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Today Black Lives Matter Militants Charge After Harassing Elderly

diners, a judge rules that Pennsylvania‘s pandemic restrictions were unconstitutional as it turns out and Joe Biden calls President Trump a climate arsonist We’ve got a lot to get into folks and it starts right now you all ready welcome to the news and why it matters I’m Sarah Gonzalez today joined we got a double dose of Glenn back twice in a row two days in a row. He’s back ladies and gentlemen thanks for being here. I’m pitching a thousand hitting a thousand whatever I just want to keep listening to you struggle to give yeah baseball it’s like another home run on hockey day also joined by Newbie to the show Earl Johnson, Johnson, Earl Johnson we’ll see how long it takes people to figure out well the cowboy hat it’s weird without the hat it is you. Should have it surgically sewn to your head? I really should you really like. I said earlier.

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I I Look Like Ive Seen Better Heads

on a pimple yeah yeah. I have two it’s rough all right, let’s get into this. com the story of the day Hey do we have that today that’d be great all right so three black lives matter militants were charged after a viral video showed them harassing elderly diners now. This was in Pittsburgh outside a Pittsburgh restaurant over Labor day weekend. Here is a little bit of that video watch UK UK UK so the three rioters were charged with different misdemeanors.

They Ranged From Theft Conspiracy Simple

trespass disorderly contact conduct terrorism. I mean terrorism. It should be that’s exactly what that was they were trying to terrorize that couple you want to know what it felt like to be a jew in. 1934 in Germany right there that’s exactly how it felt right before things got crazy 1933 before they started passing all the laws for the night of broken glass that’s what was happening and everybody just stood and took it. I never thought I thought for religious persecution.

I Thought For Other Reasons Yes But

for race I never thought I’d see this in my life in America, Yeah it’s a it’s a return in many ways to the segregation era. I mean it’s what they’re wanting is what they’re demanding and that’s what what’s going on you know you mentioned Nazi Germany you know Hitler was the head of the what the film commission in Germany and he would create these films. These these kind of these public service announcements where the boy scouts are out there and they’re in the wilderness and an avalanche happens and they try. to figure out which one they were going to save which boy Were they going to save and it was always the blonde hair blue eyed one right and anybody that didn’t look that way with the skin color, the the bright aryan look and a full head of hair right full head, full head of hair. Exactly exactly but that was that was a whole deal and so through through little tidbits of indoctrination, subconsciously and subliminally that are being put in people’s minds right now is is getting to the point where this is being normalized this kind of behavior not only being normalized as being justified and it’s being justified from the top down corporations are doing it professional sports are doing it.

Theyre All Justifying It.

They’re all normalizing it so they’re making this okay and it’s not um did you did you see Bill Maher. What he said Friday on his show he had a CnN reporter and asked Steven do we have that by any chance I played it on radio. I think today may take them just a second okay, but he had a CnN reporter on and they were talking about it and he said come on you guys you can’t say that um you know I see the justification happening on the news and I see and and he said Don’t look at me like that because the CnN reporter gave him a smirk like Oh Bill you’re so crazy you’re part of it you’re part of this conspiracy that we’re all like and he said Don’t look at me like that you know it you see it are you a part of it. Are you part of a problem now when you lose Bill Maher yeah and Bill Maher is.

Saying You Are Off The Deep End Here

you I what how are you going to vote? You’re an you’re a white person, an older person or you’re a person that just actually believes in justice? Do you think that’s going to appeal to your supporters Yeah? I mean that’s what strikes me is every time. I see something like the the video that we just saw of the people harassing the elderly white people just sitting trying to enjoy their dinner. I’m like it feels a lot like this is just these are just undercover like trump people trying to get him reelected because you have to look at that and go how this is a trump 2020 ad. It’s a big backfire is what it is because this whole agenda when they want to show America burning to the ground that I think the ploy was and the strategy was. This is trump’s America, but it’s starting to backfire in a big way because you now have the Don Lemons and the Jake tappers who are actually going after some of these leftists and because one it sells and two it’s fodder.

I Mean Theyre Writing The Script In Many

ways for this and so it’s good for ratings that’s for sure but when you have the leftists leftist those mouthpieces that are actually going. After the progressives we’re starting to see where this thing backfired. It’s almost like the media right now is trying to pull this back in to the degree that they can it’s gotten out of control. Pandora’s box is open yeah and you. know I I will say Tomorrow on I think I’m going to do it on radio, but I’m going to post it on Facebook and Youtube.

Weve Spent Two Days Looking Into All

the people that have been arrested for the fires. You know the media and all these fact checkers are saying, Oh there is no there’s no arson. There are you kidding me. I have three pages of names that have been arrested for arson and they’re the worst of the worst and we have we have their their their charging papers. We how is anyone going to say There is no arson and there’s no names involved and that’s a conspiracy theory and that conspiracy theory is being propagated by Facebook Youtube.

Google And The Mainstream Media And

I challenge them to take it down Tomorrow. I’m gonna do it on radio and take it down go. ahead justify it? How do you justify it? I love angry Glenn is sexy well. You know man enough to say it you bring that up Glenn let’s talk about all of the the arson charges that are going on. I shared a I was pulled into some store.

Some Conversation On Twitter With Some

guy who said yeah that’s there’s no arson going on. There’s no antifa members who have been charged that’s all a lie and I was tagged in the conversation and so I knew that we were going to talk about this on the show. So I shared the blaze. com link and they’re like Oh okay it’s from the blaze and Glenn beck. Oh sure I’m like click on the sources you dummy there.

These Are Local News Reports.

These are local news reports from the actual places that they’re happening that’s what they have to. Do the first thing they had to do was discredit me and George Soros himself spent a million dollars out of his own pocket to start the first full-time smear team for media matters so you have to destroy me. Then you destroy anything that I say you destroy anything connected to me and it just keeps going on and on because well you’re here so you’re now smeared you’re here so you’re smeared and there’s nothing left it is the same thing with antifa. It is just destroy everything you know you’re on the wrong side.

When Your Tactic Is Dismantle Destroy Discredit

everything what do they stand for they say anti-fascism but what does that even mean they don’t know they do know because they say it all the time. America they believe America and the West is fascistic. So destroy America and then we’ll live in some utopia well the world didn’t find anything even close and this is no utopia, but they never found anything close to even halfway livable until America showed up it’s just never been tried properly Glenn socialism has never been instituted and done right it just has never been done right but I will say to you kids out there and they’re saying now that that a couple years ago 50 of young Americans were saying that they would vote in socialism essentially now 7 out of 10 are saying that they’re in favor of it and they would vote for socialist practices in an economy that’s scary because you’re going to lose your iphone you’re going to lose your video games. You’re going to have no idea no you won’t lose cars you won’t lose your phone well China as long as China‘s. around doing their thing you will have your phone because it’ll be the way they’ll be tracking you.

Ill Be Tracking You But Those Are The

things that I mean there’s there’s you’re not going to eat. I mean let’s let’s start there and and so it’s insane how again it’s a subliminal thing. It’s a thing that has just little by little it’s been laundered we’ve laughed at it we’ve legalized it We’ve we’ve lauded it and it’s all these things that are just little stuff that that have been just in in a micro form just keep saturating our brains with it it becomes normal if you could point to the the one main factor of what’s driving the the the young kids okay so 20 years that way 25 years ago 30 you know you you look at when post-modernism which has been around for a while. Nobody can define it when post-modernism became kind of the um The philosophy du Jour right and and people were just saying basically they were creating their own realities that were out there. When you get rid of the standard of truth and you start using things like my truth or our truth and those kind of phrases, and then you start changing the language When you do those little things they become the catalyst whereby there’s nothing else to measure a standard anymore, you don’t have that you want to change words and change their meaning they throw around the word racist.

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They Dont Know What The Word Racist

means so when you start changing those things we live in a postmodern world where everything is interpreted by me and by you by the individual. So there is no standard bear anymore. You Can’t you don’t have any of that so people are making up their own rules They’re making up their own laws. You can go out in the street and act like a damn animal and nobody’s going to hold You accountable for that so you have a problem here because it’s not only being dismissed and modeled.


Today black lives matter militants charge after harassing elderly diners . Joe Biden calls President Trump a climate arsonist . A judge rules that Pennsylvania’s pandemic restrictions were unconstitutional as it turns out . A viral video showed them harassing elderly people in a Pittsburgh restaurant over Labor Day weekend . The three rioters were charged with different misdemeanors. They ranged from theft conspiracy simple trespass simple trespass disorderly contact conduct terrorism.& I I look like I’ve seen better heads on a pimple.& Earl Johnson, Johnson, Earl Johnson we’ll see how long it takes people to figure out well the cowboy hat it’s weird without the hat it is you. I really should have it surgically sewn to your head.& He’s back again. We got a double dose of Glenn back twice in a row. He’s pitching a thousand hitting a thousand. I just want to keep listening to you struggle to give yeah baseball it’s like another home run on hockey day also joined by Newbie….. Click here to read more and watch the full video