let Us Welcome Them And Give Them Our

best wishes with a big round of applause. Let us appreciate the efforts of our young onesNK] let us keep the Applause going as these young participants take their prizes for the wonderful performance and display in the Green Kanha Run UK UK foreign UK moment for all the Prize winnersNK] UK we thank our distinguished guests for their presence at the awards ceremony of the Green Kanharan Thank you Yoga is a universal practice that can lead one to attain overall health and well-being yoga. Yoga is a universal practice that can bring one to overall health and well-being today. We have the certification ceremony for a very special program called the Ambassadors of Yoga. We have young people here from 11 countries who will today receive their certificates.

On Successful Completion Of This Ambassadors Of

Yoga program and they will receive their certificates from our distinguished guests and beloved. It is my pleasure to now invite onto the dice. Mr. Alberto Lafranke president of the Sahaj Mark Spirituality Foundation in Switzerland, who has been involved in the heartfulness international training programs for more than 20 years. I invite Mr.

Alberto To Come And Throw Some

light on this program Beloved respect the guests dear sisters and brothers. It is a pleasure and an honor to announce a presentation of the ambassador of Yoga certificates to the 22 participants of the new program called International. and yoga training program the participants come from 11 countries such as Belarus, Kenya and South Africa. Some participants left to return to their countries yesterday when their yoga exams were completed. This new program offered the participants a too high a 200-hour heartfulness yoga training and heartfulness meditation teacher training At the same time.

The Program Was Conducted In Two Phases Eight

weeks of online training with one hour Daily Hata Yoga sessions and classes dedicated to deepening its philosophy and weekly heartfulness meditation teacher training, which required intense individual study. We call this meditation training receptors. The second phase of three weeks took place in Kanha with a very packed program of say of a series of lectures, study and experience with the overall encouragement and support from Daji. The program was very successful. The financial contribution from Sasma Expiality Foundation Switzerland also made this program possible.

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As Ambassadors Of Yoga, The Participants Will Be

returning to their home countries with our best wishes and support for the future spread of heartfulness, yoga and meditation to all UK. The participants are now requested to come to the stage to receive receive their certificate from Beloved Alexander Mashanka from Belarus UK Alexi Kruk from Belarus, Dimitri Onishenko from Belarus, Irina Voloskovic from Belarus, Bruno de Tony from Brazil UK Yolamanova from Kazakhstan, Felicitan Carter from Kenya, Marin Ganga from Kenya but Patricia Monta upite from Latvia UK Geraldine Gowna from Philippine. Hannah Midvideva from Russian Federation, Constantine Medvedev from Russian Federation UK from South Africa Beyond Padia from South Africa and Diana Samadinova from UzbekistanNK]NK] We congratulate all the awardees of the ambassadors of yoga program. We wish them the best and hope that they will take the light of heartfulness yoga forward into their countries. their countries it is now my privilege to invite Shri Pulela Gopichandji Chief National coach of the Indian badminton team to come and share his thoughts and ideas with us respected beloved Daji Honorable Minister honorable Minister Srinivas Gautji participants of the Green Kana run members of the Heartfulness Sriram Chandra Mission it’s really wonderful to be here on this day Today also happens to mark the inauguration of the badminton facility along with the swimming pools Posh coats and it’s a great day for me to see such a beautiful place having added sport into the ecosystem thank you Daji for the vision for me.

This Has Been A Great Place

in the last few years I have seen the transformation happen in the place This place which has which was devoid of any Plantation Today you actually see such beautiful green forests. I think that’s a real transformation. of the land which I have really seen over the last few years, but more important for me? I have seen transformation of hearts. I think people whose lives have been transformed has been something which is really wonderful thank you dhaji for your wisdom for your calm quiet guidance it means a lot to have me in your presence thank you very much for the support and today. I think for all of us here.

I Think Sport Has Been Something Which Is

very close to my heart to have both our Sports ministers come here is testimony to the fact that this place is really wonderful and not only for spirituality, but for sport as well. I wish to seek your blessings Daji for this initiative and hope that we grow in sport as well in the community thank you very much UK it is a landmark day. Indeed, for all of us that heartfulness here at Kanha Shanti Venom We have the landmark inauguration of the heartfulness International Sports Center happening in a short while from now it is going to be a proud moment and we will be telecasting live here in the meditation Hall the proceedings of the inauguration. I am now very happy to invite onto the dice Shri V Srinivas Gaurji honorable Minister for excise and prohibition Sports and youth Affairs, tourism, culture and Archeology Government of Telangana. We invite him to address all of us and share his ideas with us respected her Gurji Sports Minister, government of India or national International Batsman National coach Ing and our Telangana Secretary schools and director mines our weather Ronaldo’s respected Eenadu group of chairman good morning to everybody I am very happy to see in this occasion.

Our Indian Culture Is A Very Great.

culture Yoga Yoga is the Indian culture world May America ‘s follow Yoga follow Indians world my biggest population India biggest population in India. Foreign Indians point of view both La Sora, foreign scientists, businessmans different type of all group either Center for meditation worldwide, Yamanare um meditation peaceful right now Plantation Curry foreign foreign foreign or water dams Plantation groundwater is centers both worldwide foreign thank you thank you very much UK thank you sir for your gracious words. I now invite beloved to address all of us on this historic and momentous occasion very dear friends respected Anuradji Srinivasi and my heart to pronounce and to heart pranams to all the participants of Kana Green Run.

Not Only Now, But I Wish You

all will keep coming to this place and use this facility. We all are familiar with physical nourishment in order to run properly to maintain. physical health? We look after this body as best as we can we educate ourselves. We contemplate.

We Meditate We Discuss To Enrich Our Mind

What about the soul? How can we nourish our soul our spirit? It is only through Dhyan I did with Pranavati Pranavati means the life of life when it is transmitted you feel it in our heart and day after day. As we continue practicing this meditation it changes your life from inside out generally what happens in religious places. There is external change but hardly any inner change externally. You may put Tikka on your head.

Some Red Bands On Your Hands From

incense sticks some lighting lamps, but these are symbols to tell us Light Lamp Within the length of wisdom earning the incense sticks means spread your love throughout the world. These are the secret messages, but unfortunately, we stick to the. Skeleton, the external unknowns in the inner significance.


The Green Kanha Run is the most thoughtful climate conscious run possible and all its proceeds go to the forests by heartfulness, an initiative to nurture, protect and conserve nature and endemic and endangered tree species of India . The event is the first one of its kind and proceeds will go to forests by . heartfulness . Participants and winners of the Green . Kanha . Run were awarded the prizes with beloved foreign. foreign. prizes . The winners were awarded to the various categories of the different runs. The prizes were given to the winners of the different categories of . the different . categories of different runs . The participants and winners were given the prizes for the . various categories . of the various runs. They were awarded by the winners. The winners are given the . prizes. The participants were awarded a prize for the various . types of the . winners . The winner was awarded the . prize. The winner of the respective categories of. and the winners were from the . participants of the….. Click here to read more and watch the full video