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with our K outpost and when we all got done watching the rise of Skywalker. Whether you actually paid to see this movie in a theater or whether you took different means more, which like I would suggest doing um you had a lot of questions. You didn’t understand why some of the things happen in this movie. There were so many plot holes, so many retcons so much crap happening that they didn’t explain any of it. Then Lucasfilm decided well let’s go explain these things with the rise of Skywalker visual dictionary and now the rise of Skywalker novelization and as things keep coming out It just gets worse more plot holes after plot holes are discovered and it’s just ridiculous.

Its Just Good To Laugh At Lucasfilm

at this point because they are a joke and that’s what Forbes is. Doing right here so I thought it’d be fun to just take a look at this article Let’s laugh along with Forbes and just a few of the retcons that we have so far in rides of Scour get everybody updated and see what Forbes take is not Forbes not traditionally anti Star Wars anti Disney Star Wars at least that’s for sure let’s take a look at it here. All the rise of Skywalker retcon reveals so far and more have been found since then stars. The rise of Skywalker still hasn’t finished telling its story three months later or rather filling in the gaping holes left in the film excepting each one is canon however, only seems to lead to more questions here. All the major reveals thus far and we’ll get to the big new one, which makes Rey another way at which Rey is just that.

Much Better Than Luke Skywalker.

We’ll talk about that new one. At the end, Finn’s big secret. One of the biggest plot holes and rise of Skywalker has been repeatedly trying to tell something important to Rey, but never succeeding and of course everyone had their idea of course he was telling her how he felt that was what he’s gonna say right that bizarre build-up without pay off is a strong indication. This film was haphazardly stitched together in the editing room facing obstacles and issues We’ll likely never know now it’d be tough if that’s what he was meeting to tell her only to have this reloj stuff happen in the end wouldn’t it Director UK Abrams eventually stepped in to say that Finn was trying to tell ray he could feel the force just like her call me a conspiracy theorist, but I just don’t believe him.

Considered That Finn Was Implied To

have a crush on in the force awakens while sinking in quicksand facing certain death. I Don’t think Finn’s first priority would be the boat blurt out did I ever tell you I’m force sensitive exactly why would it be hesitant to tell that to Poe. We all know that that’s Garbage and again something they’re trying to fill in post movie Lando’s UK test Now this is interesting and I think they’re a little wrong on their tape, but it is there all right overall another missing piece of information that needed. Only a single line to clarify was the relationship between Lando and Gianna, the emancipated Stormtrooper. At the end of the film, it’s implied way to a Jonah about to blast off in their own adventure to find Lana’s.

I Think It Means John Has Lost

family. This is Forbes why. Are the typos come on while the to share a meaningful look that if truth be told comes across a bit creepy considering the age gap. Of course they’re actually father and long-lost daughter a detail officially confirmed in a piece of tiny merchandise. The book Star wars the rise of Skywalker visual dictionary Now I will say that visual dictionary strongly hinted that Jonah was Lando’s daughter.

However, In The Rise Of Scott Walker

novelization. It does confirm that just like we were told months and months and months ago by leaks so yeah Lando is Johnny’s daughter could have explained that pretty easily, but decided not to the massacre of the innocents. This one is interesting and I think a theme a theme that goes in the sequel trilogy Whoops Win. Palpatine reappears the audience expecting him, but doesn’t know how he came back or where as massively. Star Destroyers came from the canonical answer if canon can even be considered a thing at this point in Disney Star Wars let’s all be honest they don’t care about it.

They Dont Care About Continuity.

It changes by the day is that Palpatine ships were built and piloted by brainwashed slaves than natives of X-A Gaul doomed to be slaughtered in the final battle. This detail feels in a pretty gaping hole. Star Destroyers require a mass amount of resources to build so is strange. Palpatine had so many to spare ten thousand what a joke 300 million people required to operate those just so you know thirty thousand per Star Destroyer but the retcon completely changes the way we view that final battle as tragedy now sour that great victory in hindsight.

Our Heroes Made The Choice To

slaughter uncountable innocents brainwashed by the Sith into doing. their bidding in order to feed Palpatine again in that note the way the sequel trilogy framed Stormtroopers as unwilling slaves makes all those casual kills seem pretty cold, especially coming from Rey and Finn, who really should know better and that’s the thing They do make it clear with Finn with Jonna in Raisa Skywalker that Stormtroopers are people like they can break free of this conditioning, but they just slaughter all all the time which is funny clones all the way down and we know about this. This is just ridiculous. The question of Palpatine’s resurrection was waived away with a single line which has been memed to death. The dark side of the fullest is a pathway to many abilities.

Some Consider To Be Unnatural, But

given the lack of explanation didn’t quite add up and we saw a puppy’s body vaporized during the original trilogy. The Forest Ghost visited Luke Didn’t seem to be aware that Palpatine was still alive and of course I’ve seen that Meme already and it makes a lot of sense that they didn’t get the job done everyone’s just celebrating for no reason. Thus the resurrection Retcon was explained through a second retcon coming from the novelization. Of course occurs several clone bodies as backups and transferred his consciousness into one of them. It’s not clear why they all look alike because we know that Palpatine’s distinctive features are a result of a fistful of force lightening rather than a genetic anomaly.

Look At This Line.

Perhaps he grew fond of his deformity and demanded his clones to be electrocuted just to be consistent yeah that must be it. I’m sure that’ll be explained in some future comic and then raise new father. The funniest Retcon quoted from Forbes to. Come out might be the final tweet to raise ever-changing heritage instead of being Palpatine’s granddaughter she is now his daughter or rather the daughter of Palpatine.

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S Imperfect Clone You See Palpatine Created A Wonky

clone who didn’t really look like him and wasn’t strong enough to hold his consciousness or even use the force but this failed. Clone somehow escaped and started a family his partner giving birth to Rey, who they prolly abandoned on a desolate planet in order to protect her oh My God. Ray has no grandmother and she inherited force lightning from a defect clone who couldn’t use the force I can see why she changed her last name. So stupid Ray and Kylos kiss meant nothing oh the one that Ray Lowe’s are freaking out about of course the retcon of retcons I think the most important message the filmmakers want us to take. Is that none of it meant anything, especially Rayon Kylos passionate kiss, which was completely platonic.

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Many Fans Were Surprised To See The

to share a steamy kiss on screen. Consider the relationship seemed a bit more spiritual. There was a bit of sexual tension sure but the kiss seemed out of character. I would say there was only some in the end the last Jedi to be quite honest. The novelization, however, retcons a kiss into irrelevance, despite the fact that we already watched it happen.

Daisy Ridley And Adam Driver Were Clearly

told by the director to share a passionate kiss not a chaste one the novel can claim otherwise, but we all saw it. At this point, Star Wars has put UK Rowling’s reveals to shame and considering that a five-comic series based on Rise of Skyrockets begin in May 2020. The retcons may have only. Just begun, Oh my gosh! Just wait for rise of Skywalker comic books to come out and then change more what an absolute bleep show. This is now let’s go over the one that came out today.

The One That Came Out Today, The

rise of Skywalker explains Rot X-wing Platt hole of course we all wondered how exactly Rey was able to use this X-wing because we know we know for a fact that Luke Skywalker destroyed his X-wing he lit it on fire. He took a wing off to be a hole. If you remember he took a s foil of his X-wing off to be a door in his stupid Hut right and he lit it on fire and then he sank it underwater. It was rusting out that’s what we were told in the rise of Skywalker art book Rises Skywalker visual dictionary all these things. He couldn’t use it to go and of course that’s why Luke had to force project himself couldn’t go in person that’s why right because of his X-wing, but no Rey is somehow able to fix his X-wing that’s beyond repair somehow because Rey is just amazing raised better than Luke Skywalker.

According To Disney In Every Single Way, But

you can see here. The novelization provides an explanation to the film’s plot hole regarding Luke Skywalker’s X-wing and of course we all know exactly what happened. Luke raises the X-wing out let’s see in a scene where ray approaches exit all Author Rate Carson provides some additional insight into the X–wing White was flyable despite allegedly being destroyed by Luke. It was old tech and had taken some fast thinking and even faster fingers to get it flight worthy the wing patched with the door to Luke’s Hut shield. and a hefty amount of rewiring.

I Think They Have It.

Rey is able to take this thing that’s been submerged in water that was destroyed by Luke to make sure it was never flyable again, but just takes a couple pieces from another starship that’s destroyed and on fire and boom good to go now They try to wave it away by saying this it might never fight again not without help from UK or in her parts. Requisition channels of course just the bare minimum to be able to get through hyperspace all the way to exit all all the way past all that red crap that’s guarding ex ago what an absolute joke now if you do remember we all read you this quote this is what they said. Rey explores the island trying to understand Luke’s self-imposed exile.

She Comes Across A Cave Sunk

at high. Within the base of the island here, she discovers Luke’s scuttled T65 x-wing rusted and rotting away it was set alight before it sank. It shows Luke’s commitment to his exile as he destroyed.


The rise of Skywalker still hasn’t finished telling its story three months later or rather filling in the gaping holes left in the film excepting each one is canon however, only seems to lead to more questions here . Forbes is not traditionally anti Star Wars anti Disney Star Wars at least that’s for sure let’s take a look at the retcons that we have so far in rides of Scour get everybody updated and see what Forbes take is not Forbes not anti-Star Wars anti-Disney Star Wars and that’s what Forbes is doing right here so I thought it’d be fun to laugh along with Forbes and just a few of the retcon reveals that have been found since then . At the end, Finn’s big secret. We’ll talk about that new one, which makes Rey another way at which Rey is just that.& much better than Luke Skywalker.& We’ll get to the big newOne, which we’ll talk to the . big new one. We will talk about the big…. Click here to read more and watch the full video