LEFT VS RIGHT 2 inmates at womenonly NJ prison became pregnant from transgender convict


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Okay Two Women In An All-Women State Prison

got impregnated by a transgendered inmate who was also in that same prison. Let’s see how it’s being covered by both the left-wing media and the right-wing media check it out my name is Nate the lawyer. If you are new here we talk about the law and the facts if you are about that life Don’t forget to like this video share this video and subscribe to the channel Okay with a story like this I like to start with the facts so here’s how local news covered the story. When it first came out check this out. Two female inmates are pregnant after they had sex with another inmate at the Edna Mahan Correctional facility for women in Clinton that’s the department of Corrections.

Last Year, Edna Mahan Began Housing

transgender inmates, who identify as female that’s after a lawsuit. Trans woman who was forced to live in men’s prisons okay so now we know what happened right state was sued and they were now forced to house inmates by their gender identity. Now. This has been a problem for many years and even in liberal cities like New York. We’ve been struggling to figure a way how to deal with the situation in this case.

In 2021 Let Me Pull This

up this woman um transgendered woman sued now the case in this this case and this is the case that you just heard from the news report they explained to you exactly what happened there was a transgendered woman someone who was transitioning from male to female. They went to New Jersey prison and the policy back then was whatever your biological makeup was that’s the prison we’re gonna put you in so if you’re biologically a male. We’re gonna put you at men if you’re biologically a female we’re going to put you with females so that that was their policy and it was just based off gender. . This person suffered some horrors in prison, .

You Know As Obviously Prison Is Not

a fun place, but obviously it was especially cruel because this person was really a transitioning transgender woman and being treated as a male and even in jail. They were to say he him like they didn’t give this person any benefit of the doubt like we’re going to treat you 100 like a guy because you’re in prison person sued aclu and the state came to an agreement and that agreement was we’re going to house prisoners based on their gender identity not based on their biological sex, but their gender identity, essentially how they tell us that they identify if you. Tell us you’re identified as a male we’re going to put you with the men. If you tell us you’re identified the female we’ll put you in with the females and that’s kind of where we’re at now There’s a state of play in New Jersey. Now so this case is the reason why the transgendered woman within a woman’s prison even though they were a physical male or they were a biological male.

So This Is The Inmate Who When They

were arrested. This is what they look like. This is one of the court appearances for the inmate who impregnated the other two women so this is them obviously before they started transitioning, and here is the picture of them now remember this person still physically i’m in every way a male but now identifies as a woman and this is their their picture as of right. Now so now you know the facts you know about the previous case While this stuff is happening, but obviously, there’s a political piece to it and there’s a conversation to be had about how to deal with transgendered individuals in the prison system or in the correctional facilities. So here is where we’re going to now look at the real who was a left-wing talk show and we’re going to look at Tucker Colston, who’s a right-wing political talk show and first let’s see how both sides open with the facts and see if they massage the facts in a dishonest manner.

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So Lets First Start With The Real

let’s see how they present the facts to us. Allegedly two inmates in a new Jersey correctional facility have both become pregnant by a transgender inmate after being involved in what they called a consensual sexual relationship in 2021 new. a policy that allowed inmates to be based housed based on the gender in which they were identified now. It used to be a time when it was based on their genitalia right right right and then they changed right so ladies, What are your thoughts on this okay, What do you think about wrestling the facts fire case how they did it before how they’re doing it now and now your thoughts on it right pretty pretty good recitation of the facts right it’s pretty consistent we already heard from the newscaster from even NBc News. They even did a work up on it so now that you’ve heard the facts from the left let’s see how Tucker calls it on his show explains to the audience the facts of this case.

So In Modern America If You

point out that biological sex is a physical reality. You can be fired from your job. The Washington Post will send a reporter to your house to intimidate you, but it doesn’t change anything denying reality doesn’t change reality You can say gravity isn’t real, but if you jump off the roof of your garage. You’re still going to get hurt and that’s true for biological sex. It is in fact real whether the authorities admit it or not officials in New Jersey are learning that lesson this week two female inmates at a supposedly all women’s prison in New Jersey have just become pregnant.

You Wonder How That Happened Well Turns

out those women had sexual encounters with another inmate, who was a biological man passing as a woman now some people predicted that this would happen and they were laughed at mocked and attacked as Bigots. Karadanski is at the very top of that list She said. This years ago on our show, She’s the president of the U. s chapter of the Women’s Declaration International author of the book The Abolition of Sex How the so Tucker’s given us his view of it, but as you can see the real kind of just gave us the hardcore facts before they got into their opinion. Tucker has given us some facts, but hasn’t given us all the facts but and and has pestered a heavy amount of opinion in his recitation of the fact but I don’t think there was anything deceptive in what he was saying he just was saying that hey there’s a reality out there there’s a biological reality.

People Are Being Attacked By It

and here’s what’s happening in this story. So obviously, he’s laid a foundation that’s a little different than what the real did but now let’s go on to their opinions. What does each side think about what’s happening is it okay do they have any options. Let’s go back to the rail and see how they feel about this situation. This is the thing for the safety of everyone.

It Appears That They They Should In My

opinion have a special wing because for right now until we’re learning how to deal with this we need to protect transition and the safety. The problem is is that if you have this wing which they’ve done studies it could it could be more problems because you know there could be um sexual socks on them just because they’re gonna think that they have support treatment. You know what I mean so it’s like we’ve got to do something to protect them a little more you know and I also want to say. I was going to say that they’re saying it’s. A consensual relationship yeah, but we don’t know because in jail you don’t want to appear like you’re a rat so yes They’re saying it but you don’t necessarily know if and I’m talking about this transformers They’re so so many There’s so many characters.

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This Is Like How Can I Speak

on this yeah no this is really tricky um should should the person who’s trans should they let people know like I don’t like you know what I mean they would definitely know if you’re having a sexual moment with me and I have a penis and I have oh yes but I’m saying should that be something that’s not announced because then you don’t want somebody to be well. You can see in the showers they have to they have like showers and stuff like that they know what they’re doing both parties know exactly what they’re. doing I mean if they’re consensual okay, then we do have an issue and then that’s why I’m saying maybe the separation of transgender people in a at least in a wing would prevent this because you’re not supposed to have sex that’s what I needed to know because the fact that somebody was impregnated isn’t the problem to me because there are many ways that first of all women on women are having sexual relations in there all the time Yes so the fact that these women got pregnant. I mean it is what it is I think it just the question that is um being asked is how do you treat a transsexual in in the prison system, Yeah that’s really what it is so as we can see the real is trying to struggle. They’ve said maybe on a separate wing.

We Dont Really Have Any Problem.

with with this because it’s you know men having sex with women in the women’s prison it’s we expect women are having sex with women, so why not trans men having sex with women. I mean trans women having sex with women it’s It’s there’s really no difference here and they see a problem but they see it from a side of protection right. Trans women need to be protected and by putting them in women’s prison. They give a higher level of protection but maybe isolate them because Lonnie’s even going farther it’s the woman lonnie loves she’s going before she’s saying isolate them in a separate wing right and even that has emotional problems so they’re looking at it from that perspective.

You Know How Can We Solve This

problem what the best option is and they don’t consider them impregnating women in women’s prison a problem let’s. See what Tucker Coulson thinks does he see a problem? What do you think for coming I’ll never forget the first time and I it had to have been for at least four years ago when you said if we keep going down this path we’re going to have biological men in women’s prisons and you were right absolutely thank you so much for having me. You know though the story that’s happening in New Jersey is obviously horrible for so many reasons we need to not have men being housed in women’s prisons but a couple takeaways from this that I just want to point out are first of all the state is not getting away with this by telling its residents that they are housing men in women’s prisons what they are doing of course is telling the residents that they are housing so-called transgender women or trans. In women’s prisons, suggesting that there is some sort of sub-category of women that is called transgender women or trans women, and it’s not true. The fact of this story shoots the shoots a hole right through the trope that trans women are women.

Our Society Has Been Taught That

we are supposed to say and think that trans-women are women, but obviously that is not true because the individuals that are the focus of the story impregnated women and every thinking adult no matter what the president of the United States has to say on the matter knows that there is no category of women who can impregnate women so I really want to thank you for highlighting this story and I also just want to point out that this is not just a problem in New Jersey. This is a problem across the country. I know. that we have talked previously about how the state of California recently enacted a law at the end of 2020, which went into effect in 2021, which mandates that men be housed in women’s prisons on the basis of their so-called gender identity if they say that they are women Washington state has a similar policy. However, this is not just happening in blue states.

This Is Happening Across The Country

so as you can see both sides are kind of taking it on different angles. The right or tucker Carlson is looking at it as a biological piece right. You can’t have biological men and biological women housed in the same facilities because of things like pregnancy abuse and things of that nature. You want to protect both sides. You want to protect the men and you want to protect the women and the left wing the the real.

Looking At It In A Different Situation,

They’re saying well the protection should be for the transgendered people and it seems like they are suggesting that you should segregate transgendered women out of the general population of the prisons or just allow it to happen and it’s not really a big deal because women have sex with women in prison all the time, so why can’t transgendered women also have sex with women in prison right They’re women too they are real women so it’s a interesting way to see how both the right and the left view this issue and I think it really just comes down to one thing. On the left-wing side. They are viewing transgendered women as women, but even in that mentality or even with that thought process they’ve come to the reality that they’re really not really women but and should be segregated right. From the real women in the prison well, I think on the right side they’re saying well we should treat them like men and you know if you’re biologically a male It’s not about what you think it’s about what you are and you should go to a male’s prison and maybe this should be something done in a male prison for you, but you shouldn’t be sent to a female’s prison so my question to you is what side do you agree with do you agree with kind of the left wing side the whole you know.

This Is The Problem Is Not The Sex

But you know how to protect transgendered people in prisons and it’s okay if they have sex with each other because that’s what they do in prison anyway or are you more on the right leaning side. There has to be some distinction for biological sex because that’s what matters when you’re talking about segregation in prison and not what you feel your sex would be let me know. In the comment section below my name is Nate the lawyer and I’m outta here peace.


Two female inmates are pregnant after they had sex with another inmate at the Edna Mahan Correctional facility for women in Clinton that’s the department of Corrections . Nate the lawyer talks about the law and the facts if you are about that life Don’t forget to like this video share this video and subscribe to the channel.& Let’s see how it’s being covered by both the left-wing media and the right wing media check it out my name is Nate.& Last year, Edna. Mahan began housing transgender inmates, who identify as female that’s after a lawsuit. The state was sued and they were now forced to house inmates by their gender identity. This has been a problem for many years and even in liberal cities like New York.& We’ve been struggling to figure a way how to deal with the situation in this case.& In 2021 let me pull this up this woman um transgendered woman sued now the case is the woman um let me pulled this up ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video