Leaked UFO Videos Are REAL Whys The Pentagon Admitting It NOW


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In December Xcia, Director John Brennan Said

it was arrogant to believe there are no other forms of life other than the ones on earth. There’s one thing we’re against in the Cia and that’s arrogance is the world actually going mad Now like Ufos are real and the pentagon admits it we’ve all been locked in our homes. What’s going on in the language of the Us Department of Defense. These are unidentified aerial phenomena videos which add fuel to the belief of some. We are not alone like if you break it down.

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Its Either Technology Thats Human That

we don’t understand that’s a possibility that there are sort of agencies within government that create tech. But the fact is if you’re me and I am you’ll have been following stuff like this like when I was 16 years old, I was reading all things like you know. Gods and Spacemen by Eric von Daniken and like listening to Bob Lazar and Bob Exlar and all former workers from Area 51 and secret government agencies that they’d seen metals and energy systems that were extraterrestrial and that it would ultimately be revealed so if you’ve been following that narrative for well Jesus three decades. Then you see this as the moment where the government finally admit we’ve been dealing with this for years. All those apocryphal anecdotal are they true or not stories that Ronald Reagan apparently leaned over to Spielberg, a special white house screening of 18.

When Were The Only People In This Room

who know how real this is there’s no one in the room Ronnie Oh Damn Nancy. In a statement, the Department of Defense said it was releasing the videos in order to clear up any misconceptions by the public on whether or not the footage that’s been circulating was real or whether or not there is more to the videos. The aerial phenomena observed in these videos, they say remain characterized as unidentified because well. I believe I mean it’s sort of practical and common sense in a way that in a limitless universe there being consciousness will materialize itself multiple multiple times meaning on this planet through two evolutionary strata. There is the human form of consciousness and expression and various other evolutionary branches, but no of beliefs are they called Cellophods like you know octopi that have a totally different expression of consciousness and intelligence.

So Across The Limitlessness Of Space.

It’s beyond plausible beyond likely probable that there are different forms of intelligence. Now we’re only discussing whether or not they interact with human beings and the levels of secrecy that may surround these subjects. In night vision video from a navy destroyer, a mysterious flying triangle above the deck of the ship. Having a navy destroyer really undermines the idea of defense.

We Even Call It Defense.

This is our defense budget what are you spending it on destroy it. I mean protectors conservers the pentagon confirming the images obtained by documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbil were taken by Navy personnel. I like that the American footage is a little bit mysterious. There’s a flying toblerone pyramid in the sky.

The British Ones.

There are some spaceships Don’t take the joy out of it. There’s spaceships. The first incident was filmed off the California coast in 2004 an oval shape hovering and in the words of the Navy pilot who recorded this not. Behaving by the normal laws of physics, even not behaving by the normal laws of physics can have the joy drained out of it by particular sections of the news media.

I Suppose The Laws Of Physics Are

all very particular to our evolutionary lines. Our understanding of space and time and it’s completely possible that things that we consider to be absolute like space and time are actually subjective experiences only relevant to people with beings with our limited senses and our limited capacity for knowledge. It’s entirely possible and plausible that there are different dimensions of being it also sounds a bit wacky, but now the pentagon have admitted it we’re off the hook baby. We can all start talking about it. Why are these things extraterrestrial beings collectively existed in culture adapting to the circumstances and context as time has gone on, but but always been present.

Like In All Mythologies In Countries Of Africa

in Iceland and Celtic myth little beings, fairies, elves, otherworldly creatures. Of course, these could be expressions of psychic phenomena and sort of shared cultural metaphor, but they could also be kind of literal, particularly when you get to areas like Egypt where you feel like there’s so much sort of extraordinary cultural paraphernalia. Interesting language peculiar geometry awareness of astronomy that people have been you know like Graham Hancock have been ridiculed for bringing up and bringing to attention for time. You know i feel like even and this is obviously not an original theory. I’ve mentioned Eric von Danican already that when scripture is describing extraterrestrial phenomena like you know when you hear Ezekiel’s description of a chariot of fire a ball of light moving across the sky.

It Doesnt Seem That Distinct From

what we’re witnessing and now have. had verified at their highest levels of government authority as you know being true. I’ve used the word verify There’s not that much difference it excites me. I suppose because at this time during this peculiar pandemic we’re all revising what reality is there’s this appetite on one hand to return to normal let’s just get back to normal and that’s perfectly understandable for people that have been locked up and suffering and have lost loved ones or suffered economically, But I feel from my ivory tower that like that we should be aspiring to something beyond normal a fairer, more just more beautiful harmonious society. There’s an expression of our real values and that includes alignment with nature and surely it means transcending superficial barriers.

Sometimes I Speculate What Happened.

In fact, I used this exercise in my mind that’s where I did most of my good work like. A little while ago? What would happen if a Ufo like picked up like a person from this country a person of that race people of this form of identification and took them off on a spaceship You wouldn’t be going I ain’t talking to you you like Donald Trump or you can off I’m I’m happy about the way you identify you just go. This is weird isn’t it that we’ve been plucked off of our planet and we’re now in a spaceship well. Now the Pentagon agrees that that could happen because the fact is there are other forms of life.

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There Are Other Expressions Of Consciousness.

Just like the world of psychedelia is bringing to people’s attention. The possibility that reality is something that warps and changes and responds to the observer something that’s you know been observed in quantum physics and I’m not going to pretend. to understand that because I know that if you think you understand it, then you really haven’t that’s one of the great maxims of that field, and I know many people try to warp that idea what I’m saying is that there are more things on heaven and earth than dreamed of in your philosophy. Horatio we’re on the precipice of understanding.

Just How Little We Know Every Time We

reach an apparent periphery through scientific discovery. We look over the edge and discover that we knew nothing every new realm of discovery. Oh we’re down into the you know world of Max Planck and all of the baffling world of some particular miracle. This is just another frontier. We’ll never with the limitations of human consciousness understand the true nature of reality because it’s beyond the truth.

Its Beyond Our Capacity To Understand

it if there are extraterrestrials if. It’s been released at this time because we’re living in this odd time of division with a great reset peculiar new ideas emerging just things feeling sort of baffling and catalytic. Then I suppose the possibility for reorganizing society. According to an entirely new vision also exists as David Graber said the fact is we made it this way and we can change it if we want to in the revelation of extraterrestrial life or at least extreme technologies that are not part of our understood telos of you know aeronautical tech. These are a revealing phenomena.

In 2015 Pilots Flying Off The East Coast

of America spotted this we’re going against the wind. The wind’s 120 knots West look at that thing dude and again. There are accounts of World War one and two pilots seeing stuff in their sort of great battles in the sky. You know this. Is something that’s been with us for a long long time.

Here Are A Few Questions To

contemplate why is it being revealed now and why was it always previously concealed? I once heard um what’s his name? Timothy Good, a big sort of ufologist, say honest. It was a late night talk show because I used to be a geek about this stuff. Like I heard the sort of the the radio talk show. It started off very cynical, but as Timothy good in his reasonable rational logical way explained what he’d seen what he’d done. The research he’d done talked about the nature of these gravity defined propulsion systems that worked on the inversion.

I Mean It Was Just Also

so sort of techie and nerdy not like Woohoo. There were lizard people It was like legit gear I heard like the radio host go from talking to. him like he was speaking slowly to a stupid person. The radio host sort of went I suppose if this is true, then we’ll have to completely reevaluate the entire way that we see reality and organize our political power structures and timothy good judgement.

Yes Right You Know Any Sort

of dispatching reality rationally way and this is why it might have been previously concealed because how how can that great philosophy and technique of the powerful divide and conquer continue to abide when the evident truth that we are a small village in limitless space with so much more in common than divides us and to create our official separations. On the basis of culture appearance religion, history, biology, it’s all absolute nonsense we with ants and birds and plants like the Saints have always done Should we go wow we’re all one I love this thing wow. cool what an amazing world? We should be enjoying the great miracle of oneness and a revelation of this nature helps us to dispense with the illusion of separation and recognize our wholeness our oneness. Of course, I’m sure there’s ways that we could go.

Oh Look These Are Extraterrestrials.

I look like these ones. There’s ways that we could turn it into some divisive thing but for now let’s enjoy the possibility that this could be a discovery that leads to unity. Some of the objects go beyond just flying in the sky.

One Shows A Spherical Object Dipping Into The

ocean similar to an incident in Puerto Rico, where an object was tracked buzzing an airport then flying into the water popping back out before appearing to split into two and disappearing. I mean that’s a bit mental isn’t it and if that’s this is happening in 2015. Why have we not been more clear and honest and open about it in the past? Look we could spend all day arguing about whether it would be better to vote for a politician whose views are here and a politician whose views are here or we could just discuss. I’ve just seen a spaceship dip into the sea and then come out as two spaceships no hold on but what are your views?


In December Xcia, director John Brennan said it was arrogant to believe there are no other forms of life other than the ones on earth . The Department of Defense said it is releasing the videos in order to clear up any misconceptions by the public on whether or not the footage that’s been circulating was real or there is more to the videos . The aerial phenomena observed in these videos, they say remain characterized as unidentified because well. The aerial phenomenon observed in . these videos remain characterized by unidentified because . well.& The aerial . phenomena observed . remain characterized . as unidentified . Defense say it’s sort of practical and common sense in a . way that in a limitless universe there being consciousn there being . there being aware of the . universe there is being conscious . There being conscious. There being . There is no one in the universe there Being consciousn. The Pentagon said it’s not aware that there is no knowledge of the videos, or that it is not aware of what it is…. Click here to read more and watch the full video