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Guys Welcome To Better Bachelor! This Is Joker

with a face for radio and a voice for print. I’m very excited stout season is back I get to enjoy my my delicious cold stouts. This one is galactic Cowboy Nitro Imperial stout very good stuff um I was gonna do this as a live stream, but I didn’t put up enough of a notice so you guys could jump on so I’m gonna do this as a regular recorded video, but I’m gonna do a live stream for you guys here probably in the next couple of weeks um and I want to talk tonight about taking control. You know right now whether it’s election season and everything that’s going on whether it’s a lot of the news that I pass on about divorce laws or custody laws or dating or a lot of it is number one out of. our control as an individual and number two not the way We want things to go and when I say we I’m not talking about we with the election or just in general a lot of times we may find hey you know what I don’t like the way things are going for me right now and people can slip into one of two areas.

Either A I Give Up I Give

up that’s it. I just I’ll I’ll I’ll complain I’ll get bitter. I’ll get angry and that’s my world or there’s the other half they’re like well it is what it is let’s move on now. I tend to be in the it is what it is category. I like to do as much as I can to control it.

But If I Cant Raging Against

the machine doesn’t do any good it just puts you in a. Bad place so tonight? I’m going to talk about an article It’s called building your resiliency taking control of your life. This is on the art of I’ll leave a link below as I always do one thing I wanted to mention before we get started. I want to share how why this came this idea came up and why I think it’s important because Vice President-elect biden if he does become elected. He said he wants to revoke or change section 230.

And Let Me Get Recording On This So

you guys can kind of see what I’m talking about here. President-elect said he signaled he wants to increase regulation of social media. He wants to revoke section 230 or modify it heavily now if it gets revoked completely Youtube comment sections and a lot of videos on Youtube. I’d probably say 80 percent of Youtube goes away because. I’m saying becomes a representation of what Youtube thinks and whatever you comment on my video becomes an extension of what Youtube thinks and therefore they can be sued, which is why 230 was introduced to allow websites like Twitter and Facebook and Youtube to be introduced.

Now I Dont Think Hes Going To Get

rid of it outright because that would ruin all social media and they donated very heavily to the Democrat Democratic Party. So I Don’t think that’s going to happen. However, one thing he did say that concerns me personally is it’s going to create a new task force for online harm, harassing isms and and harmful harm specifically against women, which means if you can view my content and say well I’m being critical of women does that mean I’m being harmful and if they say yes poof. I’m gone and this may carry over. to other websites so before you know it men’s channels may just not exist anymore, and then I have to do generic things and try to weave my messages in on I don’t know stoicism or dating advice or something else So you know a lot of channels could go away, but my big concern is also title Ix I wrote some of these down, so I didn’t forget title Ix.

I Think Her Name Is Betsy

Devos. I know her last name. ‘s Devos Trump put her in charge of the college title Ix stuff and prior to the title Ix changes a woman could say a guy did something inappropriate and he would basically. Even if he had evidence to the contrary, he would be kicked out of college. He’d still owe the money and all the loans and all the but he wouldn’t get his degree and he.

Wouldnt Be Allowed On Campus And That

was the end of his and then he could get smeared and it could get into public records just for an accusation. Devos came in and changed that so they said hey it’s going to be like the court system. You have to have proof the guy gets to have an attorney they get to defend themselves well. Biden has said specifically he’s going to get rid of that again, so it’s going to go right back to where men don’t have any protection. Those two things really worry me and that’s one of the reasons why I wasn’t really pleased for the biden administration, but how does this have to deal with us? We’re gonna talk about building your resiliency taking control of your life Now if I if I get removed from you know Youtube, or whatever and i can’t speak.

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My Mind Anymore, I Cant Control

that um if I my video views and how my algo rhythms and how many people are being suggested My videos are down about 30 or 40 percent over the last month or two. Can I control that no I can’t so I can sit here and rage against the machine again or you just say hey. I I’ll just need to plan and make alternative ways to continue on and that’s being assertive and controlling your life and the same thing goes when it comes to dating. When you say you know what I’m not giving a shot and dating? Do you keep hitting your head against the wall or do you just deal with it and move on? If you say I’m struggling with weight loss or I’m struggling at the gym or I got fired from my job or the because. of the bug things change for me? Those are all things that are out of your control.

Its How You Manage What Happens To You

and how you deal with it. That is in your control and those are the things I want to talk about today. I’m going to touch on this story a little bit. I’ll leave the link below. It’s a very good series.

I Think Its Like A Four-Part

series. I I’d recommend reading through it, but they say um a quote from Chuck Yeager. We lost 13 pilots in six months and in every and nearly ever and in nearly every case. The worst pilots lives were ended by their own stupidity, and so they start off among test pilots Chuck Yeager‘s attitude towards pilots who augured in was universal in the right stuff. Tom Wolf relates how test pilots love to talk about.

Flying At Every Chance And How The

discussion would inevitably turn to why the latest pilot to have perished in an accident had done himself in It was always the pilot’s fault, even if a piece of equipment had malfunctioned. The consensus was that the pilot should have double checked it before taking off. Nearly every perishing accident was caused by pilot error plain and simple to the average Joe. This might seem like a callous attitude but when you’re going to a funeral every other week, burying a guy who who’s doing the same job as you you have to believe that you’re in control of your life 100 otherwise you’re never going to get in that cockpit pit again. These men have the right stuff their unshakable belief in their ability to control their destiny set them apart from other men.

You May Not Be Flying Planes,

but you too can stop being the victim strap into the cockpit and take control of your life. You know I thought this was an kind of an interesting quote because obviously it could be the plane, especially if it’s a test plane obviously something could have gone wrong with the plane, but if a pilot gets in that plane and determined to test pilot it and he’s afraid something’s wrong with the plane he’d be scared he wouldn’t do it so they gave themselves the mindset that no matter what is up with the plane. I will be fine as long as I keep my head about me and that’s kind of the same thing that we need to do today. The courts may be against you. If you get in trouble or if you’re blamed of something or you get married so.

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How Do You Handle That Well Number One

you don’t get married you Don’t put yourself into a situation where the court can have that kind of control over you. If you find hey the dating apps Aren’t working out for me or I’m not getting the attention or I don’t have the number of friends. I’d like what do you do You can say woe is me and get angry at the world and blame it on things that are out of your control or you can say okay. I’m going to take control of this. I’m going to go to the gym.

Im Going To Change My Diet.

I’m going to stop getting on those dating apps. I’m going to stop worrying about dating. I’m just going to focus on the things that I can handle and once you do that it starts putting your mind in the right mindset to deal with this kind of thing. They continue on feeling in control the foundation of your resiliency.

In The Last Part Of Our

series, Oh, I don’t want to read that part I want to leave that for you guys that decide to read it because I don’t want to talk about the study. They say um being in being effective changing things influencing things making things happen is one of the fundamental needs with which human brain seems to be naturally endowed and much of our behavior from infancy onward is simply an extension of this penchant for control. The fact is that human beings come from the world with a passion for control They go out of the world the same. way and research suggests that if they lose their ability to control things at any point between their entrance and exit, they become unhappy, helpless, hopeless and deeply sad and occasionally not living anymore.

Im Gonna Use Again Not To Get Too

deep into politics, but look at Trump derangement syndrome Whether you really hate Trump or you really like trump. A lot of people hate him and they go about doing protests and effigies and lighting things and writing and doing all these other things just to show how much but if you look on social media for a lot of these people. They also talk about how they don’t feel like things are fair and it’s this or that faction’s fault not just in politics, but in many other ways, especially a lot of the women’s groups that are making fun of men or saying it’s the patriarchy’s. fault or it’s men’s fault or it’s society?’s fault or it’s everybody’s fault but myself oftentimes.

Theyre Unhappy Because They Feel Like Everything

that is happening to them is not in their control. Now are things out of your control. Yes does it directly affect you if the answer is no.


This is joker with a face for radio and a voice for print . This is on the art of building your resiliency taking control of your life . I tend to be in the it is what it is category.& I like to do as much as I can to control it.& But if I can’t raging against the machine doesn’t do any good it just puts you in a bad place. I’ll leave a link below as I always do one thing I wanted to mention before we get started. I want to share how why this came this idea came up and why I think it’s important because Vice President-elect biden if he does become elected. He said he wants to revoke or change section 230.& and let me get recording on this so you guys can kind of see what I’m talking about here. I’m going to talk about what I think about here . I’ll share how much of it I’ll like to share it. I will share…. Click here to read more and watch the full video