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Logan Spoiler Jockeyed Right My Friends Logan

has been released in theaters. I have seen it twice now and if you’ve not seen Logan. This is my Logan spoiler talk you have been warned. I’m going to gush about the spoilers in this movie. So if you’ve seen Logan or you just don’t care about spoilers they stick around.

Lets Do This Thats Good You

want to see my spoiler free review that does exist. I’ll put the link below you can click on that check it out go watch Logan come back after you’ve seen Logan say no you can hear me talk about it and we can relate and you can do the comment section thing so this is not a review and I’m addressing things in Logan. I found interesting that are in the spoiler territory. I’m gonna start out with Charles Xavier I was surprised when they took Charles Xavier. In this movie.

He Has Some Sort Of Degenerative Brain Disease

that gives them seizures and when he gets seizures he sends out the psychic shockwave. It just locks people up and they’ll die. It affects Logan a little differently because of his immune system. You can kind of like truck through it and give Charles Xavier his shot twenties. They’re all hiding right now and Logan’s keeping Charles Xavier ultimately sedated even Falmouth Xavier was like Oh you’re keeping me here waiting for me to die bleep you.

Logan Logans Personal Reason For Keeping Charles

Xavier around us. This is a simple fact that he is what he had childhood. Xavier is Logan’s only real link to anything good he’s really had in life. So he needs Charles Xavier be alive not as simple. As just waiting for him to die, and when we meet Wolverine he’s not in a good place to this dude is sick even limps around hobbled yes shitty posture.

I Mean I Have Shitty Posture

He had worse posture he’s sick. He can’t pop his claws out as much as he used to his healing really isn’t working like it used to the movie doesn’t really give you the causality of it you just know he’s sick and the Adamantium is making him sick, but you don’t know if the Adamantium has just been in his body for so long that it has nerfed his immune system. It’s the cause of his immune system going out or maybe the older he gets the less he heals and does the metal in his body is poison as metal that’s not supposed to be in the body would be point is. He’s dying in the adamantium is why when they come across a little X-23 Logan wants nothing to do with her. You can tell he knows who she is.

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He Knows That Shes His Daughter Or

Lee’s clone daughter, but he wants nothing to do with his know I’m Howard I don’t want to do that I’m not taking her to North Dakota I mean the band of douchebags roll up to collect X-23. A few of them go into that building hear screams and gunfire and then she walks out holding a really soggy football. Oh no there’s not a soggy football that’s a head. She rolls it it fumbles around like of all and then she proceeds to rip bleep bleep into everybody when people die it’s it’s so brutal Cilium gratifying seeing it in Logans world that’s was because Rosen’s world is a sick shitty tragic one. of violence because violence Dude has no no good.

Its Going To Be A Very Raw

story. The injustice in this entire thing would be if Logan was rated Pg-13 fast forwarding a bit talking about psychic shockwaves that scene whether in the casino and then the psychic shockwave just goes off and Logan’s trying to get upstairs. You see the squad of douchebags that a found Xavier and they have guns on them and Logan like has his claws and he’s in the wall you trying to like get to them that’s when you seem just putting cloths through field. This one hit goes to the back of his deep head kick out his face. I was beautiful that was its art but that scene where that dude has is done and you know the ripples are happening induces goes it looks right over at Logan you’re like oh.

Guys Frightened As Logan Sequentially Just Kills

all these dudes brutally and those frozen there and he gives Xavier his shot and everyone just dropped awesome saying I love that thing once thing I’m kind of heartbreaking is when you realize Charles Xavier killed some x-men possibly all of them ran it in the movie There was some genetic crusade against mutants, so that I’m sure did a lot of it but when Xavier had his psychic freakout moment in that casino you hear the rightie on the radios like there was this wave of paralysis and hit a lot of people kind of like that thing that happened in Westchester New York you’re like Westchester New York is exactly where Professor. Xavier school for the gifted was and the radio goes on to say the last time it happened in Westchester New York. It killed a few people, including some any luggage turns off the radio I’m pretty sure the price was X-men Charles Xavier killed the X-men. It’s tragic that Logan. This weapon of war never got a real life and the one that tried to give him a real life and family ended up taking a lot of that away and again he’s also blacklisted so these two are really old tragic tales living together going to where ultimately all roads led us to the same path it is a farm scene okay if you’re one of people you hated the farm scene in Avengers age of Ultron worry not.

This Is Absolutely Positively How You

do a farm thing. They run across this families are really nice. They help them out on the highway when their horses got loose is like hey come over to our place will feed your free. Alright yeah, it’s cool to hang out there’s a family moment with this family. It’s a really sweet scene.

Logan Even Takes Care Of A

problem that we’re having because family is a black family. Hillbillies roll up smelling of cheap whiskey and kerosene logo sex bleep off bat breaks weather knows a snapshot gonna go away and no good deed goes unpunished for this family. I was like they’re not gonna kill this family I mean you know these guys are hot on their trail, but there’s no come on you got to draw the line. Oh They die all of them like the children the parents they’re all dead and also another tragic scene because Xavier is in bed. He’s like Oh Logan I this is the best night of my life.

I Didnt Think Id Have This Nice Life

don’t Bleep you Logan and you look at. Logan you’re like he looks different he looks younger is this a vision and then look new. Logan just pops with claws out in Charles. Xavier is chest and then just kills them straight-up. Xavier has his heartfelt moments these lugger like Logan and Logan stabbed him through his mind’s eye.

When Logans Picking All Be Like

Charles it wasn’t me it wasn’t me so it’s like you don’t know Charles Xavier dies thinking Oh Logan finally did it. I finally pissed him up enough bored him enough right in the middle of nowhere who I could have another seizure episode he’s going to kill me. It’s really dark bleep, but Xavier goes out. Chyna goes out like a punk just like he gets stabbed in the chest and then it’s done however, that’s one of the tragedies of a story like. This is that these great people that we know so I chose Xavier it’s Logan it’s Wolverine It’s Professor X larger than life itself all intensive purposes.

No Ones Probably Going To Remember

them, but there’s this new look. It’s like this Logan clone and we’re like okay the kids. The X-23 is it didn’t really work so how about this we just take Wolverine and we have him now and at first I was like okay because I don’t know why it reminded me of Superman pretty, but it reminded me of Superman 3. This really did it a lot better than I felt Superman 3 today because this fight young Wolverine versus old man Logan It’s a man versus the Beast Logan vs. .

Wolverine And The Wolverines The Beast Its

bleep winning it means love and getting his hittin on this young Wolverine by me. He Is in his prime is like flat heel flat heel Yeah Bam Bam Bam Bam-looks like bleep ow He’s not healing like the young one do like fist to fist man to man toe to toe. Young clone is going to win. It was It was brutal there any time to think it’s taken as like terminators like you take it out it’s like no it’s not down it’s not out it’s not gone and the comic book element of like other comic books in our world based on our adventures but their X-men comics that we have in our world the whole fourth wall breaking things that actually worked out really well in this movie as I was hoping it did but anything though when Logan sees that the coordinates for this Eden written down on that piece of paper that has the money wad and it is the same coordinates that’s in the comic book I was like Isaac Mendez Ramirez. Anybody know it did.

He Write The Comic Book Is That

where the ground with is, but they didn’t go that direction They went the direction of this lady got the coordinates from this comic book, which means it’s a lie there is no Eden whatsoever This is a bleep mission. Ironically it does exist because she read it in the comic book said that’s the meetup spot so they all go there. So it exists in their world because it existed for comic books. I thought that was a really cool neat bit of irony right there and I mean it was the kid. There was a part of me that was like it’s like Mad Max 3 just like Thunderdome, but it totally did work for what they were doing and so it’s good.

By The End It Totally Paid

off. But while you’re there the first time watching it I was like. This is my least favorite part of the movie. Doesn’t change the fact that it ends in that forest fight Slaughter scene, which is the greatest father-daughter moment ever straight up man that is bring your daughter to work day right there happy father-daughter day Folks UK and then we have the last Throwdown between Logan and the Wolverine and it is a hard wondered If the Slaughter Logan is old as bleep. He takes that juice and starts ripping people up in the forest, but by the time he gets to the clone.

Its Worn Off.

He’s now old man Logan again and it’s going to hurt and it does I mean this gets a truck flipped on him bite you. The earthbender kid doesn’t matter big clone just takes Logan and just boom puts him on that tree stump Luckily. Logan and His hole of depression had the Adamantium bullet.

It Never Really Explains Where It

came from you got to think oh did he get that from Stryker. The striker thing in X-men origins. Wolverine Point is when Little X-23.


My Friends Logan has been released in theaters . I’m going to gush about the spoilers in this movie . If you’ve seen Logan or you just don’t care about spoilers they stick around . Logan Logan’s personal reason for keeping Charles Xavier around us is that he is what he had childhood. Charles Xavier is Logan’s only real link to anything good he’s really had in life.& So he needs Charles Xavier be alive not as simple as just waiting for him to die, and when we meet Wolverine he’s not in a good place to this dude is sick even limps around hobbled yes . Wolverine is sick. He can’t pop his claws out as much as he used to his healing really isn’t working like it used to. His healing isn’t really working. He’s sick. I mean I have shitty posture. He had worse posture he’s sick . Logan is sick and the Adamantium is mak for the movie doesn’t really give you the causality of it…. Click here to read more and watch the full video