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be back with you as you know if you are a regular to this channel. We often talk about the rise of a parallel economy okay, so it’s often referred to as a parallel poly. Some have called it a frontier economy. It’s a new kind of investment in entrepreneur ecosystem that’s rising up literally all over the world that’s largely rejected the standardized business models of a one-size-fits-all you know globalist corporations root in Silicon Valley or Los Angeles and New York or London and Brussels. It really is an alternative economy that’s rising up at the grassroots.

An Economy Thats Intentionally Prospering And Protecting The

values of faith, family and freedom to creating structures and institutions that serve as viable alternatives to those of woke corporations and our guests today are on the front lines of this new patriot base economy. Eric and Laurie Boudilier, they are founders of PatriotsWitch. com and Patriot Switch is a wonderful resource to introduce you precisely to this burgeoning world of a patriot economy and they’re here to share with us. This exciting new venture, so Eric Lori thank you so much for being here with us yeah we’re glad to be here really excited so happy yeah Oh it’s awesome it’s awesome and there’s a little backstory to that too, but they are they are wonderful troopers for being here in very little notice. This is great you guys are wonderful why don’t we start off with an overview of patriot switch what it is and then just give us a bit of the back story that led you to founding it Yeah.

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Patriot Switch Is A Is A

movement to take market share away from the big box stores and to take those dollars. and transfer them to companies that support and love liberty and freedom and do the most good for our republic So you know we really want to see all those woke corporations that have crushed the little guys over the last year and a half you know even in our small town. You can drive through and you can see signs up along the road. Where it says thank you Kovid we were in business for 25 years and now we’re crushed and we’re out of business. We live in the people’s Republic of Pennsylvania, So some of them say thanks Governor Wolf for putting us out of business and um so it’s kind of a response to that.

So I, I Think You Know We

as conservatives. Patriots have really done a great job in the past of taking market share away excuse me of giving our cash to things that we believe in you know people that are patriotic they love to help others. So they give their money to their churches to their synagogues to their schools to charities to people that are in need. But we haven’t done a great job of taking cash away. So this is a movement to view cash as a tool as a resource to go to battle and to do what we think needs to be done so that’s what patriot switch is all about so you.

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Know In February Of Last Year A Friend

of ours who was really on the edge of all of this Sean Williams and Lori and I and two of our other partners. We got together and we started talking about this whole idea of helping people see that they can make a difference by voting with their feet and their dollars, and I was one of those people that was kind of ignorant of what was going on but no more that’s the other part of what we’re about is people don’t understand they’re at a loss to know what’s true what’s not true who to trust who not to trust and so we want to be part of the program so to speak that helps shift them in a way that is trustworthy. They get to know us. We get to know them the way America used to be. Where you knew your neighbors? You knew the people you did work with and did business with wow that’s wonderful yeah and then just being able to take capital away.

I Just Remember When Twitter And Facebook Canceled

Trump and I think they lost billions in market valuation just within 24 hours of that. So it’s. It is a very effective tool when you start pulling people out of this more mainstream woke economy as it were and bring them more into this burgeoning patriot economy. You know everything is everything’s political today It’s really fascinating you know and on our channel. We argue it’s because really a new world is rising of faith, family and freedom.

Yeah Thats Fighting The Culture Wars At Literally

every level. I mean kindergarten is controversial today right pronouns are controversial. Everything is controversial and even where we purchase our goods is controversial today. So what should American consumers know about their purchases say? For example, at the big box stores, how are such purchases actually controversial? Even if we’re not aware of it yeah. I think you know there are a lot of people who are feeling right now that if they love the Usa if they still stand up for the pledge of allegiance or for the national anthem.

If They Believe That There Are

good police officers in the world and they believe that it’s okay to support the troops and and be patriotic. They’re feeling marginalized and pushed to the side and so every time we walk into a big box store every time we hop online and order with the big behemoth that ships stuff every single day to every home across the Usa. You know owners of those corporations they’re on twitter saying things like hey thanks so. much for shopping with us because you just sent me to outer space. I get to fly on your dime out into the out into outer space and while they’re doing that they’re pushing Crt and all the the woke agenda down through all of their employees and so we think it’s okay just to hop in our car and drive to a local big box store or to dr.

You Know To To Go Online

and order, but when we’re doing that those purchases are funding and pushing agendas that we may not agree with so wouldn’t it be amazing if you knew that when you made a purchase it wasn’t going towards that and it’s supporting those three points that you made faith freedom and forget the first one family family you two are in the embodiment of the guy next to you family and freedom They really. are at the core and not the foundation of our country and what makes the United States such a great place to live? I happen to have my Usa shirt on actually sweatshirt, keeping it real keeping it real yeah absolutely that’s so true, you know I started off talking about the whole building of parallel structures and at the heart of it is is the rise with what scholars call consumer politics that’s the fancy term they use which in effect is just simply voting with our dollars right voting with our fees with our dollars In terms of boycotts and boycotts. So you know boycotts are obviously intentional cutting oneself off from from purchasing from any company that offends our values but buy cops are our intentional buying for businesses that love and revere our values. This is so well put why is that so important. Why are we in this fight? Whether we want to be or not? Why is it important that we engage intentionally in consumer politics Yeah, I love that you use Bicot and I think I think you’re the first person.

Ive Heard Use That So You Need To

need to copyright that steve unfortunately, I found it from somewhere else and I’ll I’ll rub them out I’ll do something and there you go but that that whole idea of taking our dollars and shifting our spending to make a difference is real. I mean when you think about it um you know we’re in the consumer goods category. So it’s everything that you need to make your house look good smell good, feel good everything you need for yourself to look good smell good, feel good. I mean all this so our competition that we’re up against is Johnson Johnson. Procter Gamble Lever Brothers and to think that a company like Johnson Johnson for decades has been allowing people like you and I to buy products like Baby powder, which they knew all along had asbestos in it and we’ve been in good faith buying this amazing stuff we thought and sprinkling it all over our kids bodies and all over our bodies, and just the irresponsibility of these corporations that have been allowed lawsuit after lawsuit decade after decade paying out hush money and and then on top of that.

Just You Know You Think They

have our best interest in mind but on top of it. They’re they’re in for the destruction of the Usa with in terms of what they believe in what’s going on in the world today, so how can we continue to give money to those places when we know what they’re doing and. And what’s going on and that that is the essence of the name Patriot switch? We love our country and we need to switch up what we’re doing, but where that’s the question why we know the why how is the next action step, How can I little old me make a a difference and is it really going to make that big of a difference and so that’s the educational piece that we offer. This is what’s happening now what are we going to do about it we as we the people that care about our country and want to get busy about doing something so it’s recorded a recent stat says 123 dollars per person is spent on consumer goods well. What if every month yes every month well that was an astounding back to me and my mind started going my wheels started turning and saying.

Okay What If What If We Can Turn

the tide just with that 123 dollars average per month well that adds up to a whole lot of money shifting not just contributing but taking away and shifting it over so it’s a double whammy there right yeah yeah it’s it’s being moved from and it’s being moved to it’s it’s right even being moved from doesn’t get us anywhere. It divests the corporations but then where do we get our consumer goods from and then and then you have that solution well. Then there’s a place to go and places that protect and love and revere faith family and freedom it’s just it’s wonderful what’s been the response since you opened the store well it’s amazing first of all our team. We have a really large team that’s. They’re talking with patriots every single day and it’s amazing to hear.

The Conversations That We Have On The

phone with people when we chat with them and the response is really really been overwhelming, and it’s just been pretty pretty amazing. Actually we are a grassroots movement, but it is growing yeah exponentially so that’s the thrilling part of all this people want to get on board. They want to trust they want to know what they can do how to do their part and and so they’re thrilled with this and and so we’re building it up.


Patriot Switch is a movement to take market share away from the big box stores and to take those dollars to companies that support liberty and freedom and do the most good for our republic . Eric and Laurie Boudilier, they are founders of and Patriot . They’re here to introduce you precisely to this burgeoning world of a patriot economy . Eric Lori thank you so much for being here with us yeah we’re glad to be here really excited so happy yeah Oh it’s awesome, oh oh, oh, and there’s a little backstory to that too, but they are they are wonderful troopers for be here in very little notice. They are here to share with us. We really want to see all those woke corporations that have crushed the little guys over the last year and a half you know even in our small town. You can drive through and you can drive the little guy over the next few weeks. You know that they are a wonderful trooper for being…. Click here to read more and watch the full video