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Hey Therenk] I Recently Came Across A Very

interesting article on the emergence of the So-called religious left as a political force in the Trump era. The article talks about how liberals in the Protestant and Catholic churches are embracing a more activist role in advocating progressive policies and practices. In light of the nationalist populist agenda. The Trump administration. It mentions that Christian activist groups such as the Sojourners have seen an increase in their donations upwards of thirty percent and the article is highly optimistic for the religious less future.

Now I Cant Help But Completely Demure From

that assessment and that’s because I find that the So-called religious left is incurably incoherent and therefore will ultimately matter little in the life of American politics. Now. This incoherence stands in stark contrast to the undeniable success of the religious right and one of the striking features of. Religious Right is its logical, moral and social coherence. For example, the Religious Right affirmed something classical scholars call cosmic piety, which is the idea that the world is filled with divine meaning and purpose, and therefore every person born into this world is born into a world of divine obligation.

Were Obliged To Conform Our Lives Into A

harmonious relationship with that divine meaning and purpose Now. This notion of cosmic piety can be maintained only by virtue of a commitment to the tradition of natural law. The idea that we are created beings who are able to rationally discern our moral obligations from the law of nature nature. ‘s God as the founding fathers put it and the Religious Right affirmed rightly that the church is an indispensable institution by which such a traditional belief is fostered and perpetuated. Secondly, the Religious Right affirmed the innate dignity inherent in.

Every Single Person And This Is

because of our commitment to the Judeo-christian notion of the image of God, which affirms that every single person born into this world is intrinsically sacred. There’s no basis for pragmatically defining anyone’s dignity or worth at any time in life and therefore the religious right our unwavering and there stands for the sanctity of every human life again apart from the shared life world of the Church. This doctrine of the innate dignity of the human person has no rationale for its sustenance and maintenance. The Church is the necessary precondition for the innate dignity of every human person. This is a fundamental tenet of the religious right.

Thirdly The Religious Right Affirmed The

inherent sanctity of marriage, gender and sexuality, and this is entailed in cosmic piety. We’re born into a world a divine obligation, a constituent of which is the objective. of marriage, gender and sexuality? In other words, the nature and meaning of marriage, gender and sexuality are divinely defined for us not by us, and we are obliged, then to conform our cultural practices to those divine norms again. The Christian Church is an indispensable agent and cultivating the faithful fulfillment of those moral obligations. Conversely without the church we can fully expect such fidelity to wither.

Since There Are No Frames Of Reference

inherent in the secular world to protect and perpetuate those divine norms and finally the religious right put a premium on virtue formation as the appropriate response to our moral obligations, which Agustin defined as rightly ordering our love. This is what virtue is its good for me to love a baby, and it is also good for me to love a ham sandwich, but if both the baby and the hand sandwich are falling. And I rushed to save the ham sandwich so that’s a bad and it’s a bad precisely because I’ve amputated my love’s from God’s. Economy of goods virtue requires that we learn to love rightly and as the custodian of God’s economy of goods. The Christian tradition has maintained by the shared life world of the Church.

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The Christian Church Is Indispensable To Cultivating And

preserving the right ordering of our love. So this is what it means to be a part of the religious right. But note the radical difference regarding the so-called religious left First. The religious left reject the notion of cosmic potty the idea that every person is born into a world of divine meaning and obligation instead, the religious left by virtue their being politically left replace cosmic piety with what we call the sovereign individual one who has absolutely no moral obligations apart from. Which one chooses for him or herself and this sovereign individ The sovereign individuality comes largely from globalization and a process known as d-traditional ization.

Whenever Globalized Processes Become Dominant In Society,

they tend to involve social dynamics that propel life away from traditional religious, national and local practices and beliefs. Cultures and traditions basically become largely irrelevant in globalized societies and so the human person is reimagined as a sovereign individual who has no moral obligations apart from that which one chooses to UK impose on oneself now immediately. We can see that this vision of the human person doesn’t have a Christian bone in its body. Jesus Christ is the logo the one in whom all things cohere from whom through whom and to whom are all things. The idea that we are sovereign individuals doesn’t have a biblical bone in its body and we can put.

This To The Test, Lets Imagine

that the church is the religious left all disappeared overnight. I know if only it were so but just imagine all liberal churches disappeared overnight ask yourself with the concept of the sovereign individual disappear of course, not the integrity of the concept itself wouldn’t even be dented. In radical contrast to the concept of cosmic piety and its dependence on traditional institutions, such as the church, the concept of the sovereign individuals not in the least dependent on the existence of the religious left. They can drop off the face of the planet and the integrity of the notion wouldn’t be affected in the least so to the whole notion of the intrinsic worth of the human person, which is an integral concept peculiar to the Christian faith, and it’s affirmation of all people being creating the image of God well the political. left conceptual human person is radically pragmatic the human person by definition has no intrinsic value since every person is by definition of leftist terms a sovereign individual.

One Of My Favorite Comebacks Illustrate This Was

from Eric Metaxas when he was on that moral illiterate Dawn Lemons show on UK and they were talking about then presidential candidate Hillary Clinton choosing Tim Kaine as her vice-president because Kane was Catholic and that would help Hillary with a demographic that was rightfully uncomfortable with Clinton’s radical abortion. Stan now Lemon responded to Metaxas point by saying that Planned Parenthood was fully supportive of Tim Kaine to which Metaxas shot back yet now that he’s out of the womb I’m in reserve course absolutely speechless you see there’s no intrinsic worth to the human person, and this is why proponents of the religious left or generally full-blown advocates for abortion. Certainly vote for the candidates that are radical proponents of abortion and once again there isn’t a crit chin bone in this left-wing body Now some on the religious left feel this tension they need they’re at least honest enough with that and they try to maintain a pro-life position in the midst of their left-wing politics but you can’t do so without affirming the intrinsic worth of the human person, but you can affirm the intrinsic rope of human person and still affirm the sovereign individuals and if you reject the sovereign individual, then you by definition reject leftism so which is it and given that they all vote for the candidates that are thoroughly pro-abortion. Any support for the pro-life position by the so-called religious left is negligible at best and laughable at worse what about the sanctity of marriage and sexuality and gender well as leftist by. called lifestyle values and emancipatory politics.

Lifestyle Values Give Each Person The Right

to practice whatever belief system is being most plausible by him or her and these belief systems include everything from religious identity to gender identity, and any traditional mode of life that stands in the way of the sovereign individual exercising autonomous control over his or her own life. Circumstances is a legitimate target of what are called emancipatory politics which utilizes the power of the state to grant individuals maximum control over their own lives by removing religious traditions and customs from the public square again. What specifically is Christian about lifestyle values and emancipatory politics. The churches of the political left could disappear off the face of the earth and it wouldn’t change a single constituent of belief and practice in these thoroughly secularized conceptions of marriage, sexuality and gender there’s not a strand of. ##NK] that is distinctively Christian located within these beliefs and practices, you can claim compassion and social just too you’re blue in the face.

The Religious Left Simply Echoes What

already exists within thoroughly secular frames of reference regardless of their support and finally, what about the whole notion of virtue well of course, with no cosmic piety by which to order our loves and sentiments there’s no basis for virtue and so in light of such an absence. Liberals advocate multiculturalism intolerance which generally sees cultures nothing more than arbitrary attempts to find meaning and purpose and in otherwise meaningless and purposeless world. This tends to come from the notion of scientific rationalism, which is the epistemology or the method of knowledge. In liberalism because science reveals a world made up solely of biological, chemical and physical cause and effect prophecies cultures are by nature inherently arbitrary they’re merely.

Various Populations Attempts At Projecting Meaning On Otherwise

meaningless natural processes again there’s there’s not a Christian bone in this body. There’s nothing specific really frankly to any classical religious system that affirms the arbitrariness of culture. So once again we have the religious left advocating a political system that renders their religiosity absolutely obsolete now to add insult to injury. The religious left are demographically dying.

Its A Religious Right Thats Growing By

leaps and bounds not just here in the States but all over the world. The lifestyle values advocated by secularized religiosity reduces the family to mere personal choice, which has resulted in nothing less than a collapse in the procreation rates. In stark contrast to the vibrant reproductive rates among conservative religionists and so the religious left may think they’re growing and emerge Is a major political force in this new era of American politics, but the reality is that they’re dying and largely because they affirm a politics that completely negates their religiosity and that is the incoherence of the political left God bless.

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Christian activist groups such as the Sojourners have seen an increase in their donations upwards of thirty percent . The Religious Right affirmed the innate dignity inherent in.& Every single person and this is because of our commitment to the Judeo-christian notion of the image of God, which affirms t.& The idea that we are created beings who are . able to rationally discern our moral obligations from the law of nature nature. The church is an indispensable institution by which . such a traditional belief is fostered and perpetuated by . the church . The religious left is incurably incoherent and therefore will ultimately matter little in the life of American politics, writes Julian Zelizer . Zelizer. Hey there, Hey, Hey there. Hey, Hello, Hey. Back to the page you came from . your comments. You’ve been there since 2008 and you’ll be back in contact with us. We’re back in touch with us again and again….. Click here to read more and watch the full video