Leftists Start to PANIC as DEEP STATE Tries to SILENCE Eyewitnesses to VOTER FRAUD


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Leftists Are Starting To Panic As Deep State

operatives are trying to intimidate eyewitnesses to voter fraud In this video, We’re gonna take a look at the admission among leftists that they are indeed beginning to get pretty nervous here how the deep state has actually tried to intimidate and silence eyewitnesses to illegal voting and how the trump administration is getting closer to overturning these election results and scoring an astonishing victory. You’re not going to want to miss this Now we’re going to dive right into things here. But first a huge shout out to all of our veterans On this veterans day. We all thank you so much for your service. We owe you more than we could ever hope to repay and you are the true heroes of our nation thank you veterans and let’s give a huge shout out to the sponsor of this video.

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Even Though Constitutionally He Is Not Electors

not reporters most especially not left-wing activists disguised as journalists decide who is and who is not president, but as they attempt to push this. a bunch of rabid leftists at the Ap have the sovereign power to definitively determine the presidency. There are brief moments of reality that are starting to set in among leftists and they’re beginning to panic or at the very least at the very least they’re starting to get nervous. They’re recognizing that something indeed is going on here beneath the surface where President Trump and his allies are indeed maneuvering in such a way that most certainly can completely thwart any future Biden presidency take a look at this article from the ultra left-wing site the nation Trump is trying to overturn the election right there’s that fake news that the media appoints presidents rather than electors. Trump is trying to overturn the election, but I’m not panicking yet and when you read through this.

I Think You See A Representative

nervousness that trump forces are indeed in the process of exposing a level of voter fraud and constitutional violations that most certainly can overturn the election results that have thus far been put forward in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania by the media. The key here is to recognize that the trump legal team first and foremost has a single goal and that’s to prevent the certification of the election results as they currently stand by the secretaries of the states of these particular states and the grounds that the election results are compromised and they’re compromised by at least three factors first because of the various acts of election fraud as witnessed to by hundreds of the signed affidavits that under the penalty of perjury. All detail eyewitness accounts of election fraud in the forms of counting illegal ballots or changing ballots or preventing. Republican poll watchers from seeing the ballots as they’re being counted and the like Republican National Committee Chair Ronan McDaniel says that she has over 500 signed affidavits dealing detailing over 11 000 cases of voter fraud. There are over 131 eyewitness signed affidavits in Michigan alone willing to testify regarding flagrant election violations or you may have heard of James O’keefe’s investigation of how federal agents have actively tried to coerce a U.

S Postal Service Whistleblower To Water Down His Story

so the media could run around and gleefully report he recanted he recanted which he emphatically says he did not a postal worker by the name of Richard Hopkins went on record accusing postmaster Rob Weisenbach of ordering the back dating of ballots to November 3rd in Erie, Pennsylvania Project Veritas has released a video not only with Hopkins asserting that he emphatically did not recant his allegations. of election fraud as was published by the Swamp Rag the Washington Post, but also Project veritas posted recordings of federal agents actively attempting to coerce and intimidate Hopkins into recanting, which of course, raises the question why the hell are federal agents trying to intimidate eyewitnesses to this election that’s going to be a very interesting question to pursue in the days ahead so these eyewitness testimonies are crucial to getting the courts as well as the legislatures to order a halt to certifying the election results, but that’s only one of three factors that are delegitimizing this vote. Second trump’s lawyers are arguing that the election results are compromised because non-legislature officials such as judges in Pennsylvania set the time place and manner of the election. When Article 1 section 4, the Constitution explicitly states that the setting of the time place and manner of any election is. sole responsibility of the state legislatures and so these judicial activists have blatantly violated the U.

S Constitution And Thirdly Trump Voters Have

been disenfranchised by ballot machine glitches and malfunctions, such as the more infamous ones coming out of the dominion voting systems which have demonstrably changed thousands if not tens of perhaps hundreds of thousands of votes that were originally cast for trump over to biden so affidavits, unconstitutional decisions and disenfranchisement are the three main arguments being used to stop the certification of these results and by the way we may not even have to wait for the courts. Pennsylvania House Republicans are calling for a legislative led audit of the 2020 election and they are insisting that election results not be certified nor electors be seated until the audit is complete. In other words, the Pennsylvania Republican lawmakers who own both the state house and Senate are rising up and taking control of this election process. Precisely as the United States Constitution requires them to we’re seeing a similar movement as well in Wisconsin the Republican Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is directing a committee to review the entire statewide election process after credible revelations of voter fraud, especially in light of reports of midnight ballot dumping that were all for Joe biden. It’s also just been announced that the president of the Republican-controlled Arizona Senate is calling for an independent analysis of voting data in the state before their votes are certified and that is the key.

If You Cannot Certify The Vote,

you can’t appoint electors and if you can’t appoint electors, then you can’t elect a president. So this effectively puts the whole election on hold and then. have a few possible outcomes on the one hand you re-canvas and you recount okay. Re-canvas is basically an audit of the vote where county clerks and election officials review the absentee votes. The mail-in ballots make sure that there’s what’s called a verified chain of custody with the mail-in ballots and the like they compare the total vote turnout with voter registration numbers to see if they can weed out votes from those who change their address so they might have voted twice or removed dead people from the voter rolls all that kind of stuff.

So One Outcome Is After Full Re-Canvassing And

recount biden still wins. He still has enough votes, but that of course disregards the unprecedented levels of fraud that the signed affidavits are all pointing to here so that’s just whistling past the graveyard. If you’re a democrat speaking of I don’t know if. Review found 10 000 quote dead people who supposedly returned mail in ballots in Michigan alone, 10 000 dead people voted so the leftists are really getting nervous here and that they’re realizing that if we are dealing with an unprecedented level fraud, and they know they cheated that would mean potentially tens of thousands of biden votes getting thrown out, which would most certainly change the results of this election. So the most likely scenario is that the level of voter fraud was such that a re-canvas and a recount will switch a couple of states back to Trump and give him the election in return, but that’s not the only thing that the trump team has in mind to win This the best is yet to come but first I want to make sure you know that we are offering a special veterans day promotion of my nationalist.

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Like The Problem Were Having In Pennsylvania

where election officials were required by a direct order from Justice Sam Alito to separate all ballots received after 8 pm on November 3rd from all ballots cast prior to 8 pm. Problem of course is because in Philly and Pittsburgh election officials barred Republican observers from the accounting process. We don’t know how many of those votes that arrived after 8 pm were mashed in with the vote total we simply don’t know it and so the courts may have no choice but to invalidate the vote in Pennsylvania and possibly. Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia because of all of these irregularities so, the first goal is to put a halt on the certification of the votes by the various Secretary of States in these contested states and the second goal is to either flip the state by virtue of recanvassing and recounting which will purge the fraudulent votes from the total and turn the state back to trump or to get the courts. The Supreme court ultimately to invalidate the vote in these states and if the valid votes are invalidated, then by definition no candidate has reached 270 electoral votes and if no candidate has reached 270 electoral votes.

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Then The Constitution Requires That The House Of

Representatives takes up the responsibility of electing the president and when that happens I don’t know if you know this but every state gets one vote. There are delegates that are sent to. represent each state in the House of Representatives and everyone gets one vote. California gets one vote.

Rhode Island Gets One Vote From The Delegates.

This according to the 12th Amendment and were that to take place you would have 31 states led by Republicans versus 19 states led by Democrats and Donald Trump will easily be re-elected president. If this goes to the House of Representatives.


Leftists are starting to panic as deep state operatives are trying to intimidate eyewitnesses to voter fraud . The deep state has actually tried to intimidate and silence eyewitnesses . The Democrats and the mainstream Marxist media have all together colluded to coordinate Joe Biden as president-elect. Even though constitutionally he is not electors not reporters most especially not left-wing activists disguised as journalists decide who is and who is not president, but as they attempt to push this. a bunch of rabid leftists at the Ap have the sovereign power to definitively determine the presidency. They’re recognizing that so . Click on that link below today to get 51 off your order, but that’s a limited time offer so don’t wait click on that . Click here to get your own collagen supply of the collagen supply you will certainly be glad that you did all right so let’s get your your own own collagen from the link below . Don’t wait for a chance to buy a new collagen supply. Click here for more information ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video