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Okay Do You Know This Oh My God.

Nick Cannon is about to have his tenth baby tenth. You said that before we went live and I had to go google who he was because I didn’t follow pop culture at all that’s good that’s healthy um this is nuts. Nick Cannon reveals he’s set to welcome his 10th child 41-year-old and ex-girlfriend Brittany Bell expecting as he awaits the birth of his ninth with Abby Daley Russell. So he’ll like knock somebody up what’s the most what’s the funniest part about.

Nick Cannon Is Like One Of These

kids. He was like Oh I’m on a i’m on a sex diet. I’m I’m taking a break and then literally like a couple Weeks later. It came out that someone was knocked up by him. So it’s just so funny.

Im Like Man See Im Like And Fully.

Some aspects of like the the Trad life So at first when you were like Oh 10 children. I was like Oh that’s so Nice and wholesome and i’m like Oh No. He is not living Trad life. The actor 41 shocked fans as he took to instagram on Wednesday to announce that he is expecting his 10th child with model Britney Bell Cannon revealed the news and he also has twins with Mariah Carey.

I Believe Um He Revealed The

news with a video of a maternity photo shoot with Brittany writing in the caption time stopped and this happened Oh my God no it’s like you couldn’t stop to put on a condom and it happened the news comes as a father at least pull out Nick Cannon has no pull out game clearly the news comes as a father of eight is currently awaiting the birth of. His ninth child with Abby Dalerosa like 10 of them he must be so blumin charming or maybe he’s just has a fantastic penis. I don’t know maybe oh my God who doesn’t like blindness it’s like dick blindness. This is too naked for a maternity shoot. I don’t know I think this is like Oh my God okay so this is him with the model Britney Bell and there the women are happy because they’re like sweet my blumin is paid for for the rest of my life like I am set well.

I Guess If Youre Famous You Probably Cant

avoid child support right right the baby’s due date is unknown, though Brittany looked to be far along in the video Yeah that looks ready yeah it’s ready to happen. Britney is already a mother of two to two so Some of these are. These are repeat baby moms which you guess will give them credit for so Brittany is already a mother to two of Nick’s kids daughter powerful daughter’s name is powerful one and son Golden five so like I guess they’re naming the kids like I don’t know different words that describe showers. I mean that that is how if they weren’t famous that is how you get bullied and like thrown in a dumpster at school powerful it’s like yeah well now you have to like pursue a career in fitness. You know you can’t be named powerful and be 200 pounds it’s like you just you don’t have that option when your name is powerful.

They Also Appeared In The Video.

She wore different outfits for the shoot and one she posted shirtless as she proudly showed off her far long bump. I feel like this kind of a woman. It’s like you keep having babies with somebody it’s like you’re like well. I’m just going to keep getting pregnant by you until you marry me that I feel like that’s this woman’s plan could be or like the more kids she has the more she’s like I feel like I’m locked down and now I have another one the more money.

She Gets Yup Yup And She Doesnt

have to get a job now wow. Meanwhile, Nick stood beside her and cradled her baby at some points. Oh her belly at some points. Nick already shares twins Moroccan and Monroe with ex-wife Mariah Carey wins Oh Yeah the Moroccan and Marolan Yeah Moroccan. Monroe powerful and golden are all the Nick Cannon Babies Oh my God twins Zion mixoldian and Zillion her what none of Nick cannon’s kids have regular.

Theyre All Named Like Oh My God Legendary

love Yep Yeah, so she. He has twins with Mariah, Carey twins with Abby de la Rosa, Zion and Zillion and son legendary Love with Brie Taisi legendary love. This is the name of a boy there’s a little boy named legendary love again pressure to be good in bed when he’s gonna have a reality Tv show someday yeah Oh for real when your name is legendary love there’s a lot of pressure to put on a kid. It is it is what are they gonna call them ledge or legend for short maybe legend that that’s almost a normal name. Cannon is also father to a child with Alyssa Scott Zen who died at five months Oh that’s sad, who died at five months old in December of 21.

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So are they counting him in this 10 maybe if you. If Zen were alive that would be 11. I have no idea Wow homeboy has a baseball team wow good for him what do the comments say those women are so dumb is it all about money yes no they’re not dumb. They’re smart because they don’t want to have to get jobs.

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Its Like Keep Getting Knocked Up By Nick

Cannon or get a job at the bank. It’s like the decision is simple. This man needs to be stopped stop this man nothing impressive about impregnating any every woman he looks at his kids are nothing more than the physical proof of his self–indulged prowess sad because he has personality nobody is sad it’s like he is not sad. He is no he’s doing just fine that’s a lot of kids though what do you think what are holidays like well. I mean just because he has all.

Doesnt Mean He Actually Spends Time With Them

that’s true that’s true and you got to just hope that like somebody, some of these 10 kids like let’s see if all these kid, These 10 kids go to college. How much money is that oh God 10 times By the time they go to college, which will be in what like 15 years it’s it’s very possible that like well. I mean who knows because I know biden’s trying to do the student loan forgiveness and so that’s just subsidizing college even more so the prices are going to go up even more so who knows what it’ll be. At that point love you guys thank you for the chats thank you for the comments. I will see you guys Tomorrow bye bye.

I Love You Guys Ah I

don’t even want to leave this candle smells so good I. Don’t want to leave all right love you guys talk to you soon Bye love you all join the discord feet love you all wow you guys are awesome bye guys Bye. I’m really leaving love you bye.


The actor 41 shocked fans as he took to instagram on Wednesday to announce that he is expecting his 10th child with model Britney Bell . Cannon revealed the news with a video of a maternity photo shoot with Brittany writing in the caption time stopped and this happened . The news comes as a father of eight is currently awaiting the birth of his ninth child with Abby Daley Russell . The actor also has twins with Mariah Carey and he also has twin babies with singer Mariah . He also has two children with ex-girlfriend Brittany Bell and ex-Mariah Carey . The father-of-two also has a daughter with model Brittany Bell, who he dated for years . He has two other children with actress Jennifer Lopez and rapper Toni Morrison, who has a son of rapper Ellea Dor Dor Doraine. He has three children with a daughter of rapper JLo. He also had two children from his ex-wife LZ Granderson. He said he has two daughters from…. Click here to read more and watch the full video