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a face for radio and a voice for print so our resident our resident train wreck Miss Amy Horton and for those of you that don’t know who Amy Horton is. She is an author, author, a blogger. She writes for a lot of women’s. She writes for bold. She writes for other places, but she’s imagine you take all the women that we like to poke fun of for making bad life decisions and not self–reflecting on maybe it’s me, but instead blaming everyone else in the world imagine you have that person and then she writes articles about her life every few weeks for money and you get to see it.

Oh Its Almost Like Opening The

front of her brain and looking in and you look get to look into the mind of somebody that’s not a very. person but is really unfortunately like most of the women that are out there dating today that’s Amy Horton. She is a go-to staple for Manosphere channels to just look and go there’s the dating market. What do you think fellas are you in I’m gonna just start recording. She came out with a new story just a few days ago and we’re gonna talk about it and Amy has this reoccurring pattern and I think a lot of dating women right now have this reoccurring pattern and you’ll see here’s her page I went back so she has 16 pages and I went back four years ago.

This Is 15Th Out Of 16 Pages.

I’m going to read you the titles of her articles and you’ll be able to see how her headspace works. I’m a strong independent woman, but I still want the guy to make a first. Why I cheated after swearing I never would eight reasons I absolutely love um giving him the Australian kiss, which is her doing a little bit of the down under with her mouth. If you’re desperate to date, you should probably stay single just because he doesn’t love you doesn’t mean you’re unlovable eight reasons falling in love is so hard for strong women If he treats you like you’re ordinary he’s not worth your time yep you should be treated special ladies.

I Really Like You, But That Doesnt

mean I’ll put up with your Bs and wait for your unicorn. You’re better off alone than with the wrong guy and but you see where so she’s strong and powerful oh but what happened here Nine things to remember when you can’t stop thinking about your ex oh, She chased a chad she went after the bad boy here’s. How I know I’ll never meet my soul mate on a dating app. Oh she’s she’s she might have had some encounters with some bad boys. The heartbreaking realities of realizing you messed up the relationship.

Oh, This Is Why Lets

see eight reasons forever alone girls crave love. I mean you can’t make this stuff up why you should date a guy who gives no f’s Oh bad boy 10 ways smart women are really stupid about men, so you get the point right okay so I’m sick of guys who are intimidated by me. I can’t I can’t help but read more of them such a train wreck so her her her list kind of goes from a strong independent woman. here’s how I do things casual and I like to be go after the bad boys. My heart.

Im My Heart Is Empty.

I’m broken. And alone I’m so sad to Oh, He’s such a great wonderful here’s why here’s ways to keep your man happy. Oh He left me. I or I messed up or some or I cheated or some it’s.

Its A Continual Loop And If You

just watch the video. I just put out. It’s about women that chase the bad guys. They don’t want the good guys. They’re boring so they chase the bad guys.

They Get Dumped By The Bad Guys.

They feel down about the bad guys. They can’t stop thinking about the bad guys. I’m strong and empowered woman hear me roar and now I’m gonna go after I’m gonna go get life by the horns get the bull by the horns. Oh I met a new guy.

Oh Hes A Bad Boy.

Oh he’s exciting here’s all the things I do for him. Oh he left. me and it’s just repeat so here’s her here’s her most recent so let’s see where she is in her dating cycle. Now This is why you need to throw your dating checklist out the window.

Oh Sounds Like Theres A Little

bit of sad slash desperation Oh I’ve been too picky I’m running out of options. I think she’s in her 30s. She also has been given the gift that keeps on giving she has an sti. I think it’s HpV gee. I wonder how that happened let’s read Amy’s most recent foray if you’re an adult trying to exist in this confusing world of dating.

You Likely Have A Mental List

of requirements for anyone that you’ll even give a chance as a matter of fact. Amy I think you have about 16 pages of them with about 20 articles on each page just saying you might believe. that this helps narrow down your choices, but it’s actually hurting your odds of finding a partner what you’re saying that being overly picky is somehow unrealistic and leading you to not finding any men well shocking let’s read more it’s probably Bs not to assume that it’s all bogus, but you probably have at least a few ideal characteristics that aren’t that important in reality. You’ll look back a year later and realize that it didn’t matter if you had tattoos or facial hair or loved all the same bands you do don’t pass over someone good for a silly reason. Oh we’re in the reflection stage yep she’s looking back at some guys that might have been interested in her, but she passed them by and now she’s wishing she had them rules sometimes hinder your dating life sure it’s good to have some guidelines Don’t date someone.

Whos Rude Or Creepy Or Sleazy

that makes sense? On the other hand, you can be so strict about what you’re looking for that you don’t give anyone a chance and that’s counterproductive good advice You could disqualify someone too early Can you see what phase of her life she’s in yet we’re in the remorse stage we’re in the forever alone stage alpha widow stage. If you don’t talk to them and get to know them you may be judging them incorrectly give an unlikely candidate the chance to surprise you if there aren’t glaring issues and the person seems nice go for it What’s one date it might even be fun oh so in other words, maybe looking for a normal healthy good guy wow a lot different than the past it’s sometimes the person you least expects who ends up being right for you that’s why so? Many people develop relationships with friends or co-workers? You get to know them slowly and realize how great they are that’s good you’ve probably outgrown your checklist anyway wow yeah if you’ve had a checklist for that long trouble you’re severely limiting yourself Yeah no kidding what’s the point of dating if you aren’t looking at the entire spectrum of who is out there focus on the happier couples. You know many of them probably didn’t think they’d end up with someone like the person they love so maybe lower your standards to realistic expectations remember this is a woman giving you this advice ladies maybe you should listen just maybe I don’t just think how you’d feel if the guy across from you secretly sized you up in comparison to some ideal he has in his head. It’s not a job interview yes you need to get to know. person who could end up being your partner but not in such such a judgmental way, so you know what’s great about this is I’m going to read this and then like in a month from now.

Im Going To Read A Story About

how she’s keeping her new bad boy happy by doing interesting physical things for him and then after that. Another month or two later after reading like what she likes to do for him and ways that she entertains him. She’s gonna write about being sad because he left her and she’s alone again and then we’ll get another article like this. It’s just it’s a repeat it keeps but right this is actually sure this is good advice except you don’t even listen to your own advice you just collect a check and then go all right well. I’ve only written stories like this seven.

Times In The Last Four Years,

we’ll see how it goes though it’s time to take some risks. Oh, but you’ve taken a lot of risks with those bad boys. She says aren’t you tired of playing it safe take a good look at your list and ask yourself if you’re using it as a shield against vulnerability okay well um all right. I’m with you on that one amy but I I know you’re not going to listen to your own advice. Let’s see where amy’s most recent stories are and you’ll see the pattern here.

Im Going To Do Just A

few more because I love picking on Amy because she literally is the poster child for everything that’s wrong with dating and women and what we men look at dating only sucks when it’s with the wrong person. Oh yeah I oh, Oh This is from two. years ago Wow has she not written anything newer than that I want to find out where Oh here it is Amyhorton. net speaking my truth through the written word you don’t need self-care you need self-love let’s see what else. July 21st.

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Its Time To Take Back Your Power.

Sounds like she had a bad relationship. Let’s see losing your love was difficult but staying friends is heartbreaking June 2020. there we go she’s just on the bounce back right it was Oh I lost him. I’m sad now I’m strong woman again time to go looking again.

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Im Slowly Learning To Be My Own Soul

mate from may I still can’t escape my memories of you from may let’s look at some older ones. I when I can’t sleep for missing you. April this Is the future You deserve March We’re just slowly working our way backwards um how long am I going to still miss you March my heart won’t Let you go remember this when you’re wishing you never met them bad boy January insomnia January. I can’t help it.

I Mean Women Dont Want A Fairy Tale

but we do know our worth November every time. I have a chance at happiness life brings me down November all right. I won’t keep going here because I don’t want to beat this to death, but you know amy is is is a staple in in the relationship wheel that I just talked about in my other video women want and desire Alpha bad boy strong determined men and they chase them and they catch them for a little while a short term because those guys are always on the move and they’re.


Amy Horton is a go-to staple for Manosphere channels to just look and go there’s the dating market . She has this reoccurring pattern and I think a lot of dating women right now have this . Amy has this . reoccurrence pattern and you’ll see here’s her page I went back four years ago.& This is 15th out of 16 pages.& If you’re desperate to date, you should probably stay single just because he doesn’t love you doesn’t mean you’re unlovable. If he treats you like you’re ordinary he’s not worth your time yep you should be treated special . If he . treats you . like you . treat you like a normal woman, but I still want the guy to make a first. He’s not a normal person. If I’m a strong independent woman. He doesn’t want the man to make it a normal man. I’m not a good man. He wants the man. You should be a good guy….. Click here to read more and watch the full video